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All you need to know about Alanya beaches: a detailed description

Alanya is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey, where the traveler meets an excellent combination of natural landscapes, historical sites and well-established tourist infrastructure. Many resort towns can envy the local variety of hotels, entertainment and restaurants. The tourist will appreciate the beaches of Alanya and its environs, each of which has its own characteristics. Some of them gained popularity due to a comfortable arrangement and convenient location, others were remembered by vacationers due to the calm atmosphere and picturesque panoramas. In this article, we will talk in detail about the 8 best beaches of the resort, as well as give recommendations on choosing hotels in Alanya.

Alanya Beach


Among the best beaches in Alanya, it is worth noting a place called Obama, located east of the central part of the city in the Tosmur region. The coast here stretches for a distance of just over a kilometer. Despite its proximity to the noisy and crowded center, the bay pleases with cleanliness and well-groomed. Covered with fine golden sand, the beach is characterized by a uniform entry into the water, so families with children often relax here. The territory is equipped with everything necessary: ​​there are showers, changing rooms and toilets, anyone who wants can rent sunbeds for 20 TL (3,5 €). In addition, Obama is guarded by a vigilant security guard.

Obama Beach

Along with this Alanya beach, there are a number of clubs, restaurants and bars. On site, tourists have the opportunity to rent a water scooter for an additional fee. The beach can be reached on foot from the central promenade of Alanya in 20 minutes. Or, at your service, a taxi, the trip of which will cost about 50-60 TL (8-10 €).

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At the eastern end of the famous Cleopatra beach in Alanya lies a miniature sandy corner of Damlatas. The coast is located near the cave of the same name, and its proud views provide proud cliffs. Damlatash is characterized by soft light sand, but the entry into the water is steep, although the bottom itself is comfortable for swimming. On the beach you can meet many families with children who, however, swim in the sea only under the strict supervision of their parents.

Damlatas Beach

Most tourists prefer Damlatas for its clear sea waters and clean, well-groomed territory. Despite the fact that the beach is free, there are all amenities, including latrines, showers, changing rooms and a sports ground. There is no need to pay for sun loungers. Near the coast there are several cafes and shops, as well as a children’s playground. You can get to the beach at the city dolmush, getting off at the Alanya Belediyesi stop.

Beach at the fortress

Beach at the fortress

Although Cleopatra Beach enjoys undoubted popularity among travelers in Alanya in Turkey, some tourists prefer to discover nooks and crannies. These include a tiny strip of shore, lurking near the walls of the city fortress. The length of the beach is only a few tens of meters. It is covered by small and large pebbles, the bottom is uneven, rocky, so you will not find a comfortable rest with children here.

The beach at the fortress in Alanya can be called wild: after all, its territory is not equipped with anything. There are no cafes or restaurants nearby. But here there are few people and from here unforgettable views of the fortress and the picturesque hills of the city open. This is a great place to cool off in the cool water after a walk through the old fortress. You can get to the beach through the Red Tower.


Many Alanya hotels are located on Cleopatra’s beach, but many hotels stretch along the coast of Keykubat. This coast, running away for more than 3 km, is located east of the city center in the Oba area. Most of its territory is covered by sand; in some areas, small pebbles are found. Smooth entry into the sea and a soft bottom allow you to arrange a safe vacation with children. This is a free beach with convenient infrastructure. There are latrines, showers and changing rooms. And for 7 TL (1.2 €) you can rent a deck chair.

Keycubat Beach
Keikubat Coast

In Alanya on Keycubat, vacationers have a great opportunity to engage in water sports such as diving, snorkeling and surfing. All equipment is rented on the beach itself. The place is also good for its proximity to restaurants and cafes, the chain of which stretches along the entire coast. You can get here by taxi for 50-60 TL (8-10 €) or dolmushe.


Portacal Beach

At its extreme eastern point, Keykubat flows smoothly into Portacal Beach, at the place where the Oba River flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Portacal stretches for 1 km, covered with sand mixed with pebbles. The disadvantages of the beach were its rocky bottom and uneven entry into the water. It is not possible to relax comfortably with children here. Part of the coast is occupied by hotel areas, but there are also public islands, both equipped and wild. If you want to get into the part equipped with all amenities, you can go to the beach through one of the bars, of which there are a great many in the area.

This place in Alanya is visited not only by tourists, but also by fishermen, so if you are fond of fishing, then do not forget to capture a fishing rod. You can fish both from piers and directly from stones. In addition, local waters have become a real platform for windsurfing. In order to get here from the center of Alanya, use a taxi or catch dolmush.


If you are tired of the crowded Cleopatra beach in Alanya, as an alternative, you can go to the coast of the village of Konakli, located 12 km west of the city. Here, behind a steep hill, there is a sandy beach with a comfortable bottom for swimming. And although the entry into the water in some areas is not quite even, in general, the place will be an excellent option for families with children. Konakli’s infrastructure provides all the necessary amenities, such as a shower, toilet and sunbeds, the rental price of which is 20 TL (3,5 €).

Konakli Beach

A fish restaurant is located nearby, having made an order in which, you will completely save yourself from unnecessary expenses on a deck chair. There is a pier on the coast, so diving enthusiasts will definitely like it. Konakli – a quiet, sparsely populated beach, will allow you to relax from the hustle and bustle of Alanya resort. You can get to the village by traveling dolmushe, plying in the direction of Alanya-Konakli every half hour.


