The best guided tours from Budva to Montenegro

Montenegro is famous not only for its beaches, but also for its unique natural sites, a visit to which you should definitely include in your vacation. If you planned a trip to Budva, then, for sure, you thought about excursions to city and nearby attractions. Local guides and companies would help you organize such walks, of which there are a great many on the tourist market today. Before buying excursions from Budva, it is important to carefully study current offers, see reviews, compare prices, and after choosing a specific guide. We decided to do this work for you and compiled a selection of the best guides working in Budva in Montenegro.

Montenegro Tour


Andrey - a guide in Budva

Andrey is a guide in Budva, has been living in Montenegro for 5 years, is a big fan and connoisseur of this country. The guide offers to go on an educational trip to the most remarkable objects and get acquainted with the traditions and culture of Montenegrins. Judging by the reviews of tourists, Andrei is quite erudite, well versed in the subject of the tour and knows a lot of non-banal details.

The conductor organizes his tour in his own car: travelers note that he drives quite accurately. Andrey is always ready to expand the excursion program or change the route according to your preferences. In general, only positive reviews can be found about this guide.

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Reserve Lovcen and shrines of Montenegro
  • Price: 108 €
  • Takes: 6 hours
Lovcen Nature Reserve

As part of this excursion from Budva, you will have a unique chance to meet the most picturesque natural corners of Montenegro. Together with the guide you will go to the medieval capital of the country of Cetinje, where you look at the local monastery, which contains the most valuable Christian shrines. In addition, you will climb to the top of the Lovcen mountain reserve, from where you can enjoy the unforgettable landscapes of Cetinje and its environs.

At the end of the tour, the guide will invite you to the authentic village of Negushi to taste the traditional dishes of Montenegro, as well as buy colorful souvenirs for memory. If you wish, after the tour, the guide will take you to a supermarket where goods are sold at the best prices in the country.

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Explorer Vladimir

According to reviews, Vladimir became one of the best guides – the real Montenegrin, ready to introduce you to the country through the eyes of a local resident. Being a true patriot of Montenegro, the guide knows almost everything about his native land and during the tour is able to answer any questions of travelers. In addition to the main attractions of Budva, Vladimir is ready to show many hidden corners, both in the city and in its environs. In the reviews, tourists note that the guide does not differ in perfect knowledge of the Russian language, however, this insignificant minus more than compensate for his conscientious approach to business and an exciting tour program. At your request, the guide can always adjust the tour route.

On Skadar Lake with the Montenegrin
  • Price: 99 €
  • Takes: 7 hours
Tour of Skadar Lake

Many excursions from Budva to Montenegro pass along beaten routes, but as part of this tour you will see a completely unique protected area, unfamiliar to most tourists. The main path will run through the territory of Skadar Lake, where everyone can go on a mini cruise on a boat for an additional fee.

You will also visit two picturesque villages, get acquainted with the secrets of the neighboring winemakers and visit a local resident who will treat you to the national dishes of Montenegro. And at the end of the walk you will have the opportunity to visit another city of Virpazar, which is amazingly beautiful. Judging by the reviews, this is a very interesting and eventful excursion, revealing the authentic Montenegro without tourist gloss.

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Guide Alexander

Alexandra is a once passionate traveler who has turned a hobby into a profession. For more than 8 years, the guide has been living in Montenegro and offers tours not only in Budva and the surrounding area, but also in neighboring countries. The reviews of the guide describe how a person of wide erudition, who knows how to correctly and interestingly present information. In addition to stories about the history and legends of Budva, Alexander gives a lot of useful practical information. The guide is quite flexible in drawing up routes, at the last minute can change the program, adapting to your preferences. In general, Alexandra is a positive and versatile person who sincerely loves his profession, as evidenced by numerous reviews.

Tour of Budva and the Budva Riviera
  • Price: 63 €
  • Takes: 3 hours
Tour of Budva

Your walk will begin in the Old Town, slowly exploring which you will hear the history of the formation of Budva, and also learn how tourism originated here. During the tour you will visit the Citadel, and if you wish, look at the Archaeological Museum and the antiques market. After that, the guide offers to climb a panoramic platform and enjoy the picturesque scenery of Budva. In addition, the tour involves a trip to the neighboring town of Becici, where you look into the olive grove, get acquainted with the mountain nunnery and visit the royal park Milocer. According to reviews, it becomes clear that this tour is suitable for travelers who are visiting Montenegro for the first time, and for tourists who have repeatedly rested in Budva.

