Tourist’s guide to Herceg Novi – the greenest city of Montenegro

Herceg Novi resort is the administrative center of the municipality of the same name. Located on the Adriatic coast, near the border with Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, 70 km from the capital Podgorica and 30 km from Tivat International Airport. Another landmark is the Bay of Kotor , at the entrance to which there is a “city of a thousand steps” or a “botanical garden”, as Herceg Novi Montenegro and its inhabitants are called.

Photo: one of the churches of the city

The resort area is 235 km ², the population is about 17,000 people. Arriving in Herceg Novi, tourists note a different location of the city compared to other settlements on the Montenegrin coast – it seems to be struggling with wild nature, and people are trying to build houses directly in the rocky mountains and erect an infinite number of stairs. That is why it is believed that local girls have the most beautiful figures in Montenegro – they have to overcome millions of steps every day. Herceg Novi is also buried in plants, as evidenced by the numerous photos of fruit trees, palm trees, cacti and flowers that travelers publish.

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Weather and climate

Monthly Weather

Montenegro and the Mediterranean coast as a whole are characterized by alternating mild weather in winter and hot summer, which is also true for Herceg Novi. The city settled on the terraces of Mount Orjen (its height reaches 1,895 meters) and defended itself against cool air masses. The local average annual temperature is + 16 ° C. In January and February, the average daily temperature is + 10-12 ° C (water in the sea – + 14-15 ° C). In winter, the thermometer does not fall below -5 ° C. In the first month of spring, the air warms up to + 17-19 ° C, and from April to October there are no temperatures below + 20 ° C.

Sea water temperature

The average monthly air and water temperature in summer is + 23-26 ° C, which stretches the bathing season from May to September. The peculiarity of the weather in Herceg Novi is that there are more than 200 sunny days a year, in the summer the sun “works” for 10.5 hours a day. Another feature is the mistral, which facilitates sultry weather by falling in love with yachtsmen and surfers.

The best time for a beach and sightseeing holiday in Herceg Novi is June and September with their moderate weather, no precipitation and average air temperature + 26 ° C. Evenings during these months can be cool, so you should bring sweaters with long sleeves.

The city’s attractions

All the sights of Herceg Novi are conditionally distributed between its main territories – the Old Quarter, the Embankment and the Savina district. As in any other European city, the richest in historical monuments is the Old Quarter. It consists of several key objects of architecture, erected at different times and harmoniously flowing into the current landscape of the resort.

Old Town Herceg Novi
Clock Tower in the Old City

The winning geographical position of the city of Herceg Novi determined his fate. Over the centuries, he repeatedly passed from hand to hand, so the construction of defense facilities became a decisive factor for his planning. One of them is the Sahat Kula tower , created by the Turkish Sultan and decorated with massive clocks. A little higher is the West Tower , and in the eastern part of the Old Quarter is the Tower of St. Jerome . The church by the sea is also dedicated to the latter – it was remade from a mosque after the Ottoman state fell in the middle of the 19th century.

City street

The fortifications are represented by the Kanli-Kula bastion , the Spanish fortress of Spain , the ruins of the Venetian Citadel and the Naval Fortress . The latter was erected one of the first and was designed to protect Herceg Novi from the sea. Today, films are shown at this attraction, concert programs and discos are organized.

There are few restaurants and boutiques in the Old Quarter of Herceg Novi, but there are art galleries, an archive, a library with valuable books and a museum. Walking in this part of the resort will be a test for the tourist’s feet due to the huge number of winding streets and stairs. Comfortable shoes should be worn for sightseeing, and then the faces in the photo will be happier.

City embankment
Photo: City Embankment

The embankment of the city of Herceg Novi “Five Danits” is one of the most picturesque in Montenegro. Spreading 7 km in length (from the urban district of Savina to the health resort Igalo), it has become a center of tourist life due to the institutions concentrated along it, including restaurants, inviting visitors with the aroma of fried fish and seafood, and swaying on the waves of yachts and boats. For 30 years, a railway ran here, which was abolished in 1967, but colorful stone tunnels remained from it.

