Tourist’s guide to Bang Tao beach – relax in Phuket

Bang Tao Beach is an outstanding place in the same area of ​​Phuket. This part of the coast is characterized not only by beauty, but by silence and tranquility. The beach will appeal to those who seek privacy, away from parties and noisy night events.

Bang Tao Beach in Phuket

What does the beach look like?

Size and location

The beach is located in the northern part of Phuket, between Surin and Naithon. Bang Tao Beach is quite long – its length is up to 7km. Thanks to the shape of a curved spit, the opposite end of which is visually hidden behind the hills, Bang Tao gives the impression of an endless sea coast. Walking along the beach can take hours, which is a real pleasure for lovers of walking contemplation of beach landscapes.

Bang Tao Beach Coastline

The coastline of Bang Tao Beach is wide, 20–30 m, gentle, gradually leaving into the sea. A small number of tourists add space.

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Waves entering the sea

The waves are moderate and have almost no effect on the formation of the sandbank. The sea is calm and quiet. In the photo of Bang Tao beach it is seen that the waves here are minimal or absent altogether.

Waves on Bang Tao Beach

In general, the conditions for swimming on this Phuket beach are close to ideal: clear water, general cleanliness and lack of garbage, the entry into the sea is smooth, with a gradual and even increase in depth. The tides, compared to other places, are not very noticeable – the water leaves only a few tens of meters, rarely – a hundred meters from the coast.

What sand

The sandy cover of Bang Tao Beach turns into a peculiar seabed – it is somewhat muddy, out of habit it attracts attention, but is completely comfortable, without sharp stones, thickets of algae and coral.

Sand Cover Bang Tao

On the beach itself, the sand is white, finely structured like flour. It is devoid of any foreign inclusions, such as stones, shells, twigs, so walking on it is pleasant and safe, even for small children.

Trees and shadow
Along Bang Tao Beach many plants

Along Bang Tao Beach there are many plants. There is practically a forest here, not just from the palms that are habitual for the given area, but more casuarine trees closely related to conifers. Spreading crowns cast a shadow ashore, so you can always choose where to stay, depending on preferences. The abundance of casuarine groves played a role in shaping the beach environment – the leaflet-like tree leaves are soft and resemble the feathers of a cassowary ostrich. Due to the natural pliability of the tree crowns, the branches do not break from the wind, and the leaves do not roll under your feet.

The atmosphere of Bang Tao Beach is very conducive to leisure, the bay is almost always calm, fresh air, a pleasant sea breeze. The temperature is constantly summer, the sea is up to +30, the air is up to +35, in the high season it keeps at the level of comfortable + 28 … + 31ºС.

Cleanliness and comfort
Bang Tao Beach Cleaning

Bang Tao Beach on the island of Phuket in Thailand – a well-groomed place and in every sense cultural. The size of the shore does not affect the quality and timeliness of cleaning. In addition, tourists and vacationers rush here with the appropriate mentality, therefore they independently cope with the garbage after themselves. For many Thais, Bang Tao Beach is a favorite place to spend weekends and just free time. People come here with companies or families, have picnics by the sea or in the forest, on mats and with hammocks.

Who will enjoy your holiday in Bang Tao

Separately, dwell on the description of the public. The beach is not crowded with people even in the high season, this is due so far to its lack of fame and the relative high cost of infrastructure. Although visitors are multinational, Russian-speakers are sure to meet.

Vacationers in Bang Tao

Winterers are gradually filling Bang Tao Beach, although many traditionally choose the center of Phuket or the neighboring beach areas of Thailand. Bang Tao beach in the photo is recognizably different from other places of rest in Phuket, due to the purity and noticeable calm of the waves.

Beach facilities

On Bang Tao Beach there are sun loungers and umbrellas, a playground for children, swings, showers and toilets, you can do massage. Rent a chaise lounge + umbrella for a day 200 baht (~ $ 6). Another pleasant circumstance is the relatively few beach vendors and beggars, so no one can disturb you during your vacation.

Sun loungers and umbrellas at Bang Tao

Visitors to Bang Tao Beach recommend snorkeling, preferably in its southern part. There are rocks inhabited by marine life: there are flocks of motley fish, bottom inhabitants. For a full swim on the beach, you can take diving lessons. Instructors will teach diving with equipment or snorkeling.

Where to eat

At the bar in Bang Tao

Bang Tao beach has a sufficient number of food establishments. There is an opportunity to have a snack or thoroughly eat. There are also bars serving alcohol. Bang Tao restaurants with Thai food and low prices are also present.

If you wish, you can have a snack on the beach itself. If the peddler gets to you, then you will be offered soft drinks, frozen sweets, fruit assortment. Ears of corn at 50 baht (~ $ 1.5) per piece. In coastal mashinakh, a rice side dish with meat or seafood or noodles with the same costs 80-100 baht (~ 2.5-3 $). Other food establishments put up a higher price tag compared to other beaches in Phuket.

