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Tourist’s guide to the beach city of Kas in Turkey

If you are bored with the standard Turkish holiday on an all-inclusive basis, and you are in search of new unexplored corners, then we advise you to go to the city of Kas, Turkey. It is in this area that the route of the famous Lycian trail passes , which is famous for its unique landscapes and historical sights. In Kas you will see, it would seem, a country long known to you from a completely new perspective. And this will be facilitated by the unique terrain of the city: its sea bays, mountains, bays and forests, combined with traces of ancient civilization, will give you those very exciting impressions that a real traveler so desperately seeks.

The city of Kas - a picturesque corner of Turkey

General information

Kas city

Kas is a miniature town located at the intersection of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas in southwestern Turkey. Framed by mountains and pine forests from the west, north and east, the city is a fairly closed region with a cozy atmosphere. The population here is only 6 thousand people. Translated from Turkish, Kas means “eyebrow”, and indeed, if you look at the object from a height, its shape is very similar to the shape of an eyebrow.

Helpful information. The distance from Adrasan in Turkey to Kas in Turkey is 110 km.

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Kas has a rather rich history, which is reflected in numerous attractions. It appeared in the 4th century BC. in the state of Lycia and in those days was called Antifellos. Being a large port facility, the city gained immense importance for trade, because of which it was often subjected to pirate raids. Until 1923, the Greeks ruled here, subsequently leaving these territories, which passed into the possession of the Turks.

Houses on the Chukurbag Peninsula

It is noteworthy that the city of Kas in Turkey is little known to mass tourism. After all, it is located 200 km from Antalya airport and 150 km from Dalaman airport, so travel agencies are in no hurry to bring this resort to the tourist market. Nevertheless, Kas is a unique Turkish corner, consisting of the center, the old city and the Chukurbag Peninsula. Miniature snow-white houses, spread out on picturesque slopes, smoothly flow to the turquoise sea waters, creating a unique romantic atmosphere.

Cafes in the city of Kas

Although only knowledgeable travelers know about this small resort, the city has a fairly developed tourist infrastructure with a wide selection of hotels, restaurants and shops. There are many attractions and attractions, but fans of noisy parties are unlikely to find what they are looking for. Kas is more suitable for a leisurely and informative vacation in a quiet environment, which is conducive to relaxation and peace.

Attractions and entertainment

If you look at a few photos of Kas in Turkey, you can understand that the city is rich in historical and natural attractions. And the transparent sea waters washing it have become a real find for diving enthusiasts. And when you happen to visit this romantic corner of the planet, we advise you to visit the following iconic places:

Bay (Kalekoy Harbor)
Kalekoy Village

Once in the village of Kalekoy, you can observe a unique natural phenomenon when three sea arms, each of which casts its own color, flow into the bay. Here are the ruins of the ancient Lycian city, sunken into the sea after a strong earthquake. Some of the ruins are preserved on the surface of the earth, so many will be interested to study the remains of ancient buildings.

The view from the castle on the hill

To start the overview of the sights, it’s worth it from the historical castle, which is located nearby on a hill, from where a breathtaking panorama of enchanting landscapes opens (the entrance to the castle costs $ 2.5 per person). After that, many travelers go on a boat trip on a yacht, enjoying pristine views and diving from the deck into the open sea. There are several good cafes in the village, especially fish restaurants. In general, this is a rather interesting sight of Kasha in Turkey, combining natural beauty and historical monuments.

Amphitheater (Hellenistic Theater)
Amphitheater (Hellenistic Theater)

Another iconic place in Kas was the ancient Greek amphitheater. The antique building is in excellent condition thanks to a long restoration. The amphitheater is operational; various concerts and performances are often held here. Good acoustics have been preserved on the territory of the attraction, and any word uttered on the stage with a buzz reaches the audience.

You can get here at any time of the day, while admission is free. The attraction is located just 10 minutes from the city center. Many tourists come here in the late afternoon to enjoy the sunset and the sea from the upper tier of the theater.

Diving near the city of Kas

Kas is one of the best freediving sites in Turkey: after all, besides the marine flora and fauna, the local waters conceal the ruins of ancient cities and underwater caves. Having plunged to a depth of 6 meters, divers get acquainted with ancient statues and marble columns, the ruins of the once flourishing port and the remains of stairs and houses. Of particular interest is Cape Uluburun, where a sunken Phoenician ship was found, whose age is estimated at three millennia.

Wreck diving

In total, in Kas in Turkey there are 15 points for diving, each of which hides its treasures, whether it is a sunken plane, a torpedo bomber or antique anchors. In addition, local waters are rich in marine life, among which you can find turtles, barracudas, stingrays, octopuses and many other representatives of the underwater world.


