Best time to visit Israel

The best time to visit Israel definitely is from early October to mid-November and March to May, when the days are not hot and the sea temperature is warm enough for a dip. So, both spring and autumn are ideal for beach holidays in the country as well as exploring Israel’s attractions. Spring is especially … Read more

Guide to Visit Nahariya in northern Israel

Nahariya is a small, provincial town in northern Israel, located near the northern border. Local residents say so about their city – Jerusalem prays, Tel Aviv makes money and Nahariya sun-bathes. This is true because many tourists come here to relax on the beach or take a course in healing and rejuvenating procedures. There are … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Ramat Gan – one of the most happy cities in Israel

Ramat Gan bears the title of the most happy city in Israel. In terms of happiness index, level of education and life expectancy, it surpasses Haifa, Hadera, Tel Aviv and other Israeli large settlements. General information Ramat Gan (translated from Hebrew as “a garden on a hill”) is a small city located in Gush Dan, … Read more

Best Beach Holiday Areas in Israel

Israel is an amazing country in many ways. For example, on its very small area there are 3 seas: the Mediterranean sea, the Red sea and the Dead sea. Israeli holiday destinations located on its coast annually attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. The geographical features of Israel and warm … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Israeli Cuisine – 12 Traditional Dishes that are a must try

In the country of sultry deserts, a mixture of religions and the eternal sun, they like to eat hearty and delicious food. It’s about the national cuisine of Israel. For decades, the state has been hosting immigrants who, in addition to traditions and cultural values, brought recipes for their favorite dishes. National Israeli cuisine is … Read more

A guide to the main public holidays of Israel

The cultural traditions of any country will be much told by the holidays that people living there celebrate. The Promised Land is no exception, because the holidays in Israel are an integral part of the life of Israelis. Most of the local holidays most directly relate to the religious events described in the sacred Jewish … Read more

Tourist’s guide to holidays in Tel Aviv: prices and what to do

Tel Aviv is an Israeli municipality located on the Mediterranean coast. As part of a new city, which was founded at the beginning of the 20th century, as well as ancient Jaffa. The population of Tel Aviv itself is 400 thousand people, however, taking into account the surrounding areas, the number of local population reaches … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Mount Masada – Fortress of the Desperate in Israel

Masada fortress can be called one of the main symbols of the Jewish people. Despite the fact that the events associated with this bastion occurred more than 2 thousand years ago, they continue to excite the hearts of not only history buffs, but also ordinary adventurers. General information If you look at the Masada fortress … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Eilat – Attractions that are worth seeing

Before arriving at the resort, it is advisable to ask how you can have fun there. In Eilat, for example, beach vacations can be combined with diverse excursions. Despite the fact that Eilat cannot offer historical sights, there is something to see here. Conventionally, all the attractions of this resort are divided into those that … Read more

Guide to Mount of Olives in Jerusalem – a holy place for all believers

 Mount of Olives, is one of the main attractions of Jerusalem. It has a close connection with famous biblical events hence, attracting thousands of pilgrims from around the world. Ordinary travelers visit Jerusalem to see the unsurpassed beauty of this region with their own eyes. What attracts people to Mount of Olives Mount of Olives … Read more