Tourist’s guide to Rawai beach in Phuket

Rawai beach in Phuket travel agencies advertise often. But it’s worth clarifying that the “beach” is not the right name for this place. Why? To understand this, you have to read the article and get acquainted with the reviews of experienced tourists. Rawai beach is located along the southern coast of Phuket, at a distance … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Phuket Kamala Beach – family beach in Thailand

If we talk about the beaches of Thailand, which are best adapted for tourists, Kamala beach will undoubtedly be included in this list. There is a calm sea, pleasant, soft sand, the infrastructure necessary for a comfortable stay is presented. What is remarkable about the beach, and why do tourists from Europe like to relax … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Fantasia Amusement Park in Phuket

The Fantasy Show in Phuket is one of the favorite entertainment of tourists. In addition to the famous theater, where elephants perform, in the park you can visit craft shops selling unusual Thai souvenirs, look into the pavilion with attractions for children and taste delicious dishes in one of the largest restaurants in Asia. General … Read more

Tourist’s guide to affordable beachfront Patong hotels – how to choose the best

Thailand is a popular tourist destination, every year in the country there are more and more modern, comfortable hotels, designed for different budgets, preferences. One of the most visited resorts is Patong. The city is divided into several zones. The hotels located on the promenade are in close proximity to the beach, but to get … Read more

Guide to shopping in Phuket – the largest shopping centers of the island

Shopping in Phuket is truly diverse, there is plenty to choose from for a shopping enthusiast in a new place – from village markets and night markets to modern shopping and entertainment complexes. The resort is especially interesting with products of natural origin – pearls, stones, precious metals. A separate shopping area is batik products … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Patong Beach in Phuket – a beach for noisy parties

Patong Beach (translated as “banana forest”) was once a part of the wild, where tourists occasionally sailed. Gradually, the forest was cut down, and in its place created and improved beach infrastructure. As a result, Patong has become a full-fledged town and tourist capital, and also the most hyped beach on the Thai island of … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Kata Beach Phuket – Family Vacation in Thailand

Kata Beach is a popular holiday destination in Phuket, usually it is here that the most tourists gather. This is a quiet area where families come, therefore, noisy nightlife is not here. However, according to other criteria, the beach is quite comfortable and adapted to the wishes of tourists. Photo: Kata Beach, Phuket Related entries: … Read more

Where to eat cheaply in Patong – 8 best budget cafes and restaurants

Phuket is not only a beach holiday, it is also a search for new experiences, tastes, combinations, and simply places that you have not visited. And for lunch or dinner, hospitable cafes, restaurants and more reputable establishments are located very close by. To determine where to eat delicious and inexpensive on Patong, we have made … Read more