Tourist’s guide to Temple of Truth in Pattaya – a structure without a single nail

The Temple of Truth is a wooden structure, the construction of which took more than three decades. The uniqueness of the temple – it is built without nails, however, the statement is quite controversial, since they were originally used, but gradually pulled out. Local craftsmen assure that by the time the construction is completed, not a single nail will remain in the structure. By the way, the temple of Truth in Pattaya is tentatively planned to be completed by 2025. Construction work has been underway since 1981, the craftsmen do not stop even during excursion hours. Today, some parts require reconstruction, however, this does not underestimate the scale and grandeur of the structure.

Temple of Truth

Photo: Temple of Truth

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General information

The main mission of creating the temple is to popularize the religion and architectural art of Thailand. For this reason, the temple is not used for direct purposes – religious needs, first of all, it is a landmark that demonstrates the attitude of the East to the world, religion.

Interesting to know! The author of the religious project is the millionaire Leku Viriyapanu, who invented and created the Ancient City. It was he who sponsored the construction, and also dedicated his life to the unification of the religions of the four countries.

Masters are still finishing

The Temple of Truth in Thailand is a grandiose building with a height of 20 floors and a width of 100 m. A plot of more than 13 hectares has been allocated for the construction. Why did the project last for so many years? The fact is that all the elements decorating the facade and interior are cut by hand. The construction of the main building is completed, but the craftsmen still carry out the decoration, which combines the culture and philosophy of the four peoples.

Interesting to know! The main idea of ​​the temple is closely intertwined with an ancient legend telling about the creation of the world.

Cognitive facts about the temple
Helmeted Visitors to the Temple of Truth

The Temple of Truth in Thailand is the largest religious building made only of wood. The history of the Temple of Truth in Pattaya began in 1981, but the structure looks ancient. Since specialists do not stop working, tourists are required to be given helmets.

According to the project, the temple is a structure without nails. However, today some details of the attraction are so decrepit that you have to use nails to support the temple.

At the construction site, it was planned to build a hotel complex. The author of the project – Lek Viriyapan – asked for blessings from local monks, but he was refused. Then the millionaire decided to invest in a new temple.

The structure rests on 170 supports, they were cut from tree trunks.

Legends of the temple

In Thailand, almost all religious buildings are shrouded in myths, the temple of Truth is no exception. Locals tell two legends.

The myth of fulfillment of desires. Near the main entrance, on the shoulders of two figures, there is a crossbar with three objects tied. If you hit objects in a special way, any dream will come true.

Karma Cleansing Gongs

Interesting fact! The guides recommend the desire to write on paper, because strange things happen to people who approach three subjects — they completely forget what they wanted to ask for. You should not ask the Buddha for money, it is better to ask for something specific.

You need to beat in this order:

  • hit the triangle three times;
  • hit the bell three times;
  • hit the gong three times.

The second legend is related to conception. Inside the temple in the Cambodian hall, a sculptural composition of parents with a child is installed. According to legend, people come here to ask for a daughter, for this they rub the right hand of the statue or about their son – they rub the left hand of the statue. They also ask parents for health. To do this, rub the knee of one of the parents depicted in a wooden sculpture. Some locals say you can ask for blessings in marriage here.

What to see in the temple

The temple looks original and unusual – each centimeter is decorated with carvings, figures, telling about the life of heroes from religious myths. The design used the principles that profess the eastern religions.

In the temple of truth

Photo: Pattaya Truth Temple

Details of the temple carry a certain symbolism:

  • a figure with a flower symbolizes faith, religion;
  • a figure with a bird identifies the whole world;
  • a figure with a baby is associated with life;
  • a figure with a book is identified with philosophy.
Statue of a rider on a spire

A visit to the temple introduces the mythology of four countries at once. One of the spiers is crowned with a statue of a horseman – the last person to achieve enlightenment.

When creating the project, the authors of the project wanted to show people how much they are bogged down in everyday problems and depend on material values. The temple should remind of religion, philosophy. Tourists note the incredible atmosphere prevailing in the temple. Here you can walk for hours and enjoy the tranquility and harmony with the world. It is noteworthy that every detail of the temple makes sense, there is not a single element that is just an ornament.

Interesting fact! Such a large number of figures on the facade and inside the temple indicates that the path to enlightenment and truth will be long and difficult. The philosophy of the temple is as follows – in order to achieve enlightenment, you need to understand everyday chaos.

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Inside a religious building

Inside, the space is divided into thematic rooms, they are dedicated to the religion of a particular state.

Thai hall

There are 7 sculptures, symbolizing the days of the week. The largest is Sunday, on this day the monarch was born. At a special stand, visitors consider a personal date of birth and recognize patrons.

