Tourist’s guide to Herceg Novi – the greenest city of Montenegro

Herceg Novi resort is the administrative center of the municipality of the same name. Located on the Adriatic coast, near the border with Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, 70 km from the capital Podgorica and 30 km from Tivat International Airport. Another landmark is the Bay of Kotor , at the entrance to which there … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Hotels and apartments to stay in Tivat in Montenegro

Tivat is a small resort town, which is conveniently located on the shore of the picturesque Boka Kotor Bay in Montenegro. The resort has a long history, several attractions of national importance are concentrated here, including the Bucha Palace. Tivat is notable for its spacious ennobled embankment, from where water transport departs to different islands … Read more

The best towns in Montenegro for a beach holiday: a detailed guide

The main topic of this article can be summarized as follows: “Montenegro: where is it better to relax at sea”. Every year Montenegro attracts more and more attention from tourists. Traveling to this cozy hospitable country has a number of advantages: a huge selection of magnificent beaches, a mild comfortable climate, beautiful nature, many historical … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Bar – the main port and popular beach town of Montenegro

The city of Bar (Montenegro) is a port town with comfortable hotels, architectural sights of the old city, coastal cafes and small restaurants with seafood dishes, and inexpensive shopping. These are beautiful mountains and forests in the vicinity, wonderful sea landscapes. The Montenegrin Bar was first mentioned in chronicles from the VI century, but the … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Petrovac in Montenegro: beaches and attractions

Traveling to Montenegrin resorts is available to tourists with different incomes. If you are planning a vacation, pay attention to the small, cozy town of Petrovac (Montenegro). In reviews, travelers often reward the city with various epithets – picturesque, well-groomed, friendly. It is believed that Petrovac is a great place for a measured, leisurely vacation … Read more

Tourist’s guide to best beaches in and around Tivat Montenegro

Among our lovers of holidays in Montenegro, there is an opinion that the best beaches in this country are located in Budva, Ulcinj, Becici and other popular places. But today we will get acquainted with the peculiarities of rest in the Montenegrin city of Tivat, whose beaches, unlike visiting tourists, are preferred by local residents. … Read more

Guide to shopping for gifts and souvenirs from Montenegro

Montenegro is the land of high mountains, transparent rivers, wonderful lakes and wonderful sea beaches. In this country of pure, unspoiled and unique nature, our tourists travel with great pleasure. And not only ours – after all, 25 Montenegrin beaches on the Adriatic coast in 2016 received the prestigious Blue Flag of the International Foundation … Read more

Tourist’s guide to best beaches and hotels in Petrovac in Montenegro

The beaches of Petrovac in Montenegro are almost the main attraction of this resort, because it is for them that tourists come here. Pebble and sand, wild and equipped, crowded and deserted. Choose the option that suits you and hit the road! The best beaches of the resort of Petrovac in Montenegro In Petrovac there … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Podgorica – the capital of Montenegro

It is widely believed among tourists that there are few attractions in the capital of the country, Podgorica, and the tourism industry is not as developed as in the coastal regions. This is partly true, but once here, you will feel the incredible atmosphere, the interweaving of ancient history, sometimes tragic, and modern architecture. Podgorica … Read more

What to try in Montenegro – best dishes of Montenegro’s cuisine

Montenegrin residents surprisingly harmoniously combine such qualities as pride and independence, friendliness and tolerance for other cultures and nationalities. National features are also reflected in local culinary traditions. The cuisine of Montenegro has been formed for many years under the influence of many peoples; the culinary traditions of the Slavs, Hungarians, Germans, Turks and Mediterranean … Read more

Holidays in the resort of Ulcinj in Montenegro – all you need to know

Ulcinj (Montenegro) is a resort town located in the southernmost point of the country on the Adriatic coast. Many tourists mistakenly believe that the resort is located in the wilderness, but a rich history, seasoned with pirate legends, envelops it with a halo of mystery. It is not surprising that Ulcinj is recognized as one … Read more

Tourist’s guide to 20 best beaches in Montenegro

The Adriatic coast with a mild Mediterranean climate becomes especially attractive in the summer season. In the summer, tourists from all over Europe go to the beaches of Montenegro. They strive for Montenegrin beaches in order to sunbathe and enjoy the magnificent landscapes. The resort infrastructure and high-class service are well developed here. Even the … Read more