Walking Street in Pattaya – the Sex Street of Thailand

The “Walking Street” is probably the most famous street in Pattaya, to be found at the end of the beach road in South Pattaya. Its essentially the biggest party mile in the city that also houses it’s biggest red light district.

The street is considered a top sight and tourist attraction for young party lovers and is particularly popular with Chinese tour groups.

Not even on the party miles and red light districts in Bangkok are there nearly as many tourist-oriented Thai girls to be found as here.

Volkin Street in Pattaya

Photo: Pattaya, Walking Street

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Walking Street – a piquant highlight in Pattaya

Walking Street Pattaya is the epicenter of a fun, noisy, liberated life in Pattaya, and, incidentally, throughout Thailand. The name means “walking street”, since from 18-00 – the street becomes a pedestrian.

Walking Street

It is important! At two in the morning, all entertainment and entertainment venues are closed, so calculate your own time so as not to be in the role of Cinderella.

Walking Street in Pattaya is a continuation of Beach Road, in Phuket there is its counterpart – Bangla Road. A feature of the attraction in Pattaya is the incredible concentration of bars, restaurants, strip clubs. After 18-00 fun reigns here, loud music sounds.

History of Walking Street in Pattaya

Of course, the appearance of the street is associated with the development of Pattaya. Six decades ago, it was not even a city street, but a small village where they caught fish and picked fruits. Gradually, the neighborhood of the village was filled with houses of wealthy Thais, restaurants appeared.

Interesting fact! The history and life of Pattaya changed dramatically in the summer of 1959, when American soldiers came to rest in the village. They shared vivid impressions with their colleagues, the beach quickly became popular.

At the strip bar on Walking Street in Pattaya

It was the Americans who began the process of transforming Pattaya, already in 1960 the first hotel opened here, a little later the bar opened, by the way, both the hotel and the bar still work. Then in the mid-60s, girls of easy virtue began to offer their services. After two decades, Pattaya has become a famous resort that has hosted thousands of tourists. Businessmen enjoyed such popularity – the number of hotels, bars, restaurants, bars increased in the resort. It so happened that the entertainment and entertainment infrastructure is concentrated on Walking Street.

In Thailand, prostitution is officially banned

In Thailand, prostitution is officially banned, but the local population has its own opinion on this sensitive issue. For many Thai women, this is the only way to survive, to help the family. Moreover, Thai men do not see anything reprehensible in such earnings. According to statistics, more than 3 million Thais take part in the sex industry, among them there are transvestites and minors.

What does Walking Street look like?
Bali Hai Pier - Ferry Departure Point to Koh Lan Island
Bali High Pier

In the afternoon, a street in Pattaya, dubbed the “Shelter of Debauchery,” looks like an ordinary city street. On Pattaya’s map, Walking Street starts at Bali Hai Pier (the departure point for ferries to Koh Lan Island) stretches to Rhodesley Beach. The length of the street is only 1 km, slowly you can walk it in just seven minutes, of course, provided that you go without stops.

Good to know! The local population about where the attraction is located, it is better to ask in English. A tuk tuk ride takes only 10 minutes.

Walking Street in Pattaya has a huge selection of restaurants, however, the cost of food here is several times higher than in cafes and restaurants in other areas of the city. Experienced tourists recommend eating before going to the sights, food can be purchased at grocery stores.

There is a huge selection of restaurants on Volkin Street in Pattaya

Travelers are entertained by cobra spellcasters, magicians, acrobats, artists, circus gymnasts, ice cream makers. If you are interested in a thrill, visit Thai boxing – theatrical fights are regularly held here. There are tattoo parlors, but if you dare to get a tattoo here – decide for yourself.

Thai boxing

Interesting fact! Despite the ban in Thailand, you can smoke hookah in Walking Street – this once again confirms the fact that completely different laws apply here – fun, permissiveness.

Of course, Thai souvenirs, national clothes are being traded on the street in Pattaya, and for those who came to Walking Street for a special purpose, girls of different nationalities are represented. By the way, here you can rent a girl not only for intimate services, if the client wishes, she will go shopping and cook food.

Things to do on Walking Street

In fact, Walking Street is a street for sex tourism and youth recreation. There are most prostitutes here, there are even Russians. However, in addition to a lot of intimate entertainment on Walking Street, there are many other interesting places.

Go-go bars

Only on Walking Street in Pattaya can you find such a concentration of Go-Go Bars. Institutions are located in small rooms, in the center there is a pole, near which Thai people dance and seduce tourists. In some institutions in the depths there is a shower cabin, where the girls arrange a water, erotic show.