Thai hall
Indian hall

It is dedicated to four elements, respectively, 4 statues are installed here:

  • dragon – a symbol of fire;
  • animals, plants personify the earth;
  • trees symbolize air;
  • waves made of wood – a symbol of water.
Indian hall

Interesting fact! The oldest column was carved seven centuries ago, and there is a table nearby where guests leave their offerings. They are collected for a reason – it is believed that the monks who expelled evil spirits from the trees could not expel the soul of a woman. Now they are trying to appease her, so that the construction continues without incident.

Chinese Hall

Statues of different incarnations of the Bodhisattva are installed here, octagonal columns are used as supports. The image of a bodhisattva is one of the earliest in Buddhism. This path has passed all the Buddhas.

Cambodian Hall

Statues of parents and three children are installed. It is here that they ask about children – it is enough to rub the hand of one of the kids depicted in the sculpture. People come here to ask about health for loved ones – you need to touch the knees of the spouse or sculpture.

Cambodian Hall

Good to know! For religious purposes, only the central part of the temple is used; here they pray, rest, and turn to the gods. Mantras always sound inside.


The Temple of Truth in Thailand in Pattaya, you can visit on your own or purchase an excursion. Guides invite you to stroll through the area every 30 minutes. The first tour at 8-00, the last – at 17-00. There are Russian-speaking guides. Tourists choose an entertainment program at the entrance.

Good to know! You can walk for free on your own, but to see the real beauty and talent of Thai artists, you need to go inside the building. Donations go to continue the construction.

Self visit rates:

Horse riding
  • traditional visit plan – involves escorting a guide, visiting workshops, an exciting show, the price is 500 baht, for children – 250 baht, the show is held at 11-30, at 15-30;
  • traditional plan and boat trip, price for adults – 700 THB, for children – 450 THB;
  • traditional visit, horseback riding, entrance – 700 baht, for children – 450 THB;
  • traditional visit plan and a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, entrance for adults – 600 THB, for children – 350 THB;
  • traditional visit, elephant ride, adult ticket – 750 THB, children’s ticket – 450 THB;
  • a simple program, a ride on ATVs, a visit – 600 THB, a children’s ticket – 350 THB;
  • excursion route, foot massage, entrance will cost 620 baht;
Foot massage

Important! Some entertainment is bought separately from the ticket after entering the temple.

How to get to the Temple of Truth in Pattaya on your own

Pattaya Taxi

There is an attraction in the north of Pattaya. The exact address of the attraction: 206/2 Moo 5, Soi Naklua 12, Naklua, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150. An affordable and comfortable way to get yourself to the Temple of Truth in Pattaya is to order a taxi. The ride costs an average of 200 THB. In order not to bother finding a taxi to return, take the taxi driver’s phone number and call him to return to the hotel.

Useful information! Some travelers recommend walking to the temple on their own on foot, the journey takes only a quarter of an hour, however, you will have to walk along the sidelines, and given that the drivers in Thailand are not very neat, a walk can be dangerous. There are no sidewalks in Pattaya.

It is better to abandon an independent walk to the temple, firstly, it is quite dangerous, and secondly, in Pattaya, many streets look the same and it is easy to get lost. If there is a spirit of adventure in you, and you want to learn how to get to the temple yourself, follow the route:

Knock knock in Pattaya
  • on Central Street, take a tuk-tuk;
  • follow until the 16th lane;
  • go near the fountain;
  • from here on foot (you can catch a tuk-tuk) follow the street. Soybeans, 12;
  • now turn left, walk a quarter hour on foot to the park entrance.

Another way, faster, to get to the temple on your own is by the fountain, turn to the motorbiker. As a rule, they ask for 80 baht for the trip, but you can safely bargain and reduce the price to 60 baht.

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Practical information

  • Opening hours – from 9-00 to 18-00.
  • The price of an independent visit depends on the entertainment program, the cost of a full ticket is 450 baht for adults and 225 baht for children.
  • Photography and video shooting are permitted on site.
  • Official website:

Useful tips for tourists

Temple dress code
  1. There are many Russian-speaking guides in the temple, so there is no language barrier.
  2. Women should definitely cover their knees and shoulders, transparent clothing is prohibited. In the temple you can rent a scarf – a deposit of 200 baht.
  3. At the entrance, guests are given brochures, and from the gate to the temple guests are driven by a cart. Be careful – paid transport also travels around the sights.
  4. Then you need to go down the stairs, present a ticket and get a helmet.
  5. By tradition, all tourists are circled around the temple and then invited to visit the attraction.
  6. Be sure to visit the observation deck, the best time for photographs is before sunset, and select a souvenir figurine in the souvenir shop.
  7. Near the temple of Truth there is a suspension bridge over the lake.
  8. Sword Battle
  9. The most interesting thematic show is an interactive performance in which tourists take part, dressed in national clothes, Thais invite guests to fight with swords.
  10. If you book tickets in advance on the official website, they will cost less: adult – 450 baht, children – 225 baht.

The Temple of Truth amazes with the volume and scale of the work. Each detail is handmade, you can evaluate the talent of masters only by yourself visiting a tourist attraction in Pattaya.

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