Guide to Visit Beldibi in Turkey

Beldibi is a typical seaside resort on the coast of the Turkish Riviera. It is 20 kilometers west of Antalya city and 13 km from the center of Kemer.

The village is located on the Mediterranean coast and stretches for 7 km along its shores parallel to the Taurus Mountains. It is a classic package holiday destination in Turkey.

Proximity to the airport a big advantage of Beldibi as compared to the seaside resorts east of Side.

The hotels are priced in the mid-segment as compared to the whole of Turkish Riviera. The holiday ratings are good in general.

Beldibi in Turkey
View of the resort village of Beldibi in Turkey

A few decades ago, Beldibi was a simple village where mainly shepherds lived. It is believed that the first settlements in this area appeared in the 1st and 2nd centuries. BC. At the end of the 20th century, the first hotels were built here, and since that time the village began to develop as a tourist attraction.

Today, Beldibi is a popular Turkish resort, offering travelers a developed infrastructure, picturesque beaches and interesting sights.

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Is a holiday in Beldibi right for you?

With the beaches located directly on the mountain slopes of the Taurus Mountains, Beldibi offers one of the most beautiful holiday settings on the Turkish Riviera.

Beldibi is a particularly popular summer destination for families due to the short distance to the airport, the low prices of tour packages and the calm waters in the bay.

There are more than two dozen hotels here, among which you can find both budget-friendly establishments and five-star hotels on the seashore. Along the main street of Atatürk Caddesi a variety of cafes and restaurants serving local cuisine are lined up. There are also good shopping opportunities in the local bazaars and small shops. Other than relaxing on the beach, you can indulge in water sports such as parasailing, banana and water scooter rides.

Like so many other places in the province of Antalya, Beldibi only grew through tourism. Therefore, the town center itself is not particularly large. Except for the hotels on the outskirts, you can reach almost everything on foot.

The main street of Ataturk Caddesi

And if you want to go to neighboring destinations, you can always use the services of taxi drivers or take a dolmush.

Holidays in Beldibi will primarily appeal to lovers of peace and tranquility. It is quite comfortable here, there are no noisy bars and clubs. Those who can’t imagine their vacation without nightlife and shopping can visit nearby Kemer.

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Small shops and cafes
Small shops along Atatürk Caddesi, Beldibi

What to see in Beldibi

Despite its small size, the village of Beldibi in Turkey has a number of interesting sights. Some of them are located in the village and others in the surrounding area.

1. Beldibi Mosque

Visit the main mosque which is located in the very center of the village, so finding it is not difficult. This is a very young mosque, built in the current century.

It has a small structure with a large green dome at the top. The entrance to the building is built in the form of an arched terrace, the roof of which is crowned with 3 smaller domes.

The mosque has only 1 minaret with a tower, painted in a bright green color characteristic of Islam.

Beldibi Mosque
Mosque in the village of Beldibi in Turkey

Tourists can visit any existing mosque in Turkey absolutely free. If you want to go inside, look at the interiors and feel the atmosphere, then do this in between prayers.

2. Beldibi Cave

The local caves are most famous among the attractions of the Beldibi village.

They were discovered by Turkish scientists in 1956 and became a real discovery in archaeological circles.

Extensive research reveals the 6 layers inside it that belong to different historical periods.

There were fragments of pre-historic household items and weapons found here, many made from animal bones.

Beldibi Cave
Inside the Beldibi Cave, Turkey

Today, these artifacts can be viewed in the main museum of Antalya. And in the caves, one can see the pre-historic drawings showing people and animals.

This cave lies on the banks of the Beldibi River. On the opposite side of the cave is a modest but picturesque waterfall which you can also visit.

3. Goynuk Canyon

Located just 5 km south of Beldini in a place called Goynuk, famous for its orange and pomegranate orchards.

Here, the Goynuk River flows into the sea through the beautiful Goynuk Canyon. This place attracts tourists with a riot of colors and its pristine beauty.

You can visit the canyon as part of numerous excursion tours from nearby towns and cities.Walking tours through the canyon lasts about 2 or 3 hours.

