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Tourist’s guide to Mandrem – what makes this Goa beach so attractive

Mandrem (Goa, India) is a small resort village located 25 km from Panaji, the capital of Goa. Against the background of other regions of the bustling and partying North Goa, this village looks even too calm and quiet. There are no entertainment facilities – you need to go either to the nearest Mapusa and Arambol, … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Gokarna – the sacred village of India

Gokarna, India – a sacred village, which is not only a popular tourist destination, but also the most important center of the Hindu pilgrimage. There are no bars, discos, nightclubs, parties and various entertainment. Instead, you will find picturesque beaches, unusual Indian temples and a special atmosphere that attracts lovers of a truly wild holiday. … Read more

What you can bring from India – a selection of the best gifts

India is a country shrouded in mystery and unique charm. Indian religion, life and culture are fundamentally different from European ones. That is why India annually attracts thousands of tourists with its exoticism, of course, in memory of such a trip I want to bring souvenirs and gifts that best convey the character and national … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Andaman Islands – a less explored part of India

Andaman Islands – a large archipelago located in the Indian Ocean, namely between Myanmar and India. It consists of 204 islands, most of them uninhabited and dangerous for tourists, as they are covered with impenetrable vegetation, and insects more closely resemble dangerous predators who are ready to eat their prey. Therefore, the article will focus … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Ellora – one of the most interesting cave temples of India

Ellora, India – a small commercial village, which, perhaps, would have remained unknown to anyone, if not for the unique cave temples, carved directly in the rocks. Being a real standard of ancient Eastern religious architecture, they impress with their grandeur and incomparable atmosphere. General information Black caves of Ellora, created in the period from … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Varanasi in India – city of funeral pyres

Varanasi, India is one of the country’s most mysterious and controversial cities, to which many Indians come to die. However, this tradition is not associated with incredibly beautiful nature or good medicine – Indians believe that the Ganges River will save them from earthly suffering. General information Varanasi is one of the largest cities in … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Benaulim beach in Goa – white sand and butterflies

Benaulim, Goa – a cozy village in the western part of India. People come here to meditate, relax from the bustle of the city and admire the colorful nature. General information The resort of Benaulim is a popular holiday destination in the state of Goa. This is a small village with spacious beaches and beautiful … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Kovalam – the main Ayurvedic resort of Kerala

Kovalam, India, whose name means “grove of coconut palms” in Hindi, is a small village offering everything you need for a comfortable and complete stay. Young people on the crescent of Kovalam, and that’s what European tourists called local beaches, comes extremely rarely. Mostly middle-aged people have a rest here, who want to enjoy a … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Pune City

The city of Pune (India) is located in the western part of the Deccan Plateau, at a distance of 150 km from Mumbai (southeast direction). The territory of the village is quite hilly, and in the center two rivers merge – Mutha and Mula. In the suburbs (in the north-west) the rivers Indrayani and Pavana … Read more