Tourist’s guide to Nightlife in Phangan – the big party places of the island

Phangan Island, whose nightlife is booming around the world, attracts millions of tourists. Dozens of colorful parties are held here every year, tourists come here not just to lie on the beach, but to visit the best parties. Night parties have long become an integral part of tourist vacations. The best parties, traditionally, are held on two beaches – Haad Rin Nok and Ban Tai. If you do not know what to do on Phangan in addition to a beach holiday, this material is especially for you.

Nightlife phangan

Good to know! On the island, announcements and a schedule of parties are regularly posted, so it’s not necessary to search for information on the Internet.

So that night life does not turn into trouble

First of all, to get a taste of Phangan nightlife, you need to follow simple recommendations.

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Keep money, documents and cards only in internal pockets
  1. Keep money, documents and cards only in internal pockets.
  2. Leave jewelry and other valuables at the hotel.
  3. Often guests are offered narcotic substances, do not agree – there are a lot of policemen at all parties, as a rule, they are in civilian clothes and carefully monitor the order.
  4. Be sure to bring a camera or camcorder with you to capture the bright moments of nightlife, but keep the equipment in your hands all the time.

Full moon party

Preparations for the most famous night party on Phangan are in full swing – the ferries are crowded, luminous T-shirts, fluorescent colors and energy drinks are rapidly being sold up in stores. And not surprising, because guests are waiting for four days of incendiary drive. And on the beach of Haad Rin Nok, heavy-duty speakers are installed.

Full moon party

Full Moon Party or Full Moon Party at Phangan is the most visited party that has been held since 1985. The first party was dedicated to the birthday of a tourist who lived in Paradise Bungalows. Today, Full Moon gathers more than 30 thousand tourists.

Nightlife is boiling in all the bars on the beach and institutions within a radius of several hundred meters from the sea. From each cafe until the morning comes cheerful music of different genres. For vacationers, several dance floors are organized, they are thematic – you can choose the site with any melodies – reggae, house, classic.

Nightlife boils in all the bars on the beach

Good to know! Entrance to Full Moon Party on Phangan is paid – 100 baht, a tourist receives a bracelet that must be preserved throughout the party.

A bright and hot feature of the island’s nightlife is a fire show, and the favorite fun of vacationers is to drink a cocktail from a bright bucket. If you plan to visit Haad Rin Nok Beach, think over the image, people come here in funny wigs, bright masks, someone specially paints their faces.

Useful Tips
Full Moon Party is held annually
  1. Full Moon Party is held annually, but on different days, since the date is determined by the lunar calendar. The Internet has a lot of thematic sites where you can see the upcoming dates of the night party.
  2. Take care of your stay in advance, as nightlife fans will book rooms in advance. In addition, the closer the party, the more expensive the hotel room will cost. Book your accommodation a few months before your trip.
  3. The holiday begins after 22-00 and lasts until the morning.
  4. Do not take children with you; they have no place at such a night event.
  5. Bags and backpacks only interfere, constrain movement and can be lost in the crowd, so it is better to leave them at the hotel.
  6. Be sure to take some small money.
  7. Don’t take a lot of money – just enough for food, drinks and get to the hotel in the morning. Be sure to take some small money – the entrance to the toilet costs 10 baht.
  8. If you are traveling with a company, be sure to discuss the meeting place in advance in case someone is lost.
  9. If you want to stay on your feet until morning, drink more water and less alcoholic cocktails.
  10. Closely monitor what you are offered to eat and drink – alcohol should open before your eyes.
  11. Choose comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes.

Schedule Full Moon Party for the 4th quarter of 2018 and 2019:

  • 10/25/2018;
  • 11/22/2018;
  • 03/02/2019;
  • 04/29/2019;
  • 05/30/2019;
  • 07/29/2019;
  • 08/26/2019;
  • 10/25/2019;
  • 11/22/2019.

Good to know! As a rule, tourists are not searched at the entrance to Full Moon Party, so it is not difficult to bring alcohol with you. This will significantly reduce the cost of nightlife.

It is safe to say that Koh Phangan never sleeps, nightlife is organized in such a way that you can travel around the island and enjoy driving traffic.