The bottom of the gorge is rocky and the water is freezing cold. So it is necessary to rent special equipment – a helmet, vest, wetsuit and rubber shoes.

This can be done with the tour organizers for about $15. At the end of the adventure, all visitors are served hearty meal at the barbecue area.

Goynuk Canyon
Goynuk Canyon, Turkey

4. Day trips from Beldibi

Holidays in Beldibi, of course, are not limited to staying in the village.

In neighboring cities and villages there are lots of interesting sights that are easy to get to on your own.

For example, in Kemer you can see the Moonlight Park, and in its vicinity the mountains of Yanartash and Takhtaly.

Fans of history will love the ruins of the ancient city of Phaselis. If you are relaxing with children, then be sure to check out the interactive Dinopark in Goynuk.

Aqualand and Dolphinland in Antalya
Aqualand and Dolphinland in Antalya

Antalya has the largest aquarium where you can get acquainted with tens of thousands of fish species.

And for lovers of water parks, Aqualand & Dolphinland in Antalya is the largest water park on the Mediterranean coast.

There are slides for both the little ones and adults. Fans of extreme sports are provided with a 10-story building high slide.

Here is a list of places to visit near Beldibi.

  • Antalya Old Town: Visit the 300 year old Ottoman houses in the old town, a Roman watchtower by the sea, the bazaar, 50 m high Düden waterfall and many other interesting places in the ancient port city.
  • Kemer: go to the county capital for an afternoon, eat at a restaurant and go for a swim at the sandy beach in the center.
  • Phaselis: Swim in the city harbor of the more than 2,500-year-old ancient port city, walk through the ruins and sit on the rows of seats in the Roman theater. This can be done with a guided tour by bus or with a boat tour from Kemer.
  • Cirali: Ecotourism village with the Olympos Beach and the Yanartas Chimaira gas field that has been burning for more than 2,500 years.
  • Myra: Hometown of Nicholas of Myra, the real figure behind Santa Claus.
  • Kekova Island: Take a boat to the ruins of the submerged city of Simena.
  • Perge: Ruins of an ancient city near Antalya.
  • Yörük Nomad Park: Tells the story of the Yörük nomads, some of whom still live in the mountains on the Turkish Riviera.
  • Manavgat Bazaar: The largest market on the Turkish Riviera. Most of the time you also drive to the Manavgat waterfall .
  • Dino Park in Goynuk
  • Side and the Amphitheater of Aspendos: The combination of the ruins of the two ancient cities is one of the best-sellers on the Turkish Riviera.
The ruins of the old city of Phaselis
The ruins of the old city of Phaselis, Turkey

Things to do in Beldibi

  • Diving: the region around Kemer is one of the most important diving destinations in the Mediterranean. You are allowed to dive down to WW1 wrecks with organized dives.
  • Rafting: is a summer classic in the canyons around Antalya.
  • Hiking: the hike to the end of the Göynük Canyon in the neighboring town of Göynük is a good way to cool off in summer. An alternative to this is a section of the more than 500 km long Lycian long-distance hiking trail from Fethiye to Antalya.
  • Paragliding: ride the cable car on the more than 2,300 m high Tahtali Dagi in Kemer and book a tandem paragliding experience for the way back.
  • Jeep Safaris: driving through the Taurus Mountains in off-road jeeps is one of the most popular attractions on the Turkish Riviera. The exact program always depends on the resort you book it at. But you mostly drive through the mountains, to small villages, a restaurant and interesting places from Turkey’s past.

Where to stay in Beldibi

Beldibi offers hotels for every taste and budget. In the summer season the budget hotels here will cost $20-40 for two per day. But most tourists look for five-star options that operate on an all-inclusive basis.

The range of prices in this segment is quite extensive. For example, there are some where it is quite possible to stay for $100 per night, and then there are the luxury hotels where the cost of accommodation starts from $250 per night.

Beldibi is divided into three parts. The first part, the one closer to Antalya, is the oldest part of the town. The majority of the population lives here. 2 and 3 star hotels have been built in this area.