Savina District
Photo: Savina District

The most prestigious district of Herceg Novi is surrounded by the greenery of Savina. Here is the famous monastery of Savina – the “elder” of Montenegro, Serbia and the entire Adriatic coast. The first temple of the monastery was erected in 1030 – there are three of them. In addition, the structure includes a cell building and two cemeteries. The main objects of pilgrimage are the icon of the Mother of God of Savina, the cross of St. Sava and the large icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Around the monastery there is a beautiful park with hiking paths. Tourists especially love it, and try to capture not only in memory, but also in the photo.

Mamula Island
Photo: fortress on Mamula

Speaking about the sights of Herceg Novi, one cannot ignore the island of Mamula with the castle of the same name. It is located at the entrance to the bay, surrounded by the peninsulas of Lustica and Prevlaka. The island acquired its unusual name in the century before last, when General Lazar Mamula from Austria-Hungary built fortifications on it. Today, Mamula is famous not only for its beach and amazing views, but also for its tropical park with rare varieties of mimosa – in winter, in honor of this plant, the famous festival is held here.

Lustica Peninsula and Blue Cave
Photo: Landmark Blue Cave

The already mentioned Lustica peninsula attracts tourists with the Blue Cave (Blue Grotto, Blue cave, Plava Spire), which got its name because of the amazing effect – when it is refracted in salt water, the sun’s rays paint its walls with all shades of blue and blue. A natural phenomenon of 300 m² and a depth of 4 m is sought by everyone who comes to Herceg Novi with their own eyes, that’s why sea taxis run between the peninsula and the coast, and cruise ships deliberately stop in front of the cave to give their passengers time to enjoy the magical atmosphere of the grotto .

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Beaches in and around the city

Although the beaches of Herceg Novi cannot be called the most comfortable in Montenegro, you can still spend time on them with taste. In most cases, this will take a little time, because not all places of recreation near the sea water are located within the city itself.

Central beach
City Beach

The central city beach is located near the center. Clear water, the opportunity to sit for free and rent sunbeds and umbrellas make it popular among locals and visitors. To walk on a mixture of small pebbles and sand, it is worth taking beach shoes with you. The beach can be reached on foot from most coastal hotels, but it is worth the haste to take a seat in season. Grocery shops and eateries are nearby.

Zanice Beach
Zanice Beach

The Lustica peninsula invites you to the Zanice beach – it is also called the Presidential, as it used to be the private beach of Josip Broz Tito. The length of the coastal strip with light pebbles and concrete slabs is about 300 meters, it is surrounded by an olive grove. Here you can relax for a fee, renting a deck chair, or for free – on your own rug or towel.

The bay is well hidden from the winds, the entrance to the water is safe, the sea water boasts a turquoise tint – it is not for nothing that the beach received the prestigious international Blue Flag award. Bathing in such a place, and even favorable weather, will please any vacationer. The infrastructure of Zanice is represented by sanitary facilities, a parking lot and snack bars. The easiest way to get to the beach is by sea taxi from the coast of Herceg Novi, while glancing at such natural attractions as the island of Mamula and the Blue Grotto.

Miriste - a beach in the bay of Montenegro

Not far from Zanice there is a place that is called the most attractive on the entire coast of the resort. Miriste beach is located in a small bay behind Cape Arza. It is built from platforms covered with layers of fine sand – soft and tender. The air here is clear and fresh due to the dense forest. Sports equipment rentals and a restaurant serving local cuisine are available on the beach.

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Trail to Dobrech

Another beach of the Lustica peninsula is secluded Dobrech, overlooking the Bay of Kotor. The length of the strip designed for sunbathing and swimming is about 70 meters. It is covered with small pebbles and framed by lush vegetation. Dobrech is a clean, comfortable beach with a platform on which paid sunbeds and umbrellas, changing rooms, showers and toilets are installed. But here you can sunbathe and for free, taking with you everything you need. By the way, this place is on the list of the 20 best beaches in Montenegro .

Lifeguards work on the shore, and a cafe near the beach. You can get to Dobrech by boat from Herceg Novi, Montenegro is very compact – the distances here are small and not burdensome.

Attractions beaches of the city of Herceg Novi described on the page are marked on the map in Russian. To see all objects, click on the icon in the upper left corner.

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