Best 8 beaches of Budva – which one to choose for your vacation?

Budva is one of the most visited cities in Montenegro, which has gained fame thanks to its unique attractions, rich nightlife and, of course, beaches. The total length of the beach strip at this resort is 12 km. The beaches of Budva are very diverse: sandy and pebble, calm and noisy, clean and not very – some of them provide comfortable conditions for vacationers, others do not meet the expectations of a traveler. And so that disappointment does not befall you while relaxing on the Budva Riviera, we decided to carefully study the beaches within the resort and identify all their advantages and disadvantages.

Beach holidays in Budva

In addition to the beaches, you will certainly be interested in the sights of Budva and the surrounding area , which are worth visiting when you come to Montenegro.

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Slavic beach in Budva

Slavic beach in Budva

1.6 km long Slavic beach is the main resort place in Budva, a center of tourist recreation and water entertainment. Among its visitors, the majority are visitors from the post-Soviet space, and foreigners here are a rare curiosity. In the high season, the local coast is filled to capacity with vacationers, which is why the cleanliness of the area is greatly affected. Many travelers note that Slavic beach is the dirtiest and noisiest in Budva. In September, the number of visitors to Montenegro decreases markedly, so the coastal area is unloaded, but the water in the sea is not so warm.

The recreation area itself is very narrow and sandwiched between the sea and the many bars and cafes stretching along the entire Slavic beach. Most of the coast is pebbled, but you can still find small sandy islands. Sunset in the sea on the Slavic beach is rocky, steep and after 2-3 meters you get to the depth.

Deckchairs on Slavic Beach

There is a shower room with cold water, changing rooms and toilets (0.5 €) on the Slavic beach in the area of ​​paid sunbeds: the latter, as travelers around Montenegro say, repel visitors with an abundance of garbage. It is possible to rent sun loungers with umbrellas (10 €). Perhaps the main advantage of this place is its close location to most resort hotels. In addition, there are children’s attractions on Slavyansk Beach, as well as a wide selection of water activities (parachuting, banana, boat trips, etc.).


Mogren Beach in Budva is conditionally divided into two recreation areas – Mogren 1 and Mogren 2.

Road to Mogren Beach 1

Mogren 1. A small narrow beach, surrounded by forest and cliffs, has a length of 250 meters. Unlike Slavic beach, the area is relatively clean, although garbage still occurs, especially during the high season. Mogren is quite popular among tourists in Budva: even in September it is crowded. Mogren is covered with a mixture of small pebbles and sand, stones are found in some places, it has a sharp entrance to the water. There are few sun loungers on Mogren, which gives more space for vacationers.

From the beaches of Mogren, a view of the island of St. Nicholas

The beach itself is free, but renting two sun loungers together with an umbrella will cost 15 €. On Mogren 1 there are locker rooms, showers and paid toilets (0.5 €). A café serving local food and drinks is nearby. If you look at the map, it becomes clear that Mogren beach is located only 1.5 km from the center of Budva. But getting here because of the natural topography is problematic: you can’t drive to the coast by car, so tourists go on foot following the cliff from the Old Town.

Here is the bridge from Mogren 1 to Mogren 2

Mogren 2. Not far from the beach of Mogren 1 there is another bay, which can be reached through the rock through special bridges. This beach with a length of 300 meters is conventionally called Mogren 2. It is clean (garbage is cleaned every evening) and calm, there are few vacationers here at the end of the season, although it is a bit crowded in the high summer.

Mogren Beach 2

This is a terrain with coarse sand both on land and on the seabed, so the entrance to the water here is smooth and convenient. However, large stones are often found under water, so you need to go very carefully into the sea. Looking at the photo of Mogren beach in Budva, you can understand that this is a very picturesque area. Guests of Montenegro themselves celebrate a multi-meter rock, with which vacationers willingly dive into the water. Mogren 2 has a bar with local snacks and drinks, as well as a shower and a paid toilet (0.5 €). If desired, you can rent sun loungers with an umbrella for 15 €.


Jaz Beach, Budva

The Jaz beach, 1.7 km long, is not in Budva itself, but 6 km from the city, and you can get here either by taxi or by bus (1 €), which runs every 45 minutes. Yaz has a wide enough area for relaxation and, compared with other beaches (for example, Slavic), is more clean and comfortable. However, travelers note that there are many butts on the shore. The coating here consists of large and small pebbles, there are several sandy islands, and the entrance to the water is quite comfortable.

Sun loungers with umbrellas on the beach Jaz, Budva

The jaz is always filled with tourists, but since it is very spacious, there is enough space for all vacationers. The beach is well equipped and provides visitors with the necessary conditions: on the territory there are showers, toilets and changing rooms. A series of cafes and restaurants with dishes for every taste stretches along the coast. The beach itself is free, but for lovers of comfort, sun loungers with umbrellas are offered for rent (price 7-10 €.)


