Tourist’s guide to Tivat in Montenegro: beaches and attractions

At the entrance to the Boka Kotor Bay, the largest bay of the Adriatic Sea, on the Vrmac peninsula is a small, but well-known and extremely attractive resort town of Tivat (Montenegro).

Tivat in Montenegro

The territory occupied by Tivat is really small – only 46 km². The population of this city is about 13,000 people. As for infrastructure, it is well developed – in this regard, Tivat is in no way inferior to large megacities.

Not so long ago, Tivat was just a city in which tourists came to Montenegro: it is here, 4 kilometers from the city, that is the country’s main airport. But not so long ago, Porto Montenegro was built in Tivat – the most luxurious and expensive marina in Montenegro. It is because of the “Porto Montenegro”, where oligarchs, politicians and “stars” from all over the world come to rest, Tivat became a popular resort and began to be associated with luxury yachts and prestigious restaurants.

But Porto Montenegro is only part of the city. And besides this there is also the “old” resort of Tivat, where everything is much simpler, more affordable and cheaper, and where the rest is much more affordable.

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Island in Tivat

Opportunities for a beach holiday

Most of the city beaches located along the promenade and near large hotels have a concrete coating and stairs to go down to the sea – there you do not have to rely on sand and even pebbles. Those beaches that are close to city parks are more pleasant for relaxation. There are cafes, parking lots, various entertainments.

The beaches of Tivat are quite small, but there is free space even in peak season.

Tivat beaches

Tourists who have visited Tivat claim that it is better to choose beaches outside the city limits or beaches located on the islands (the island of Flowers, St. Mark and the Blessed Virgin) for relaxation. They are much cleaner: both the beach strip and the water.

Detailed information on the best beaches of Tivat and its environs is given in this article .

Active holidays in Tivat

Holidays in Tivat (Montenegro) are, first of all, holidays by the sea. But just lying on the beach is already tired, in this city there are opportunities for interesting leisure time.

Bicycles for rent
Bike tivat

Tivat is the only coastal city in which bike paths are equipped. And even taking into account the fact that it occupies a rather modest area and, accordingly, the length of the bike paths is not very large, riding a route for 2-3 days will be enough. In the most “passing” places of Tivat, there are 6 Bike Tivat bike rental points – to take a bike, you must contact the Tourist Information Center (price – 1 € / hour).

Wakeboarding is an extreme sport that combines water skiing, jumping and acrobatics. Tourists who come to rest in Tivat can try a wakeboard ride: on the Zupa beach there is a mechanical cable-towing installation for practicing this sport. Even if you don’t ride a wakeboard, then against the background of this installation you definitely need to take a photo, because in Tivat and Montenegro it is the only one – that is, a kind of attraction.

Great opportunities for fans of outdoor activities are provided by the diving club Neptun-Mimoza and the diving center Rose. Turning to them, you can:

Diving in Tivat
  • go down with the instructor, which is important for beginners (40 €);
  • increase the existing qualification of a diver (220-400 €);
  • take a basic training course and get a license for independent diving (280 €);
  • rent ammunition for divers.

At the bottom of the Bay of Kotor, divers can see:

  • the remains of the ship “Gallia”, which sank in the sixteenth century;
  • Carbohydrate “Tihany”, which sank in 1917;
  • Tug tug of the Montenegrin Navy, which in 2013 was sent to the seabed as having fully served its purpose;
  • 50 m long artificial tunnels in which submarines of Yugoslavia took refuge.

The city’s attractions

There are attractions in Tivat that you should never miss!

For example, Porto Montenegro is the most expensive and most luxurious marina in Montenegro. It is even compared to Monaco. And also – a submarine, which you can not only see, but also touch all its equipment. The medieval Bucha palace in the very center of the city is also interesting. Now it has become the center of the cultural life of citizens.

Porto Montenegro, Tivat
Porto montenegro

Read about these and many other attractions of Tivat, see their photos can be read here .


From Tivat, you can make excursions to almost any corner of Montenegro, especially when you consider that this is a tiny country.

Tourists note! Interesting and inexpensive excursions are one of the advantages of a vacation in Montenegro. Prices need to be monitored constantly, since all kinds of promotions are regularly added, stimulating the acquisition of several excursion tours at once.

According to many guests of Montenegro and Tivat, the most interesting tours in this country include the following:

Kotor Bay
  1. Walk on a sightseeing boat / ship / ferry along the Bay of Kotor. Blue cave, Zhanitsa beach, the town of millionaires Perast, the ancient city of Kotor . – This and much more interesting things can be seen during the trip.
  2. A visit to the canyons of Tara and Moraca, allowing you to admire the fantastic mountain scenery. There are different options for excursions, the most convenient is the “Grand Canyons” by minibus.
  3. The Maxi Montenegro tour is an opportunity to see the mountains of Montenegro without making a tiring trip to the canyons. One of the most interesting moments is a visit to the mausoleum of Negosh.
  4. Monastery in Tivat
    Ostrog Monastery
  5. A tour of the monasteries of Montenegro takes place with a visit to the world famous Ostrog monastery, the city of Cetinje and the Cetinje monastery. Here you need to consider that in addition to the declared value, you will have to spend more (additional excursions, lunch).

Holidays and festivals

In February, for 40 years in a row, the Mimosa Festival is being held in the cities of Montenegro – this is how spring is celebrated here. Real parades are organized on the streets: brass bands play, people with fragrant flowers in their hands pass through the city in columns.

Festivals in Chernigory
“Fest bug”

In May, two popular holidays at once. The first, “Fest Swarm”, is dedicated to dandelion – in Montenegro all kinds of dishes and drinks are prepared from it. During festival fairs, tourists who have come to rest get a unique opportunity to try any of them. Youth Day falls on May 25, and it is also customary to celebrate in Tivat.

