Tourist’s guide to Phangan Island in Thailand: detailed overview

Phangan (Thailand) – an island in the Gulf of Thailand, located in the southern part of the country. You can find it if you move from the island of Koh Tao in the direction of Samui. Regarding the cardinal points, Samui is located south of Phangan, and Ko Tao is located north. There are few sights on Koh Phangan; tourists come here mainly for comfortable beaches with fine, white sand and beautiful sea. If you are a party-goer and cannot live without music and dancing, be sure to visit the Full Moon party, which is held every month at the full moon on Haad Rin Beach.

Phangan island

Photo: Thailand, Phangan Island.

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Koh Phangan – tourist information

Tong Sala City
Thong sala

The area of ​​Phangan Island in Thailand is about 170 square meters. km – you can cross it from south to north in just a quarter of an hour, and the journey from Tong Sala to the northern beaches takes about 30 minutes. The distance between the nearest points of the island and Samui is only 8 km. To be on Koh Tao, you have to overcome 35 km. The local population is 15 thousand people. The capital is Tong Sala.

Most of the island is mountains and impenetrable rainforests, but the remaining third of Phangan is luxurious beaches and plantations of coconut trees.

Interesting fact! Koh Phangan in Thailand is the favorite resting place of the monarch Rama V. The king visited him in 1888 and then came here at least a dozen times.

Translated from the local language, the name of the island is translated as Sand Spit. The fact is that during low tide hours braids form, most of them in the south of Phangan. In the full moon, the water goes into the sea for more than half a kilometer.

Choosing a place of residence, one should be guided by such criteria – young people come here on the full moon, they book rooms near Haad Rin. Those who came to Phangan for a long time stop in the north, families with children settle in the west, admirers of yoga practices.

Good to know! Transport from the mainland comes to the northern western outskirts of the island, markets and shops are located here, souvenir shops work.

A tourist vacation in Phangan was not always comfortable and enjoyable. Tourism has been developing most actively here for three decades. Today, hotels, bungalows are built on the island, and earlier the local population was engaged only in fishing.

Map of Phangan Island

Photo: Koh Phangan Island, Thailand.

What to see on Koh Phangan

Of course, the sights of Phangan can not be compared with major European cities and tourist resorts. Nevertheless, interesting places have also been preserved here. Phangan Island in Thailand boasts several authentic attractions that are interesting for tourists.

National park

Than Sadet Park was founded after the first visit to the monarch. An area of ​​66 hectares is located in the east of Phangan and is recognized as the most exotic. Here you can visit two waterfalls, the highest mountain of Phangan (about 650 m).

Than Sadet Waterfall

Than Sadet Waterfall – the highest in Phangan, translated as Royal Stream. This is a cascade of water flows formed by boulders. Its length is more than three kilometers. Locals consider the water here sacred.

Phaeng Waterfall – the most picturesque place of the island, located 3 km from the capital. Only physically prepared tourists can get here. For travelers, there is an observation deck from where you can see the islands of Tao, Samui in Thailand.

Phaeng Waterfall

Good to know! For hiking in the jungle, choose sports, comfortable shoes, clothes. It is advisable to have a map of tourist routes with you.

Be sure to visit the beautiful Lem Son Lake, located among coconut trees. Remember that fishing is prohibited – a natural attraction is under state protection. But tourists are allowed to jump from a bungee and relax in the shade of exotic plants.

Mount Ra is completely hidden by the virgin rainforest.

Entrance to the park is free, you can walk here without time limits, but only when it is light. It is best to buy an excursion and visit the park, accompanied by an experienced guide. Also, many tourists go on a trip for several days with tents. You can only move around in the park on foot.

Than Sadet National Park

Photo: Thailand, Koh Phangan.

Wat Phu Khao Noi Temple

Translated, the name of the temple means the Sanctuary of a small mountain, a tourist attraction is located near the pier in the capital. The oldest temple of Phangan. Followers of various meditative techniques often come here. A viewing platform has been equipped, from where you can see the entire southern part of Phangan. The attraction is an ancient Thai architecture.

Wat Phu Khao Noi Temple

The attraction is a temple complex – the central part – a white pagoda, it is surrounded by eight smaller pagodas. You can learn Buddhist culture in the temple.

Practical information:

  • the temple has a strict dress code;
  • if you want to talk with an English-speaking monk, plan a visit after lunch;
  • the local population believes – by visiting the temple, you can find happiness;
  • the attraction is located a few kilometers from the capital on a hill;
  • the temple is closed on Monday;
  • admission is free.
Guan Yin Chinese Temple

A Buddhist complex located in the center of Phangan (Thailand), 2-3 km from the settlement of Chaloklam. It is decorated with stairs, arches, there is an observation deck, comfortable benches, the surrounding area is very picturesque, covered with greenery.

Guan Yin Chinese Temple

The attraction is built in honor of the goddess of mercy Guan Yin. Most often, women with children come here.