In this cozy city of Turkey, a fairly large number of hotels and apartments of various price categories are presented to the choice of tourists. Of course, there are no all-inclusive hotels here, but there are many establishments whose price includes breakfast. And among the most worthy options are:

Hotel hermes
Hotel Hotel Hermes

A modern hotel with all amenities, located in the center of Kas in the immediate vicinity of many attractions. The cost of living in a hotel for two for a day with a free breakfast is $ 36.

Sardunya Andifli Hotel

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, this popular hotel is 200 meters from the city station and 100 meters from the Lion’s Tomb. The cost of living at the hotel is $ 58 per night in a double room.

Sardunya Andifli Hotel Room View
Nur beach hotel
Room at Nur Beach Hotel

Offering a TV and air conditioning, the hotel is located in the city center near the yacht pier. Near the hotel there is a small beach. The price for a daily check-in at the hotel for two is $ 70 (breakfast is included).

Rhapsody Hotel Kas
It looks like a room at the Rhapsody Hotel Kas

One of the best Kas hotels in Turkey, located 300 meters from the center by the sea, provides its guests with all kinds of amenities, including a minibar and a safe.

Overnight at the hotel plus a free breakfast for two will cost $ 75.

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Kas will certainly delight its guests with cozy and clean beaches, among which the most noteworthy are:

Kaputas beach
Kaputas Beach

The beach with a length of 200 meters and a width of 30 meters is distinguished by clear azure waters and cleanliness. The coastline is sandy and the entry into the sea is even. It has all the necessary infrastructure: sun loungers with umbrellas, toilets, showers and changing rooms. In the high season, Kaputash is quite crowded, especially during the daytime.

There is a cafe on the beach where you can order snacks, coffee, ice cream, etc. On the coastline lies a cliff, climbed by which tourists enjoy beautiful views. Entrance to Kaputas beach is paid and is $ 2.5.

Big pebble beach
Big Pebble Beach

A miniature beach with a length of not more than 100 meters, sandwiched between rocky hills, is clean and comfortable. Here is a cafe, having made an order in which, you can take advantage of amenities such as sun loungers, a toilet and shower for free. The surface of the beach is pebble with large stones, and the entry into the water is uneven and not very convenient.

But the picturesque landscapes and clear sea waters more than compensate for this shortcoming. The sea in this area is characterized by an abundance of cold currents, so the water temperature here is much lower than on other beaches of the resort. During the day, you can meet a lot of vacationers on Big Pebble Beach, but after lunch, the sunbeds begin to empty. The object is best visited in high season, when the water warms up to a comfortable bathing temperature.

Hidayet koyu
Hidayet koyu beach

This tiny beach with a length of several tens of meters will delight vacationers with its crystal clear waters. The coastline is pebbled, often sharp pebbles come across. In the high season, it is very crowded, as several hotels are located nearby. Sunset in the sea is uneven, there are stones at the bottom. However, Hidayet koyu received the Blue Flag certificate for its cleanliness and safety. Here you can sunbathe on a towel or use the sun loungers and beach facilities of a nearby hotel for an additional fee. On the shore there is a bar and a restaurant where tourists have the opportunity to try seafood specialties.

Weather and climate

Sea water temperature in Kas

The season in Kas starts in May and lasts until the end of October. At this time, the air can warm up to 40 ° C, and the sea up to 27 ° C. Since all the beaches of the resort are quite miniature, be prepared for the fact that finding a free place on the beach during this period will not be easy. If you are not interested in a beach holiday, then you can visit Kas in March, when the sun is warming with might and main, and local hotels offer accommodation at reduced prices.

On the beach in autumn

You can visit Kas in Turkey in the autumn months: during this period, the thermometer does not drop below 25 ° C, and the water is still comfortable for swimming, although precipitation can often occur in October. In winter, the resort is windy, it rains heavily, the air temperature during the day does not exceed 15 ° C, and many hotels and restaurants close until the next influx of tourists.

Thus, the ideal period for visiting the resort will be the period from May to September, when the minimum rainfall occurs, the water in the sea is warm, and the city’s infrastructure works at full capacity, providing tourists with all the necessary conditions for a good rest.

How to get to the resort from Antalya

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Bus station in Antalya
Antalya Bus Station

In order to get to the resort, you need to get to the central bus station of Antalya, from where every half hour until 20:00 there are minibuses to Kas. You can get to the station from the airport by bus number 600, which will take you to the desired point for just $ 0.6.

If you go to the station from another point in the city, then you can use city public transport or a taxi. Tell the driver “Otogar” (station in Turkish), and he will immediately understand where to take you.

Inside the station building, you need to find the Bati Antalya company desk, which sells tickets to Kas-Antalya, pay for the trip ($ 7.5), and specify the time of departure and the departure platform. In total, the road to the resort takes about 4 hours. Following our recommendations, you can easily get to the unusual town of Kas, Turkey.

Video: Kas city and Kaputash beach.

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