Tourist’s guide to Beaches of Koh Chang – a relaxing holiday or noisy parties?

The beaches of Koh Chang can be safely called one of the attractions of Thailand. Here you can enjoy a vacation that will energize you for a long time. And so that everything goes perfectly, we offer a brief overview of the best beach areas on the island.

Beaches Koh Chang

Features of a beach holiday on Koh Chang

Koh Chang Island

Koh Chang, located in the eastern part of the Gulf of Thailand, is considered an environmentally friendly place. The area of ​​the island is 215 square meters. km., which allowed him to take an honorable 3rd place after Samui and Phuket. The population is 5,356 people.

This tourist destination began to develop recently, but in a short time managed to become popular. Such demand is explained by almost untouched natural resources, the absence of boring entertainment and the best conditions for diving. About 80% of the island is covered by impenetrable jungle, many beaches of the coast are protected by relevant organizations. The underwater world of the resort is represented by sharks and killer whales, turtles, shellfish and rare fish species. In the forests live mountain boars, monkeys and deer.

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Monkeys live in the forests

Despite the fact that the weather on the island is warm and dry, it is better to come here from June to October. The rest of the time, from November to May, Koh Chang is subject to heavy and frequent rains. The average water temperature is 28 ° C. Aborigines lead exactly the same measured lifestyle as they did many years ago. Their activities are based on fishing, rubber production and fruit picking.

Koh Chang has a lot of cool beaches. Here is a list of the best.

Khlong Prao Beach

The rating of the best beaches of Koh Chang is opened by Klong Prao, located on the west coast. Its length is about 3 km. A coconut forest grows along the entire coastline, separating it from a large and noisy highway. The most crowded places are concentrated around 5 * hotels. But here it is quite calm – this is due to the fact that the majority of vacationers are married couples with children, and the beach itself is located far from the main entertainment establishments of the island.

Khlong Prao Beach

The sea near Khlong Prao is warm, shallow, with noticeable tides. The descent is comfortable and gentle.

You can have a meal in one of the cafes

As for infrastructure, vacationers will have to be content only with the amenities that local hotels offer. Among them can be noted umbrellas and sunbeds, bars, cafes, restaurants. In case of emergency, you can rent a bike, book a tour at the tour desk, book a massage, or go shopping at the grocery store. Near the Khlong Prao Resort, there is also a free shower and toilet.

As night falls, Klong Prao Koh Chang beach plunges into darkness, diluted only by moonlight and hotel lights. This atmosphere is suitable for romantic walks. In the southern part of the beach daily fire shows, theatrical shows and performances of local singers are held. But most importantly – this is where Klong Plu Waterfall is located, one of the largest waterfalls in Thailand.

Kai Bae Beach

Admiring the best photos of the beaches of Koh Chang in Thailand, it is impossible not to pay attention to this place, sheltered in the western part of the island. Kai Bay is long enough and, moreover, fenced off by a high steep rock. The sand is white, very clean. The sea in the southern part of the beach is so shallow that you can easily wade to the nearest land, 300 meters from the coastline.

Kai bay beach

Here you can find the Coral Resort hotel, one of the most beautiful, as well as a boat pier. It should also be noted that it is here that elephants from the farm are taken to swim.

Elephants drive here

The only drawback is strong tides, during which only 2-3 m of sand remains free. The northern part of the beach begins right behind the main road. The descent to the water is very steep, the sea itself is quite deep, the bottom is dotted with cobblestones.

On the coast here and there there are improvised swings. There is free secure parking in front of the entrance.

There are swings on the coast

The main facilities (bars and massage rooms, travel agencies and shops, restaurants and markets, kayak rental points, etc.) are concentrated along the main highway. But music and shows in this place are not at all – they can be found in the village (5-7 minutes before it). They go to boxing there. But Kai Bay boasts a two-tiered viewing platform, considered the best on the island.

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White Sand Beach

Reading descriptions and reviews of the beaches of Koh Chang, we can conclude that White Sand is one of the most crowded places on the island. Its main distinguishing feature is the long coastline, shallow sea, white sand and well-developed infrastructure. White Sand Beach offers a wide selection of banks, restaurants, massage parlors, bars, shops, markets, as well as other infrastructure.

White Sand Beach

As for housing, the choice here is considerable – from inexpensive bungalows to large villas. Most hotels are located right on the first line.

Despite the fact that the beach is divided into 3 sections, the main life on it is concentrated in the center. It hosts daily concerts by local celebrities and fire shows. However, unfortunately, there will be no water entertainments – gasoline pollutes the water, and the inhabitants of Chang Island are extremely concerned about the current environmental situation. An alternative to jet skis will be traditional kayaks, where you can take a walk along the coast.

Fire show

After sunset, White Sand is very quiet. The exception is only the areas around the bars, because families with children are better off.

Ko Rang

In reviews of the best beaches of Koh Chang, the resort area of ​​Ko Rang (Bounty, Pearl Island) is very common. Transparent turquoise water, white sand, a wide variety of fish and other small animals make this place truly unforgettable. In addition, Koh Rang is the property of the National Park, which is why Thai rangers are keeping order.