Montenegrin beach Ploce

Ploce is one of the most unique beaches both in Budva itself and throughout Montenegro. Its total length is 500 meters, and it is located 10 km west of Budva. You can get here by renting a car (Ploce has free parking) or by bus (2 €.). Ploce, unlike the Slavic beach, pleases with cleanliness, clear water and comfort, and several small pools with sea water are equipped on its territory. The coast is covered with pebbles and concrete slabs, you can go down to the sea from the piers along the stairs immediately to the deep water. There are also open coastal areas covered with pebbles, with a sharp entry into the water.

On the beach of Ploce

In the high season, Ploce is quite busy, but closer to September, the number of vacationers is significantly reduced. The beach has showers, toilets and changing rooms. Entrance here is free, rent of two sun loungers with umbrellas is 10 €, for one sunbed you will pay 4 €. The rules Better forbid tourists to bring food with them: your bags will not be checked, but local workers will carefully monitor compliance with this requirement. On the territory there is a good bar with a DJ booth, where modern music plays from: often foam parties are organized here.

Hawaii (St. Nicholas Island)

Hawaii Beach (St. Nicholas Island)

Hawaii – a collection of several beaches, the total length of which is about 1 km. Located on the island of St. Nicholas, where you can get from Budva by boat, leaving the mainland every 15 minutes (ticket 3 € in both directions). To appreciate the beauty and picturesqueness of the local landscapes, just look at the photos of this beach in Budva. The island is quite clean, although in some corners there is an accumulation of garbage arranged by the Montenegrins themselves. The coastal cover is pebbly and rocky; occasionally you can see a rocky-sandy surface. In the high season, many tourists rest here, but compared to some beaches, the island is calm and not crowded, and in the low season the number of visitors drops sharply.

Sunset in Hawaii Beach

When entering the water slippery large stones come across, and the depth begins literally after a couple of meters, so you should be careful. In Hawaii, the cost of renting two sun loungers with an umbrella is 10 €. Hawaii is equipped with comfortable changing cabins; there are toilets and showers. It is forbidden to bring your own food to the island: this is strictly monitored by local staff. But vacationers always have the opportunity to have a meal in a cafe located on the beach. But many say that prices in local restaurants are much higher.

Richard’s head

Richard's chapter - a well-groomed coast in Budva

A small cozy beach, located right next to the walls of the Old Town, has a length of only 250 meters. The head of Richard is distinguished by the cleanest and most well-groomed coast in Budva. Part of the coastline belongs to the Avala hotel, and not only hotel guests can visit it, but everyone who is willing to pay an entrance fee of 25 € (the price includes sun loungers and an umbrella). The free zone of the Richard chapter is more crowded and fully loaded by visitors during the high season in Montenegro. The beach is covered with pebbles and coarse sand, the entry into the water from the coast is quite smooth, but the seabed itself is heterogeneous due to the often encountered large stones.

Hotel and restaurant complex Avala Resort & Villas
Avala Resort & Villas

In the free zone of the beach you can rent sunbeds with an umbrella for 15 €. The Richard chapter has everything you need: there are toilets, showers and changing rooms on its territory. There are also many cafes, the most expensive of which is the Avala hotel. Mostly Europeans rest on the Richard chapter, and there are practically no children here. The area itself is one of the most picturesque not only in Budva, but throughout Montenegro, so you can take incredibly beautiful photos here.


Pisa is a tiny stretch of approximately 100 meters long, located at the end of the city’s marina. At the peak of the season, this place is always crowded with tourists, so it is difficult to call it comfortable. It is relatively clean, from the shore a view of the island of St. Nikola opens with a pleasant look. Pisan’s coating is a mixture of pebbles with sand, and the entry into the sea is uniform. Some travelers note that the coastline of Pisa is in many ways similar to the Slavic beach.

Pisa Beach

There are locker rooms, showers and a restroom on site. Everyone has the opportunity to rent sun loungers. There are several cafes near Pisana, among which the famous Pizan restaurant in Budva, where you can taste seafood dishes, deserves special attention. In general, Pisan can be visited once after a walk around the city to plunge into the water and refresh itself, but this place is not suitable for a long stay.

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Dukley Gardens Beach – Guvanza

Guvanza is located 2.5 km southeast of Budva and is next to the elite apartment complex Dukley Gardens. You can get here by bus or on foot along special footpaths. This is a small beach 80 meters long, quite comfortable for relaxing. Since it is remote from the city center, here, unlike Mogren or Slavic Beach, it is not so crowded. Clean and well-kept Guvanza has a sandy surface with a smooth entry into the sea.

Dukley Gardens Beach

The beach will delight guests of Montenegro with its developed infrastructure: here you will find comfortable locker rooms, fresh-water showers, toilets, a playground, as well as a cozy cafe-bar. Entrance to Guvanza is free, but you can always rent sun loungers and umbrellas if you wish. The coast is known for its beautiful sunsets, as well as a bright green garden with olive trees, which is why the area itself is often called Duklian Gardens. Fans of parties here will not find fun, because the beach is more suitable for a relaxing family vacation.

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We hope that our little research helped you determine which beaches of Budva are worthy of attention, and which of them should be blacklisted. And now, when planning a trip to Montenegro, you will know where your vacation will be 100% successful.

All the beaches of the resort of Budva are marked on the map in Russian.

Video review of the beaches of the city and its environs.

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