Ostrava – tourist’s guide to the Czech city with a steel heart

The Czech Republic is a country where life flows slowly and measuredly among ancient palaces, medieval buildings, cobbled streets. However, Ostrava, despite the fact that it is also located in the Czech Republic, is completely different from the city typical of this country. This is not a resort, but a business, energetic village, perhaps this … Read more

Pardubice, Czech Republic – tourist’s guide to main attractions

Pardubice (Czech Republic) is the 10th largest city in the country, it occupies almost 78 km², and the population is about 90,000 people. Pardubice is an important economic, industrial, cultural, educational and tourist center of the Czech Republic. It is located in the place where the Laba and Chrudimka rivers converge, between Prague and Brno. … Read more

Karlovy Vary – tourist’s guide to the world famous Czech health resort

Karlovy Vary is a large spa resort, the most famous and popular in the Czech Republic. It is located in the west of Bohemia, in a picturesque mountainous area where the rivers Tepla, Ohře and Rolava converge. In the resort of Karlovy Vary, the treatment is based on the waters of mineral springs, of which … Read more

How to get from Vaclav Havel Airport to the center of Prague

All tourists arriving in the Czech capital are met by the Vaclav Havel Airport. Accordingly, the first question travelers are interested in is how to get to the city from Prague airport. There are several ways to overcome 20 km to the capital’s attractions or the hotel. Consider in detail all the routes. General information … Read more

Prague metro: tourist’s guide to routes, working hours and prices

Prague metro is a good option if you need to quickly get from one remote area of ​​the city to another. From early morning until late in the evening, trains run every 3-13 minutes, and the Prague metro is considered the seventh largest passenger traffic in Europe. City transport in Prague is a well-established scheme … Read more

Clementinum in Prague – the most beautiful library in the Czech Republic

Prague can be safely called the treasury of medieval buildings. Nevertheless, even among such a cluster of ancient architectural structures, there are those that stand out against the background of a rich historical heritage. Clementinum (Prague), an architectural ensemble with an area of ​​2 hectares, is considered to be such a pearl. The complex is … Read more

The dancing house in Prague – all you need to know

The dancing house (Prague) is a symbol of the Czech Republic with a complicated history. The architectural monument was created in the style of deconstructivism. The building is dedicated to a couple of famous dancers, so the inhabitants of the country simply call – Ginger and Fred. It is noteworthy that critics, residents of Prague, … Read more

National park Czech Switzerland – what to see and how to reach

Czech Switzerland is an amazingly beautiful corner of nature in the northern part of the Czech Republic, not far from the Elba River. Here you can see waterfalls, rivers, sandstone mountains, grottoes, silver ore mines, canyons and mountains. Also in the national park there are several ancient castles and a picturesque mill. General information Park … Read more

All you need to know about the must see National Museum of Prague

National Museum, Prague is one of the oldest and most visited attractions of the Czech capital. This is truly a unique place, striking not only with the number of artifacts collected in it, but also with its appearance. Get to know each other better? General information Národní muzeum, founded in 1818, is considered one of … Read more

Prague Castle – a tourist’s guide to the jewel of the Czech capital

Prague Castle is a truly unique place, impressive not only in its scale, but also in ancient history. Everyone who came to the Czech Republic should visit here. So we invite you for a sightseeing walk! General information Prague Castle, whose territory covers more than 7 hectares, stands in the very center of Prague – … Read more

Olomouc in the Czech Republic: tourist’s guide to sights of the city

Olomouc, Czech Republic – an ancient city in the eastern part of the country. It is often compared with Prague: there are the same cobblestone streets, Gothic churches, Baroque palaces and cozy pubs. Olomouc is not very popular with tourists, but it is definitely worth a visit. General information The city of Olomouc is located … Read more

What sights to see in Brno in one day

Brno is the second largest city (after Prague) in the Czech Republic, located in the historical region of Moravia. It is one of the most beautiful and distinctive cities in Central Europe, with an interesting history, with unique architectural monuments and its own traditions. However, there are fewer tourists here than in Prague, which allows … Read more

Cesky Krumlov: tourist’s guide about the city and its attractions

Sights of Cesky Krumlov – these are old houses with a unique history in the heart of the Old Town, Krumlov Castle, towering above the Vltava River and many fountains in the center. Travelers come to the town to feel the pacifying atmosphere of a medieval settlement with its leisurely rhythm of life. General information … Read more

Prague card – is it worth buying when visiting Prague?

Prague Card is a discount card for tourists, by purchasing which, guests of the Czech capital can significantly save on sightseeing, excursions, cruises, and also have lunch and dinner in cafes and restaurants in Prague with substantial discounts. What is a Prague Card? Prague Card or the guest card of Prague is an electronic card … Read more

Guide to the best areas in Prague to stay overnight

The territory of Prague is divided into 22 municipal parts – areas. If in most countries urban districts are given sonorous beautiful names, then residents of the Czech capital did better: all areas of Prague are called “Prague” and have their own serial number. The districts, in turn, are divided into cadastres, there are 112 … Read more