Tourist’s guide to beach dancing girl in Pattaya: a detailed description

The beach of a dancing girl in Pattaya is a little-known, but is very picturesque place on the shore of the Gulf of Thailand. Due to the remoteness from large cities and towns, nature in this place has retained its pristine beauty.

This is one of the best beaches in the vicinity of Pattaya. Like the Military Beach, it is controlled by the Thai Navy, but the entrance to it is free, and due to the remoteness from the settlements, many tourists consider it wild. The beach is located 40 km from the city of Pattaya, and 15 km from U-Tapao Airport.

Dancing girl's beach

On maps and guidebooks, the beach, called the place of the dancing girl, is known as Hat Nang Rong. But the Russian-language name came from a beautiful legend: once on a nearby uninhabited island, local residents heard loud sounds similar to screaming and music at the same time. From far away I could see the silhouette of a dancing girl, backlit by the sun. This surprised and scared people, but no one dared to approach this place.

What it was, no one knew for sure, but since then the island is often called the place of a dancing girl, and superstitious Thais erected many statues and smashed flower beds in honor of a mysterious stranger.

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The figure on the beach of a dancing girl

How to get to the beach from Pattaya on your own

You can get to the beach, the symbol of which is a dancing girl, in the following ways:

By rented car or bike
Sukhumvit track
Sukhumvit track

This is the most convenient way. Car rental per day in Pattaya starts at 500 baht + the cost of gasoline at 30-50.

You must go to the Sukhumvit highway and head south towards Sattahip. After you pass this city, you can follow the signs, which are enough on the highway. The beach is located to the right of the highway, and you can notice it thanks to the large checkpoint. As with other military-controlled facilities, all citizens on the beach will be searched and asked about the purpose of the visit. You must have a passport and a Thai driver’s license with you. After passing the checkpoint, you need to go to the checkout and pay for the car to the territory.

Travel time is about 40 minutes.

By taxi

This is the easiest, but quite expensive way. A trip from Pattaya will cost 900-1000 baht in two directions.

On tuk tuk
Tuk Tuk in Thailand

The cheapest way to travel around Thailand is tuk tuk. However, in this case, this is far from the best option: the songteos go to U-Tapao Airport or to the city of Rayong. You will have to go out in the middle of the highway, and another 8 km either walk or take a taxi. The cost of a trip to a tuk tuk is 30 baht. Landing takes place directly on the Sukhumvit highway or directly in Pattaya.

Sightseeing bus

An excursion to the beach always includes a transfer from the hotel and back, so this option is perfect for those who first arrived in Thailand. As a rule, the tour lasts 5-6 hours, and the cost is 350-450 baht. You can buy a package tour at any of the travel agencies in Pattaya.

What does the beach look like?

The beach has 2 Thai names: Hat Nang Ram and Hat Nang Rong. The first means western territory, and the second – eastern. The western part is the most crowded and noisy. It is here that everything necessary for a good rest is located: changing cabins, shower rooms, toilets, a cafe and a shop. You can rent umbrellas ($ 1) and sun loungers ($ 2).

In the eastern part of the beach, people are much smaller, but there is no infrastructure either.

Dancing girl beach in thailand

The coast is about 1200 m long. The entrance to the sea is gentle, the sand is fine and soft. The beach is wide enough, so there is enough space for everyone. The sea is usually calm, waves are very rare. Unlike other Thai beaches, there is no rubbish at all.

The beach, named after the dancing girl, is located extremely well: from all sides grow trees that give a shadow. This applies to both the western and eastern parts.

The cost of visiting the beach: free, but you will have to pay 20 baht for car fare.

What to do on the beach

Since the picturesque beach is far from Pattaya, there are few tourists here, and entertainment too. The following activities are popular:

Boat rental
  • jet ski and water skiing ($ 4 per hour);
  • banana boats ($ 4.5 per hour);
  • diving (an hour lesson with an instructor will cost $ 30-35).

Other activities include a walk in the surroundings. The beach is located in a picturesque place: on the shore and in the rainforest you can find many intricate sculptures and floral figures, gazebos for recreation and a playground.

Since the beach is located in the south of the country (the southern part of Pattaya) in a sparsely populated area, excursions to neighboring villages and islands are not carried out here.

Despite the lack of famous attractions and many expensive restaurants, the reviews of tourists about the beach in Pattaya, the symbol of which is considered a dancing girl, are positive.

Where to eat

In the western part there are several good cafes. The price of some items from the menu:

Cost (baht)
chicken with rice 140
vegetable stew 110
French fries steak 240
mango with rice one hundred
fruit shake thirty
tea thirty
Mango with rice
Mango with rice

You can grab a bite to eat in the cafe or at the tables in the park. You can also order food directly to the beach. After placing the order, the waiter will give a flag, which will need to be stuck in the sand next to him – so they will find you later.

There are no problems with shops and souvenir shops. They include beach items, souvenirs, and Thai delicacies. It is worth remembering that all this is located in the western part, and on the eastern beach of Nang Ram, Pattaya there is nothing.

Beachfront bungalow of a dancing girl

As for hotels, the choice is not too big: a 3 * hotel is presented, as well as a bungalow-type hotel. The price for a double room for a day starts at $ 30. While this is not a very popular place, so you can not book a reservation in advance, but check in on the day of arrival.

Prices on the page are for April 2019.

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Useful Tips

    1. After 19.00, life on the beach freezes: all shops and restaurants are closed, and local residents go home. Despite the fact that there are a lot of hotels in the vicinity, tourists who have been here are not advised to stay overnight – there is nothing to do.
    2. Since the beach, named after the dancing girl, is controlled by the Thai Navy, you must have a passport to enter the facility.
Driver's license
  1. When renting a car, remember that only a Thai driver’s license is valid in Thailand.
  2. Despite the remoteness from Pattaya and other major cities, the prices in shops and cafes on the beach are not high.
  3. Since the beach is almost wild, do not forget about monkeys and other animals: in a poorly populated place they can easily grab some small thing and pick it up for themselves. It is not recommended to approach the monkeys close, and even more so, try to touch them. If an animal approaches, try to leave this place carefully, without making too much noise.


The beach of a dancing girl is one of the cleanest and most picturesque places in the Pattaya area. Tourists who love a calm and measured vacation away from civilization will definitely not be disappointed. But lovers of vibrant nightlife and extreme sports can be bored here.

Video about a trip to the beach of a dancing girl.

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