The other two districts are the newer parts of Beldibi, where luxury hotels and spa complexes are located. They have large well-groomed lawns and their own sandy beaches with convenient entry into the sea.

These hotels often operate on an all inclusive basis, have entertainment teams and offer many services to entertain their guests.

Akka Antedon Hotel
Akka Antedon Hotel

The Best Luxury Resorts in Beldibi

  • Akka Antedon Hotel (5-star)
  • Rixos Beldibi (5-star) – is a huge hotel complex with its own beach, water park, spa and fitness centers. It works on an all-inclusive system. In the summer months, hotel accommodation will cost $ 380 per day for two.
  • Crystal Flora Beach Resort (5-star)
  • Club Salima (5-star) – is a hotel with a beautiful and well-groomed territory, 2 outdoor pools and a private furnished beach. In summer, renting a double room per day is $ 245.
Hotel complex Rixos Sungate
Swimming Pool at 5-star Rixos Sungate Hotel, Beldibi

The Best Mid-range Hotels in Beldibi

  • Selcukhan Hotel (3-star)
  • Hotel Golden Sun (3-star)
  • Sultan Beldibi (4-star)
  • Grand Park Kemer (4-star)
Sultan Beldibi Hotel
Sultan Beldibi Hotel

Recommendation for Budget Hotel in Beldibi

Club Hotel Rama – one of the most budget options offering the all inclusive option. The hotel has its own beach. In high season, the cost of a double room in this hotel is $108.

Club Hotel Rama
Club Hotel Rama with its own beach in Beldibi

Cafes and Restaurants in Beldibi

On photos of Beldibi you can often see local cafes and restaurants surrounded by verdant gardens.

Indeed, there are plenty of catering facilities at this resort. Most of them are focused on tourists, but you will find simple eateries with quite reasonable prices.

Some restaurants are located near the coast and are arranged on green lawns in the shade of trees.

Kebab for lunch
Lunch with kebab in one of the cafes in Beldibi, Turkey

Often travelers prefer to organize vacations on their own and rent inexpensive accommodation in Beldibi.

In such cases, you can eat in street cafes and restaurants. Below is a useful for you to find out approximate prices of basic food items in Beldibi.

  • Omelet – $4
  • Hamburger – $5
  • Vegetable salad – $3
  • Spaghetti – $7
  • Pizza – $8
  • Chicken BBQ – $9
  • Lamb BBQ – $11
  • Schnitzel – $14
  • Grilled Trout – $8
  • Squid rings – $11
  • Water – 50 cents
  • Can of Cola – $1
  • Local beer – $3.50

The Barbeque Restaurant at Renaissance Antalya Beach Resort & SPA and the Lotus at Atatürk Caddesi 143 are the two best restaurants in Beldibi. The first has great Turkish BBQ, the second offers Asian-Chinese cuisine.

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Nightlife in Beldibi

Most of the clubs, bars and discos are located in the north of Beldibi.

From a nightlife perspective, pretty much everything you can imagine is offered.

In most hotels, especially in the club complexes and resorts, there are discotheques and bars that you can enjoy.

Fly Club in Beldibi
Fly Club in Beldibi

The Fly Club is the most popular nightclub in Beldibi. Admission is free, the DJ’s are good and the drinks are cheap. It is located at Atatürk Cadessi number 31.

Compared to Beldibi, the nightlife in Kemer and Antalya is more lively. Often transfers to Kemer’s clubs are organized directly from hotels.

A trip to Kemer is definitely worth it. In the summer months, internationally renowned DJs perform in this holiday resort’s large discotheques.

Beaches in Beldibi

The village of Beldibi promises azure sea waters surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

The pine forests of the Taurus Mountains reach down to the coast. Before the place became a favorite beach resort, coarse pebbles covered its banks.

As hotels cropped up on the coast, they brought sand to their beaches, thereby converting them into mix of sand and pebble.

Today, almost all of the hotels have reserved their own section of the beach. Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible to walk uninterrupted along the beach.

