The best towns in Montenegro for a beach holiday: a detailed guide

The main topic of this article can be summarized as follows: “Montenegro: where is it better to relax at sea”.

Resort in Montenegro

Every year Montenegro attracts more and more attention from tourists. Traveling to this cozy hospitable country has a number of advantages: a huge selection of magnificent beaches, a mild comfortable climate, beautiful nature, many historical monuments, quality service, excellent food, budget tours, as well as the possibility of visa-free entry for citizens of the former CIS. But the main tourist destination here is a beach holiday.

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When to relax in Montenegro

Adriatic beach

This compact country is unique in its kind: it is located in three climatic zones. That is why the time when it is better to relax in Montenegro is different for different resorts.

For resorts that are located on the Adriatic coast (Budva, Becici, Petrovac, Sveti Stefan, etc.), the beach season is typical from May to October. But in May-June, the water in the sea has not yet warmed up properly (+ 18 ° C), and since mid-October it has been raining heavily and the air temperature is rarely above + 22 ° C during the day, although the water temperature still holds + 21 ° C.

Kotor Bay, Montenegro

Resorts that have settled on the coast of the Bay of Kotor (Kotor, Herceg Novi) used to have a full beach holiday – from the very beginning of May, and sometimes from the last days of April. Therefore, if the question arises, where is it better to relax in Montenegro with children in the early spring, it is worth considering the Bay of Kotor.

In summer, it becomes not very comfortable in the Bay of Kotor due to the intense heat: during the day the temperature usually ranges from +30 ºС to +40 ºС. And on the Adriatic coast in July and August it is better: the sea breeze reigns there, saving from the scorching sun. Water in the summer warms up to + 22 … + 24 ° С along the entire coast of Montenegro.

September is a velvet season when it is very comfortable to rest: the air temperature does not rise above + 29 ° C, and the water in the sea is warm – about + 23 ° C.

Brief generalization: it is best to relax in Montenegro from the second half of May until mid-October.


Budva is the most popular resort city of Montenegro and the main center of its nightlife. Here, a large number of concentrated casinos, restaurants, bars, discos. However, in addition to parties and staying on the beaches there is something to do, and not only for adults, but also for children. Budva has an interesting and compact Old Town with museums, a zoo and a water park with attractions for children.

Budva, Montenegro
Holiday Prices

The cheapest accommodation in Budva will be obtained if you rent a room, half or the whole house from the local population: from 10 – 15 € per night per person. You can find those who rent out their housing at the main bus station in Budva.

Hotel Hermes Budva
Hotel hermes budva

The resort has the only hostel – Hippo, which offers both double rooms and rooms for 6-8 people for 15 – 20 € per day.

In high season at this resort, a double room in a 3 * hotel will cost 40 – 60 € per day, apartments can be rented for 50 – 90 €. It should be noted that in good hotels by the sea in the resorts of Montenegro, it is better to reserve places in advance.

Food prices in Budva are moderate: even for tourists who are looking to relax on a budget, they are quite suitable. Tight will cost 20 – 30 €. You can have a snack on the run by buying pizza, burger, shawarma, pleskavitsa, chevapchichi for 2 – 3.5 € in a street stall.

Budva beaches

There are several public beaches within the city. The main one is Slavic – it is to him that it is best to get from most hotels in the resort. Slavic beach is the largest (1.6 km long) and, accordingly, the busiest, noisiest and most dirty. At the same time, there are a lot of various entertainments on this beach, there are playgrounds and attractions for children, a large selection of cafes and restaurants nearby. There are locker rooms, a shower room with cold water, a toilet, a rental of sun loungers (10 €), rental of sports equipment. Most of the beach strip is covered with small pebbles, in some places there are small areas with sand. The entry into the sea is steep, literally a couple of meters deep begins, in the water there are many stones.

Mogren Beach, Budva
Mogren Beach

For relaxing with children in this resort of Montenegro, Mogren beach is better. The entrance to the water here is more gentle and flat bottom, and a small area of ​​the beach strip allows you not to let the child out of sight.

Description of the resort of Budva
Budva beach
  1. Prices are higher than in other resorts in Montenegro.
  2. Crowded, noisy, a large selection of entertainment. For young people, this is rather an advantage, but for families who come to relax with their children, this is a disadvantage.
  3. Many restaurants, cafes, gift shops.
  4. Large selection of accommodation for vacationers with different budgets.
  5. Budva travel agencies organize excursions to the farthest corners of the country. The tour is convenient to go on your own: with other cities in Montenegro, Budva is connected by a well-developed bus service.

More information about holidays in Budva and the sights of the city can be found in this section .

