The best beaches and hotels in Ulcinj in Montenegro

The beaches of Ulcinj are the main attractions of this resort. Sandy and pebble, crowded and wild – they are all here in this Montenegrin city. The best photos of the beach and the city of Ulcinj in Montenegro – in this article.

Ulcinj, Montenegro

Ulcinj is a famous resort in the southern part of Montenegro on the border with Albania. Popular with tourists due to its beaches: they are very large and they always have free space.

To the question, what are the beaches in Ulcinj, we can safely answer: any! There are both pebble and sand recreation areas. Finding a wild beach near Ulcinj is no problem at all. To do this, just drive a few kilometers north of the city. And the most populous beaches are located near the Old Town.

It is believed that Ulcinj is the warmest resort in the country. Even when it rains in Budva or Kotor, the sun shines brightly here. Therefore, many tourists prefer to spend their holidays here.

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Big beach (Velika plaža)
Great beach in Ulcinj

The most publicized and popular tourist beach in Ulcinj, Montenegro is Bolshoi (also often called Long Beach). Located in the south of the center of the Old Town. Its length is about 12 km, so there is definitely enough space for everyone here. You can get to Long Beach on foot (about 35 minutes from the Old Town) or by car.

The sea and the beach cover are the same in different areas: fine sand and a shallow bottom. But the availability of infrastructure depends on the specific site. So, somewhere there are rental points for deck chairs and inflatable boats, there are shops and cafes. And there are places where it is absolutely empty.

Velika beach in Ulcinj

Ulcinj’s large beach is conditionally divided into several zones named after nearby hotels or cafes: Miami, Saranda, Capacobana, etc.

Location: Port Milena in Ulcinj to Bojana River, Ulcinj, Ulcinj Community, Montenegro.

Small beach
Small beach in Ulcinj

The location of the Small Beach is extremely successful – it is located right next to the Old Town. That is why there are always a lot of people here, and in order to have time to take a place, you need to come no later than 9 in the morning. Length – only 400 m.

The sea is shallow, sand is fine. Waves and strong winds almost never happen. The beach is ideal for families with children. Infrastructure: near a lot of cafes and shops, there are toilets and showers.

Ada Boyana (nudist beach)
Ada Bayan Beach in Ulcinj

The beach on the island of Ada Boyana is the largest nudist beach in Europe. It is located right behind the Great Beach of Ulcinj. Walking from the center here is unlikely to succeed: it is better to rent a car or take a taxi.

The beach of Ada Boyana is more than 13 km of fine sand and clear sea. The entrance to the water is gentle, there are no sharp cliffs and rises. There are no problems with the infrastructure: local residents do everything to make tourists feel comfortable. The beach has toilets and showers. In addition, there is a mud clinic nearby, in which patients with problems with the skeletal system, gynecological and neurological diseases are waiting.

Location: Ada Bojana Nudisticka Plaza, Ulcinj, Ulcinj Community, Montenegro.

Valdanos Beach
Valdanos Beach in Ulcinj

This is one of the pebble beaches of the Montenegrin coast. Located 5 km from the Old Place in a quiet bay. The length is 500 meters. Coating: large pebbles. The entrance to the sea cannot be called gentle, since in some places there are sharp precipices and rises. Nearby is a picturesque olive grove, and pine trees are planted along the beach.

There are no infrastructure problems: a cafe and a restaurant work in the season, there is a shop. There are showers and a toilet. Nearby there is a diving center where you can hire an instructor. This is one of the few beaches in Montenegro, which is not oversaturated with all kinds of objects.

You can get to the beach from the center in an hour. If this is not possible, then you can rent a car or take a taxi – the roads here are good, and there will be no problems with the entrance.

Women’s beach (Ženska plaža)
Women's beach in Ulcinj

As the name implies, only women can visit the beach: men who are standing at the entrance will not let men here. Such discrimination is explained by the fact that healing hydrogen sulfide springs were found on the beach that could cure infertility and improve women’s health.

The entrance to the sea is quite sharp, since the coast is rocky. In several places in the rock a staircase has been knocked out, through which you can safely go down to the sea. For an additional fee (1.5 euros) you can smear with healing mud.

On the beach there are sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, showers. There are no cafes and shops.

Location: Steva Dakonovica Cice, Ulcinj, Ulcinj Municipality, Montenegro. It is located 3 km from the center, so you do not need to rent a car.

Estuary I
Estuary I in Ulcinj

The beach is one of the most popular in Ulcinj, as it is located 300 meters from the Old Town. On all sides it is surrounded by high cliffs that protect from the wind and provide an opportunity to retire.

Coating – large pebbles. The entrance to the sea is gentle.

There is a bar and cafe on site. At 19.00 the beach is closed, so you can’t enjoy the evening sunset in this place.

Estuary II
Estuary II in Ulcinj

Estuary II is one of the smallest and most unusual in Montenegro. Its length is 450 meters, of which pebbled coating occupies no more than 200 meters. The rest of the beach rises on high stone platforms with sun loungers and wicker chairs. On the territory there is a bar, toilet and showers.

The beach is very popular among both locals and tourists, so you have to come no later than 10 in the morning to relax here.

In addition to the above beaches, there are many wild places on the coast where you can relax alone. If such a holiday is to your liking, get in your car and head north from the Old Town. After only 8-9 km, people will meet less and less, and places will become more and more picturesque.

Ulcinj hotels near the sea

In Ulcinj, there are many hotels located on the first and second coastline. On our list are the best hotels according to tourist reviews.

Apart Hotel Mediterraneo
Apart Hotel Mediterraneo
  • Average rating on – 8.7
  • The cost of a double room in high season per day will cost 118 euros.

Hotel Mediterraneo is located 900 meters from the center, and a few dozen meters from the sea (the nearest beach is Bolshoi).

The price includes a spacious studio with a terrace and a kitchenette, a continental breakfast, an on-site swimming pool, a private pebble beach with sun loungers and free parking. On the ground floor of the hotel in Ulcinj there is a restaurant serving European cuisine, as well as a summer cafe for guests.

You can get more detailed information about the hotel and read reviews of travelers at this link .

Hotel Golden Inn
Hotel Golden Inn
  • The average guest rating is one of the highest in Ulcinj – 9.4.
  • The cost of a double room in high season per day will cost 175 euros.

Hotel Golden Inn is located two kilometers from the center of Ulcinj – in a quiet and comfortable area. Distance to the sea – 500 meters. The nearest beach is Bolshoi.

The price includes free parking, a large terrace with sea views in each room, a gym, sauna and hot tub. The best specialists worked on the design of the rooms at Golden Inn, so each room is unique and interesting in its own way.

Hotel guests in Ulcinj, Montenegro can rent a bike absolutely free.

To learn more about the hotel and read reviews of tourists who have been here, click here .

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Hotel ajna
Hotel ajna
  • The average rating is 8.9.
  • Double room in high season per day will cost 45 euros.

Hotel Ajana is located 5 km from the center and 600 meters from the sea. The nearest beach is Long Beach.

The hotel offers free parking, a swimming pool, airport shuttle, and free Wi-Fi. Each room has a coffee machine, a large bathroom and everything you need for a comfortable stay.

A continental or Swedish breakfast is served each morning (a very wide selection of dishes). On the ground floor there is a bar. More detailed information about the object is presented here .
The beaches of Ulcinj are a clear sea, picturesque views of the city and a lot of sun.

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