What to See and do in Batumi

Batumi is an amazing city that meets all visitors not only with warm weather. There are many interesting places, various attractions and beaches the inspection of which is recommended to allocate a few days. If the voyager is just passing through the city, it is important for him to find out where to go and … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Tbilisi markets – where to buy products, clothes, souvenirs

The capital of Georgia is a city with an oriental flavor, which is characterized by a large concentration of markets. The central market of Tbilisi is Deserter (Borjomi). Each bazaar is unique, has no analogues, here you can meet Tbilisi hospitality in abundance, chat enough. It is necessary to visit such atmospheric attractions in order … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Kakheti, Georgia – what to see and when to visit

Kakheti (Georgia) is considered to be the center of winemaking, here there are the main vineyards and processing enterprises. Given this peculiarity of the region, the best time to visit Kakheti is autumn, since it is in the fall that a special, festive atmosphere reigns here, some wineries offer tourists to take part in the … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Skiing in Georgia – which resort to choose

Ski resorts in Georgia are successfully located throughout the country and were considered one of the best in Soviet times. Closest to the capital, in the north-west of it, is Gudauri – a large modern ski resort, Mecca for freeriders. To the north-east, in the high mountains of Svaneti, is the Hatsvali resort and the … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Stepantsminda and what to expect during your visit

Stepantsminda (Kazbegi, Georgia) is an urban-type settlement, the administrative center of the Kazbegi region. According to 2014 data, its population is 1326 people. Kazbegi is located 165 km north of Tbilisi and 43 km south of Vladikavkaz. It lies on a mountain plateau at the foot of Kazbek, its height above sea level is 1744 … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Abastumani, the health resort of Georgia

On the southern slopes of the Meskheti Range, overgrown with coniferous forests, is the famous resort of Abastumani (Georgia). It is famous for its climate, which is ideal for the treatment of lung diseases. In the spring period of pollination of pine, the air is saturated with yellow pollen, which favorably affects the respiratory tract. … Read more

Where to go in Tbilisi – Tourist’s guide to Tbilisi’s attractions

There are many cities that everyone should definitely visit. And the main Georgian city is also among them! Mysterious, interesting, beautiful, hospitable – Tbilisi can charm literally at first sight. Local residents joke that even two days are not enough here to drink, have a snack and just talk. And it’s not enough for two … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Adjara region, the pearl of Georgia

At the foot of the Caucasus mountains lies the amazingly beautiful land of Adjara (Georgia). Many tourists come here from different parts of the world to soak up the sea beaches, get acquainted with ancient monuments, see mysterious gorges and mighty waterfalls. And the guests leave, shocked by the hospitality of the locals, the delicious … Read more

Tourist’s guide to the beach city of Kobuleti, Georgia and what to see

Municipality of Kobuleti, Georgia, is a district in Adjara, here the seashore is located for 23 km, of which about 10 km are located directly on the territory of the city. The area of ​​Kobuleti can be described quite simply – a densely built-up area by the sea and mysteriously deserted mountains with a gorgeous … Read more