Tourist’s guide to Becici – a picturesque town on Adriatic Sea

Becici is a small picturesque resort town in Montenegro on the Adriatic coast. It is 2 km southeast of the popular tourist city of Budva and only 13 km from the international airport in Tivat. The permanent population of the town is only 900 people (according to the 2010 census). This resort is chosen by tourists for several reasons. It has developed infrastructure, comfortable weather, clean sandy beach, reasonable prices and peace of mind. In the photo of Becici in Montenegro, you will see that even in season the resort has enough free space on the beach, while in neighboring Budva all the beaches are crowded.

Resort Becici

Who should rest in Becici?

Becici resort is preferred by married couples both with children and without them, people of age and all who value the clear sea, free beach, peace and quiet. The city is unlikely to appeal to young people who are looking for noisy parties with music until the morning.

Weather in Becici

Monthly air temperature

Summer at the resort is hot, and winter is windy and rainy. The air temperature in July warms up during the day to + 28-31 °.

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In the coldest month of the year – January – on average the air warms up during the day to + 8-10 ° C, which cannot be called a low temperature for winter.

The rainiest period in the city is October-November and January-March. At this time, 113-155 mm of precipitation falls annually.

Monthly water temperature

The swimming season in Becici lasts from May to October, and the high season lasts from June to early September. The most favorable weather for a trip with young children is in July-August: during these months, the water heats up almost to air temperature (25-27 degrees).

When to go on vacation?

Most tourists come in high season, when the water in the sea and the weather in Becici, as in all of Montenegro, is the warmest. Warm weather and sunshine are the main advantages of July and August in Montenegro. Cons are also enough: at this time, prices for services and housing are noticeably rising, and on the beaches there are more people.

Therefore, some travelers without small children plan a vacation at the beginning of autumn, when the beaches are empty, and the weather is not so hot. At this time, the water becomes cooler, but at sea you can go diving, as well as windsurfing: in the autumn months it becomes windy on the coast and waves necessary for this sport appear.

How to get to Becici

The village of Becici is located near the Adriatic highway, along which there are buses to the airport and other tourist cities. From the airport in Tivat, which is located 28 km from the resort, buses run to Budva, Podgorica and the port city of Montenegro Bar on this route . Tourists usually go on the road (5 minutes walk from the airport) and stop passing buses.

Stop near Tivat Airport

One trip costs 3.5 – 4.5 EUR. City buses also run from Budva to Becici. Tickets for them cost 1.5 EUR. The bus traffic interval is about 30 minutes. It should be borne in mind that there are no night flights, and buses from Budva do not have space for bulk baggage.

In addition, from the airport to Becici can be reached by taxi (25-50 €) or by a car rented in Tivat (from 25 €).

The distance from the airport in the Montenegrin capital Podgorica to Becici is 65 km. There are no direct buses from here: first you need to take the shuttle bus to the bus station (3 euros) or taxi (10-12 EUR), then take the bus to Budva (7 EUR), and from there take the city bus to Becici. If you are not traveling alone, it will be more profitable to take a taxi.

Buses from Budva to Becici often run frequently – almost every 10 minutes. A tourist mini-train runs regularly and stops near each hotel. A ticket for it also costs 1.5 EUR.

Prices in the article are for May 2019.

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One of the main advantages of this Montenegro resort is a wide half-sandy beach with a length of 1900 meters. In 1935, he was even recognized as the best in Europe at a competition in Paris. Today, the city beach in Becici is marked with the blue flag – a prestigious sign of environmental cleanliness. A significant part of the beach is covered with sand, which is a rarity for Montenegro. Basically, the beaches in the country are pebble.

Photo: Becici Beach
Beach in Becici

Almost all equipped beaches on the coast belong to hotels, but admission to them is free. Hotel guests use sunbeds and umbrellas for free. Others who wish to sunbathe and swim are offered to rent sets for relaxation. You can also spread your own towel in the sand.

Please note that it is impossible to lay a towel near the water in front of the first line of deck chairs: beach staff will most likely ask you to move to another place so as not to create inconvenience to vacationers on the sunbeds.

Sun lounger rental prices

In Becici, the average prices for renting sun loungers: two sun loungers and an umbrella can be rented for 8-12 EUR, and a mesh bed with a tent – for 20-25 EUR. In a photo of the beach in Becici you can see how similar sets look like. Access to the toilet and locker room is available for 0.5 EUR.

Another advantage of the local beach is its safe entry into the water. Depth increases gradually, so the beach is ideal for families with kids. The swimming area is fenced with buoys that protect vacationers from jet skis.

There are several restaurants and cafes on the beach, but there are no grocery stores on the resort’s promenade. To get to the supermarket, you have to go along the sea to the nearest village – Rafailovichi. Other shops are located in the city of Becici: behind the highway, where there are houses of local residents and apartments.

What to see

Temple of St. Thomas
Church of St. Thomas

They come to Becici to enjoy the sea, the beach and the mild climate. There are no major attractions in the town. When tourists are looking for what to see in Becici in Montenegro, the only option is the church of St. Apostle Thomas, which is valid to this day. This is a preserved ancient church, it was built in the XIV century. It is located on a hill, to which stairs lead directly from the promenade. Visitors note a pleasant atmosphere, a beautiful green area around the temple and the absence of a large number of people, which contributes to peace.

