Tourist’s guide to best beaches in and around Tivat Montenegro

Among our lovers of holidays in Montenegro, there is an opinion that the best beaches in this country are located in Budva, Ulcinj, Becici and other popular places. But today we will get acquainted with the peculiarities of rest in the Montenegrin city of Tivat, whose beaches, unlike visiting tourists, are preferred by local residents.

There are reasons for this, and there are several of them – it is cheaper here, fewer tourists, the water is warmer than, for example, in the same Budva, and the city is green and clean.

Tivat, Montenegro

Tivat is the youngest resort in Montenegro. And also here is the most luxurious port on the Adriatic for super-expensive yachts.

Indeed, most of Tivat’s beaches are concrete structures with arranged descents to the sea, or consisting of small pebbles, natural or bulk. There are wonderful sandy ones, although there are not many of them. Nevertheless, 3 of the 14 Montenegrin beaches marked with the “Blue Flag” are the beaches of Tivat. But the “concrete” creature of Tivat beaches is compensated by the greenery of the parks, which are framed by the coniferous smell of cypresses and pines.

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We begin the overview of the beaches of Tivat in Montenegro from the city center, and then we will move to the outskirts along the shore of the bay alternately in both directions.

Central Beach / Gradska plaža Tivat

The necessary infrastructure on the central city beach of Tivat is available: dressing room and shower, toilet, rental umbrellas and sun loungers. But there is not much pleasure from swimming here, although the water is clean. Firstly, the beach itself is part of a concreted high promenade with metal stairs and steps that go down to the water. On some sections of the beach, the length of which is about 150 m, fine pebbles or sand are sprinkled.

Central beach

The entrance to the water is gentle, but sunbathers and bathers are under the scrutiny of visitors to numerous cafes, which are located above along the entire beach platform-promenade. There are many people at the peak of the season, but vacationers with children choose other beaches.

How to get there

The beach is located next to the botanical garden, you can walk to it, and drive by car from the harbor of Kaliman. Parking, as well as access to the beach, is free, but there are always few parking spaces.

“Palma” / Plaža Palma

A small beach (only 70 m) is located at the hotel of the same name and not far from the Central City Beach. It is always crowded, and at the height of the season, vacationers take places in the morning. Although the entrance is free, the preference for a large influx is given to hotel guests, for them there are sun loungers and umbrellas. Part of the coast, like on the Central Beach, is concreted, and part is covered with small pebbles.

Beach "Palma"

There is no rental equipment for “visitors”; tourists sunbathe on what they bring with them. Lifeguards work on the beach. The hotel building has a good cafe where you can dine and hide from the heat.

Упupa / Plaža Župa

This half-kilometer beach is an island of silence and beautiful nature at the southern entrance to the city, not far from the airport. It is simultaneously part of the cypress grove and the former Byzantine palace park. This allows vacationers to sit in the shade of seaside needles and often do without umbrellas. From the hill of the palace park you can see the neighboring islands, the mountains of Boko Kotor Bay and a panoramic view of Tivat from an unusual angle.

Zupa Beach
Holidays on the Zhupa beach

More or less equipped 100 meters of beach area – here, large pebbles are poured on the shore. The rest of the shore that surrounds the park around the perimeter is rocky, and entry into the water is difficult. Beach infrastructure in the usual sense is now missing – there are few sun loungers and umbrellas, vacationers are sitting on their towels. There is a small bar. Until recently, Zhupa had the opportunity to engage in wakeboarding, but for technical and financial reasons, Wake Park has been closed since 2017.

Župa beach in Tivat in Montenegro is not crowded, vacationers with children because of the lack of developed infrastructure hardly visit it. Lovers of boat trips on boats, catamarans flock here, owners of small yachts come – those who like to swim at great depths, far from crowds and among beautiful nature. When floating in the bay, you can see in detail the ascending airliners or boarding airliners.

How to get there
  • On foot: from the bus station to the beach about 1 km, from the center through the park – 1.5 km
  • It is better to drive by car from the side of the Sports Palace, there is parking

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Belane / Plaža Belane

Belane Beach, Tivat

A small narrow pebble beach in the center of Tivat (Montenegro), with beautiful views of the harbor and the yacht club Kalimanj. The length of the beach is about 100-150 m, the width is only 20 meters. There is a small covered parking-carport, a bar, rental sun loungers and umbrellas at the most affordable price. Free admission.

From the southern part of the beach, a walking route starts in the picturesque surroundings of Tivat, and in the morning and evening this place was chosen by amateur dog breeders. Hence, a wonderful view of the island of St. Mark and the bay.

Selyanovo / Punta Seljanovo

A small pebble beach, located 2 km from the center, in the northwestern part of Tivat among flat picturesque cliffs, on an almost regular shape is a triangular cape. The length of its coastline is 250 meters. The main beach attraction – an almost toy-like low pretty red-white lighthouse – everyone is photographed here.

Selyanovo Beach

There are rental umbrellas and sun loungers, a changing room and a toilet, showers. A place under an umbrella and 2 sunbeds can be taken for the whole day for 20 euros, but you can do without them, sitting in the shade of trees at the base of the cape. The entrance to the sea is gentle, in places there are flat stones.

