Jomtien Beach – Pattaya’s Favorite

Jomtien Beach is the longest and probably the most well known among beaches in Pattaya.

The Jomtien area is popular not only with tourists and expats, the Thai people also like to come here for the weekend.

The locals like to have picnics on the sand, on the sidewalk by the beach or even in the back of a pickup truck parked on Beach Road (the road along the beach).

This beach is divided into 3 parts – southern, central and northern. The quietest sections of the beach are at its southern end. It is highly preferred by the locals who tend to rush here, with business colleagues and with children.

The central part can also be called quiet and decent. The northern region, adjacent to Cape Pratamnak, is the most urbanized and close to urban facilities.

Jomtien Beach is up to 4 km long

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There are several reasons for Jomtien beach’s popularity. Firstly, it is definitely cleaner than the central Pattaya beach. It is about 30m wide and is spread along 5 kms of the coastline, so there is lots of useful space. The proximity of urban infrastructure, excellent leisure facilities, and shopping and travel opportunities in the vicinity make Jomtien quite convenient for locals and tourists alike.

Moreover, it is constantly expanding its potential as an attractive tourist center. Recreation areas are regularly renovated, the housing market is replete with a variety of offers, and in general, the low prices allow you to plan a long vacation.

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Where is Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach in Pattaya is adjacent to the southern urban area and is located just a few kms from the city center. All the sights of Pattaya and the surrounding area are at an arm’s length.

Literally 100 meters from the beach strip, there is a major highway that connects to central Pattaya, Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi Airport and even other smaller resort areas.

The road runs along almost the entire beach, separating from it a line of hotels. But traffic is not so dense, so the noise of the engines does not turn into a cacophony for the beach-goers.

Constantly shuttle taxis

Shuttle taxis (local tuk-tuk) constantly run back and forth with the central parts of the city, that you can reach in 15 minutes and 10 baht.

On the street travel agencies of Jomtien, you can buy inexpensive sightseeing tours not only in Pattaya, but also anywhere in Thailand.

Despite the crowds and the typical noise associated with it, this Pattaya beach is recognized as much more quiet and calm compared to the neighboring city center. Therefore, it is especially popular among those who love to walk along the coast, those looking for a peaceful time by the sea and those who prefer to live near the coast.

The Promenade

Due to its huge size, Jomtien Beach in Pattaya is divided into three segments – southern, central and northern.

A highway runs along the first two, whereas the northern part is framed by a pedestrian pavement that is paved with beautiful tiles. A couple of years ago, the embankment was reconstructed. A thematic photo zone was created with the name of the area, fresh green spaces and flower beds were added. The walking area has expanded significantly and become more comfortable, and the beach in its new avatar immediately received good ratings by tourists.

The ability to take a photo on the background of the inscription Jomtien Pattaya beach

The opportunity to take a photo against the background of the inscription “Jomtien Pattaya Beach” is a favorite among the younger lot. By evening, it becomes one of the the best places to enjoy views of the sea and sunset.

Sand and Water Quality at Jomtien Beach

The sandy coating on the beach is soft and yellowish. Water is also yellowish and cloudy. But the children love the sand here, and one can see them digging with pleasure or building castles.

True, some of the garbage is sometimes found on the shore and in the waters. The currents and the wind are directed in such a way that a lot is washed ashore, and there is quite a lot of litter in a big city.

However, Jomtien is still considered one of the cleanest beach areas in Pattaya. Plastic and organics like leftover vegetables that are washed ashore are regularly cleaned by the beach staff. But since the city is large, it is not always possible to do it in a timely manner. In addition, trees growing along the beach drop their fruits and leaves on the sand, adding to the litter.

Comfortable entry into the water

The entry into the water is comfortable, the bottom is even, without drops and jagged rocks. From November to February there are no low tides and big waves.

Clusters of jellyfish that can sting are known to appear somewhere in the middle of summer. This phenomenon lasts a couple of weeks.

In February-March, strong winds begin to blow from the sea. The water is warm, but you can get cold getting out of the water or even just sitting in the shade. At the same time, from the end of February, the season of strong low tides begins.

The sea goes down for several meters, exposing a slightly muddy and dirty bottom, in some places different marine life comes across.

During low tide, it becomes inconvenient to swim – for a long time it is shallow, knee-deep. It is far to go to reach waist depth water where it is usually muddy.

The time of low tide is not always the same. In the southern part of the beach the low tides are more noticeable, in the northern part lesser so.

Facilities, Sunbeds, Cafes at Jomtien

The Jomtien beach strip is wide and spacious from 15 to 30 meters, and there is enough space to sit and bask the sun. On the shore there are shady trees that allows you to take a break from direct sunlight. Lounges, umbrellas are available to rent at a price of 40-100 Thai baht.

There is shady vegetation on the shore.
Sun lounger and parasol rental is available on Jomtien Beach

Often, rented beach places are serviced by the nearest cafe, so orders can be made while sunbathing on the beach. Near the sunbeds there are small tables for placing drinks and things. Massage parlors and travel agencies are also located nearby.

