Tourist’s guide to Jomtien Beach in Pattaya: what you need to know

Jomtien in Pattaya is a famous vacation spot where lovers of the beautiful coast, picturesque beach areas and comfortable living with convenient service prefer to stay. Jomtien Beach in Thailand is focused not only on the visiting contingent of vacationers – it was chosen by locals for spending weekends, company and family outings.

Jomtien Beach in Pattaya

A lot of useful space, the proximity of urban infrastructure, excellent leisure facilities, shopping and travel opportunities in the vicinity – Jomtien Thailand is constantly expanding its potential as an attractive tourist center. Recreation areas are regularly updated, the housing market is replete with a variety of offers, and in general, prices allow you to plan a long, saturated vacation.

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Where is Jomtien Beach

Jomtien in Thailand is a phrase familiar to the ear of a sophisticated tourist from any state. This is facilitated by the location of the beach. Pattaya, Jomtien district – a resort city on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Thailand. Jomtien Beach in Pattaya is adjacent to the southern urban area and is located just a few km from the city center.

Jomtien Beach is up to 4 km long
Constantly shuttle taxis

The coast is known for the duration of the useful zone: the beach has a length of up to 4 km, according to some reports even more. Masses of vacationers flock here, so the resort is always full of people, which is favored by the location of the transport highway. The road runs along almost the entire beach, separating from it a line of hotels. But traffic is not so active, so the noise of the engines does not interfere with beach holidays. Constantly shuttle taxis (local tuk-tuk) provide a tight connection with the central parts of the city, where (or where) can be reached in a quarter of an hour and 10 baht (~ $ 0.3).

Despite the crowds and the typical noise of leisure enthusiasts associated with this, this Pattaya beach is recognized as much more quiet and calm compared to the neighboring city center. Therefore, Jomtien Beach in Pattaya Thailand is especially popular among lovers of walks along the coast, peaceful pastime by the sea and generally living near the sea edge.

Beach and promenade

Due to its impressive size, Jomtien Beach in Pattaya is divided into three segments: southern, central, northern. A highway runs along the first two, the northern part is framed by a pedestrian pavement, paved with beautiful tiles. A couple of years ago, the embankment was reconstructed: a thematic photo zone appeared with the name of the resort, fresh green spaces and flower beds were added. The walking area has expanded significantly and become more comfortable, and the beach in a new ennobled form immediately raised its tourist ratings.

The ability to take a photo on the background of the inscription Jomtien Pattaya beach

The opportunity to take a photo on the background of the inscription Jomtien Pattaya Beach (Jomtien Phatthaya Beach) attracts even more youth. In addition, a long stone bench is arranged along large letters. By evening, it occupies the best places to enjoy views of the sea and sunset.

Sand and water

The quietest sections of the beach are at the southern end, Thais rush here, with companies and with children. The central part can also be called quiet and decent. The northern region is the most urbanized and close to urban infrastructure. The sandy coating on the beach is soft, sheltered, yellowish. Water is also yellowish, may be cloudy. The sand here is very fond of children, with pleasure they dig in it and build castles.

Comfortable entry into the water

The entry into the water is comfortable, the bottom is even, without drops and traumatic elements. From November to February there are no low tides and big waves. True, some of the garbage is sometimes found on the shore and in the water, however, Jomtien is considered one of the cleanest resort areas in Pattaya. Plastic and vegetable objects are regularly cleaned by the beach staff, but since the nearby city is large, it is not always possible to do it on time. From the unexpected – there may appear clusters of jellyfish that can sting unpleasantly. This phenomenon happens somewhere in the middle of summer and lasts a couple of weeks.

Facilities: sunbeds, cafe

The beach strip is wide enough and capacious – from one and a half to three tens of meters, there is enough space for placement in the sun to sunbathe. On the shore there is shady vegetation that allows you to take a break from direct sunlight. Rent of chaise lounges, umbrellas is available at a price of 40-100 Thai baht (~ $ 1.24-3.10).

There is shady vegetation on the shore.

Often, rented beach places at the same time become part of the service of the nearest cafe, so orders can be received by sunbathing on the beach. Near the sunbeds there are small tables for the convenience of placing drinks and things. Massage parlors and travel agencies are nearby.

Although many who do not want to swim or sunbathe, just relax, sitting in the shade of palm trees and admiring the seascape. There are also shops, cafes, offers of soft drinks and typical beach delicacies for a snack. The comfort of idle time is also facilitated by new approaches to cleanliness: the old garbage cans are cleaned, new modern containers of a neat appearance are placed in their place, calling for the sorting of waste.

Soft drinks and snacks

It should be noted that local authorities are trying hard to give the resort the image of a family, wellness holiday for decent tourists. Signs are placed on the beach, toilets and showers are equipped, modern ramps for wheelchairs and prams, and in order to reduce the urban environmental burden, days are spent without a deck chair (usually this day of the week is Wednesday).

Jomtien Infrastructure: Convenience, Organization, Accessibility

Riding a banana

Jomtien also offers the usual beach activities, such as riding a banana or a jet ski, boat trips, a short flight under a canopy of a parachute, water skiing and boards, high-altitude jumping. A wide variety of children’s entertainment – you can choose a trampoline, a children’s disco, the performance of a magician, a cheerful dancer, cheer up by watching other numbers.

