Tourist’s guide to Bangkok metro system: features, cost, how to use

Bangkok Metro is the most comfortable and fastest way to get smiles in the capital of the country. Regardless of the chosen direction and type of metro you will travel, you will quickly, and most importantly without traffic jams, reach your destination. The undoubted advantage of the subway in Bangkok is the ability to overcome … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Grand Royal Palace – Bangkok’s No. 1 Tourist Site

The Grand Palace in Bangkok has another, unpronounceable for a European, name – Phrabarommaharadchavang – and this is a central place for tourists to visit in Thailand. It can be said that a mandatory part of the tour to the capital, as in any tourist mecca that is on every continent. Everyone visiting the palace … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Siam Ocean World – largest oceanarium in south east Asia

The Siam Ocean World Aquarium is a landmark in the city. The size of the aquarium in Bangkok exceeds the area of ​​the football stadium. The total volume of aquariums is 5 million liters, where more than a hundred species of underwater inhabitants live. The interior design makes you feel like part of it. A … Read more