Many who do not want to swim or sunbathe, just relax in the shade of palm trees and admire the seascape. There are also shops, cafes, offers of soft drinks and typical beach delicacies for a snack.

As part of measures taken to keep up the cleanliness, the old garbage cans were replaced by new modern containers of a neater appearance.

Soft drinks and snacks
Beer with fresh snacks

Water Sports at Jomtien and Nearby Sights

Jomtien also offers the usual beach activities, such as riding a banana or a jet ski, boat trips, a short parasailing flight, water skiing and boards, high-altitude jumping, etc.

Also available is a wide variety of children’s entertainment – you can choose a trampoline, a children’s disco, the performance of a magician, a cheerful dancers, etc.

Riding a banana
Jomtien Beach has beach activities such as banana rides.

Tourists can enjoy the cable car, water park, yacht club, fish park, entertainment clubs, music bars and much more. Jomtien Beach in Thailand is also a venue for sporting events, including world-class ones, such as aqua-biking, beach ball games and windsurfing.

If you are looking for nightlife you need to go to the center of Pattaya.

Wat Yang Temple
Wat Yang Temple

In addition, local travel agencies can organize trips from Jomtien to:

So you can see a lot of things on Jomtien yourself.

Shopping in Jomtien Area

You can buy souvenirs

Cafes, restaurants and shops in Jomtien are numerous and varied. Here you will find absolutely everything from beach accessories to unique souvenirs.

Prices are similar to other areas in Pattaya, so there is no need to organize separate shopping tours. In addition, there is a night market on the beach where you can buy everything you need daily.

Near the beach there is a post office, pharmacies, bank branches, ATMs, currency exchange points and Internet cafes. Those wishing to visit the large shopping and entertainment complexes can go to Pattaya and even book a guided tour in Bangkok.

Jomtien Night Market – convenient and profitable

Jomtien Market in Pattaya is known for its working hours from 16:00 or 17:00 to 23:00. It is very convenient for tourists and locals alike.

The night market is located in the center of the beach, which also suits everyone – there is no need to go anywhere specifically. Since the beach is several kilometers long, it is better to find the location of the market in Jomtien in advance on a map.

Jomtien Night Market

The market on Jomtien has plenty of attractive buys for all tourists. Some example are:

  • salted fish at a price of only a 100 baht
  • delicious tom yam with shrimp, meat delicacies and a host of other prepared foods
  • an assortment of fruits and vegetables
  • clothes for all seasons and occasions
  • souvenirs, cosmetics, electronics, etc.
A lot of inscriptions and price tags in Russian
Price tags in Russian

In general, the market is convenient because you can have a good time, eat tasty and cheap, choose entertainment for children.

If you don’t want to buy anything, you can just walk along the streets and rows of the market, ask the price and look at the offered goods.

And there are a lot of inscriptions and price tags in Russian. The atmosphere is extremely friendly and communicative, because you are a welcome visitor and a potential buyer.

Japanese food
Japanese food on the counter of the night market in Jomtien

According to reviews, the market vendors honestly give out the remaining change, but its is best to keep track every time.

The prices here are very affordable:

  • sausages and meat balls in the form of a portion snack cost 10 baht
  • meat pieces larger and more frequent will be 20 Baht
  • fish for 100 baht each – smoked and always fresh
  • Japanese cuisine at 5-10 baht per roll, and they are not small in size

Those with a sweet tooth can choose donut, fresh pastries, puffs with fillings and all kinds of muffins. There are also pancakes with very Thai fillings costing 25-50 baht.

The Jomtien night market is reputed to be safe and tourist-oriented. Vendor pay special attention to packaging and presentation so that it is pleasant to the eyes and convenient to buy.

The sellers always try to attract you with offers to taste fruit or other products before buying. There are also “free samples” kept on special tables at the entrance to the market.

Special tables at the entrance to the market
Tables at the entrance to the market

South of the Jomtien beach, in the mornings fishermen sell a fresh catch of fish.

Prices on the page are for October 2018.

Where to Stay in Jomtien

The Jomtien area of ​​Pattaya reputable for its conveniences, both for short and long vacations. Affordable housing prices, cheap city transport, safety and comfort are the main highlights that continuously attract visitors to this holiday area.

For a more relaxed lifestyle, the central and the quiet southern part of the beach is suitable. Among the hotels, the most preferred are located along the first and second streets from the embankment. The farther they are from the promenade, the lesser comfortable they are in terms of location, distance from the sea and the hotel’s infrastructure.

Hotel Room Jomtien Boathouse
Hotel Room in Jomtien Boathouse

There are many accommodation options to choose from – bungalows, villas, multi-story condos, hotels of different price categories and stars, rented apartments and rooms.

In short, accommodation can be found in Jomtien area for any budget. Moreover, places where the services for tourists of certain countries are concentrated are indicated by the flags of their nations.


Although Jomtien Pattaya is not considered the best beach for swimming, it remains the most attractive in terms of the proximity to a city’s amenities and the provision of leisure with everything you need.

In addition, the beach is very beautiful, it has many cozy corners and other opportunities enjoy a leisurely or an active day out at the beach.

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