9 best beaches in Koh Samui where you can relax

The beaches of Samui attract travelers with clear emerald water, soft sandy slopes and a thick curtain of palm trees. Samui is one of the best islands of Thailand for a relaxing holiday, enjoying the sun and sea. Here you can meet the sunrises and sunsets. True, on one beach there is the opportunity to see either sunrise or sunset (only Maenam beach is an exception). To understand whether you will watch sunset or sunrise from your chosen location, open the map of Samui beaches in Russian (at the bottom of the page).

Samui beaches

Samui Island: general information

Samui is an island with a unique nature. It is located in the calm Gulf of Thailand in southern Thailand. Hot humid climate is very different from the rest of the state. The rainy season is practically not expressed here. Most precipitation falls from early September to mid-December. It can rain for several days without stopping.

Koh Samui

There is never a tsunami on an island. The strength of the current is small. During the day, the sea is absolutely safe, but swimming is not recommended in the dark or during a thunderstorm.

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The seasons on Koh Samui, as well as on the nearest islands, do not coincide with other resort areas of the Kingdom of Thailand. The tourist season lasts all year, the only difference is the number of vacationers. The only thing that can spoil the impression of a holiday on Koh Samui is strong and prolonged ebbs. But on all the beaches of the island, they appear differently.

Beach holidays on Koh Samui

The period from the beginning of winter to May is considered the best for a beach holiday. To fully enjoy your stay on Koh Samui, you need to know:

  • which beaches of Samui are the most beautiful;
  • where are the popular beaches of Samui, and where it is better to swim;
  • where to relax with children;
  • where to rent a house cheaply.

We will try to give a detailed description of Samui beaches with photos, answer these and other questions, tell about the best Samui beaches and hotels with them. To make it easier to navigate, see the beaches of Samui on a map of the island.

The best beaches of Samui occupy the northern and eastern parts of the island. They are very similar to each other. In the southwestern regions there are also interesting picturesque places, but they differ in less developed infrastructure.

Silver Beach

A picturesque corner in a cozy bay located between Lamai and Chaweng. Its length is approximately 300 meters. The sand is velvet, snow-white, the sea is clear, quite shallow, there are no waves. To swim, you need to move 100 meters from the shore. There is, however, a slight minus – the bottom is covered with corals, a lot of sharp stones.

Silver beach

You can get here through the Silver Resort Hotel – admission is free. Nearby are hotels of various ranks with numerous shops. Despite minor flaws, it is quite crowded. The nature around the beach is just made for photo shoots.

Where to stay?
Crystal Bay Yacht Club
Crystal bay yacht club

50 meters from the coast is the resort of Crystal Bay Yacht Club. Guests are offered to stay in a comfortable villa, which is located in the shade of palm trees. The complex has swimming pools, a restaurant and parking. Customers can use Wi-Fi. The rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable. The minimum price for a double room is about $ 75 (breakfast included).

A 2-minute walk from the sea is another famous hotel – Promtsuk Buri. Modern bungalows are surrounded by a tropical garden. The hotel complex is located in a cozy, quiet place. It offers guests a restaurant, bar, parking, Wi-Fi. Breakfast included. The minimum price for accommodation is $ 55.

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Maenam Beach

It stretched along the north coast for five kilometers. It occupies the third position in size among all the beaches of the island and is best suited for families. Beautiful, clean with convenient access to the sea. The bottom is smooth, without stones. In winter, there are practically no waves on Manaem; children can calmly swim here. The coast is covered with coarse yellow sand and planted with palm trees, which give a lot of shade. This is another plus that gives babies extra space, instead of a small patch of shade under the umbrella.

Maenam Beach

Already five meters from the shore, a good depth for swimming. The disadvantage is that the water is unclear and there are practically no beach activities. Sun beds are provided only for hotel guests. But if you order a cocktail in any of the bars, they give a deck chair for free.

Sun beds are provided only for hotel guests

This place has a well-developed infrastructure, but nightlife lovers will not like it. With the onset of darkness, life freezes, except for a few bars. Nearby are markets and supermarkets. In the surroundings, you can profitably rent housing for a long time.

Beach Hotels

Excellent rooms are offered by the Saree Samui hotel. The complex has swimming pools, a spa, a restaurant with tables on the shore, a bar, parking and Wi-Fi. Customers can use sun loungers for free. There are no noisy discos nearby. This is a good corner for relaxation. Prices for a double room start at $ 100.

Hotel Saree Samui
Saree samui

Another great place for a relaxing break is Villa Dhevalai. The houses are located on the beach, many of the rooms overlook the sea. The villa has its own pool with clean, warm water. Car rental and free parking are available. There is a cozy restaurant nearby. The minimum price is $ 190 per night.

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Choeng Mon Beach

A small beach, 1 km long with a width of 10-15 m, is located in the northeast of the island. It’s safe to swim here – it’s shallow, there are practically no pricking stones, algae, high waves. He is classified as family, and here come with children. The coast is covered with grayish sand – so small that when wet it becomes like liquid slurry.

Chong Mon Beach

The shore is planted with trees that give a natural shadow. You can use a sun lounger and a plastic table for rent. The central part of the coast attracts with a good sunset, but the rest of the sites cannot boast of these. The debris of coral and stones creates discomfort and interfere with swimming. In order for an adult to swim, you need to move 40 meters or more from the coast. But the children here expanse – shallow water and enough space for frisky children’s games near the water.