Good to know! Dogs wrap around the temple, sometimes they behave too aggressively.

Admission is free , you can visit during daylight hours.

Full Moon Party and Nightlife

At Koh Phangan in Thailand, one of the most fun and most visited parties in the world is held – Full Moon Pati, which has already become a symbol of not only the island, but the whole of Thailand. Thousands of tourists come to Haad Rin Beach once a month, enjoying music, dancing and a fire show.

Full moon party

There are so many people who want to attend a party that there are many other parties at Phangan, for example, a week before Full Moon Party, Half Moon is held near Ban Tai Beach.

Read more about parties and nightlife at Koh Phangan in this article .


Silan Residence Koh Phangan
Silan Residence Koh Phangan

The island in Thailand is constantly evolving, today tourists are offered a huge selection of accommodation. The choice is determined by individual preferences and financial capabilities.

Prices for bungalows built on the beach, from 400 baht per night. The peculiarity of such housing is that hot water is not everywhere, this issue needs to be clarified before booking.

There are many hotels in Koh Phangan, the minimum cost of accommodation for two per day is about 1000-1200 baht. Prices for rooms in three-star hotels range from $ 40-100.

Good to know! When choosing a hotel, be guided by the features of the beaches located nearby.

Rating of hotels on the service Booking
Coco Lilly Villas
Coco Lilly Villas

Rating – 9.0

The cost of living – from $ 91.

The complex is built among coconut gardens, it offers a swimming pool, a picturesque garden. Hin Kong Beach is a 5-minute drive away.

Jungle Complex – Accommodation with a local family.

Rating – 8.5.

The cost of living is from 7 to 14 $.

Ban Tai Beach is a ten-minute walk away. There is a bar, a garden planted, there is free parking, you can play table tennis. Distance to Haad Rin 7 km.

Hotel Haad Khuad.
Hotel Haad Khuad Resort

Guest ratings – 8.4.

The cost of living – from 34 $.

A hotel with a private beach at Bottl. The distance to Haad Rina is approximately 20 km, the journey to the village of Chaloklam takes 20 minutes. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, cable and satellite TV, a bathroom, shower, terrace. It is possible to rent a bungalow.

Silan Residence Koh Phangan.

Rating – 9.6.

The cost of living – from $ 130.

Located in the village of Chaloklam. On the territory there is a clean pool, a garden is planted, there is a bathroom, shower, facilities for preparing food and drinks. You can go snorkelling nearby. The safari park is just 1 km away.

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There are many sand spits on Koh Phangan and this is especially evident during low tide hours. They are most pronounced from the second half of spring to mid-October. On most beaches, the change in water level is noticeable – it takes a hundred meters or more. Low tides occur after dinner, so in the morning you can relax and enjoy the sea.

Phangan beaches

Good to know! The change in sea level is most pronounced in the south of the island.

Beaches always suitable for swimming:

Haad Salad Beach
Haad Salad
  • south – Haad Rin;
  • northwest – Had Salad, Haad Yao;
  • north – Malibu, Mae Had – low tides begin from the beginning of spring;
  • northeast – Bottl, Tong Nai Pan Noi, Tong Nai Pan Yai.

Infrastructure is best represented at Haad Rin, Tong Nai Pane – there are many bars, cafes, shops, selling fruits. On In other places no more than one store.

For a detailed overview of the best beaches in Phangan, see this article .

Haad Yuan Beach

Photo: Koh Phangan, an island in Thailand.


Phangan Air Temperature

The heat on Koh Phangan begins in November and lasts until April. The air warms up to +36 degrees. In May, the temperature drops slightly – up to +32 degrees.

Most precipitation falls from June to December, however, the charm of Phangan in a dry climate – there is less rainfall than throughout Thailand. If you are still afraid of the weather, refuse a trip from October to December.

In summer, Phangan is not crowded, but the conditions for relaxation are quite comfortable – the sea is calm, the weather is clear and sunny. The peak tourist season falls on January-March.

Good to know! Evenings and nights at Koh Phangan are cool, bring warm sweatshirts, tracksuits and sneakers.

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How to get there

There is no airport on Phangan Island in Thailand, so you can get to the resort only by water – by ferry. There are routes from:

Lomprayah Speedboats
  • Bangkok – tickets are sold at travel agencies and at the station;
  • Samui – tickets are sold at the box office at the pier, it is better to book in advance.

Today you can book tickets online, indicating the required date.

Detailed routes on how to get to Koh Phangan from different cities and islands of Thailand can be found here .

Undoubtedly, Phangan (Thailand) is beautiful at any time of the year, even the king appreciated the beauty and atmosphere of the amazing island in Thailand. We have collected the most important tourist information that will help you organize your trip and enjoy your vacation.

Video: an overview of Koh Phangan Island and aerial photography of the area.

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