Complete Guide to Düden Waterfalls in Antalya (for a nice trip)

There are two Düden waterfalls in Antalya.

The more famous Karpuzkaldiran Lower Düden Waterfall roars down into the sea from the 50 m high cliffs in Antalya Lara district.

15km north of the coast is the upper Düden waterfall in a small natural park, with a stunning cave behind a waterfall.

Along with Kursunlu Waterfalls, the Düden Waterfalls are one of the most visited natural attractions in Antalya Province and Turkey.

Düden waterfalls’ uniqueness lies in the fact that they can be viewed from both the lower and upper angles, as well as from the outside and from the inside.

In our opinion, the most impressive is the 50 m high lower Düden waterfall. The view from above of the small-looking ships or the occasional fisherman at sea makes its size really tangible.

In addition in the summer, the falling water creates a spray mist which with good sunshine, makes a rainbow. This picture make the waterfall one of the top sights in Antalya.

Source of Düden Waterfalls

The water of the Düden River originates from the Kirkgözler and Pinarbasi Springs in the Taurus Mountains. Coming from the mountains, the two watercourses only flow together after a few kilometers to form the actual Düden river.

Shortly thereafter, the water disappears again in a karst vent.

14 kilometers further, it comes to the surface in Antalya’s Kepez district. From there it is only a few kilometers to the upper Düden waterfall.

Main Duden River Bed
Rapids in the river as it flows over a rocky bottom.

Few people realize that not only mother nature, but partly man himself breathed life into this attraction.

The fact is that in the middle of the 16th century, many irrigation canals were dug in the area comprising today’s Antalya. From here the river waters began to flow in small streams along the rocky mountains.

This ultimately resulted in the sparkling waterfalls we know today as the lower Düden Waterfall.

The Lower Düden Waterfall in Muratpasa (Lara)

Waterfall Lower Duden
Lower Duden Waterfall

The Düden river falls from the 40 meter high cliffs of Antalya by the sea for the second time, creating the picturesque natural spectacle. The force of the falling water is noticeable in the cool draft around the waterfall. You can even feel it on the top of the cliffs.

You can view the lower Düden waterfall from the sea with a boat or from the park on the upper side of the cliffs. There are also a few benches and a restaurant.

The observation deck on the cliff overlooks the city. In the distance you can see the famous sandy Lara beach and numerous resort hotels.

In the evening, the lower Duden Waterfall is illuminated by beautiful lights, creating a romantic atmosphere. Entrance to the park is free.

View from the sea to the Lower Duden waterfall
View of the Lower Duden waterfall from the sea

How to get to lower Düden Waterfalls

The easiest way to reach it publicly is by bus from Antalya Lara to Antalya’s old town Kaleici. The ticket for a single bus ride in Antalya costs only a few cents.

The KL08 bus line runs from Kaleici (e.g. Hadrian’s Gate – towards Lara) and from the bus parking lot at the Sera Clubhotel in Lara’s bus terminus to Düden Park.

You can also get to the Duden Falls by bus numbers 09 and 38.

The lower Duden Waterfall is also located on the right side of the roadway, and at the entrance to it you will see the sign Düden Şelalesi.

City bus KL 08
City bus KL 08

If you are not staying in Antalya Lara, Kaleici Old Town or Konyaalti Beach in Antalya, renting a car or taking a guided trip to the waterfall is the easiest solution.

If you are not staying in Antalya city, you can only get to the waterfall from the surrounding seaside resorts by changing trains several times, which in total wastes at least 1 to 2 hours for the outward and return journey.

Tours: There are no excursions that only have the waterfalls visit in their program. Tour agencies usually combine a visit to the old town of Kaleici, the Antalya Aquarium or the ruins of Perge with a visit to the lower Düden waterfall. You can find an overview of possible offers on GetYourGuide.

Boat trip: You can buy a ticket for a boat trip from the Kaleici marina to the Düden waterfall right at the marina for a few euros. There are also tours with a boat trip included to the Düden waterfall. These are mostly trips to Antalya’s old town with the excursion to the falls.

When going on a boat trip you should take your bathing suit with you. You can swim in the sea in front of the waterfall.

Along the way you will see two smaller waterfalls that fall into the sea between the cliffs in Kaleici and Lara.