In the first month of summer, an international dance festival usually begins in Budva. To watch this spectacular prestigious competition, many go there from Tivat (the cities are located nearby, it is not difficult to get there). Read about Budva sights on this page .

July for Tivat is a time of sailing regatta, which many Montenegrins and foreign tourists come to see. The same month, a theater festival takes place, the program of which includes performances, concerts and various exhibitions. In neighboring Cetinj, on the Lovcen serpentine, mountain racing is organized at this time.

Sailing regatta

August is famous for “Bokel’s night”, inscribed on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Montenegro. During this colorful holiday, they organize a kind of parade of decorated boats that sail through the dark waters of the night bay. This festival takes place in the city of Kotor, located on the edge of the Bay of Kotor, just 15 km from Tivat, and there is no problem getting there: even by regular bus, the journey takes less than 20 minutes.

Bokel night

Tivat Hotels

Tivat offers tourists a diverse housing of different price categories, and you can always choose a hotel room or apartment clearly for your needs. Consider the various options and book your favorite accommodation in advance. On this site you can find out the current prices, read the services offered and see a photo of the interior of Tivat hotels or other places in Montenegro.

Tourists note! Montenegro offers a very good vacation for fairly little money. But you need to know that the hotel infrastructure and the level of service here are somewhat inferior to other European countries.

The most prestigious hotel in Tivat is located on the territory of the chic Porto Montenegro complex – this is Regent Porto Montenegro . 5 * with own outdoor pool, SPA complex and wellness center. Lowest price for a double room in high season 410 € per night.

Double room in Tivat

The most popular among Tivat vacationers are 3 * hotels with a good ratio of service and price. One of these hotels is San ., Which has been operating since 2011 and has a private beach. In high season it offers double rooms from 80 € per day.

Similar accommodation conditions have been created at Villa Royal . Hotel , and prices start there from the same amount.

Apartments in high season can be booked for at least 20-25 €.

The most budgetary option is to find a room in the private sector, as a reference point can be “sope” signs. Even in the hottest time, without prior reservation, in the city of Tivat you can find rooms for only 20 € per day.

Find out RATES or book any accommodation using this form

Where and how to eat in Tivat

Cafe in Tivat

The number of catering establishments in Tivat will satisfy even the most insatiable tourists who came here on vacation. Restaurants in the city are both budget, where they offer traditional Montenegrin cuisine, and luxurious in Porto Montenegro.

Chobra soup in Tivat
Chobra Soup

On the menu of most establishments there is a rich soup “Chobra” on a broth of fish or veal. Of the meat dishes that are most often cooked on the grill, you must definitely try the chevapchichi sausages, the razhnichki kebabs or chicken and pork, the veal chops, the chopped pork and beef meat patty. River trout and sea bream are the most popular fish in Tivat, which is also often grilled. The delicious dishes that were borrowed in neighboring Italy are now recommended to all guests of the resort town of Tivat in Montenegro: pasta and seafood risotto, grilled squids and octopuses.

Pancake pancakes, Montenegro
Pancake pancakes

But you need to understand that one and the same dish in a cheap cafe and a mid-level restaurant differ both in recipe and in taste. At the same time, the cost will not differ so much: within 20-40%.

  • The cheapest meals can be eaten in restaurants serving complex lunches: salad, soup (usually made from “cubes”), a meat dish, without wine – about 6-8 € per person.
  • The mid-level restaurant, which serves delicious Montenegrin cuisine, the price tag will rise to 15-25 € per person (without alcohol).
  • You can have dinner in an expensive restaurant for 50-80 € – this includes wine.

During a vacation in any city of Montenegro, including Tivat, it is quite possible to eat fast food: it is very tasty and completely safe here, only with fresh products. And the choice is quite large: sweet “executioner” pancakes, “bureki” with various fillings, “gyros” cakes with meat and vegetable filling, burgers with “splash” (3 €), pizza (portion 2 €).

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Weather – when is it better to come to Tivat

As with any seaside resort, it’s better to come to Tivat during the season. The beach season here lasts from late April to almost the end of October, but the best time to travel is from mid-May to the end of September.

Sea temperature in Tivat

In May, the bravest can already open the swimming season, because the Bay of Kotor is smaller than the Adriatic Sea, and at this time, the water temperature here reaches + 18 ° C, and air + 22 ° C. A large influx of tourists begins in June, when the water temperature rises to + 21 … + 23 ° C, and air – up to + 23 ° C.

The most comfortable weather in July: the water is kept at + 24 ° C, and the air + 28 ° C. August is the hottest time in all of Montenegro: the air temperature on the coast does not drop below + 30 ° С, sometimes it rises to + 35 ° С, and the water in the sea warms up to +25 ° С.

Almost all the resorts of Montenegro . in September – the velvet season. No exception and Tivat. The air is very comfortable – its temperature is kept at + 23 ° С, and the water is already quite refreshing – no more than + 20 … + 21 ° С.

Air temperature, Tivat

In October, there are fewer tourists, but even at that time a lot of people bathe, since the water temperature still keeps at + 20 ° С. The airspace is quite warm during the day, about + 21 ° С, and at night it is already cool – about + 10 ° С.

Who would like a vacation in Tivat

Why come to Tivat? Of course, for the sake of the sea. This city is a fairly young resort in Montenegro, which successfully develops the beach holiday industry and has good opportunities for active sports. But families with small children are not very comfortable resting here: there is absolutely no suitable infrastructure, and city beaches cannot be called comfortable for children.

But Tivat (Montenegro) is suitable for tourists who want to explore the country on their own, because it is convenient to travel to its most different corners from here. For example, you can quickly get to Budva and Cetinje, or explore the Bay of Kotor.

Video about the rest in Tivat.

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