Mahmutlar Beach

If you are interested not only in the beaches of Alanya, but also in the coasts of its environs, pay attention to the village of Mahmutlar, which lies 12 km east of the city. The coast here stretches for several kilometers, but there is an equipped public area with a shower, dressing rooms and a toilet. If desired, tourists can rent umbrellas and sunbeds for 8 TL (1,5 €). The coating consists of sand, in some parts comes small pebbles. The beach is suitable for swimming with children, because entering the water is gentle. In some places at the bottom there are stone slabs, where swimming without special shoes is uncomfortable.

First of all, this place is designed for a calm, measured rest, so you will not find opportunities for outdoor activities and sports entertainment here. You can get to the village from the city by dolmush, leaving in the direction of Alanya-Mahmutlar every 30 minutes.

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Cleopatra’s beach in Alanya, whose photo makes you want to start packing your bags, is the resort’s most sought after beach. Its coast stretches for 2000 m, there are both private areas of hotels and public places. Popularity of the area is provided by its location (the center of Alanya) and soft light sand. Comfortable seabed and evenly increasing depth made this beach a favorite among families with small children. In many parts of the beach at the bottom there are plates, so carefully choose your corner for relaxation.

Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra is equipped with all amenities, including changing cabins and showers. The toilet is paid, the price is 1 TL (0.2 €) per visit. Umbrellas and sunbeds are also available for rent for 20 TL (3,5 €). Despite the huge attendance of the beach, places here are enough for all vacationers. Numerous restaurants, souvenir shops and shops stretch along the coast. Very close is the amusement park. In addition, lovers of active events will find a lot of opportunities here: riding the waves on a scooter and a banana, parasailing and water skiing.

Cleopatra Beach, Alanya

On the promenade that separates the Cleopatra coast and hotels, you can always rent bicycles and take a walk along the seashore. And in the west of the beach for active tourists there is a diving center. Within walking distance there is a cable car. To get to Cleopatra is not difficult from anywhere in Alanya. To do this, use the city dolmush, which will drop you right off the coast.

The best hotels on the first line

There are a lot of hotels in Alanya, so it often takes a lot of time to find a worthy option. To facilitate your task, below we have selected the most acceptable hotels of different categories, which received high marks from guests.

Riviera Hotel & Spa
Room at Riviera Hotel & Spa

Among the hotels near Cleopatra’s beach in Alanya, it is worth noting the Riviera Hotel & Spa. This four-star hotel is located 950 meters from the city center and has its own beach infrastructure. On the territory of the hotel there are two swimming pools, a gym and a spa center, and its newly renovated rooms are equipped with all necessary appliances and furniture for relaxation. Tourists who have been here note the high level of service and cleanliness of the establishment. The main attractions of Alanya are within walking distance (the port and the fortress are located 1500 m from the property).

During the summer season, the cost of hotel accommodation in a double room is 360 TL (60 €) per day. The price includes breakfast and dinner. More information about the hotel can be found here .

Oba Star Hotel – Ultra All Inclusive
Hotel Oba Star Hotel - Ultra All Inclusive

This 4 * hotel is located 4 km east of the center of Alanya and has its own sandy beach, located just 100 meters from the hotel. It features an outdoor pool, a large restaurant and several bars. The air-conditioned rooms at the hotel are decorated with wooden furniture, a minibar and a TV. Most of all, tourists appreciated the cleanliness of the institution, as well as value for money.

In the summer months, you can book a room at this hotel for 400 TL (67 €) per night. The hotel operates on an all-inclusive basis, so food and drinks are included in the price. If you would like more detailed information about the hotel, go to this page .

Delfino Buti̇k Otel
Hotel Delfino Buti̇k Otel

Located on the 1st line of Cleopatra Beach, Alanya Hotel Delfino Buti̇k Otel is an aparthotel. The property is 1.3 km from the city center and offers rooms equipped with a kitchenette, stove, kettle, fridge and toaster. It features an outdoor pool and free Wi-Fi. The hotel received many positive ratings for its location and quality of service.

In summer, renting apartments at this hotel will cost 400 TL (67 €) per day. It is important to note that all rooms are designed for 4 people, so it is most advantageous to stay here as a group of people. Food and drinks are not included. You can read more about the hotel by clicking on the link .

Sunprime C-Lounge – Adult Only
Hotel Room Sunprime C-Lounge - Adult Only

This five-star hotel accepts only adult tourists. It is 5 km from the center of Alanya and has its own private beach. It features outdoor and indoor pools, a restaurant, gym, spa and sauna. The rooms provide all the necessary equipment and furniture for a decent vacation. Most of all, hotel guests appreciated its cleanliness, comfort and Wi-Fi.

At the height of the tourist season, the rental price for a double room is 570 TL (95 €) per day. The hotel operates on an all-inclusive basis. If you are interested in this accommodation option, then see the full information about the hotel on this page .

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Hundreds of thousands of vacationers visit the beaches of Alanya every year, so there is no doubt in their popularity. Each traveler here will find for himself a piece of the coast where he can spend serene days with his family or friends. Of course, we cannot find out which beach will suit your taste, but we are sure that you will surely love the coastal open spaces of Alanya and share your impressions with us.

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