Tourist’s guide to Pattaya Markets: an overview of the most popular

At first glance, it might seem that the topic of Thai markets is beaten and hackneyed – there are a huge number of videos on the network where tourists eat fried cockroaches, buy plates of incredible size, filled with shrimps for only 150 baht. Writing something new is quite difficult, but we tried to choose the most visited markets in Pattaya and, first of all, make a useful review. From the article you will find out where the night market in Pattaya is located, how to get to the floating market, and what fruits are sold at numerous Thai food outlets.

At the night market in Pattaya

Day and night markets in Pattaya on the map

In Pattaya, the market is commonly called the “market.” Locals perfectly understand this word, and if you need to find a market, feel free to ask a question to a taxi driver or a passerby – they will tell you in detail the way. There are markets or markets in any area of ​​the city, it is not surprising that residents call their city – a large market. The main thing is to know the places where they sell good goods, because in Pattaya there are markets where local residents exchange low-quality goods or products for a nominal price.

Jomtien Night Market

In Pattaya, as in other cities in Thailand, night markets are common, they work only in the evening. The most visited and popular among tourists is the Jomtien Night market. The first sellers begin trading around 5 p.m., the most active sales period begins at 6 p.m., as a rule, by 23-00 all stalls are closed. By this time, most sellers go to bars, restaurants. A hearty dinner for two here will cost 170-250 baht.

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Jomtien Night Market

The market is divided into two parts:

  • where do they sell clothes;
  • where the products are presented.

Useful! There is a market in the Jomtien area, the landmark is a volleyball court.

Jomtien Products

More information about the Jomtien night market and the Pattaya area of ​​the same name is presented on this page .

Night Market Teprazit

Pattaya’s largest night market on the map is located on a street with the same name – Teprazit. Here you can buy everything – products, clothes, souvenirs, even animals. At the same time, prices for goods are quite affordable. Teprazit is a great place to shop for souvenirs and gifts.

Night Market Teprazit

Advice! Pay special attention to Thai food choices at Teprazit at night. The best local specialties are prepared here. For just 120 baht, you can try baked or fried fish. And the minimum cost of refreshments is 15 baht.

The Teprazit market in Pattaya opens around 5 p.m., the most persistent sellers close their tents at midnight. You can visit the night bazaar three times a week – Friday, Saturday, Sunday – therefore it is also called the weekend market.

Meals at the night market Teprazit

A flea market is just minutes away, and perhaps you will find something interesting here.

Useful! As for the prices, they are one of the lowest here – the standard price tag for clothes is 100 baht, but the quality for that kind of money will be appropriate. If you are more interested in quality products, visit the nearby store – Outlet Mall Pattaya.

Outlet Mall Pattaya Store
Outlet Mall Pattaya

The night bazaar is located at the intersection of Teprazit and Sukhumvit streets. It is most convenient to get here by songteo or tuk-tuk. You need to get to the intersection of streets, and then transfer to transport that follows Teprazit street. If you walk, the road takes about one hour.

There is another way – take the songteo that follow to Sukhumvit Street, go out next to Teprazit and in five minutes you will be at the market.

Fish Market (Naklua District)

Pattaya Naklua Fish Market is located in the north, in the same district of the city. This is the largest bazaar where you can buy fresh fish and seafood. From the moment of catching the fish until the sale takes place no more than 2 hours.

Pattaya Naklua Fish Market

Important! Schedule of the fish market: from 5 am to 6 pm, the optimal time for purchase is after 13-00, early in the morning some local residents sell yesterday’s catch, so you can buy stale goods.

Seafood is of most interest to tourists; the most exotic marine inhabitants are abundant on the shelves. In addition to the main assortment – fish, seafood – you can also buy dried products, eggs, meat, fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers. If you go through the entire market and reach the far edge, you can find tents with useful household goods and clothing.

Jerky products

Useful! The peculiarity of the fish market in Pattaya is that purchased products can be prepared immediately. You can have a bite to eat at the cafe; they are located at the beginning of the bazaar.

As for prices, the goods here are not the cheapest, but the cost is confirmed by the quality and freshness of the products. Some seafood is still alive at the time of purchase. Another advantage of the seafood market in Pattaya is that you buy fresh goods, so do not pay for ice. As a result, it turns out that the bazaar is quite inexpensive.

Purchased products can be prepared immediately.

How to get to the fish market in Pattaya. The easiest way is to get to the songteo, moving around Naklua. The road from the beginning of the street takes only a quarter of an hour. How to find a fish market? Landmark – a tree growing in the center of the highway, locals consider it a tourist attraction.

Video: An overview of products and prices in the Pattaya fish market.