Also, tourists can enjoy the cable car, water park, yacht club, fish park, entertainment clubs, music bars and much more. All this is offered in the daytime, as the Jomtien area lives a calm measured life, and in search of nightlife entertainment, you need to go to the center of Pattaya. Jomtien Beach in Thailand is also a venue for sporting events, including world-class ones, such as aquabike, beach ball games, and windsurfing.

In addition, local travel agencies organize trips from Jomtien to visit:

Wat Yang Temple
Wat Yang
  • dolphinarium;
  • Wat Yan Temple;
  • Golden Buddha Hill with a viewing platform;
  • dinosaur park;
  • Nong Nooch Garden;
  • a park of stones millions of years old;
  • crocodile farm.

So you can see a lot of things on Jomtien yourself.

What and where to buy

You can buy souvenirs

Cafes, restaurants and shops in Jomtien are numerous and varied. Here you will find absolutely everything: from beach accessories to unique souvenirs. Prices are similar to other areas in Pattaya, so there is no need to organize separate shopping tours. In addition, there is a night market on the beach where you can buy everything you need daily. Near the beach there is a post office, pharmacies and technical benefits of civilization: bank branches, ATMs, currency exchange points, Internet cafes. Those wishing to visit the large shopping and entertainment complexes can go to Pattaya and even book a guided tour in Bangkok.

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Jomtien night market: convenient and profitable

Jomtien Market in Pattaya (Thailand) is known for its working hours – from 16-17 hours to 23. It is very convenient for tourists and local. The night market is located in the center of the beach, which also suits everyone – there is no need to go anywhere specifically. Since the beach is several kilometers long, it is better to determine the market in Jomtien in advance on a map.

Jomtien Night Market

The market on Jomtien has wide opportunities attractive to Russian tourists:

  • salted fish at a price of only a hundred baht (about $ 3);
  • delicious tom yam with shrimp, meat delicacies and a host of other prepared foods;
  • assortment of fruits and vegetables;
  • Russian cuisine is well represented (thanks to the wives of enterprising Russian settlers);
  • clothes for all seasons and occasions;
  • souvenirs, cosmetics, electronics, etc., traditional for the markets.
A lot of inscriptions and price tags in Russian

In general, the market is convenient in that you can have a good time, eat tasty and cheap, choose entertainment for children. If you don’t want to buy anything, you can just walk along the streets and rows of the market, ask the price and look at the offered goods. The market is replete not only with goods, but also with communication – many sellers will say a few words in Russian, so you will definitely not feel lonely travelers in a foreign country. And there are a lot of inscriptions and price tags in Russian. The atmosphere is extremely friendly and communicative, because you are here – a welcome visitor and potential buyer!

Japanese food

According to reviews, the market honestly gives change, but this point is better to track every time. Prices are very affordable:

  • sausages and meat balls in the form of a portion snack cost 10 baht (~ $ 0.3);
  • meat pieces larger and more frequent will be 20;
  • the already mentioned fish of 100 baht each – smoked and always fresh;
  • Japanese cuisine at 5-10 baht per roll, and they are not small in size.

Fans of sweets will be happy to choose donut donuts, fresh pastries, puffs with fillings, all kinds of muffins. Russian pancakes with very Russian and very Thai fillings – 25-50 baht (~ 7-15 $).

The market, according to reviews, is reputed to be civilized and tourist-oriented. Therefore, special attention is paid to packaging, packaging, design, so that it is pleasant and convenient to buy. Sellers always try to attract buyers to the market and offer to taste one or another fruit or other product before buying. For “free samples” even organized special tables at the entrance to the market, and with them entertainment.

Special tables at the entrance to the market

The night market in Pattaya on Jomtien and the mass of outlets along the beach are not all retail and retail outlets. South of the beach, at the crossroads, in the morning, fishermen sell a fresh catch of fish and harvested seafood, so lovers of dishes with seafood seek to shop here.

Prices on the page are for October 2018.

Where to stay in Jomtien

Pattaya, the Jomtien area of ​​Thailand, is reputed to be convenient for living, it is recommended for winterers and other tourists who prefer a long vacation. Affordable housing prices, cheap city transport, safety and comfort are the main attractive components of this resort.

Hotel Room Jomtien Boathouse
Jomtien boathouse

For a more relaxed lifestyle, the central and quiet southern part of the beach is suitable. Among the hotels, the most suitable are along the first and second streets from the embankment. Further – less comfortable in terms of location, remoteness from the sea and the rest of the resort infrastructure. There are many things to choose from: bungalows, villas, multi-storey condos, hotels of different price categories and stars, rented apartments and rooms. Service – from home comfort to a hotel suite of services. Prices – for any budget and wallet. Places where the services for tourists of certain countries are concentrated are indicated by the flags of their state.

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Although Jomtien Pattaya is not considered the best beach for swimming, it remains the most attractive in terms of the benefits of civilization and the provision of leisure with everything you need. In addition, he is very beautiful, it has many cozy corners and other opportunities to organize and diversify his leisure time.

Video: An overview of the beach and Jomtien area in Pattaya.

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