Konyaalti – Most Famous Beach in Antalya

The Turkish port city of Antalya, which lies directly on the Mediterranean Sea is part of the so-called Turkish Riviera, one of the most popular holiday areas in Turkey.

The city is mostly visited for its fantastic beaches, but it also has an interesting history which was shaped by the Romans. 

Although there are many beaches in and around Antalya, there is one beach that stand out. It is popular throughout Europe and is among the most famous beaches in Turkey.

This is the Konyaalti Beach, which stretches for kilometers in Konyaalti County in Antalya Province, and hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year.

Konyaalti beach stretches into the distance

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Konyaalti is a blue flag Beach in Antalya and most of it is free for public access. It stretches for about 7 km along the coastline with clean azure waters and a backdrop of mountains.

In addition, it has a width of 70 meters, making it a huge beach located right in the city.

There are countless restaurants, beach bars, cafes, clubs and small boutiques and a beach park stretches about three kilometers along the beach.

All this along with plentiful water sports opportunities will allow you to spend your whole day full of fun.

Many events, especially concerts, are held in Konyaalti. You can also benefit from the tennis courts built by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality free of charge. Of course, in order to take advantage of these courts, you must first make a reservation.

Despite its popularity with holidaymakers and locals, those looking for relaxation can almost always find a quiet spot all to themselves due to Konyaalti’s large size.

The sections where no beach bars have been set up, where there are a variety of water sports or where parasols and deck chairs are rented out are far more secluded than the rest of the beach.

How to get to Konyaalti Beach

Access to Konyaalti Beach, which is very close to Antalya city center, is very easy. Those visiting from outside the city can first go to Antalya Airport from where you can go to Konyaalti Beach by public transport. 

If you are driving in your vehicle, just follow the signs to the beach. Lastly, you can head to Konyaalti Beach by minibus services from the center of Antalya.

The Blue Flag – guarantee for clean water

Konyaalti Beach has its fame and reputation for a reason. It takes a lot of work to keep the beach clean and the water quality high enough to be awarded the Blue Flag, which has been awarded to it for more than twenty years. 

The parameters of the non-governmental, global initiative for environmental protection and clean water are strict and reliable. 

Turkey has managed to consistently occupy one of the top places as a blue flag destination for more than one hundred beaches and ports.

The Beach Park on Konyaalti Beach

Right where Konyaalti Beach begins, the Beach Park begins as well. It is especially popular with the local celebrities of Antalya who are regularly present here. That’s no wonder, because the bars and restaurants located here are some of the best even when compared internationally. 

The beach sections are also very exclusive throughout the beach park, which stretches over about three kilometers. Live music and concert events also take place here.

Scuba Diving at Konyaalti Beach

Water sports enthusiasts, especially divers, have numerous diving centers, diving areas and diving schools to choose from. Experienced divers as well are first-timers have the opportunity to dive into the Mediterranean sea all year round. 

There are more than 80 dive sites and 68 dive centers in Antalya and its surroundings, catering to every level of diving experience. 

The sea in the Gulf of Antalya provides a colorful underwater diversity. It starts right in the port of Kemer where wreck diving is a popular. At a depth of 33 meters, an underwater visit to the sunken ship is a must for passionate divers. 

Lara beach

Konyaalti Beach vs Lara Beach

Both these beaches are kilometers long and visited by hundreds of thousands of people, both the locals and foreign tourists, every year.

While the Konyaalti beach is known for its pebbles and its suddenly deepening coast, Lara beach differs with its fine sand and sea bed that does not get deep all of a sudden.

Most of the Lara beach is covered with paid sun loungers, while Konyaalti beach is mostly a free public beach. Lara is also about 30 minutes drive from Antalya center whereas Konyaalti is in the city and easily accessible.

And although Lara is the only sandy beach in Antalya, Konyaalti’s pebble beach has such clean and clear water that you would not hesitate calling it a class apart.

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