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Half moon party

This is the second most popular party after Full Moon Party, which is held right in the jungle, not far from Tong Sala, the island’s capital. Half Moon Party is organized a week after the Full Moon Party.

Half moon party

Good to know! Entrance to the party is 500 baht. This amount also includes a disc and one drink.

Half Moon Party the second most popular party

At the entrance to the party there are motorbikes that take guests to the nearest ATM in case the money runs out. Alcoholic drinks are sold, but the prices are, of course, higher in comparison with prices in stores.

To get to the night party is not difficult – you need to come to Ban Tai, and then move along the highway, which is laid perpendicular to the sea. You need to follow the signs, it is impossible to get lost.

Compared to Full Moon Party, the Half Moon Festival is pretty decent. Three dance floors work – the main, additional and very small, arranged in a cave. There are toilets, bars, food courts, high-quality, decorated stage, lighting effects.

Good to know! At the night festival, craftsmen work who paint the body with luminous colors.

Practical information:

  • entry is up to 21-30 1000 baht, and after 21-30 – 1400 baht;
  • the cost of a taxi from Haad Rin Rock is about 100 baht;
  • a light show and a beautiful fire show are held near the stage.

Jungle experience

The party is held twice a month:

  • one day before Full Moon Party;
  • ten days before Full moon Party.
Jungle experience

A night party is organized in the jungle, across the street from Half Moon Party. Entrance to the party is 300 baht (the price includes two drinks), the cost of cocktails is about 200 baht. Right in the jungle they equip the garden, decorate it with fluorescent and laser decorations. Nightly events are often attended by world famous DJs.

Good to know! The party starts at 21-00 and ends at 8-00.

Most of the guests are Russians, however, as are the bartenders who will prepare real cocktails for you.

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Haad Rin Nok Beach

Haad Rin Nok Beach

The beach is one of the most visited, it can’t be categorically called quiet and calm. The island’s nightlife is concentrated here, a huge number of bars, tattoo parlors, trading shops and the most diverse music sounds. Life on the beach never ceases, thousands of party fans from all over the world are constantly flocking here. And Haad Rin Beach is the brightest beach in Thailand in the literal sense of the word, because all guests wear colorful clothes and paint their bodies with luminous colors.

The beach is located on a peninsula in the southeast of Phangan. Another feature of Haad Rin Rock besides driving night parties is its territory is divided into two parts:

  • Haad Rin Nok – Dawn;
  • Haad Rin Nai – sunset.

Between the two parts of the beach are hotels, lounges and tourist infrastructure.

Good to know! Accommodation can be booked on any part of the beach – on Haad Rin Beach you can admire beautiful sunrises, and on Haad Rin Nai – picturesque sunsets. Given the insignificant width of the peninsula, it is easy to cross in just a quarter of an hour and feel the exoticism and color of nightlife of Phangan.

Fire show at Haad Rin Beach

In each bar, guests are offered colorful, bewitching fire shows, various themed shows. The average cost of a cocktail in an institution is 150 baht, and if you want to buy the famous Pangan bucket and a set for a bucket, you will have to pay about 200 baht.

Be careful – the quality of alcohol in Thailand and Phangan in particular leaves much to be desired. Alcoholic drinks, regardless of composition, price and active nightlife, smell like acetone. If there is such an opportunity, order a cocktail on the beach not from a Thai, but from a Russian bartender.

Lighthouse bungalows

Not far from Haad Rin Beach is another noteworthy hotel – Lighthouse. Entrance fee until 23-00 – 300 baht, after 23-00 – 500 baht. The average price of cocktails is 250 baht. The hotel is located in the southernmost point of Phangan. Places for tourists are not as many as we would like.

Now you know the most party places of the planet on Koh Phangan and you know that the main secret of the Thai island is nightlife. Phangan invites all active, cheerful young people to visit Full Moon Party. Once on the island, you will realize how bright and unforgettable a journey awaits you. All events are held in accordance with the lunar calendar. So, Haad Rin Nok is the real night secret of Phangan and, to solve it, come to Thailand.

How is the New Year party Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan – watch the video.

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