At a restaurant on the beach of Bang Tao

Most of the good restaurants in the central part. Here, the menu contains dishes of European cuisine, which attracts relevant tourists. Affordable nightlife and go-go bars are located far away – in Patong. Inland transport has its own peculiarities: there are no tuk-tuk here, and taxi prices are relatively high.

Infrastructure at Bang Tao

Convenience Store 7-Eleven

Very close to the beach there are convenient grocery minimarkets 7-Eleven, FamilyMart and others. Supermarkets Villa Market (there are good wines) and Tesco Lotus will provide quality food and offer to heat it in the microwave. From Bangtao. Less than half an hour’s walk to McDonald’s.

Bang Tao Beach has everything you need for a comfortable stay in Phuket. The infrastructure is well developed. In addition to purely beach conditions, there are shopping opportunities – a trip to a shopping center or to one of the markets. Near the beach there are pharmacies, excursion bureaus, currency exchange points, mini-markets, beauty salons, car / motorcycle rental. Rent a motorbike will cost 200-300 baht (~ $ 6-9) per day.

Bang-Tao Night Market, Choeng Thale
Choeng Thale

Popular night markets are located far from the beach, and they work according to separate independent schedules:

  • The market at the Tesco Lotus supermarket is open on Mondays and Thursdays:
  • market in the village Choeng Thale – on Wednesdays and Sundays;
  • “Muslim” market – on Tuesdays and Fridays.

So almost any day of the week you can explore the bowels of local trade. Especially tourists praise a large selection of cosmetics, souvenirs and beach items. There, in the markets, inexpensive dinners – for a hundred or two baht (~ $ 3-6).

What about housing?

In the southern part of Bang Tao there is a pretty good choice of accommodation – there are hotels, condo and aparthotels, residences, guest houses and villas. In the center and in the northern part, expensive hotels are more widespread, there are authentic villages, condominiums, town houses, multi-storey buildings.

Room at Hill Myna Condotel
Hill myna condotel

Prices for 5 * hotels – from $ 130 per night in a double room, in 3 * – from $ 35. The beach area is richly built up with luxury hotels of the corresponding price category. So, five-star resorts offer a full high-quality service, golf courses, an equestrian club, and free shuttle delivery from the airport.

Budget travelers will also find a place to stay. Guesthouses accept guests from 600 baht (~ $ 18.5) per night, studios in condominiums with a monthly payment of 10-15 thousand baht (~ 305-460 $). If the lease is long, for example, for six months, the price per month will be lower.

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How to get to Bang Tao

Holidays in Bang Tao are a matter of taste, so lovers first try and then make a choice, prefer to visit several beach places. To get to the Bang Tao area, there are options, depending on your preference and starting point.

From Phuket Town by bus
  • From Phuket Town – bus service, ticket price 30-35 baht (~ 1 $). You can sit at the bus station, the trip takes about an hour.
  • From neighboring beaches – taxis are used here for 500-600 baht (~ $ 15-18.5) or regular shuttle buses with a transfer in the center.
  • From the airport – take a taxi from 15-20 to 40 minutes, depending on traffic jams.

This is one of the advantages of having a beach – not far from the airport. Traditionally, a highway runs along the beaches, Bang Tao Beach is no exception. From the highway with heavy traffic, you can walk to the edge of the sea in a quarter of an hour. For visitors on their car improvised parking is arranged. And to get out of the bus in the right place, you should press the button, and the signal will inform the driver about it. You should not count on the special comfort of local buses – they are, in fact, a van with several benches.

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Useful Tips

Bang Tao Phuket is devoid of any significant shortcomings, but discerning tourists recommend paying attention and taking into account the following points.

The territory of 5 * hotel Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket
Dusit thani laguna phuket
  1. Do not be alarmed – sometimes in the sea near the Bang Tao beach it brings in plankton that “bites”, which can somewhat reduce the comfort of your stay for only a couple of days.
  2. The northern part of the beach looks the most well-groomed. It is better to choose hotels there – all the equipped recreation areas with infrastructure belong to the hotels.
  3. Visiting the southern part of Bang Tao is recommended for budget purchases in the first place. Swimming here is not so pleasant, because in the south the city rivulets flow into the sea.
  4. Luxury housing must be booked in advance – decent villas, despite the high cost, are almost always busy.

Bang Tao Bay in Phuket in Thailand is a great offer for those who seek solitude and relaxation from the benefits of civilization. Here you can well change the atmosphere, imbued with a relaxing vacation. The beach is suitable for families with children, plenty of space and any kind of traditional leisure to choose from – walking, swimming in the clear sea, the opportunity to sunbathe. In general, everything is decent and no worries from noisy companies, the beach continues to gain popularity and is deservedly in demand among sophisticated tourists.

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