Best Beach Areas to Holiday in Turkey

Turkey managed to become the epicenter of mass tourism largely because it offers a comfortable beach holiday. Its Mediterranean resorts open their swimming season in May, which lasts until mid-October. The cities of the Aegean coast invite tourists to their beaches only in June and finish receiving guests in September. The rich variety of tourist attractions poses the only important question for travelers: where is it best to holiday in Turkey? We will try to find the answer in this article.

Holidays on the beach in Turkey

The Beach Towns in Turkey

If you decide where to go on vacation in Turkey, then obviously you have a difficult choice. After all, there are a great many resorts in the country, and each of them has its own characteristics. To make it easier to figure out which area is right for you, we decided to briefly review the most popular cities in Turkey and identify their pros and cons.


Antalya – the ancestor of the Mediterranean resorts, has largely become the standard in organizing quality holidays. It is in this city that the international airport is located, in the high season hosting thousands of tourists daily. This is one of the most famous resorts in Turkey, where you can relax with your children really comfortably. A wide selection of hotels, cafes and restaurants, numerous shopping centers and cultural institutions of Antalya allow you to organize a versatile, eventful vacation. The city is not without its valuable antique monuments, most of which are located in the historical district of Kaleichi. In addition, Antalya has a water park, an aquarium, many museums, parks and natural attractions.

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Resort Antalya
Hotel room Antroyal Hotel
Antroyal hotel

Prices of hotels in Antalya

In the summer months, on your own to book a double room in a 3 * hotel will cost on average $ 70-80 (breakfast is included). In a five-star hotel operating on the all-inclusive system, the cost of a daily rental for two will be $ 150-200.

The price tags for lunch in Antalya may vary depending on the chosen institution. Budget snack street food will cost $ 6-8. You will pay $ 12-15 for a full meal in a mid-level cafe, and $ 20-30 in a restaurant.

Beaches in Antalya

If you are looking for the best places in Turkey with sandy beaches, then you should take a closer look at Antalya. It is not in vain that families with children especially like to relax in the city. The local coast gave tourists several picturesque shores with both pebble and sand cover. The most visited Lara beach with soft golden sand and gentle entry into the water. Well-developed infrastructure, ample opportunities for water entertainment, the best hotels on the coast – what else is needed for a decent vacation? The beach will appeal to both children and adults, and although in the summer there are always a lot of people, the sufficient length and width of Lara allows everyone to fully enjoy all the benefits of the area.

Lara Beach in Antalya
Lara Beach

Advantages of vacation in Antalya

  • A wide selection of hotels, restaurants and beaches
  • Great opportunities for all kinds of entertainment
  • Close to the airport
  • You can go to natural and historical sights
Business card of the resort of Antalya - Lower Duden
Duden Waterfall

Disadvantages of vacation in Antalya

  • Tourist overload

If you plan to go on vacation to the resort of Antalya in Turkey, then you will certainly need to use more detailed information about the city.


Alanya is a popular resort, where you can holiday affordably in Turkey with children. The small town has long been a favorite tourist destination thanks to a good selection of hotels, beaches and recreational activities. The resort is constantly evolving, opening up more and more opportunities for its guests: new hotels, parks appear here, and the cable car has recently started to function. In between beach vacations, tourists can visit the ancient fortress and caves, go on a sea tour by ship or just enjoy the picturesque scenery near the central harbor.

Alanya, Turkey
Hotel Room Sunprime C-Lounge - Adult Only
Sunprime c-lounge

Prices of hotels in Alanya

The average cost of living at a 3 * hotel in Alanya is $ 50-60 per night for two (the amount includes breakfast, sometimes dinner). Offers of five-star hotels in the summer season start at $ 90 and range from $ 130-200 for a double room per night.

The resort pleases with a huge selection of restaurants and cafes, so everyone here can find affordable places. For a snack in an inexpensive diner for two, you will pay $ 4-8. And in a restaurant by the central harbor, your check for lunch will be at least $ 20.

Beaches in Alanya

When deciding where it is better to go to Turkey with children, first of all, most families pay attention to the beaches of the resort. The coast of Alanya stretches for tens of kilometers and offers several equipped beach areas. The most popular is Cleopatra Beach, which is located in the very center of the city. On the shore of tourists expect light sand, a gentle entry into the sea, convenient arrangement, an abundance of cafes and shops. The beach stretches over 2 km and is wide enough, therefore, despite the high attendance in the summer, there is enough space for every vacationer. Cleopatra is ideal for families with children.

Cleopatra Beach

Advantages of vacation in Alanya

  • Miniature cozy city
  • Many different beaches
  • There is an opportunity to go to the sights
  • Convenient infrastructure
  • Acceptable prices
Red Tower, Alanya
Red tower

Disadvantages of vacation in Alanya

  • Few 5 * hotels
  • Distance from Antalya

If you decide to go on vacation to Alanya to Turkey, we advise you to read more detailed information about the resort here .


