Tourist’s guide to Dehivala, Mount Lavinia: all you need to know holidays here

Mount Lavinia is a popular resort area in Sri Lanka, which, however, has very mixed ratings. Some sources on the network claim that this is a paradise for tourists, while others insist on the opposite version, calling Mount Lavinia almost the worst area in the country. And in order to separate the grains from the … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Ambalangoda – Sri Lanka holiday town for a quiet vacation

Ambalangoda (Sri Lanka) is a small settlement in the western part of the island, located between Hikkaduwa and Bentota. In some sources, the town is called a suburb and the beach of Hikkaduwa. However, this is wrong, since Ambalangoda is an independent city with its own beach and attractions, although the map shows that one … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Tangalle – Sri Lanka beach town with many lagoons

The town of Tangalle (Sri Lanka) is located on the south coast, in the province of Hambontota. Tangalle, one of the largest settlements in the province, is located 240 km from Bandaranaike International Airport and 200 km from Colombo, the capital of the state. Tangalle is considered one of the most beautiful resort places in … Read more

Tourist’s guide to cuisine of Sri Lanka – what to try on vacation

The national cuisine of Sri Lanka is distinguished by spiciness and spiciness, while it is rather difficult to call it diverse and sophisticated. Many modern Sri Lankan cooks do not add too hot condiments. Many dishes use coconut milk, a mixture of spices and sections – curry, cardamom, cloves, cumin, cinnamon, coriander. Features of national … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Colombo Sri Lanka – a mixture of West and East cultures

From school geography, many remember the island of Ceylon, which on the map looked like a drop dripping from the cheek of India. It looks like this now, but it’s called differently. To emphasize their independence from Britain, proclaimed in 1972, the Sri Lankans first renamed their country. Colombo, Sri Lanka is the largest city … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Bentota – a resort in Sri Lanka for romantics and not only

Bentota (Sri Lanka) – a prestigious resort and center of Ayurveda, a place that is considered the pride of the country. The unique nature of the city is protected by a special legislative program. In this regard, noisy holidays and events are not held on the coast. There are no large chain hotels here either. … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka: mountains, waterfalls and tea plantations

What do you know about Sri Lanka? Even if you have been there but not visited Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka is not completely open for you. Everyone who has been there, they say, is a completely different country, and even the climate on the tops of the mountains is completely different, almost Petersburg. But first … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Sri Lanka National Parks – where to go on a safari

Sri Lanka impresses visiting Europeans with its magnificent pristine nature. You will not see such a golden coast of the majestic Indian Ocean. Evergreen forests cover the slopes of the mountains. The whole island is pierced by streams flowing to mountain rivers. But most of all, Sri Lankans are proud of their national parks, the … Read more

Holidays in Trincomalee – is it worth going to the east of Sri Lanka?

Trincomalee (Sri Lanka), or simply Trinco, is one of the most exotic and picturesque places in the country. The city is located 256 km from Colombo in a deep bay. Many legendary travelers have visited here – Marco Polo, Claudius Ptolemy, Admiral Nelson. The latter described the bay as a great place and convenient for … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Beruwela – a young and quiet beach town in Sri Lanka

Beruwela (Sri Lanka) is a place where tourists come who, above all, appreciate comfort. There are almost no vacationers traveling on their own. After the devastating tsunami in 2004, the city was actively recovering; hotels, buildings, and infrastructure were rebuilt. Today it is a resort that has retained the local flavor and exoticism. general information … Read more