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Tourist’s guide to the best hotels in Nha Trang Vietnam

Planning a trip abroad always starts with choosing the right hotel. Someone is looking for comfortable luxury options, and for someone there are enough cozy, clean rooms from a budget category. If you are planning a vacation in Vietnam, the hotels of Nha Trang, one of the most visited resorts in the country, will delight … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Nha Trang bazaars – detailed information and prices

Nha Trang markets are one of the main attractions of the city located in the east of Vietnam. Here you can always find fresh products and just watch the life of the locals. Previously, only the Nhaecans themselves visited the markets, but the enterprising Vietnamese quickly darted and turned the bazaars into real attractions of … Read more

Guide to shopping in Nha Trang – what to buy where

The Vietnamese city of Nha Trang for some time began to enjoy increased popularity among Russian citizens. This is due not only to its good location on the picturesque shores of the warm South China Sea and the presence of a large number of well-equipped, comfortable sandy beaches. This city attracts inveterate shopaholics, because it … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Halong Bay – world famous bay of Vietnam

Halong Bay (Vietnam) is one of the most beautiful places in the region, a national park, which is on the UNESCO list. About 3000 islands with beaches and grottoes are scattered over an area of ​​about one and a half thousand square meters. kilometers. In the Halong Bay – magnificent landscapes that simply fascinate everyone … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Wingerle Entertainment Island in Nha Trang

To come to Vietnam and not visit the Wimperl (Nha Trang) amusement park would be an unforgivable mistake. This is an amazing place where you can ride the rides, visit the cinema, circus, admire the vibrant shows and just enjoy the beautiful nature. Many tourists, after visiting the sights, dream of staying here to live. … Read more

Tourist’s guide to best beaches of Nha Trang – top 8 to relax

Nha Trang is one of the most popular resorts in Vietnam, where tourists from all over the world are drawn. And no wonder, because the beaches of Nha Trang offer relaxation for every taste: youth with club entertainment until the morning or a real relaxation in the bounty style. In this article you will learn … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Dalat – the main attractions of the city

Da Lat attracts travelers who intend to get new experiences and see another, unusual Vietnam. This charming city opens the French part of the history of the state, it is often called “little Paris”, and the nearby territory – “Alps in Vietnam.” What are the attractions in the city of Dalat that make it so … Read more

Best places to eat cheaply in Nha Trang – top budget restaurants

Nha Trang restaurants fully reflect the multinationality of this city. Russians, Europeans, and, of course, Asians live here. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants in the city with different cuisines – Vietnamese, German, Italian, Greek, French. We hope that our article will help you figure out where to eat in Nha Trang and … Read more