Kemer reserves a spot among the best beach resorts in Turkey. The picturesque area, on the one hand bordered by mountain peaks, and on the other – turquoise sea waters, as if it was created for a tourist holiday. Although the resort is not large in size, an effective infrastructure has long been organized here, offering a choice of hotels of various categories, bars and cafes, nightclubs, shops and shops. Of course, you can relax with children here, but most of all Kemer will like active tourists. The resort has unique natural attractions: a flaming mountain and a picturesque canyon, an ancient cave and a modern eco-park.

Kemer, Turkey

Price of hotels in Kemer

The cost of renting a double room in high season at a 3 * establishment is on average $ 50. You can relax in a high-quality five for $ 140-200 (all inclusive). Food prices practically do not differ from Antalya ones.

Beaches in Kemer

There are many beaches in Kemer, but most of them are pebbly. The most visited is the central city beach, which is famous for its cleanliness and safety, for which he received the Blue Flag. Sunset in the sea here is quite steep, for families with small children this will clearly cause discomfort. The rest of the coastal infrastructure is adequately organized, there are paid sunbeds, cafes work nearby and water activities are offered.

Pebble central beach in Kemer
Fiery Mountain Yanartash
Mount Yanartash

Advantages of holiday in Kemer

  • Picturesque area
  • It is possible to go to natural attractions
  • Decent selection of bars, clubs

Disadvantages of holiday in Kemer

  • Pebble beaches
  • Inconvenient to relax with children
  • A meager selection of 3 * hotels

Before you go on vacation to Kemer in Turkey, we recommend that you read about what to see in Kemer.

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Belek is one of the most posh cities in Turkey. Luxury hotels with golf courses are located here, offering the highest level of service. Although the resort is relatively young, tourists find many shops, restaurants, bars, clubs and water parks on its territory. And in the vicinity of the city there are unique antique monuments, so in Belek it will be interesting for both lovers of beach and outdoor activities.

Belek Resort
Hotel room Robinson Club Nobilis
Robinson Club Nobilis

Price of hotels in Belek

In the resort there are only a couple of three-star establishments, where you can stay for two at night for $ 50. But there are more than fifty category 5 * hotels in the city, all of them operate on the “all inclusive” system. The cost of living in such hotels starts at $ 150, and the average price tag is kept at around $ 350 for two per day. Prices in local restaurants are much higher than in Antalya, although it is quite possible to find a budget snack.

Beaches in Belek

The coastline in Belek stretches for 16 km and is divided into private sectors between hotels. However, the city also has a free Kadriye beach, covered with golden sand. Here you can rent sun loungers, ride a water scooter, play beach volleyball. The entrance to the sea is quite smooth, so the place has become a favorite among families with children. Next to the beach, a park with children’s playgrounds and picnic areas is conveniently located.

Beach in Belek
Waterpark The Land of Legends Aquapark
The land of legends aquapark

Advantages of holidays in Belek

  • High quality service in hotels
  • Well maintained sandy beaches
  • Developed infrastructure of hotels and restaurants
  • You can go to antique sites in the area.
  • The first hotel in Turkey for children and water park “The land of legends”

Disadvantages of holidays in Belek

  • High prices
  • The actual lack of budget housing

Many tourists have long dreamed of going on holiday to Belek in Turkey. If you have planned such a trip, then the information on this page will be very useful for you.


Marmaris is among the best resorts in Turkey for families with children. This small town on the Aegean coast is gaining more and more popularity with tourists every year due to its great hotels and picturesque beaches. The natural and cultural attractions of Marmaris help brighten up a beach holiday. A water park, a dolphinarium, the island of Cleopatra, a neat promenade with cozy restaurants are just a small part of what a traveler expects at this resort.

Holidays in Marmaris

Price of hotels in Marmaris

The average cost of renting a room in a 3 * hotel in high season is $ 80 for two per day. In a five-star hotel, booking a double room will cost $ 150-200 per night (all inclusive). A check for dinner with a bottle of wine in one of the seafront restaurants will be at least $ 40.

Beaches in Marmaris

If you are in search of resorts in Turkey, where it is better to relax with children, then you should pay attention to Marmaris. Its beaches are clean and tidy, and most of them have been awarded the Blue Flag. The coast at the resort is mostly sandy or sandy-pebble, the entrance to the sea is even, it will be comfortable to relax here with children.

Beach in Marmaris, Turkey
Transparent sea

Advantages of holidays in Marmaris

  • Transparent sea and clean beaches
  • Beautiful nature
  • A wide selection of restaurantsv

Disadvantages of holidays in Marmaris

  • There are no historical monuments, nowhere to go
  • A meager selection of hotels

Read more about the resort here .


Thinking about where to go to Turkey, some travelers lose sight of such a picturesque corner as Bodrum. Here you will find a slightly different vacation than in the Mediterranean resorts, hotels with the concept of “all inclusive” in the city no more than a dozen, but nature and local landscapes are more than able to recoup minor flaws. In addition, the resort has preserved several historical sights, and there are also many interesting locations for divers.

Bodrum City

Price of hotels in Bodrum

Accommodation in a three-star resort hotel for two will cost about $ 70 per night. The cost of living in 5 * hotels on average ranges from $ 140-160 per day (drinks and food are included). Food prices are about the same as in Marmaris.