Rompho Market in Jomtien

This is one of the most inexpensive markets in Pattaya, which can be called a shopping complex. The range of shopping malls is universal – from food to clothing. The bazaar is Thai-oriented, as few tourists know where it is.

Pomtai Rompo Food Market

The market is divided into two parts, each located in a separate room. In the building, which is closer to the road, food is presented, and in the second, they sell clothes and household items.

At the entrance to the bazaar there are mackerels where they cook Thai food – traditional sweets, seafood. The assortment includes drinks. Donuts are in great demand.

Useful! There are massage parlors and bars not far from the market, so shopping can be combined with a pleasant stay.

Bar rest

As for the location, the bazaar is not entirely successful, it is difficult to get here without transport. Shopping malls have been built at the intersection of Romfo and Second Jomtien Streets. If you go, then in 8-10 minutes it is easy to reach the entrance to the market. If you go to the songteo, you need to get out before turning to the sea, then walk along Second Street for about five minutes and there will be a bazaar on the left.

Useful! Schedule – from 10-00 to 22-00.

Ratanacorn Bazaar in Teprazit

The cheapest market in Pattaya, there is a large selection of exotic fruits and various products. The assortment of clothes is not so diverse, and the prices are higher than on Teprazit.

Ratanacorn Bazaar in Teprazit

All shopping malls are located in a covered building, and a cafe is nearby, under the open sky. It serves traditional Thai food. One serving costs 45-80 baht. The covered part of the shopping arcade is open every day from morning to late evening, and night cafes open around 16-00, and close at midnight.

Advice! Closer to the close of the market, fruits are sold at a good discount – up to 50%, but you need to carefully choose so that they are not spoiled. From a health point of view, it is safer to choose fruits more expensive, but of high quality and fresh.

Traditional Thai treats

A bazaar was built in the Teprazit region, about half a kilometer from the intersection with Tappra. To get from the center of Pattaya or Jomtien, it is best to take a songteo moving around Tappray, drive to Tappray Bas Station and then walk about ten minutes to Teprazit. The bazaar will be on the left hand.

Wat Bun Food Market

Wat Bun Food Market

There is a market in the south of Pattaya, on Wat Bun Street, which is adjacent to Jomtien Street. Locals and tourists come here from hotels built nearby. The bulk of holidaymakers are unfamiliar with the market, as it is located a kilometer from the beach.

It is a food market with a large selection of meat, fish, seafood, seasonings, vegetables and herbs. There are rows where take-away food is prepared. In the far part of the market there are tents with clothes, children’s toys, and household goods. You will not find souvenirs here.

Fish at Wat Bun Market

The cost is calculated for local residents, respectively, the prices are low, with regard to fruit prices, they depend on the season of the year. Wat Bun works every day from 8-00 to 20-00. If you plan to buy fish or seafood, come before 13-00, because in the evening they are less fresh.

The market is located on the street that connects Jomtien Beach and Sukhumvit Highway. If you booked a room in this part of the city, you must have seen this bazaar. A walk from the beach takes only a quarter of an hour. On the opposite side there is a large “7 Eleven” and a small Tesco Lotus store.

Market at Pattaya Park Hotel

This is the only clothing market in Pattaya in the southern part of the city. Located at 6. Pratumnak Soi Street, 6. The main feature of the market is that the majority of sellers here come from the CIS countries, since this part of the city is Russian-speaking.

Pattaya Park Market

Interesting fact! At the entrance to the market there is an inscription: “Welcome.”

The bazaar is adapted exclusively for tourists, respectively, the prices here are far from the lowest. Of course, in the city you can find cheaper places, but you should consider the fare. Generally, if you have booked a hotel room in the Pratamnak area, the best place to shop is Pattaya Park Market.

Fruit at Pattaya Park Market

In addition to clothes, fruits are sold here, but there are no more products at the bazaar, if you need certain ingredients for cooking, there is a grocery bazaar at ten minutes walk, at 5 Pratamnak Soy.

In the malls near the Pattaya Park Hotel, an assortment of clothes, shoes, souvenirs, gifts, cosmetics, leather goods are presented. After shopping, you can eat – in the open-air market there are tables, chairs, cafes, where they cook in small ovens. Mini-restaurants are open from noon to one in the morning, however, many establishments are closed during the day, because there are few tourists – many rest on the beaches.

There is a bazaar between Soi Pattaya Park and Pratamnak Soi 6. You can get to the market through different entrances. The most convenient way to get to Songteo is moving along Tappraya towards the center of Pattaya. You need to get to the intersection of Soi Pattaya Park and Tappraya, then walk in the direction of the sea for eight minutes.