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Becici and Rafailovici

Becici and Rafailovici – these are the names of compact villages and at the same time modern tourist centers with developed infrastructure, but without noisy discos until the morning. The resorts have facilities for water skiing, rafting and paragliding, for playing tennis and basketball. Playgrounds with a variety of swings are equipped for children; there is a water park on the territory of the Mediteran Hotel.

Water park at the Mediteran Hotel
Mediteran Hotel & Resort

Married couples with children and older people prefer to relax in these Montenegro resorts, as well as everyone who appreciates silence and is looking for conditions for an active sports vacation.

Considering that the beach of Becici and Rafailovici is a single, undivided coast of a large bay, there is not much difference which of these Montenegro resorts to choose for your stay.

High season average prices
Hotel room Luka Villa
Luka Villa

Becici and Rafailovici is a complex of villas, hotels, apartments, private houses and rooms for rent, so there will be no problems with renting a house. Nevertheless, in order to relax comfortably in the summer, it is better to think about housing in advance.

Prices for a double room in hotels range from 20 to 150 €, a comfortable room in a 3 * hotel can be easily rented for 55 €.


The most important advantage of Becici and Rafailovici can be considered that these are Montenegro resorts by the sea with a sandy beach – for this country, where most of the beaches are covered with pebbles, sand is considered a rarity. Another advantage is the gentle entry into the water, which is ideal for families with small children.

Beach in Rafailovici

A fairly wide beach stretched along the sea for almost 2 km. Most of the equipped beaches belong to hotels, but everyone can relax on them.

Distinctive features
Becici Beach
  1. The sandy beach is clean and spacious, even in high season there is enough free space.
  2. A large selection of housing, and prices are low, when compared with more populated resorts.
  3.  Excellent conditions for active sports recreation have been created.
  4. Convenient transport links to Budva: a mini-train is provided specifically for tourists, which makes stops at each hotel.
  5. Resorts are small, everything can be circumvented in a day.
  6. Many tourists believe that these resorts are one of those in Montenegro, where it is best to relax couples with young children.

More details about the Becici resort are collected in this article .

Sveti Stefan

The island of St. Stephen and simultaneously the elite resort of Montenegro is 7 km away from the center of Budva. Not everyone succeeds in staying at the Sveti Stefan hotels – they are available only to the “powers that be.” You can visit Sveti Stefan either with a guided tour or by reserving a table in one of the island’s restaurants.

St. Stephen's Island

Ordinary tourists can settle in the territory of a small resort village, which is located on a mountain near the island. To go to the sea and back, you need to overcome the descent, climb the stairs, or go around.

Hotel Prices Sveti Stefan
Hotel room Aman Sveti Stefan
Aman sveti stefan

The resort town of Sveti Stefan in Montenegro is one of those where it is cheaper to relax than in the elite island resort of the same name, but more expensive than in Budva.

The average cost of a double room in a 3 * hotel in high season is about 40 €. Apartments can be rented for both 40 and 130 € – the price depends on the distance to the beach and living conditions.


The island of Sveti Stefan is connected to the land by a small natural isthmus, on the right and left sides of which there are beaches (their total length is 1170 m).

St. Stephen Beach

The beach, which is located to the left of the spit, is municipal, everyone can relax and take sun baths there. This is a large-pebble beach, with a comfortable entry into the sea and clear water.

The beach, which is located on the right side, is the property of the Sveti Stefan Hotel and only its guests can relax there.

Features of the resort Sveti Stefan
Entrance to the island
  1. The beach is quiet, clean and not crowded.
  2. Vacationers can not only enjoy the beautiful view of the famous island, but also take a walk in a beautiful park.
  3. For entertainment you can go to Budva – only 15-20 minutes by bus. The road goes above the village, and the noise of cars is not heard by vacationers.
  4. The resort town is located on a mountainside, and a visit to the beach will be accompanied by walking up the stairs – this is inconvenient for both older people and families with small children. If you bypass the road, the path will become longer by about 1 km.

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Petrovac is a resort town in Montenegro, where many residents of this country like to relax. Petrovac is located in a bay, 17 km from Budva, has good infrastructure. This resort is very calm: although there are a large number of restaurants and bars, but by midnight all the music is quiet. This is typical even for the high season, when the town is literally overloaded with visitors. Many tourists are interested in the ancient fortress, which has a night club (thick walls perfectly drown out loud music).

City Petrovac
Accommodation prices

In summer, for a double room in a 3 * hotel you need to pay 30 – 50 €. Apartments will cost about 35 – 70 €.


