Tourist’s guide to Cirali – great choice in Turkey for a relaxing beach holiday

Many travelers in search of a quiet and relaxing holiday are ready to go thousands of kilometers from home. If you are looking for serenity far from the bustling city, then you can undoubtedly find what you want in the village of ираıralı, Turkey. Privacy, a clean beach, a clear sea and mountain ranges are what attract sophisticated tourists to this little-known place. What is a resort and how to get to it, we tell in detail in our article.

View of Cirali village

General information

Ираıralı is a small village located on the southwest coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey. It is located 37 km south of the resort town of Kemer and 81 km from Antalya. The population of the village does not exceed 6000 people. Translated from Turkish, the name ираıralı is interpreted as “flammable”: such a name of the village is explained by its proximity to the famous Mount Yanartash, known for its self-igniting lights.

Main street in Чıralı

Ираıralı village in Turkey is a secluded place with a couple of narrow streets along which simple village houses huddle. Here you will not find tall buildings, concrete promenade, clubs and expensive restaurants. The village is little known to mass tourism and most often its guests are travelers who independently organize their holidays. This is a corner of Turkey divorced from civilization, which managed to preserve the natural beauty untouched by man, a spacious clean beach and clear sea waters.

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Due to the proximity of the village to the main attractions in the region of Kemer, Cirali becomes an ideal resort for those who like to combine a beach holiday with sightseeing activities. Although there is no nightlife industry in the village itself, it can be found in the nearby resort of Olympos.

Tourist infrastructure

Room at Maji Village Hotel
Maji village

The village is different from the usual Turkish resorts, which is fully confirmed by the photo of Cirali in Turkey. Luxury 5 * hotels operating on an all-inclusive system, you will not find here. The bulk of the proposed housing is made up of small so-called guesthouses in the form of wooden bungalows or villas, as well as 3 * hotels.

The cost of living in a double room per day can start from $ 10-15 and vary on average between $ 40-60. The resort also has expensive hotels, check-in which will cost $ 300 – 350 per night. Some hotels include breakfast and dinner, others are limited to breakfast only, while others do not provide free meals at all.

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Restaurants and Shopping
Turkish cuisine

Cıralı in Turkey cannot boast an abundance of various cafes and restaurants. There are several small establishments on the coast where you can try the Turkish cuisine and order drinks. Shopping in the village is limited to a couple of shops, so for large purchases you need to go to other nearby resorts, such as Olympos, Tekirova or Kemer. Despite its meager infrastructure, there are car rental offices in ираıralı.


Long non-crowded beach in Cirali

The beach in ираıralı in Turkey has a sufficient length of just over 3 km. The coast expands to the north, where its width reaches 100 m. On one side, the beach abuts against a rock, not far from which a fishing village has settled, on the other hand it breaks off at the foot of the Moses Mountain. Here you will not be disturbed by the merchants and barkers scurrying along the beach, offering a boat ride or a shopping trip.

Covering the coast consists of pebbles and sand, the entry into the sea is rocky and uneven, so swimming here is more convenient in special shoes. In the southern part of the beach there are several sun loungers that you can use for free. There are cafes and restaurants, as well as parking. There are no showers or changing rooms on the public beach, but all lovers of comfort can use the beach infrastructure of the neighboring hotels for an additional fee.

Ираıralı Beach

The water in the sea is clear and clean. Scenic views of mountain ranges, lush vegetation and sea expanse open from the coast, which is confirmed by photos of Чıralı beach made in Turkey. Even in high season, the coast is not crowded, so travelers who prefer a peaceful, relaxing holiday will definitely appreciate this area.

Weather and climate

At Cirali beach in summer

Like most resorts in Turkey, ираıralı is characterized by a Mediterranean climate, hot in the summer. The season starts here in May, when the water temperature reaches comfortable swimming indicators (about 22 ° C), and ends at the end of October. The sunniest and warmest months in the resort are July and August, when the thermometer does not drop below 30 ° C.

June and September will be comfortable for relaxation: during this period, the air temperature fluctuates between 29-30 ° C, and the water at the beaches of Cirali warms up to 25-28 ° C. In May and October, the weather also creates favorable conditions for vacations, however, during these periods of time it is possible to catch rains at the resort, which last on average 3-5 days a month.

You can go to the beaches of Cirali any month

In general, you can go to the beaches of Cirali in Turkey in any month of the season. Fans of hot weather will be comfortable here in July, August and September, and for those who prefer warm days and cool evenings, May, mid-June or early October are best. More information on the climate in the resort village can be found in the table below.

Month Daytime average temperature Average temperature at night Sea water temperature Number of sunny days Number of rainy days
January 11.3 ° C 5.8 ° C 18 ° C fifteen 6
February 13.2 ° C 6.6 ° C 17.3 ° C sixteen 5
March 16.1 ° C 8 ° C 17 ° C twenty 4
April 20 ° C 9.9 ° C 18.1 ° C 23 3
May 24.1 ° C 13.6 ° C 21.1 ° C 28 4
June 29.3 ° C 17.7 ° C 24.6 ° C thirty 3
July 32.9 ° C 21.2 ° C 28.1 ° C 31 0
August 33.2 ° C 21.6 ° C 29.3 ° C 31 one
September 29.6 ° C 18.8 ° C 28.2 ° C thirty 2
October 23.7 ° C 14.8 ° C 25.3 ° C 28 3
November 17.8 ° C 10.6 ° C 22.2 ° C 22 3
December 13.3 ° C 7.4 ° C 19.6 ° C eighteen 5

How to get to Cirali from Antalya

If you do not know how to get to Чıralı in Turkey on your own, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information provided by us. There are only two ways to get to the village from Antalya – by taxi and by bus. The first option will cost a pretty penny, because the distance is considerable, and gasoline in Turkey is not cheap.

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By bus

The second option is much more affordable in price, but it will require the expenditure of certain forces and time.

Bus station in Antalya

First you need to get from the airport to the central bus station of Antalya (Otogar). You can do this by catching a bus at number 600 or taking the Antrau tram. Once at the station, go inside the suburban bus terminal and go to any ticket office to get a ticket to Чıralı.

It is worth considering that there is no direct minibus to the village, but there is a bus next to Olympos, from which you need to get off at the bend with a sign to Cirali. Therefore, warn the driver in advance that you need to land at the intersection. The fare is $ 4, and the journey takes about an hour and a half.

After disembarking at the turn, you will see a parking lot with dolmushes, which hourly follow to the village itself (from 8:30 to 19:30). The fare is $ 1.5. We do not recommend walking on foot, since it would be very reckless to overcome 7 km with luggage on a steep road. As an alternative, consider a taxi or a ride. This is the way to get to ираıralı, Turkey.

Aerial view of the beach and the nature of Cirali in this video.

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