Go-go bars

In such bars you can watch striptease for free, but you will have to buy quite expensive cocktails. It is alcoholic beverages that are the main source of income for such establishments. If during the dance the audience likes some girl, and he wants to leave with her, you will also have to pay a considerable amount. What attracts go-go bars? First of all, a relaxed, free atmosphere and local secrets who frankly offer tourists intimacy. The cost of intimate services depends on the age and external characteristics of the dancer. Some go-go bars are thematic – there are nurses, stewardesses, prison staff.

Interesting fact! It is impossible to see completely naked girls here – Thai law prohibits exposure.

Erotic performances on Volkin Street in Pattaya are held for every taste

Erotic performances on Walking Street in Pattaya are held for every taste, it is worth it to be on the street, suggestions – to visit the show pour on tourists, as if from a cornucopia. Colorful transvestite shows are very popular, but they behave quite impudently.

Sex Shows and Pussy show

Daily on Walking Street in Pattaya, sex parties of various subjects are held. The travelers are very interested in the Pussy show. The show is liberated, frank dances, during which the dancers demonstrate how the genital organ can be used non-traditionally. Believe me, you will not see such dances anywhere in the world.

Pussy show

Photo: Walking Street in Pattaya

Body massage

This type of massage – with the whole body – is very popular in Thailand. There are several popular salons on Walking Street – Sabai Dee, Sabai Land, where you can enjoy your vacation and pleasant communication with the girl. Masseuse can choose, order two or three. As you can see, the moral and moral boundaries here are quite blurred. Masseuses, as a rule, are dressed in uniforms, first the client is invited to the bathroom, and then to a comfortable mattress. Girls are very familiar with erogenous and biological points on the body, and also use incense. Massage lasts about an hour and a half.

Good to know! Officially, these salons do not provide intimate services, but in private it is possible to agree on this.

Drinking bars

There are a lot of similar establishments here, a distinctive feature of bars is the lack of doors. The loneliness of every man is ready to brighten up nice girls who are ready to offer sex. The income of the establishments is the proceeds from the purchase by tourists of drinks for local Thai food. Each institution has large televisions that show sporting events.

Drinking bars

Good to know! Bars on Walking Street in Pattaya provide various services – somewhere quietly and calmly, people come here only to have a cocktail, and in some – Thai people wait at the bar.


Lovers of active, fun holidays come here to want to meet local girls and have a good time. The cost of services here will be cheaper than in bars and other institutions. Some girls are ready to accept payment not with money, but with refreshments.

At a club on Volkin Street in Pattaya

Most of the club type establishments in Pattaya are oriented towards Russian-speaking travelers. Conventionally, all institutions are divided into three groups:

  1. attracting Europeans;
  2. attracting Russian-speaking tourists;
  3. targeted to the local population.

Good to know! Clubs where locals come are not recommended for travelers.

Restaurants with Lady Boys

These are entertainment venues intended for people with a gay orientation, as well as for travelers who came to Pattaya for new sexual experiments. Young boys, as well as lady boys (transvestites) work in similar institutions.

Restaurant with lady fights

Good to know! Similar activities are also featured at Boyz Town.

Useful Tips

First of all, you need to remember that all institutions, entertainment of an intimate nature are closed, so any shooting – photo or video – is prohibited.

Safe Attraction

Another important point while walking along Walking Street in Pattaya is the issue of security. In general, the attraction is safe – there are a lot of policemen here, doctors are on duty, but caution will not be out of place.

  1. Avoid dark areas.
  2. Do not show openly money, especially large ones.
  3. Hold the wallet in your hands.
  4. Choose places for recreation where there is a permanent sign so that you can indicate the name in case of a conflict.
  5. When calculating, try to give the exact amount.
  6. In no case do not buy drugs if you are caught by the police, you will have to pay a heavy fine, and the police may be the distributor of the drugs.
  7. In each institution where you relax, be sure to order one drink.
Walks on Volkin Street in Pattaya

Another important point – how to distinguish transvestites. Many guys look completely feminine and behave accordingly, so determining the gender of a person at first glance is not always easy. Be guided by such signs:

  • a Thai man has high cheekbones
  • Adam’s apple – vivid proof that you are communicating with a man
  • Thai girls of short stature – usually up to 155 cm
  • lady-boy gives out too bright make-up, overly outspoken defiant clothes
  • Thai girls prefer ordinary shorts, T-shirts, comfortable shoes
  • a distinctive feature of the lady-fight – large hands, knotted fingers, shoulders are much wider than hips
  • The real gender of the person is indicated on the driver’s license

Walking Street in Pattaya on the map is an amazingly bright, extravagant and piquant place in Thailand. Tourists are unanimous in their opinion – to come to Pattaya and not to visit the attraction is an unforgivable mistake, especially if you like nightlife, fun, discos.

Getting here is very easy – Walking Street begins next to Pattaya Beach, stretches to Road Beach. The length of the attraction is only 1 km.

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