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Tour Guide Vadim

Vadim is a licensed guide who has been living and working in Budva in Montenegro for several years. The guide offers educational tours organized in both individual and group formats. Judging by the reviews, Vadim is very knowledgeable, knows a lot of interesting facts about Budva and at the same time has the talent of a storyteller. The conductor is distinguished by patience, friendliness and insight; during excursions he always takes into account the interests of his listeners. First of all, this guide will appeal to travelers who want knowledge and want to learn as much as possible details about the history and modern life of Budva. In general, according to reviews, Vadim seems to be a professional with a capital letter, who is fond of his activities.

Budva. Old Town Charm
  • Price: 40 €
  • Takes: 1.5 hours
Budva, Montenegro

This is a sightseeing tour of Budva, full of detailed stories about the formation and development of the object. Walking along the narrow streets of the old district, you will plunge into the history of the city and learn about its life in the Illyrian and Roman periods. The guide will introduce you to the sights of Budva and help you imbue their romantic atmosphere. If you wish, you can visit the Archaeological Museum of the city, the walls and Roman mosaics. In the reviews, tourists left only positive comments about the tour, indicating that it is ideal for a first acquaintance with Budva in Montenegro.

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Tour Guide Alex

Alexander is a professional tour guide driver living in Montenegro since 2011. He is fond of the history of the Balkans and knows a lot of natural corners hidden from most travelers. In the reviews, tourists enthusiastically talk about Alex and strongly recommend his excursion to visit. The conductor has the talent of a storyteller, vibrantly and vividly narrates the history of Budva and Montenegro and is ready to give detailed comments on any questions. Guide routes pass through the most beautiful places in the country and include recreational activities.

Wine roads of Montenegro
  • Price: 100 €
  • Takes: 8 hours
Home Wineries

As part of this excursion from Budva, reviews of which are full of enthusiasm and gratitude, you will rise above the sea coast, enjoy the colorful views of the Adriatic and enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Montenegro. But the main point of your trip will be two home wineries, visiting which you will get acquainted with the art of producing Montenegrin wines. In addition, you will have the opportunity to stroll through the local vineyards, arrange a tasting of various varieties of the drink and purchase your favorite wines. At the end of the tour, the guide will invite you to the restaurant of national cuisine.

Important: this tour in Montenegro can start not only from Budva, but also from other cities (as agreed).

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Guide Eugene

Eugene has lived in Montenegro for more than 10 years and today offers individual tours in Budva and other parts of the country. The guide is fluent in the local language, from and to studied the culture and traditions of the Montenegrins and is well versed in their mentality. In the reviews, tourists note the high professionalism of Eugene, his sense of humor and friendliness.

The guide will show you many interesting places where it is very difficult to get there on your own and tell you in detail about the history of natural and architectural objects. The guide gives tourists the opportunity to explore the sights in no hurry, and when building routes carefully examines all the offers. Most of the reviews leave Eugene only a positive impression.

Boka Kotor Bay – the most beautiful fjord in the Mediterranean
  • Price: 119 €
  • Takes: 6 hours
Boka Kotorska Bay

Often the prices for excursions in Montenegro from Budva are unreasonably high, which cannot be said about the presented tour with a rich program in the Bay of Kotor. During the walk you will get acquainted with the ancient cities of Kotor and Perast, where the architecture of the Venetian and Ottoman eras is preserved.

It will be especially interesting to study the cultural heritage of Montenegro in the village of Risan with its count’s palace, ancient churches and ancient mosaics. In addition, the tour involves visiting the man-made island of the Virgin, where the church is located with a lot of valuable artifacts. Well, at the end of the trip you will meet with the town of Herceg Novi, enjoy its natural and architectural beauties.

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The beauty of northern Montenegro
  • Price: 126 €
  • Takes: 12 hours
Durmitor Park

If you want to visit close to the authentic natural sites of Montenegro, then this tour will definitely appeal to you. Together with the guide you will go to Lake Piva and visit the local monastery. After that, take a walk through the Durmitor National Park, where you cross the highest peaks of Montenegro and see the country’s largest glacial lake. This tour also includes a walk along the Tara Canyon and the town of Kolasin, where you will stop for lunch in a traditional Montenegrin restaurant. At the end of the trip, the guide will introduce you to the Orthodox Monastery in Moraca, where a picturesque river with emerald waters flows among the rocks.

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Excursions from Budva from local residents can present Montenegro to tourists from a completely different angle. If you appreciate the cultural traditions and the primordial nature and put them above the tourist gloss, then be sure to go to one of the tours we described.

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