Beaches in Koh Lan Island – the main competitor of Pattaya

Going to Pattaya? Then plan a trip to the island of Koh Lan – it is very close! This beautiful place is in great demand among modern tourists coming to Thailand. We look there too.

Koh Lan Island

General information

Koh Lan, whose name translates as “coral island”, is a large island formation located 8 km from Pattaya. Despite the fact that it is not considered to be a separate resort in Thailand, hundreds of travelers flock here to enjoy nature and an excellent beach holiday. Usually they leave here in the early morning and return back later in the evening, but if you wish, you can stay here for a few days.

On a note! On the island of Koh Lan in Thailand, not only tourists from Pattaya come. It is often visited by residents of Bangkok, which is 2.5 hours away from the island, as well as Thai students and people from the village of Chonburi. Because of this, on weekends and holidays on local beaches it is quite crowded.

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Sculpture of a seated buddha

If you look closely at the photo of Koh Lan island in Pattaya (Thailand), you can see that it has a winding coastline stretching for almost 4.5 km. Moreover, most of the coastal strip is covered with snow-white sand and dotted with greenery. The highest point of the island is a two-hundred-meter hill, the top of which is crowned by a Buddhist temple and a viewing platform.

The main attractions of Koh Lan Island can be called a Buddhist wat, on the territory of which there are several religious buildings (including a gilded sculpture of a sitting Buddha), as well as a solar power plant built on Samae Beach and similar to a spreading sea stingray.

Observation deck on a hill

On a note! Everyone can enter a Buddhist temple. However, one should not forget about the rules of conduct adopted in such places. So, the temple should not be visited in too open clothes – this is a strict taboo. In addition, in no case do not get your back to Buddha images – this is considered a sign of disrespect.

Tourist infrastructure

Macaque with food

The island of Ko Lan in Thailand has a fairly developed infrastructure.

Most retail outlets, including the local market, are located in Naban. In addition, near each beach on the island there are cafes, massage rooms and beauty salons, macaques and grocery stores, souvenir shops and entertainment agencies (snorkeling, diving, banana, kayak and aqua bike rides, parachuting, etc.).

Bike rental 200 baht

The main means of transportation around the island are motorbikes, mototaxis and tuk-tuks. The homes of local residents and major hotels are concentrated on the northeast coast of the island. A few more hotels and villages from the bungalows can be found in the south. Between them are laid dirt and asphalt roads along which public transport runs. As for the mainland, the island connects it with a regular ferry service.


Koh Lan Island in Pattaya (Thailand) offers a large selection of accommodation for every taste and budget. There are both modest guest houses and comfortable resort hotels. Among them it is worth noting:

Hotel room Lareena Resort Koh Larn Pattaya
Lareena Resort Koh Larn Pattaya
    • Lareena Resort Koh Larn Pattaya 3 * is a resort hotel located 30 meters from Naa Ban Marina and offering guests a traditional range of services (free internet access, hairdryer, air conditioning, cable TV, refrigerator, private parking, food and drink delivery, etc. . d.). At the same time, each room has its own balcony and a panoramic window, which offers a wonderful view of the island’s surroundings. From here you can easily get to the main beaches of Koh Lana – Samae and Ta Vaen (they are 5 minutes away). The cost of daily living in a double room is 1700 TNV;
    • Xanadu Beach Resort 3 * – a colorful hotel, built right on the seashore (Samaya Beach). Among its main features are modern rooms equipped with air conditioning, a refrigerator, TV, minibar, safe, coffee maker and other useful things, as well as a free shuttle to Naa Ban Marina. In addition, the hotel has its own tour desk. The cost of daily living in a double room is 2100 TNV;
Hotel room Blue sky Koh larn Resort
Blue sky Koh larn Resort
  • Blue sky Koh larn Resort  is a comfortable hotel, which is slightly more than 1 km from Tai Yai Beach. Free Wi-Fi is available on site. The local restaurant serves an American breakfast daily, there is free parking and a shuttle service. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, LCD TVs, toiletries, a minibar, etc. The cost of daily living in a double room is 1160 TNV.