Jet ski rental

Jung Mon has a well-developed infrastructure. Jet skis and kayaks are available for rent, volleyball courts are equipped, there are many massage parlors and cafes, shops and markets. On the shore they offer a relatively inexpensive to rent a house or relax in a luxury apartment.

Where to stay?

Chong Mon has a resort with a private beach, SALA Samui Choengmon. There are 2 swimming pools on site. The room has everything you need for a comfortable stay. Friendly and attentive staff meets guests. Vacationers staying at this hotel have the opportunity to use free parking and Wi-Fi, visit the fitness and spa center. The price for the villa is $ 445 (breakfast is included).

Hotel The Tongsai Bay
The tongsai bay

The Tongsai Bay offers slightly cheaper options. The rooms are located on the beach in the shade of a tropical garden. It offers free parking and Wi-Fi. The hotel has its own private beach with a length of 200 m, where they provide customers with everything necessary. If you wish, you can take herbal baths at the spa or go for a workout in the gym. The price for a double room is about $ 200.

Chaweng Beach

A huge beach with a length of about 6 km with numerous hotels is one of the most equipped resort areas. It is visually divided into 3 parts. You can see its location on a map of Samui with beaches in Russian.

Chaweng Beach, Samui

The sea is shallow, and many children always swim in it. Beach life is rich in various types of entertainment, bars and supermarkets, it does not cease even at night.

Chaweng Noi Beach

Its length is 1 km. The coast is distinguished by fine sand, from which it is easy to clear, clean water and pleasant small waves. On the left there is a small reef where you can watch striped fish.

Chaweng Noi Beach

The beach is strewn with expensive hotels, massage parlors work. Hotel complexes offer their guests free sun loungers. They can be used by anyone. It will be enough only to order a drink at the bar.

Chaweng beaches are described in more detail in this article .

Coral Cove Beach

A romantic, secluded place where you can relax comfortably all year round. The coastline is small, only 130 meters. On both sides, Coral Coe is surrounded by rocky cliffs. The water here is a bit cooler than on other beaches. In windy weather, high waves rise. It is good for adults to swim here – 5-7 meters from the shore is already quite deep.

Coral Cove Beach

The sand on the Coral Cove is golden, large. On hot days it is almost impossible to step on it barefoot – it heats up very much. The sandy clean bottom is covered with small pebbles, which are pleasant to walk on. On the beach, people enjoy a light breeze, the sound of the surf and silence. On the shore there is only one cafe where you can cheaply taste local cuisine.

Bang Po Beach

Bang Po is located in the north of Koh Samui, stretching for 3 km. Its width is the same everywhere – about 20 m. Bang Po is covered with coarse yellow sand, but entry into the water is not always pleasant – the bottom is strewn with stones, and in some places covered with silt. We have to swim in special shoes and walk a distance of more than 50 meters, so that the water rises to the level of the belt. It is good to swim with young children, preferably in the morning, before the low tide. There are almost no waves, except on windy days, which happens quite rarely.

Bang Po Beach

Only hotel guests can use sun loungers. There are no rental beach umbrellas or deckchairs. However, thanks to numerous palm trees and deciduous trees, it is quite possible to do without awnings, sunbathing on a straw rug.

Bang Po Beach Bar

The infrastructure is poorly developed, there are no entertainment and other services abound with other beaches. There are only minimarkets, cafes and restaurants nearby. The nearest hypermarket must be reached by car for 15 minutes. But there are plenty of hotels and bungalows here – you can safely choose housing according to your financial capabilities and preferences.

Lipa Noi Beach

It belongs to the category of wild and deserted beaches, which will appeal to lovers of peace and solitude. Its length is slightly more than 4 km. On the shore there is fine grayish sand with many shells. The bottom is flat, sandy, sometimes with a silty coating. It’s not very convenient for an adult to swim – you need to move about 100 m from the coast to swim. In the evening, local residents gather on the shore with whole families with a bunch of kids.

Lipa Noi Beach
There is enough shadow from the palm trees

Sun umbrellas are not needed here – there is enough shade from palm trees, which are whole thickets here. And sun loungers can be rented at any hotel. From entertainment there are jet skis and kayaks for rent, bars and a club. A few expensive hotels and villas make the beach special. It is located away from noisy life and will please those who wish to relax from the bustle of the city. Lipa Noi is the best suited for evening walks.

Lamai Beach

Located in the eastern part of Koh Samui. Its length is about 4 kilometers. Many call it the best beach, where it is nice to swim with the whole family. It has all the necessary infrastructure, numerous entertainment for any age, you can ride on water transport.

Lamai Beach

On Lamai it is often windy, high waves rise. The sand is not as white as on the neighboring beaches. Prices are relatively low. Wintering people often stop here. Nearby is a market, shops, various catering establishments and discos.

You will find detailed information about Lamai Beach in this article .

The central part of Lamai Beach

If you plan to stay on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand, it is advisable to study the features of the beaches in advance so as not to be disappointed later. The beaches of Samui are different in terms of infrastructure development, but all are clean, well-groomed and beautiful. We hope that the detailed description and photos of Samui beaches will help you decide on a hotel and a suitable vacation spot for you.

The best beaches of the island of Samui are marked on the map in Russian.

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