Pattaya Floating Market

Of all the Pattaya markets, the Pattaya Floating Market is the most exotic. It is a house mounted on stilts, and connected by passages. You can move between the houses on a rented boat. The Floating Market is located on the Sukhumvit Highway. Today, the area of ​​interest is more than 100 thousand m2.

Pattaya Floating Market

Here you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Thai life, in everyday life and culture, learn the traditions. Despite the fact that the market is floating, infrastructure and civilization are present here. There are ATMs, a cinema, circuits are placed for ease of movement. As for the assortment, it is diverse and is not inferior to any of the existing markets in the city. On the floating market you can eat, buy clothes, shoes, souvenirs, cosmetics, herbs and eat deliciously.

At the floating market in Pattaya

The floating market operates from morning until 21-00 and is more focused on tourists. Entertainment is organized for visitors to the floating market – you can ride a boat, fly a cable across the lake, watch national dances or Thai boxing.

How to get to the Pattaya Floating Market? If you go along the Sukhumvit highway in a southerly direction, the road will only take ten minutes. Several landmarks – a large number of buses on the road, a sign “Floating Market” and a large ship. You can also take a tuk-tuk or a bike.

Fruit Market Near Mike Shopping Mall

This fruit market in Pattaya can be safely called a fruit paradise; there is a “sweet corner” on Second road, not far from the Mike Shopping Mall. The place is quite popular, popular, so the prices here are too high. However, there are no price tags on the shelves – the seller looks around the buyer and names the price corresponding to the status. Feel free to bargain, but do not show aggression – so you have more chances to get a discount.

Fruit Market near Mike Shopping Mall in Pattaya


  • a large assortment;
  • the fruits are laid out neatly;
  • the goods are clean and fresh.

The market is small, consists of only ten tents. You can get along Second Street, moving in the direction of Third Street. The journey takes approximately five minutes.

Useful! There are many markets in Pattaya where only fruit is sold. The farther the bazaar is from the hiking trails, the lower prices will be. Tapong fruit market hosts fruit festivals every May and June.

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Ambassador Market in Pattaya

Ambassador – the name of the famous hotel in Pattaya, as well as the popular market, shopping malls are located on its territory. It is difficult to clearly define the territory of the bazaar, since pavilions and shopping centers of Mimosa Pattaya are often added to it.

Ambassador Market in Pattaya

On the market are rows of groceries and pavilions with clothes. The assortment is formed taking into account the wishes of tourists, since the market is focused specifically on travelers. After shopping, you can have a tasty meal in one of the cafes or buy street food.

Useful! Some pavilions are open around the clock, but in most shops, evening trade. The most active trade is between 18-00 and midnight. The market has its own website:

There are several ways to get to the Ambassador Hotel, where the market is located:

  • by public transport;
  • by taxi;
  • by personal transport.
Pattaya Night Bazaar – Pattaya clothing market

This is the largest clothing in Pattaya, it is located within walking distance from the main city beach. In addition to the convenient location, the bazaar has another advantage – a huge selection of goods and a wide range of products. Here you can even sew custom-made clothes. There are restaurants and aquariums on the territory of the market where you will be offered to do massage with the help of fish.

Pattaya Night Bazaar - Pattaya clothing market

The market’s working hours are from 9-00 to 23-00, therefore, you can come even at night.

Useful! Next to the clothing night market is another clothing bazaar – Made in Thailand Night Plaza.

Pattaya Night Bazaar Night Market

There is a market at the intersection of Soi 9 and Second Street. Literally 100 meters away is the Central Festival shopping center. The most convenient way to get to the bazaar is on a tuk-tuk, which moves along Second Street.

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Useful Tips
Street Food in Pattaya
  1. If you plan on the market not only to shop, but also eat, consider one detail – at tourist-oriented bazaars, food is sold ready-made – buy and eat, and at the local bazaars all ingredients are sold separately.
  2. Each seller of street food in the markets prepares dishes in conditions of almost perfect cleanliness, since it is a shame for a Thai to poison a tourist. That is why it is difficult to get food poisoning in Pattaya.
  3. If you plan to try fried cockroaches, choose those without paws – they are softer.
  4. With regard to trade over prices, Thais do not really like it, but as hospitable hosts, they give way. You can only bargain in the market. By the way, Thais are more likely to give families with children more willingly because they love children.

The European, who first came to the Thai market in Pattaya, will find everything surprising – a large selection of exotic fruits, unusual national dishes, various souvenirs, copies of famous brands. You can buy almost everything here, the main thing is to know where to go shopping. Going to the night market in Pattaya will be a memorable adventure.

All markets described in the article are marked on the map of Pattaya in Russian.

Video: Prices at Jomtien Night Market in Pattaya.

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