Alanya Beaches – All You Need to Know

With its approximately 70 kilometers long coastline and turquoise sea, Alanya is one of the most preferred holiday areas in Turkey. The popularity of its blue flag beaches is indisputable, but with its magnificent nature and historical features, it becomes a favorite holiday destination for thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year.

For those who plan to spend their summer vacation in Alanya, we have listed the most beautiful Alanya beaches some of which have fascinated even the most famous names in history.

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Cleopatra Beach

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Known as the beach where the ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra used to swim, Cleopatra Beach has not lost its popularity over the years. The biggest reason why this is one of the most preferred beaches in Alanya is it’s fine golden yellow sands. It is a blue flag beach that is shallow and generally wavy, and with a coastline approximately 2 km long.

The sea here is a little deep, so it may not be very suitable for families with children. The water, however, is extremely clear and you can clearly see even the small fish swimming around you when you dive under. There is no entrance fee to this beach. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas here.

Cleopatra Beach is located in the west of Alanya near its center, as a continuation of Damlataş Beach. In addition to enjoying the sea all day, you can indulge in water sports such as jet ski, parachuting, etc.

Do not be surprised to see this beach crowded not only during the day but also in the evening. The sunset from Cleopatra beach is magnificent. We recommend that you do not miss these hours.

Access to the beach is possible only by walking, taxi and private vehicles.

Damlatas Beach
Sandy Damlatas Beach in Alanya

2. Damlataş Beach – aka Little Cleopatra

At the eastern end of the famous Cleopatra beach in Alanya lies a small sandy corner of Damlatas. This beach is located near the cave of the same name.

Damlatas beach is characterized by soft light sand, but the entry into the water is steep, although the bottom itself is comfortable for swimming. On the beach you can meet many families with children who, however, swim in the sea only under the strict supervision of their parents.

Most tourists prefer Damlatas for its clear sea waters and clean, well-groomed territory.

Despite the fact that the beach is free, there are all amenities, including toilets, showers, changing rooms and a sports ground. There is no need to pay for sun loungers.

Near the coast there are several cafes and shops, as well as a children’s playground.

After enjoying the sea, you can see Damlataş Cave just behind the beach.

Alanya Beach
Sand Beach in Alanya

3. Portakal (Oba) Beach – In the City Center

Located on the east coast of the city center, Portakal Beach is located in the area where Oba Stream flows into the sea. For this reason, it is also called Oba Beach.

This beach, which is approximately 1 km long, has a blue flag like almost all beaches in Alanya. While swimming in the pristine sea and sunbathing on its fine sandy beach is quite enjoyable, you can take advantage of water sports in the open sea to enjoy it even more.

You can get diving and wind-surfing training at the water sports center on the beach. You can also just walk or cycle in the area behind the beach.

If you are fond of fishing, then do not forget to get a fishing rod as you can fish both from piers and directly from the beach.

Obama Beach
Vacationers at Oba Beach

The beach has majestic views, with the deep blue Mediterranean in front and the Taurus Mountains covered with pine forests behind it. The coast here is quite shallow and is therefore popular with families with children.

There are both paid and free beach areas on Portakal Beach. You can either take your own umbrella or you can take advantage of the paid beach facilities. Shower and WC at the beach are free of charge, and there are several joints serving food and beverages around the beach.

Portakal beach can be reached on foot from the central promenade of Alanya in 20 minutes. With a taxi, the trip will cost about 50-60 TL.

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Beach at the fortress
Beach at the fortress in Alanya

4. Beach at the Fortress

Although Cleopatra Beach enjoys undoubted popularity among travelers in Alanya in Turkey, some tourists prefer to discover nooks and crannies. These include a tiny strip of shore near the walls of the city fortress. The length of the beach is only a few tens of meters. It is covered by small and large pebbles, the bottom is uneven, rocky, so you will not find it comfortable with children here.

The beach at the fortress in Alanya can be called wild. After all, its territory is not equipped with anything. There are no cafes or restaurants nearby. But there are very few people and from here one can see unforgettable views of the fortress and the picturesque hills of the city.

