Tourist’s guide to 20 best beaches in Montenegro

The Adriatic coast with a mild Mediterranean climate becomes especially attractive in the summer season. In the summer, tourists from all over Europe go to the beaches of Montenegro.

They strive for Montenegrin beaches in order to sunbathe and enjoy the magnificent landscapes. The resort infrastructure and high-class service are well developed here. Even the nudist beaches of Montenegro are, most often, equipped. And if we are talking about recreation areas belonging to one or another resort, then nothing is better for a summer vacation and can not be found.

When deciding which beach to prefer as a place of rest, tourists try to find as much information as possible. We made a special selection, presenting you the best beaches in Montenegro.

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1. Becici
Becici, Montenegro

Pebbles here are quite small and do not cut legs. Becici is one of the most prestigious resort areas of Montenegro, and the beach itself is among the best European. The beach strip stretches for almost 2 km along the coast. Due to the fact that Becici has a full-fledged infrastructure, there are always a lot of people here. There are bars, small cafes. Despite the crowded, Becici is often preferred for family vacations. The beach is under the auspices of UNESCO as a landmark of Montenegro.

2. Kamenovo
Kamenovo, beach area

The incredibly clear water of this beach in Budva made him famous. When deciding where the best beaches are in Montenegro, be sure to pay attention to Kamenovo. It surprisingly combines quite large sizes (up to 330 meters in length) and privacy. People who do not like the noise and vanity go here to sunbathe. In this place there are several cafes, you can rent a sunbed. Kamenovo is a well-groomed place, very clean, with a spectacular landscape. You can get to it either on foot through the tunnel from the Rafailovici, or by bus (ticket from Budva – 1.5 euros).

3. Mogren
The best beach of Montenegro - Mogren

The sand on the beach is large. The entrance to the water is steep enough, the bottom is rocky. Tourists celebrate the magnificent nature, a heap of picturesque cliffs and crystal water. The beach is landscaped, there is everything for a comfortable stay. As a result of all the advantages, Mogren Beach is crowded, especially in high season. But if you come here before 8:00 – 8:30 in the morning, you can choose the best place on a sunbed or your towel near the shore.

The decoration of Mogren is a statue of a dancer with whom visitors like to be photographed. You can go to the beach along the path from the Old Town of Budva .

4. Sveti Stefan
Sveti Stefan Island

A wonderful beach for those who just want to breathe fresh air and relax. Many put this beach in first place among the best in Montenegro. It is located near the island of Sveti Stefan. There are not many people here, and, according to tourists, this is an amazing place. The good thing is that in addition to a beautiful view of the famous island, you get the opportunity to walk in a beautiful park. Therefore, you can not only lie down by the water, but also take a walk along a lovely alley. The cost of renting sunbeds – from 15 to 100 euros.

5. Jaz
Jaz beach

It is one of the most popular among those who come to Budva. Its dimensions are up to 1.2 km, there is enough space for everyone. Soil is a mix of pebbles and sand, and it is very convenient for complete relaxation. Entering shallow water is therefore safe for children.

In addition, Jaz is divided into two parts – a large one is intended for everyone, a small zone is preferred by nudists. As a result, Jaz, with its developed infrastructure, is popular as one of Montenegro’s nudist beaches. It can be reached from Budva in 5 minutes by car.

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6. Long Beach (Velika plaza)
Long Beach in Ulcinj

If, being in Ulcinj, you decide to go swimming in the sea with children, this place will be ideal. There are gentle descents into the water, for kids there is no risk in playing on the coast. The sand on the beach is dark in color, so it heats up pretty quickly. Long Beach has plenty of sports facilities and restaurants, and you can always rent a sun lounger. It is fully landscaped, windsurfers and families with children come here – there is enough space for everyone. The number of people is not large even in the hottest season.

7. Hawaii
Hawaii Beach in Montenegro

There is a beach on the island of St. Nicola, opposite Budva. Turquoise water, as in advertising. Here you can find sea urchins, so it is recommended to swim in special shoes. The island has one restaurant and two bars, the prices of which are 2 times higher than in the city. Food and drinks can be taken with you. Sun loungers are available for rent, there is a toilet and shower.

You can get here by boat for 3 euros (cost in both directions).

8. Plavi Horizonti
Pavlov's horizons

Tourists claim that this is one of the best beaches in Montenegro. The coast in Radovici is surrounded by a pine forest, so you can always escape from the sun in silence and dusk. Plavi Horizonti is a sandy beach. There are too many people here during the day, so if you want to feel comfortable, go swimming and sunbathing in the morning. For beach people, there is everything from restaurants to sports grounds.

9. Przno
Village Pržno, Montenegro

The beach is covered with small pebbles, the place is unusually beautiful, so visitors to Przhno try to visit the recreation zone of the same name. Sunbathers are here facing the water, because the sea view is amazing. You can not only swim in a transparent backwater, but also admire the many boats, or even ride one of them.