The main city beach, which is 2 km long, has an interesting cover: fine red pebbles. The entrance to the sea is smooth, but short: already after about 5 meters, the depth begins, so it is quite problematic to relax with children. At the entrance to the sea, large stones are sometimes found. On the beach there are showers (free of charge), toilets (from 0.3 €, in a cafe free of charge), sun loungers and umbrellas are for rent. Along the beach strip there is a promenade with restaurants, shops and souvenir shops.

City beach Petrovac
Characteristics Petrovac
  1. The resort is surrounded by olive and pine plantations, due to which a very mild microclimate has formed there.
  2. Montenegrin Petrovac
  3. The choice of housing is large enough, but it is better to book good options in advance.
  4. There are not too many entertainments: boat cruises, catamaran or jet ski rides. For children – only one playground.
  5. The resort is quiet, not for nightlife lovers.
  6. In summer, the city is freed from the presence of cars. Parking is allowed in only a few places, and all vehicles are immediately evacuated from the prohibited areas.
  7. In general, Petrovac is considered one of the best resorts in Montenegro in terms of price and quality.

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The city of Kotor is located on the coast of the Bay of Kotor, in its southeastern section. Mountains serve as reliable protection for the city, covering it from the winds. Kotor is a full-fledged city with developed infrastructure, covering an area of ​​more than 350 km² and with a population of just over 5,000 people.

Kotor, Montenegro

Until the fourteenth century, Kotor developed as a large port. The city port, located in the depths of the picturesque bay, is now considered the most beautiful in Montenegro.

Prices at the resort of Kotor
Apartments Mejić Apartments
Mejić Apartments

In the holiday season, apartment prices range from 40 to 200 € per day. The average cost of living in a double room in a 3 * hotel is 50 €, you can rent a room for 30 € or 80 €.


  • cafe – 6 € per person;
  • lunch in a mid-range restaurant for two people – 27 €;
  • a snack in a fast food establishment – 3.5 €.
Kotor Beach

Tourists traditionally perceive Kotor as an excursion destination. In this resort town of Montenegro with sandy beaches, however, as with pebble beaches, it is problematic: the main part of the coast is occupied by the port.

Beach in Kindness

The nearest large beach, which is considered urban, is located in Dobrota – this is a village 3 km north of Kotor, you can walk there. This beach consists of several sections with pebble and concrete coating. There are umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as a lot of free space. In season, it is almost always crowded and noisy, but clean.

The main features of the resort
Old city
  1. Very interesting Old Town: it looks like a fortress, the internal structure of which is made in the form of a maze.
  2. Most cafes and restaurants are located within the Old Town, in ancient buildings.
  3. The streets of Kotor are always very clean, even in high season.
  4. As in any port city, Kotor has a rather dirty sea.

For more details about Kotor and its attractions, see this article .

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Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is located on the hills of the picturesque Bay of Kotor. Because of the rich exotic vegetation, the city is called the “Botanical Garden of Montenegro.”

Herceg Novi Resort

According to tourists, Herceg Novi is one of the most popular resorts in Montenegro, where it is best to relax and improve your health. The fact is that the Igalo Institute, the largest preventive and rehabilitation physiotherapy center, is operating in Herceg Novi.

The resort has a well-developed infrastructure, in demand among fans of nightly entertainment: discos, clubs, bars.

Hotel room at Hotel Art Media
Hotel art media

At this resort there are villas, apartments, hotels. In season, a double room in a 3 * hotel can be rented for an average of 50 €, prices for double rooms in 4 * hotels start from 80 €.

Meals: one person in a cafe can eat well for 6 €, lunch for two in a restaurant will cost 27 €, and fastwood will cost 3.5 €.

Herceg Novi Beach

The central beach is located near the city center; it is convenient to walk to it from most coastal hotels. This beach is concrete, the water in the sea is very clean. Here you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas, or you can lie on your own towel.

Beaches Herceg Novi

Many tourists prefer a boat for 5 € to get to the nearby Zanitsa beach with pebbled surface.

Resort Features
  1. Favorable microclimate due to the large amount of greenery.
  2. Old Town Herceg Novi
  3. The water in the Bay of Kotor is always calm and warm.
  4. City beaches are mostly concrete-coated.
  5. Very beautiful old town.
  6. Since the city is located on the hills, there are many stairs and passages with difficult descents and ascents. Traveling around them is not very convenient for parents with young children and for older people.
  7. The city is far from the main attractions of Montenegro.

Details about Herceg Novi with photos can be found here .

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In this article, we have gathered together basic information about the most popular resorts, and also analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. We hope we helped you find out what it is, Montenegro – where it is better to relax at sea, and where just to see local attractions. In any case, where it will be better for you to rest – it’s up to you!

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