On a note! Accommodation on the island of Koh Lan is 1.5-2 times more expensive than in Pattaya.

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Island beaches

On the island of Koh Lan in Thailand, there are 5 well-groomed beaches, among which there are both crowded areas with a wide selection of water activities, and secluded corners, which have a quiet and peaceful doing nothing. Let’s consider each of them.

Ta Vaen
  • Length – 700 m
  • Width – from 50 to 150 m (depends on tides)
Tawaen beach island koh lan

Being the largest beach of Koh Lan Island, Ta Vaen will surprise you not only with clean sand and clear warm water (which you will not see in Pattaya), but also with a huge concentration of vacationers. Such popularity is immediately explained by 2 factors. Firstly, it is easiest to get here, and secondly, it is here that the resort’s only pier is located. In addition, Ta Vaen has the most developed infrastructure. In addition to umbrellas and sun loungers set along the entire coastline, there is a shooting gallery, a medical center and a whole avenue consisting of cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and stalls with beach accessories.

But perhaps the main advantage of Tawaen beach is its gentle entry into the water and a huge number of shallow areas that families with small children will surely appreciate.

  • Length – 600 m
  • Width – from 20 to 100 m

Samae Beach, located at the western end of Koh Lana and surrounded by high cliffs, rightfully bears the title of the cleanest and most beautiful. This is due not only to the lack of a large number of people, but also to the fast currents characteristic of this part of the Gulf of Thailand.

Samae beach, island of Koh Lan

The main distinguishing features of Samae beach include the clear sea, soft white sand and a wide selection of beach amenities. In addition to traditional umbrellas, sun loungers and showers, there is a taxi rank, several shops offering not only food, but also various souvenirs, restaurants and cafes. Water activities include banana and jet skiing. The entrance to the water is also gentle. In addition, there are practically no stones on the coast.

Tai yai
  • Length – 100 m
  • Width – 8 m
Relax on the beach of Tai Yai

Among all the beaches of the island of Ko Lan in Thailand, it is Tai Yai, the existence of which many tourists do not even realize, is considered the most quiet, modest and secluded. It is perfect for those who want to relax from the bustle of the city or arrange a romantic date for their second half. Its main advantages can be safely attributed to pure white sand, warm waters of the bay and a beautiful bay. True, you can swim here only during high tides, as the rest of the time you can stumble on stones.

Tong Lang
  • Length – 200 m
  • Width – 10 m

Tong Lang is a good option for a relaxing beach holiday. Despite the not very large size, this beach of Koh Lan Island in Pattaya has everything that a modern tourist may need – rental points for sun loungers, bamboo cafes, a ferry, high-speed boats, a souvenir shop. True, all this works only in the holiday season, but in the rest of the life on Tong Lang calms down.

Tong Lang Beach

It should also be noted that the sand on this beach is white, but rather large, and the entry into the water is steep. In addition, along the entire coastline there is a strip of sharp stones, which, fortunately, ends in the widest part of the beach.

  • Length – 400 m
  • Width – 100 m
Tien Beach

This beach of Koh Lan in Pattaya is considered by many to be the best. Of course, due to its small size, it is difficult to place all vacationers on its territory, but this does not affect its popularity. The main feature of this place is the developed infrastructure, the availability of restaurants and the insignificant influence of low tides, so that the sand here always remains clean and the water is absolutely clear. It is also important that along the edge of Tien are fenced with picturesque coral reefs, where you can snorkel and observe the life of underwater inhabitants.

Weather and climate

Air temperature on Koh Lana

Another characteristic feature of Koh Lan island in Thailand is its favorable climatic conditions. While most resorts on the Andaman coast close due to strong monsoons lasting almost six months (from June to November), this paradise continues to receive tourists from all over the planet. And all because in this part of the Gulf of Thailand the wind, storms and rains are extremely rare. However, even then they do not spoil the overall impression of this island.