There are no more attractions at the resort. But in neighboring Budva you can see many architectural monuments. The entire historic city center is a UNESCO site. In addition, there are many shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. A variety of festivals are regularly held in the city.

As we have already mentioned, you can get to Budva from the village of Becici by bus. If you are not in a hurry, walk along the picturesque boulevard with bars, shops and souvenir shops.

Infrastructure and entertainment in Becici

The main entertainment at the resort is sports (basketball, volleyball, beach soccer, etc.), as well as the local water park at the Mediteran hotel – the only one on the coast. A ticket for it costs 15 € / day for adults and 10 € for children. In the water park there are 7 adult slides and several for children.

Waterpark at the Mediteran Hotel

Waterpark entertainment at the resort is not limited. In Becici you can go water skiing. On the coast there is a special installation for skiing. For tourists, sports enthusiasts are equipped with bike paths, a tennis court, and sports halls. Lovers of extreme entertainment are offered to paraglide or go rafting. Small playgrounds are available for children.

To get an unusual experience, you can go on any of the many excursions: for example, on continental Montenegro (national parks with mountain lakes, canyons of the Tara and Moracha rivers, etc.), in colorful Albania or even in Italy by ferry. Fishing lovers are offered a special excursion called Fish Picnic.

Cafes, restaurants and grocery stores

Atlantic - here you can eat

The town has enough cafes and restaurants that work during the beach season. Gourmet establishments are located along the coast. In the photo of Becici you will see that there are really many establishments along the promenade. One of the resort’s most visited restaurants with good reviews is Atlantic. It is famous for delicious dishes of Montenegrin cuisine. Located in a cozy courtyard 150 m from the beach.

Food prices in a cafe
Restaurant menu Atlantic

Prices in the restaurant are average in the resort of Becici, you can calculate how much dinner will cost, depending on your preference.

Menu Page

Since the village of Becici was originally a fishing village, fresh fish is excellently prepared here. At the same time, meat dishes in Montenegro are also delicious, because the locals love meat more than fish. Pork and beef steaks, stewed lamb and sausages, home-made cheese, sweet pancakes – all this is offered in almost every restaurant in the resort.

Behind the highway, on a hill, near apartment buildings there is a Mega grocery store, and in the neighboring village of Rafailovichi, another is Idea.

Accommodation in Becici

There are many housing options at the resort. These are several large hotels and hotel complexes, as well as private apartments and villas. Housing prices are moderate, but in the high season they rise markedly.

On the first coastline are upscale hotels. Most residential complexes with apartments are located behind the highway, from where to the sea about 10 minutes walk. In the west of the resort there is a cape with luxury apartments Dukley Gardens (4 stars) right by the sea.

Where to stay
Hotel facade - photo
Hotel The Queen Of Montenegro

The choice of accommodation in the resort is quite rich. The most luxurious of them is the five-star Splendid Resort. This is the best hotel on the coast. Room rates range from 130 € per night, in high season prices rise. This hotel is often shown in tourist avenues in the photo of Becici.

The resort also has several good 4 star hotels:

  • ideal for families with children Iberostar Bellevue: overlooking the beach, has 7 bars and restaurants, swimming pools for children and adults;
  • The Queen Of Montenegro with its own spa, casino, gym and large outdoor pool on the terrace;
  • Mediteran with a water park and a children’s pool;
  • Sentido Tara Hotel – a family hotel with a children’s mini club and various types of food;
  • Montenegro – has a green area, all-inclusive meals, a children’s menu in a restaurant, a pool and even a night club;
  • Stella Di Mare – a new hotel in the center of the resort, 300 meters from the beach, etc.
Sun loungers by the pool

All hotels of this category, located on the beach, offer guests free beach equipment. The cost of one night in rooms starts from 40 € per night, in high season – more expensive.

A more economical, but worthy option of accommodation is the Alet-moc hotel, which belongs to the category of 2 stars. It is located 250 meters from the sea in a picturesque park and has a spacious green area.

Resort rental housing
I&A apartment

Becici has a wide selection of apartments for every budget: from 25 to 200 € per night and above. The most economical options can be removed behind the highway, on a hill. The largest apartments with 2-3 bedrooms are designed for 4-6 people. Near the beach are the most comfortable and expensive options costing from 60 € per night (more expensive in high season).

When choosing housing, open a map of the city and see in advance what is free on your dates and where it is located. If you book accommodation a few days before arrival, there may be discounts on some apartments and hotel rooms. But in the high season, all options are sorted out in advance.

Pros and Cons of Becici

From a photo of Becici in Montenegro, it is noticeable that the main advantage of the resort is a wide and clean beach, equipped with everything necessary for recreation, clear water, developed infrastructure and a large selection of housing options. Tours in Becici, as a rule, are much cheaper than in neighboring Budva. But if you want to rent inexpensive apartments, you have to choose from the options behind the highway, and not on the coast. There are also supermarkets.

The location of all the objects mentioned in the text can be seen on the map below .

For a more detailed overview of Becici and the resort’s beach, see the video.

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