Guide to Tivoli Amusement Park in Denmark – Copenhagen’s best entertainment

Tivoli Park is one of the oldest parks in Europe and the fourth largest. Its area is 82 thousand m2. Only Disneyland (France), Europa-Park (Germany) and Efteling (Netherlands) occupy a large territory. Despite the huge influx of people, there is always a feeling of spaciousness, ease and freedom. Copenhagen Ancient Park, famous for its waterfalls … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Billund City in Denmark: Legoland and other attractions

Billund (Denmark) is a small town located in the southern part of the country. Its population is only 7,000 people, but despite this, hundreds of thousands of travelers of all ages come here from different parts of the world. What caused this popularity? From 1960 to the present day, it is in Billund that the … Read more

The killing of black dolphins on Faroe Islands – why and how does this happen?

Faroe Islands – a picturesque place to relax on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Many tourists come here to enjoy the beautiful wildlife, but not everyone knows that for several days a year the sea water here turns red, and there are screams for kilometers from the coastline. The killing of dolphins in the … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Roskilde, Denmark – sights and festivals of the city

The city of Roskilde (Denmark) attracts tourists with its thousand-year history, an impressive cathedral and royal palace, picturesque views and a noisy annual rock festival. About everything that may interest you in Roskilde, about the sights, accommodation, trip details, we will tell in this article. General information Roskilde is located on the hills in the … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Herning, Denmark: what to see and how to reach

Herning (Denmark) is a small city that has gained worldwide fame thanks to the frequent European and World Championships in various sports. In 2018, Herning will host the World Hockey Championship. Herning is also widely known for the largest exhibition center in Scandinavia, where exhibitions and fairs of both local and European scale are constantly … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Aarhus: a cultural and industrial city in Denmark

Aarhus (Denmark) is the largest and most significant city in the country after its capital, Copenhagen. For the Danes, Aarhus is as important as St. Petersburg for the Russians. It is a cultural and scientific center, a city of students and historical monuments, attracting many tourists with its sights. General information The city of Aarhus … Read more

Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen: a tourist’s guide

Kristiansborg Palace is an architectural building saturated with Danish history, traditions and culture. Be sure to visit the attraction if you want to feel the spirit of the capital. The castle is located on the island of Slotsholmen. Today, Christiansborg in Copenhagen is a symbol of the capital and, undoubtedly, a symbolic landmark of the … Read more

Tourists’s guide to Copenhagen public transport – metro, buses, trains

Copenhagen is the capital and most popular tourist destination of Denmark. This city is famous for the best public transport system in the country, which includes buses, a network of railways, and the subway. Copenhagen Metro is the real pride of Denmark, Europe and the whole world as a whole, which confirms its title World’s … Read more

The Best Denmark Souvenirs

What to bring from Denmark is the most popular question that every vacationer in this Scandinavian country asks. A piece of ice from the North Sea, a second-hand vinyl record or the little mermaid figurine? To make your task easier, we have listed down all the options for gifts and souvenirs that you can bring … Read more

Odense, Denmark: all you need to know about the city and its attractions

The city of Odense (Denmark) is located on the island of Funen and is its main geographical and administrative point. The city has many large stores and industrial enterprises of various industries. At the same time, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Denmark due to its unique attractions. General information The … Read more

National Danish food – what to eat when visiting Denmark

At first glance, Danish cuisine is no different from the culinary traditions of the Scandinavian countries. Nevertheless, true gourmets will name a lot of distinctive features of national dishes, many of which even today are prepared according to unique, ancient recipes. Danish cuisine is original and original, it often combines incompatible products. That is why … Read more

Faroe Islands – A tourist’s guide to the edge of the Earth

The Faroe Islands are a little-known archipelago located in the North Atlantic in the Norwegian Sea, approximately between Iceland and the Scottish Islands. The archipelago includes 18 islands of volcanic origin, the total area of ​​which is 1399 m². The main islands are: Streim, Estura, Sudur, Voar, Sanda, Bordeaux. Officially, the Faroe Islands belong to … Read more

Tourist’s guide to port city of Aalborg: a historical city in Denmark

Aalborg (Denmark) is a charming town in the northern part of Denmark, decorated with cozy houses in the Renaissance style. Despite the fact that Aalborg is the industrial center of Northern Jutland, there are a large number of historical and architectural attractions that can tell many fascinating stories. The main feature is Yomfru Ane Street, … Read more

Royal Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen: a guide for tourists

Amalienborg is the royal palace in Copenhagen, which today is the residence of the ruling royal family. The castle is notable for its history, original architecture, and also attracts tourists with an unusual sight – a change of honor guard. Photo: Royal Palace in Copenhagen Related entries: Mirabell Palace and Gardens in Salzburg – tourist … Read more