Koh Rang Beach

The main attraction of this island is a pearl farm, which can be visited for a nominal fee, and coconut plantations. Ko Rang itself is small (you can get around it in 15-20 minutes) and is almost completely wild. There are practically no infrastructure facilities, although sun loungers, umbrellas, a souvenir shop, cafe, shower and toilet are still present. Most of the buildings, including hotels, are made of wood and covered with palm leaves.

Snorkeling at Koh Rang Beach

Lovers of active leisure can play volleyball, darts and football. Another popular attraction is watching the wedding ceremonies that take place here almost daily. An equally important feature of Koh Rang are the peacocks that live on it. They freely walk around the beach and with pleasure “communicate” with tourists.

Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach is considered the best place for a secluded holiday on Koh Chang. From the main part of the island it is separated by a mountain pass and a dense wall of the jungle, approaching the coastline. Vacationers are greeted by nimble monkeys living in the vicinity. The sand on the beach is small and white, the entry into the sea is very smooth, the ebbs and flows are practically not felt. Tourism infrastructure is concentrated in the village of Lonely Beach. Here you can also find budget housing.

Lonely Beach

The main feature of this beach is a clear division into 2 zones – quiet and party. The first, northern, includes several fashionable hotels, expensive restaurants and coastal cafes. It is perfect for vacationers with small children. But the second, southern, is famous for a huge number of young foreigners and backpackers who come to Thailand from all over the world. The descent to the water here is rocky, hotels are inexpensive, there are a lot of discos, massage rooms, tattoo parlors, markets, dance floors and bars.

On the full moon on south Lonely Beach, they have drunk parties.

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Kong Koi Beach

Looking at the beaches of Koh Chang on the map, you will probably notice Kong Koi, located at the southern tip of the island. According to tourists, this is the best option in order to relax.

Kong Koi Beach

The beach has azure and crystal clear water, as well as coarse sand. The total length of the coastline is about a kilometer. At the entrance there are a lot of people, further generally uninhabited.

The place itself is picturesque, although it cannot boast of developed infrastructure. Accommodation, cafes, massage parlors, a motorbike rental point, a travel agency, sun loungers and umbrellas are concentrated in the western part. But the store will have to go to a neighboring village. As for money, they can be exchanged only in hotels and at a not very favorable rate.

Cafe on the beach of Kong Koi

The descent to the water is smooth, comfortable. Depth begins about 10 m from the coast. The bottom is sandy, but boulders are found in some areas. To rent a sunbed, it’s enough to pay 100 baht from one tourist or buy a drink or a snack at a local bar. By the way, the latter arrange daily the so-called happy hours (from 16.00 to sunset), during which, when ordering one cocktail, two are presented at once.

Bang Bao Beach

Getting acquainted with the map of the beaches of Koh Chang in Russian (see the end of the page), it will be difficult not to mention a small local village. Bang Bao, located in the southern region of the island and representing a collection of pile houses, has a small but very cozy beach.

Bang Bao Pier

Infrastructure facilities (souvenir shops, fruit stalls, clothing stores, ATMs, hotels on the water and restaurants with fresh seafood) are located next to the pier. On ships and speed boats you can get to one of the neighboring islands. It also organizes water excursions around Koh Chang. Near the main road is an old Thai temple, which is the main attraction of the village.

Bang Bao Beach

In the village itself there is no entertainment – swimming is inconvenient here, and the expanse of the sea is being cut by ships. True, in some places right above the water arbors rise, and towards the end of the beach you can see many wild monkeys. In the evenings, live music comes from the restaurants. If you want to sunbathe on a clean sand and enjoy all the benefits of civilization, stop about a kilometer from Bang Bao or go further east.

Chai Chet Beach

Chai Chet Beach on Koh Chang is one of the best places for a quiet and relaxing holiday. Its length is up to 1 km. The width of the coastline is regulated by low tides / tides and is 5-15 m. The sand is small, white, clean. The sea is very shallow, the entrance to the water is shallow, the bottom is sandy, but there are also large stones. There are also many jellyfish.

Tea Chet Beach

There are no large hotels nearby, the main accommodation is resort bungalows. And there is a lot of swing here – literally at every step. In the territories belonging to the hotels there are umbrellas, sunbeds and canopies for massage. However, there is enough shadow without these structures – there are a lot of trees on the beach.

There are not very many people here, especially in the evenings. The main infrastructure is located in the northern area of ​​the beach. This is a bank, massage rooms, bars, restaurants, a supermarket, an inexpensive gas station and a police station. The southern part of Chai Chet is less populated, so there are practically no tourists here. But it is from here that you can enjoy views of the sunset and sunrise. And also in the photo of the beaches of Koh Chang, it is clearly seen that Tea Chet is perfect for families with children.

As you can see, the best beaches of Koh Chang offer unlimited opportunities for relaxation. Each of them is unique. And which one do you like?

All the beaches of Koh Chang described in the article are marked on the map of the island in Russian.

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