How to get there
  • by bus (stop Jadranska magistrala)
  • on foot: from the center of Tivat along the promenade, the path takes 20-25 minutes
Holidays on the beach Selyanovo

According to the reviews of tourists who visited here, Selyanovo is the sunniest (but also the windiest) beach of Tivat in Montenegro, with the cleanest water – thanks to the currents. Here are beautiful sunsets. There is a playground, but the beach is not quite for small children, you can simultaneously get sunburned and catch a cold, there is always a light breeze on the cape. There is no entertainment like riding a banana or jet skis.

Not far from Selyanovo beach in Tivat is the Maritime Museum, a yacht club, a small marina and an arboretum. And swimming, according to visitors, is better to the right of the lighthouse, there are fewer sea urchins. It is advisable to always bring along special bathing slippers.

Kalardovo / Kalardovo

This beach in Tivat, like several others, is located near the airport, overlooking the end of the runway. Near the beach entrance to the island of Flowers.

Kalardovo Beach

An ideal place to relax with young children who cannot swim: there are no waves at all, the water is warm, the entrance to the water is gentle, and the sea, or rather the bay, is very shallow. From the bottom, children can collect crabs, beautiful shells and pebbles, there is also an excellent playground (entrance – 1 euro).

The coastline stretches for 250 meters, under the feet of small pebbles, but there are also sandy areas. Infrastructure – changing rooms, toilet, shower. A pair of sunbeds under an umbrella cost 18 euros. Parking is free. An excellent fish restaurant is on site.

Holidays on the beach Kalardovo

How to get there: on a rented car or taxi (3 euros), city transport does not go here.

The place is clean and not very crowded. But, according to reviews of vacationers on the beach of Kalardovo in Tivat (Montenegro), at the peak of the season, there are some sections with stagnant water and a muddy bottom – despite the presence of the Blue Flag.

Waikiki / Plaža Waikiki

New private beach built in the village. Selyanovo in 2015 with paid and free zones, private parking, full infrastructure. This place of communication, rest and relaxation in Tivat (Montenegro) is located near the promenade of Porto Montenegro. It has a restaurant, beach club and apartments.

Waikiki Beach

How to get there: by sea, on foot, by car or by bus; from the city center the beach is 2 km away.

The new Waikiki beach complex has its own website, where you can find out everything about the institution’s services and its news:

From the 150 meter long coastline of Waikiki Beach in Tivat, panoramic (1800) views of the bay and mountains, celebrations, conferences and other events are held here. So far, the only minus of the beach is sharp and clean pebbles, which the sea has not yet had time to grind, so special shoes on the beach must be taken.

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Opatovo / Plaža Opatovo

Opatovo Beach

A roadside (along the Tivat-Lepetani road), but well-camouflaged by trees beach, consisting of several tiny sand and pebble beaches of 50-80 meters long, with a total length of about 250 m. Approximately in the middle of the coastline there is a lighthouse similar to a lighthouse on a cape Punta Seljanovo beach.

The necessary infrastructure is available, including a rescue station, a cafe and parking. You can rent a jet ski and other water sports equipment.

How to get there
Relax on the beach of Opatovo
  • 4 km north of the center of Tivat can be reached by car along the coastal road Jadranska magistrala, turning at the necessary sign
  • by water (near the ferry crossing the Verige Strait), you can walk from it

At this place, local and Tivat residents rest. But for everyday beach holidays in Tivat, our tourists do not recommend it: according to reviews, it can be noisy on the shore due to the proximity of the ferry crossing, and also because of the great activity of water lovers on this stretch. Although it is from here great views of the cruise ships passing by.

Float Horizonti / Plaža Plavi Horizonti

And finally, about one of the best beaches in Montenegro. The most famous suburban beach of Tivat is located in a small pretty bay (Trashte Bay on the Lutshitsa Peninsula). Here, vacationers bathe not in the Bay of Kotor, but in the waters of the Adriatic.

Horizonti Float

The beauty and pristine purity of this place in 2015 is marked with the Blue Flag. Plavi Horizonti beach (12 km from Tivat) in a semicircle along the shore of the gulf (length 350 m), the descent into the sea is smooth, the water is clear even far from the coast, the coast itself and the bottom are sandy. The area is surrounded by pine trees and olive groves, and from both ends of the beach paths lead to the mountains.

Infrastructure facilities
  • Sun loungers and umbrellas (12 euros for 2 places), locker rooms, shower and toilet.
  • Restaurant, several small visiting cafes and ice cream parlors.
  • Sports games: tennis court, volleyball, basketball and football courts.
  • Water activities: water skiing, motorbikes (scooters), catamarans (10-12 euros), fishing.
Sun loungers and umbrellas

Horizonti floats 100% satisfy the requirements of both small and large bathers. Always warm water and “reasonable” shallow water allows children to splash in the water without the close attention of adults, who can swim freely in the depths. Professional rescuers work.

How to get there

The beach from the center of Tivat can be reached by car (15-20 minutes) or by bus. For entry to Plavi Horizonti you need to pay 3 euros.

The best time to visit Plavi Horizonti beach in Tivat, according to regulars of this place – the beginning of the tourist season. Since the end of July and in August, a real crowd of people here and the water in the bay has lost its attractive qualities and transparency.

We hope that this brief overview of the bathing places of the city of Tivat, the beaches of which we visited now with you, answered most of the questions and will help to make the right choice for every potential traveler who is going to Montenegro.

Video: a detailed overview of the Float Horizonti beach and a lot of useful information for those who want to visit it.

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