Beldibi Beach
Beach in the village of Beldibi

1. City Beach

This is the most populated beach in Beldibi, spread in the center of the village.

The coast here extends to a distance of no more than 1 km, and is covered with sand and pebbles. It is advisable to bring waterproof shoes or slippers due to this reason.

The beach has paid sun loungers and restrooms. There is a club for water activities like a parachute flight or a banana ride.

Near the shore there are a couple of cafes and grocery stores.

In the summer months this beach can get packed with people, so many tourists prefer the wild beach to the city beach.

Relax on the city beach of Beldibi
City Beach in Beldibi, Turkey

2. Wild beach

Wild Beach, Beldibi
Wild sand and pebble beach in Beldibi, Turkey

The wild Beldibi beach is at the very beginning of the village near the Amara Premier Palace.

On the map it can be found under the name “Antalya yakamoz beach”. This is a sandy and pebble beach with pine trees growing on cliffs on one side and a clear blue sea on the other.

There are very few people on the beach, so it is ideal for seekers of peace and solitude. Don’t expect any beach facilities here as the area is completely wild.

About 500m west of the beach you can find several restaurants with local cuisine.

Here are some touristy places with beaches near Beldibi:

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When to visit Beldibi

Beldibi is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and cool, rainy winters.

The warmest and sunniest months here are July, August and September, making them the best months to visit Beldibi.

The air temperature during the day is between 29 to 32°C and the warms up enough for swimming with children.

  • June to September: Expect almost no rains in these months. The sea is warmest in August and September with water temperature between 26 to 28°C.
  • Low season – April and May: The sea is around 22 to 24°C. Daytime temperatures reach over 25°C. It rains 4-5 days a month. The weather conditions are still a bit unpredictable, especially in early April.
  • Late season – October: Beach goers can still expect sea temperatures around 24°. At the beginning of the month, the air temperatures are still above 30°. More frequent rain showers are only to be expected at the end of October.
  • Winter and long-term holidays: Between November and March, daily temperatures in Beldibi rarely drop below 10°. There are often even a few consecutive days with temperatures above 20°. The sea is unfortunately too cold at 18° to swim in it. Usually there are 8 to 12 rainfalls during this season.

Some of the large all-inclusive hotels in Beldibi are also open in winter for long-term vacationers.

By bus from Antalya Airport
Regular bus No. 600 from Antalya Airport

How to get to Beldibi

  • Flights: The nearest airport is in Antalya (AYT). Flights alone are usually as expensive as a package holiday in the summer months. It is therefore always advisable to book the hotel and the flight together.
  • Airport Transfer Buses: Antalya Airport is 40 kilometers from Beldibi. Public transport is relatively poorly developed. The transfer time with the usual shuttle services is between 60 and 90 minutes because of the stops at hotels in between. There are no direct buses from Antalya Airport to Beldibi. Therefore, first you need to get to the city bus station by bus number 800 or number 600. Next, you need to purchase a ticket to Kemer. Buses depart every 30 minutes from 06:00 to 22:00 daily. Upon arrival in Kemer, you will transfer to Dolmush and next to Beldibi.
  • Taxi: If you order a car from local companies, the cost of a trip from the airport to the village will be about $40-50 (accommodates up to 4 passengers). A private transfer in a taxi takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Rental car: You can book a rental car in advance from one of the eight car rental companies at the airport. You can easily drive on your own from the airport to Beldibi. All you have to do is take the coastal expressway D-400 towards Finike when you exit the airport. It will take you straight to Beldibi.
Taxis at Antalya Airport
Yellow taxi at the airport of Antalya, Turkey


Beldibi is primarily appreciated by seekers of a calm and comfortable beach holiday surrounded by beautiful nature. The village is ideal for families with small children.

At the same time, lovers of active nightlife have the advantage of nearby Kemer with its many clubs and bars.

In general, the infrastructure of Beldibi is similar to more popular tourist spots in Turkey.

It has its own unique attractions and secluded beaches, so a holiday in Beldibi promises to be both eventful and memorable.

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