10. Sutomore
Sunbeds with umbrellas on Sutomore

It is better to come to this beach in Sutomore at the beginning of summer, because with the onset of the velvet season there are too many people here. The incredibly beautiful nature of Montenegro is combined with the presence of small pebbles, which makes the beach especially comfortable for relaxing. The place is suitable for family vacations, as noisy companies bypass it – there is not enough entertainment for them.

11. Trsteno
Trsteno, Budva Riviera

For families with children in Budva, you are unlikely to find a better place. To go into the depths, you have to go a very long time in shallow water, and this is what is suitable for children. The beach is small, one of the public, but you can always rent a chaise longue or a beach umbrella for a small fee. But the transparency of water is beyond praise! For a bite to eat, check out one of the small cafes nearby.

12. Slovenian (Slovenska)
Tourists at Slovenska Plaza

This is one of the most famous and best beaches in the area of ​​Budva, which means that there are always a lot of people here. Experienced travelers try to find a place away from the water to lie on pebbles in comfort. The beach is free, and this also attracts vacationers, but there is also a paid zone. The water is clean, the bottom is rocky. Sports equipment rental, restaurants, entertainment – all available.

13. Ada Bojana (Ada Bojana Nudisticka Plaza)
Ada Boyana

The best place for a nudist holiday in Montenegro is Ulcinj beach. It is conditionally divided into two parts – official and wild. Ada Boyana is a fairly clean and comfortable beach. There are a lot of entertainments ready for vacationers, both sports and cultural. The water is clear, and the uniqueness of the beach gives the sand a reddish hue, which creates coral chips.

14. Small beach
Ulcinj Riviera

Included in the category of beaches of the Ulcinj Riviera. The place is suitable for families, there is a lot of sand and a flat bottom. In the holiday season, according to some tourists, the beach is not only crowded, but also quite dirty. However, maintenance staff monitors both cleanliness and order. Enough cafes, restaurants, there are sports fields.

15. Women’s beach (Ženska plaža)
Ženska plaža

Unique Montenegro beach, where neither children nor men are allowed, located in Ulcinj. Only women rest here, because the beach got its name. This place smells strongly of hydrogen sulfide, but this is because the zone is specialized. Here you can smear with healing mud, so that at Ženska plaža the ladies not only sunbathe, but also improve their health. There is the necessary infrastructure – sunbeds, shower, toilet, garbage. Admission is paid – 2 €.

16. Lucice
Sun loungers with umbrellas on Lucice

This small beach is located a little away from the village of Petrovac in a small bay. He is not too famous for the mass tourist, however experienced beach goers try to come here. The beach is sandy, very clean, surrounded by the best views of nature. If you are looking for those beaches of Montenegro on a map where you can relax and relax from the hustle and bustle, then Lucice is exactly what you need. There are much fewer people here than on the central beach area of ​​Petrovac. Here you can either rent a chaise lounge or sit on your own towel. There are lifeguards, showers, cafes, they sell fruits and corn.

17. Dobrec
Dobrech Beach

It is impossible to walk to Dobrech on foot – people come here by boat or small yachts. The secluded bay in the vicinity of Herceg Novi, in which this beach is located, is particularly beautiful. Dobrech is covered with pebbles, well-maintained, with all the necessary infrastructure, up to locker rooms and toilets. And you will be treated to a freshly caught and just cooked fish found in the Adriatic.

18. Ploce Beach
Ploce - Budva Riviera

Sandy beach Ploce is for many the best beach in Budva. It is good for young people and noisy companies, there are many people here almost always, especially at the peak of the swimming season. Sun loungers are placed on stone slabs of different levels, they are not allowed to lie on their towels, as well as their food and drinks. The water is crystal clear, the sea is rough already at the very shore. The infrastructure is developed, there are dance floors and even a swimming pool filled with sea water.

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19. Royal Beach
Royal beach near Budva

The beach is located near the city of Budva, and travelers visit it to enjoy the beautiful bay and the natural views of Montenegro. This beach is clean and immersed in turquoise water is insanely pleasant – especially in the late afternoon, when people in the recreation area are getting smaller. Nearby is an old castle, which means that spectacular photos are provided for you. If you want to spend a day here, take money with you, because the beach is paid.

20. Red Beach
Red beach

The beach is part of the resort area of ​​Sutomore. It is very clean, you will always be provided (though paid) with an umbrella or deck chair. Red Beach is not too big, there is only one cafe, there are no hotels nearby, which contributes to privacy. It is covered with pebbles mixed with sand. Fans of the most beautiful landscapes of Montenegro try to visit this quiet beach, the best for a relaxing pastime by the sea.

If you decide to visit Montenegro, then, of course, you will be interested in the beaches of Montenegro. Come here to enjoy nature and relaxation, and swimming in crystal clear water. Montenegro is waiting for you!

All places described in this article are marked on the map in Russian. To see the name of all beaches, click on the icon in the upper left corner of the map.

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