Tourist’s guide to Koh Kood – Coconut Palm Island in Thailand

Koh Kood (Thailand) – an island with pristine exotic nature, located away from noisy tourist centers. This is the right place for a quiet, contemplative vacation. On this island you can find solitude and peace, a transparent warm sea and lush tropical vegetation, maximum relaxation and romance. General information Koh Kood Island (Thailand) is located … Read more

Tourist’s guide to renting a condo in Pattaya on Jomtien – a review of the best

Renting a condo in Pattaya on Jomtien is a great option for families and for tourists who plan to relax in Pattaya for more than one month. A significant drawback is the distance from Volkin, but this problem can be easily solved by renting a transport. The obvious advantages of Jomtien are its proximity to … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Ao Nang – the most developed area in Krabi, Thailand

Ao Nang in Thailand is considered the most famous, adapted for a European holiday resort in Krabi. It is located in the province of Krabi, twenty kilometers from the municipal center of the same name. Here is the most visited beach of Ao Nang, occupying an extended space between the high cliffs of limestone origin … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Rawai beach in Phuket

Rawai beach in Phuket travel agencies advertise often. But it’s worth clarifying that the “beach” is not the right name for this place. Why? To understand this, you have to read the article and get acquainted with the reviews of experienced tourists. Rawai beach is located along the southern coast of Phuket, at a distance … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Nightlife in Phangan – the big party places of the island

Phangan Island, whose nightlife is booming around the world, attracts millions of tourists. Dozens of colorful parties are held here every year, tourists come here not just to lie on the beach, but to visit the best parties. Night parties have long become an integral part of tourist vacations. The best parties, traditionally, are held … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Bangkok metro system: features, cost, how to use

Bangkok Metro is the most comfortable and fastest way to get smiles in the capital of the country. Regardless of the chosen direction and type of metro you will travel, you will quickly, and most importantly without traffic jams, reach your destination. The undoubted advantage of the subway in Bangkok is the ability to overcome … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Temple of Truth in Pattaya – a structure without a single nail

The Temple of Truth is a wooden structure, the construction of which took more than three decades. The uniqueness of the temple – it is built without nails, however, the statement is quite controversial, since they were originally used, but gradually pulled out. Local craftsmen assure that by the time the construction is completed, not … Read more