Sea water temperature

As for the temperature of air and water, they do not fall below 30 ° C and 27 ° C, respectively. In this regard, holidays on the island are available all year round, so it all depends on your preferences. So, for those who want to enjoy the hot rays of the sun, it is better to go to Koh Lan from early December to mid-May. If you prefer more comfortable temperatures, then plan your vacation from June to October – at this time it is a little cooler.

How to get to Koh Lan from Pattaya?

If you do not know how to get to Koh Lan Island from Pattaya, use one of the following methods.

Method 1. With a tourist excursion

Traditional tours offered by travel agencies cost around 1000 THB. At the same time, the price includes not only a transfer from the hotel to the boat and back, but also travel on both sides, the use of beach umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as lunch in one of the local cafes.

Method 2. On a high-speed boat
Speedboat to Koh Lan

Those who plan to get to Koh Lan from Pattaya on their own are advised to use high-speed boats departing from almost all the beaches of the city. But it’s better to board the central marina of Bali Hai. In this case, you don’t have to pay all the places in the boat at once, because a whole group of tourists (from 12 to 15 people) is gathered at the pier.

Ticket price: from the beaches – 2000 THB, from the central marina – from 150 to 300 THB (regardless of the calm of the sea and season).

Travel time: 15-20 minutes.

Method 3. By ferry
Ferry to Koh Lan

Are you interested in how to get to Koh Lan from Pattaya a little slower, but cheaper? For this, there are wooden ferries designed for 100-120 people. They set sail from the central pier and arrive either at Tawaen Beach or in the village of Naban (depending on which ferry you board). From there, you can get to other tourist points of the island by tuk-tuk, motobike and on foot.

Ticket price: 30 THB.

Travel time: 40-50 minutes.


  • to Tavaen – 08.00, 09.00, 11.00, 13.00;
  • to Naban – 07.00, 10.00, 12.00, 14.00, 15.30, 17.00, 18.30;
  • from Tavaen –, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00;
  • from Naban – 6.30, 7.30, 9.30, 12.00, 14.00, 15.30, 16.00, 17.00, 18.00.

Ferry tickets are sold at the box office located directly on the marina. You need to buy them in advance – at least 30 minutes before departure. But there are no such ticket offices on the Koh Lan island – here tickets are sold right at the entrance to the ship.

Prices on the page are for April 2019.

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Useful Tips

When deciding to visit Koh Lan Beach in Pattaya (Thailand), take note of these helpful tips:

Motorbike rental
    1. Motorbike rental points are located near the Tawaen beach and Naban port berths (rental is the most affordable here), as well as on Samaya beach. To rent this vehicle, you must present a passport and make a cash deposit;
    2. It just doesn’t make sense to take food for a picnic – you can buy food at the local market, at small beach shops, or at the 7-11 supermarket located near the Naban port pier. By the way, in the same village there are about a dozen vending machines selling filtered water (1 liter – 1 fuel pump);
    3. Those who intend to travel around the island on their own must take into account that almost all paved roads pass through the central part of Koh Lana;
    4. The terrain on the island is quite hilly, and steep serpentines are very common, so you need to drive very carefully;
    5. The road from one beach to another takes no more than 10 minutes, so you didn’t like something in one place, feel free to go further;
Sunbed rental
  1. When taking a rental car, do not forget to take a photo of the damage and scratches, as well as first indicate them to the lessor;
  2. The cost of sun loungers on the island is higher than in Pattaya (50 TNV – for seating and 100 TNV – for lying), so if you want to save money, bring a towel and rug;
  3. Do not walk along Koh Lan until the last ferry – there are always a lot of people.

Koh Lan Island in Thailand is a place that every tourist who comes to Pattaya must visit. Have a nice rest and pleasant experience!

Useful video overlooking the island from the observation deck, an overview of beaches and prices.

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