The Upper Düden Waterfall in Kepez

Upper Duden Waterfall
Upper Duden Waterfall in Antalya

The upper Düden waterfall is located 15 km north of the lower Düden waterfall in Antalya Lara in Düden Park.

This is a small nature reserve with trees, the river, the waterfall, the cave behind the waterfall and typical Turkish outdoor restaurants in the park. You can also grill in the restaurants there.

The Kepez district where this falls lies is one of the fastest growing areas in Antalya. Until a few years ago there were only a few vegetable fields.

Since then many of the open spaces around the waterfall have been built up.

Although a new district is developing around the Düdenbasi Piknick Alani, nothing of this is noticeable in the park.

With its tea gardens overgrown by trees, the park is one of the havens of tranquility in Antalya. This makes the small forest area in otherwise lively Antalya, a real natural oasis.

In the summer months, the Düdenbasi is a wonderful place to cool off from the hot daytime weather.

The trees cast long shadows and the river water cools the area.

It is most pleasant in summer right in front of the waterfall. There you can feel the spray of the waterfall on your face, which is created by the draft of the falling water.

View of the Upper Duden Waterfall from the Grotto
View of the Upper Duden Waterfall from the cave

It is even cooler in the cave behind the waterfall. You get into them from the top and bottom sides of the waterfall.

From the top, a spiral staircase leads directly behind the cascading water. On the lower side, a staircase leads through a small cave to the waterfall.

The view from the cave behind the waterfall at the approximately 10 m high waterfall in Düden Park is particularly beautiful.

Cafe near the Upper Duden Waterfall
View of the cafe near the Upper Duden Waterfall

It is nice to stroll in the shade of majestic trees to the sounds of murmuring streams and breathe in fresh coniferous air. And if you take food with you, you will discover the perfect place for a picnic.

Entrance to the park is just a few cents, and only Turkish lira is accepted at the ticket office, so be sure to bring your local currency with you.

Note: You should wear non-slip and waterproof shoes. The water dripping from the ceiling makes the cave very humid. That is also why you should take good care of your camera as humidity is not good for them.

How to get to upper Düden Waterfalls

On the bus VF66

Getting to the upper Düden waterfall is easy. A dolmus (line 17) runs from Antalya’s city center Kaleici to the “Düden Salesi” stop.

Buses leave near Ismet Pasa Cadessi (street) in central Kaleici and stop right by the park. The bus ride takes around 20 minutes. The ticket costs a few cents.

Tours: There are no separate tours to the Upper Düden Waterfall. Some local travel agencies offer “Three Waterfalls” tours including Lower and Upper Düden Waterfalls and Kursunlu Waterfalls. The most common tours have the waterfall as part of the program of a trip to the ruins of Termessos or Perge.

Rental car: There is a large parking lot in front of the Upper Düden Waterfall. It can be easily reached from the surrounding seaside towns using the D400 expressway. It connects all tourist villages in Antalya. You only have to turn twice off the road to the waterfall.

Useful Tips

At the entrance to the waterfall a large number of people
People queuing at the entrance to the upper Düden waterfall
  • Both Upper and Lower Duden are best visited on weekdays, because at the end of the week a large number of local residents gather at the waterfalls.
  • Try to organize tours yourself without resorting to travel agencies. You can easily get from Antalya to both waterfalls by public transport for a nominal price. With guides, your excursion will be many times more expensive, and it will stretch for the whole day. Moreover you will be taken to some tourist shop.
  • Be sure to keep Turkish lira at hand, as the entrance to some parks and museums can only be paid with local currency.
  • The AntalyaKart is a rechargeable card for public transport in Antalya city. With the card you save up to 50% of the ticket price compared to a single journey. This usually pays off after just 2 to 3 journeys on public transport. More about AntalyaKart is available on
  • When visiting the Lower Falls, we recommend that you include the Sandland Museum of Sand Sculptures, which is located just 4 km east of the falls, and can be reached on the KL 08 bus you already know.
  • If you plan to visit several cultural and natural monuments in Antalya, we recommend that you purchase a special museum card which opens the doors to all the attractions in Antalya for the whole year. You can buy it at the box office of any museum.

The Sandland Sculpture Museum in Antalya
Sand sculpture on the beach

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