It is a great place to cool off in the cool waters after a walk through the old fortress. You can get to the beach through the Red Tower.

Keycubat Beach
Sandy Keykubat Beach

5. Keykubat Beach

Keykubat Beach, which is among the beaches in Alanya town center, is one of the popular beaches of the region with an average length of 3 kilometers. Since it is close to the district center, there is also a parking area around the facility. It is easily reached by walking, via taxi or in your private vehicle.

Most of its coastline is covered by sand. In some areas, small pebbles are found.

Smooth entry into the sea and a soft bottom allow you to arrange a safe beach trip with children. This is a free beach with convenient infrastructure. There are toilets, showers and changing rooms. And for 7 TL (1.2 €) you can rent a deck chair.

Keykubat Coast
Holidaymakers on Keykubat Beach, Alanya

In Keykubat, you have a great opportunity to engage in water sports such as diving, snorkeling and surfing. All equipment is rented on the beach itself.

The place is also good for its proximity to restaurants and cafes which stretch along the entire coast.

6. Konakli Beach

If you are tired of the crowded Cleopatra beach in Alanya, and are looking for something quite, you can head to the coast of the village of Konakli, located 12 km west of the city.

Here, behind a steep hill, there is a sandy beach with a comfortable bottom for swimming. And although the entry into the water in some areas is not quite even, in general, the place will be an excellent option for families with children.

Konakli’s infrastructure provides all the necessary amenities, such as a shower, toilet and sunbeds, the rental price of which is 20 TL (3,5 €).

Konakli Beach
Beach on the coast of the village of Konakli

A fish restaurant is located nearby so you need not order to your deck chair. There is a pier on the coast and you can jump from the pier into the turquoise blue sea.

In general, Konakli is quiet and sparsely populated, which will allow you to relax from the hustle and bustle of Alanya. You can get to the village by a dolmush, plying in the direction of Alanya-Konakli every half hour.

Mahmutlar Beach
On Mahmutlar Beach

7. Mahmutlar Beach

Mahmutlar Beach, located 20 km east of Alanya on the Alanya-Gazipaşa road, is a public beach belonging to the Mahmutlar Municipality. Access to the beach, which is right next to the highway, is very easy. It can be reached in 20 minutes by minibus lines from the center of Alanya. Despite easy access, the beach is quiet and calm. However, it can be a bit crowded on weekends.

Although a part of ​​the beach, which is approximately 5 kilometers long, is sandy, in some areas large and small stones can be seen. For this reason, it is beneficial to use sea shoes. There is no entrance fee to this beach.

Since the sea is wavy and deepens quickly, children should swim under the supervision of adults. If you are willing to go a little outside of Alanya for a quiet day, Mahmutlar Beach is just for you. Here you can swim in the deep blue sea, enjoy the sun on the fine sandy beach, and eat delicious Mediterranean dishes at the cafes and restaurants on the shore.

8. Kargicak Beach – for strong swimmers

Kargicak Beach, located 16 km east of Alanya, comes right before Mahmutlar Beach. This beach is famous for its waves exceeding human height because of its rocky coastline. So it is not preferred by those who cannot swim and families with children. That’s why this place is generally quieter than the other beaches of Alanya.

Families who want to have a picnic prefer the wooded area at the back of the beach. Entrance here is free, and there are also free shower and toilet facilities.

Kargicak beach is preferred by those who want to spend a quiet, calm day with nature and nature. It can be easily reached by using Kargicak minibuses from Alanya. However, holidaymakers usually come here with their private vehicles.

If you like swimming against the waves, Kargicak Beach is for you.

9. Incekum Beach

Incekum if a blue flag beach is located in the town of Avsallar 25 km west of Alanya. It is famous for the fine sand that covers its coast, as it’s name suggests. It is especially preferred by families with children, with its shallow sea and golden yellow sand that does not stick to the body.

The beach, which is approximately 1 km long, has a recreation area and camping areas at the back. Thus, you can enjoy the magnificent waters of the Mediterranean, have a picnic and extend your holiday by camping overnight.

The beach has free parking and entry to it is also free.

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