Beaches in Bodrum

In Bodrum and its environs, there are several beaches, both pebble and sand. The central city coast in the high season is always crowded, and in order to find a free place, tourists are forced to come here early in the morning. The beach is distinguished by sand and pebble, cafes and restaurants are located near the shore. The sea is clean, shallow entry into the water, suitable for swimming with children.

Bodrum Beach
Sunken plane

Advantages of holidays in Bodrum

  • Picturesque area
  • The presence of interesting historical and natural sites, where to go
  • Great diving opportunities
  • Good selection of fives and fours

Disadvantages of holidays in Bodrum

  • Few 3 * hotels
  • Remoteness of most beaches from the city center

Click the link to read more about vacation in Bodrum in Turkey.

Fethiye and Oludeniz

If you are looking for resorts in Turkey where it is better to vacation with children, then Fethiye and Oludeniz will definitely suit you. These young, fast-growing cities are not yet spoiled by mass tourism. Transparent sea waters, well-maintained beaches and pristine beauty of nature annually attract sophisticated travelers to the resorts. National parks, mountains, boat tours await you here, and, of course, paragliding is the main extreme event in Oludeniz.

Resort Oludeniz

Price of hotels in Oludeniz

Most of the local hotels have no stars, however, in Oludeniz and Fethiye there are two 5 * hotels, where in summer the prices for double rooms start at $ 110 (all inclusive). In an institution with two stars less, you will pay $ 50-60 per night (the amount includes a free breakfast). Since the resorts are not spoiled by the attention of tourists, then you can have lunch here cheaper than in other more popular cities.

Beaches in Oludeniz

Blue Lagoon Beach
Blue Lagoon

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey are located in Oludeniz and its environs. Pebbles and sand cover the coast, and sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented in its equipped areas. The most striking beach area was the Blue Lagoon, which is also a protected object. It is comfortable to relax with children here, the entrance to the sea is even, and the waves are practically absent.

Advantages of holidays in Oludeniz

  • Beautiful area
  • Few tourists
  • Paragliding
  • Clean beaches
  • Affordable prices
Flying from Mount Babadah

Disadvantages of holidays in Oludeniz

  • There is no good choice of 5 * hotels
  • Missing historical sites

If you decide to go on vacation to the above resorts in Turkey, be sure to read our separate article on the best beaches in these places .


There are resorts in Turkey where it is better for those travelers who are looking for tranquility and solitude surrounded by unspoiled nature. Kas is little known to most tourists and does not boast fashionable hotels and ancient monuments. This quiet corner, living in its unhurried pace, is characterized by peaceful landscapes and clean beaches. Kas is also a freediving hotspot.

The city of Kas - a picturesque corner of Turkey

Price of hotels in Kas

There are no hotels with stars in the resort, but there are a lot of cozy places where in the summer months you can stay together for $ 60-80 per day. Some hotels include breakfast. Food prices are cheaper than in other tourist cities of Turkey.

Beaches in Kas

In Kas you can find both pebble and sandy beaches. All of them are quite miniature, but have a convenient infrastructure: there are sun loungers for rent, and cafes are nearby. If you have a rest with children, then the most suitable for you is the paid Kaputash beach, which differs from others by a gentle entry into the water.

Kaputas Beach in Turkey
Kaputas Beach
Kas Beach

Advantages of holidaying in Kas

  • Calm, few tourists
  • Well maintained beaches
  • Beautiful views

Disadvantages of holidaying in Kas

  • Poorly developed tourism infrastructure
  • Lack of attractions, nowhere to go
  • A meager selection of beaches

You will find more information about Kas here.


When thinking about where to go with children in Turkey, do not forget about the city of Tekirova as an option. A small village near Kemer will delight you with a decent selection of five-star hotels, a variety of natural and cultural attractions and all kinds of entertainment. At the same time, the resort is quite calm, so it is very comfortable to relax with children.

Tekirova, Turkey
Amara Dolce Vita Luxury Hotel
Amara Dolce Vita Luxury

Accommodation in a 5 * hotel in the summer season will cost an average of $ 140-170 for two per day (all inclusive). Prices for double rooms in three-star hotels are much lower and amount to $ 40-60 per night.

Beaches in Tekirova

The central beach of Tekirova, divided between the hotels, has a municipal zone. For its cleanliness and safety, the coast was awarded the Blue Flag. The coast is covered with sand and gravel, the entrance to the sea is even, which allows both children and adults to relax.

Beach in Tekirova
Antique city Phaselis

Advantages of holidaying in Tekirova

  • A wide selection of establishments 5 *
  • Big clean beach
  • You can go to some noteworthy sites in the area.

Disadvantages of holidaying in Tekirova

  • Lack of sandy beach
  • Far from Antalya

All details about holidays in Tekirova are set out in our separate article .


So, which is the best beach holiday area in Turkey? We are not entitled to give an answer to this question, because each tourist has his own priorities. The luxury hotels of Belek and Antalya will appeal to some, others will appreciate the picturesque expanses of Kas and Oludeniz, and some will be fascinated by the nature of the Aegean coast. It is up to you to decide which option to choose from the so many Turkey offers.

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