What you can bring from Turkey – gift and souvenir ideas

Turkey is a country with a rich culture and traditions, a part of which every traveler who has visited this warm corner of the planet can take with him. Today, the country occupies a leading position in the global tourism market and is ready to offer its guests a vacation at the highest level. Such a vacation will forever remain in your heart, and souvenir shops that offer a choice of a lot of original souvenirs will contribute to this. And so that you won’t be tormented by the question of what to bring from Turkey, we have prepared a special selection of the most popular products, many of which will surely please not only you, but also your loved ones.

What to bring from Turkey

Hookahs and Tobaccos

If you do not know what you can bring from Turkey, then we recommend that you consider such an option as hookah and tobacco. In souvenir shops there are hookahs for every taste and color, from miniature gift models to large-sized versions with 2-3 pipes. Small hookahs are often bought as a gift as an accessory for the interior, although they are quite suitable for their intended purpose. But in such models, tobacco burns quickly, so the smoking process does not promise to be long.

Turkish hookahs

When buying a hookah, be sure to pay attention to the type of product, of which there are only two – composite and threaded. Threaded models are better and more durable, therefore, they are more expensive, and hookahs on silicone can differ in quick wear.

Related entries:

  • Small decorative hookahs cost between $ 12-15,
  • medium-sized products – $ 30-50,
  • The price of high quality high models starts at $ 100 and up.

Important! Some airlines prohibit the transport of hookahs and tobaccos in the cabin of the liner, so before purchasing such a gift, check the carrier’s rules in advance.

Tobacco for hookah Tanya

Of course, a good hookah requires quality tobacco.

In Turkey there are several manufacturers of tobacco for hookah (Tanya, Adalya, etc.). Tobacco is sold in packs of different weights and comes in more than 30 different flavors.

Its price in different shops ranges from $ 2-4.


Copper Turk

If you doubt what to bring from Turkey as a gift, then a Turk (or “cezve” in Turkish) can be a great souvenir. Boiled coffee in this country is loved and revered, so the choice of dishes for its preparation is huge. The main difference between the Turks from each other is their size and material of manufacture. Most often in Turkey there are two types of products – from aluminum and copper. The price of aluminum Turks, depending on the size, varies between $ 5-15. But copper cezve are much more expensive – from $ 15 to $ 30.

Important! Unscrupulous bazaar traders may try to sell you an aluminum turk by passing it off as copper. Visually distinguishing these metals is not so simple: aluminum products here are painted in copper color. However, copper has a specific metallic odor that is not inherent in aluminum. Therefore, before you lay out a round sum for a Turk, make sure that you really get a copper product.

Turkish sweets

If you puzzle over what souvenirs to bring from Turkey, then, having chosen Turkish sweets, you definitely will not lose. Perhaps this is the most popular edible souvenir, which is annually exported by tons outside the country.

Turkish Delight
Delight Turkish Delight

The famous Turkish delight, a delicacy based on sugar syrup and supplemented with various nuts, milk or fruit toppings, won special love. It can be bought as a gift both in a box and by weight. The price of sweets will depend on the quality of the product and its weight: here you can find small packages worth $ 1-2 and kilogram options from $ 10 and above.

Turkish halva

Turkish halva made on the basis of tahini paste, which in turn is made from sesame seeds, is also very popular. This dessert can be found both in pure form and with the addition of vanilla, chocolate and pistachios. The price of such a gift ranges from $ 2-5 for a package of 250 g.

Baklava and Kadaif
Turkish Sweetness - Kadaif

Another equally tasty souvenir that you can bring close is baklava, as well as kadaf – sweets made from dough, soaked in honey syrup and flavored with topping from almonds, pistachios or walnuts. The price of such treats will depend on the weight of the product: for example, a box of 500 g will cost an average of $ 7-10.

Important! When buying sweets in Turkey as a gift, be sure to pay attention to their expiration date. In addition, such products should not be exposed to direct sunlight: this can lead to their rapid deterioration.


Red pepper flakes

The hot climate of Turkey allows her to grow numerous types of spices on her plantations. Therefore, if you are puzzled by the question of what can be brought from Turkey as a gift, then seasonings can be an excellent souvenir. Red pepper flakes, which are added to literally every dish, gained special love in the country. Numerous other spices are also presented in Turkish souvenir shops: saffron, turmeric, black pepper, hazelnut, thyme, nutmeg, sumac, etc.

Spice Sets

Seasonings can be brought home in separate packages, but as a souvenir it is better to purchase gift sets that include the most popular spices. Often, such packages are complemented by a bonus souvenir in the form of a magnet, bracelet or pepper mill. The price of gift sets, depending on the composition, varies between $ 5-15.


Teretsky honey

Turkey is one of the largest honey producers in the world. In the shops you can find floral, cotton, citrus honey, but pine honey is especially valued here, 92% of which is made in the Aegean Sea. Such a product can be a worthy souvenir from Turkey, so do not forget to bring it to your friends. The price for a jar of high quality honey starts at $ 10.

Often in stores you can find honey with the addition of assorted nuts. This is not exactly the same Turkish honey, but a rather tasty sweet, which is incredibly popular among tourists. Its price is $ 4-5 for a can of 200 g.


Canned Green Olives with Bone

In the photo of souvenirs from Turkey, you can often see olives, which may seem strange to someone, but quite understandable. In the country, hundreds of thousands of hectares are allocated for olive plantations, and annually local factories collect more than 2 million tons of olives.

A jar of olives 400 g can be purchased for $ 3-4. Of course, olive oil is also popular in Turkey: dozens of different manufacturers offer their products at different prices. Kristal is considered one of the highest quality brands, and a liter of olive oil from this brand will cost $ 12-15.

Rose petal jam
Rose petal jam

Another original gift from Turkey can be a jam from rose petals. Here, this flower has long been used for the preparation of various sweets, including jam, which has not only a unique taste, but also a lot of useful properties. The price for a jar of such a product is $ 2-3.

Variety of Turkish Cheeses

Few people realize that Turkey is a real cheese paradise, which presents a variety of cheeses for every taste. White, rustic, solid, with mold, in the form of a cube, pigtails and rope – such an abundance will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated gourmet.

Each cheese has its price. For example, a package of inexpensive hard cheese weighing 500 g will cost $ 5, and white (analogue of feta cheese) – from 3-4 $.

Important! Buy cheeses only in large supermarkets, where the freshness of the product is guaranteed.

Coffee and tea

Mehmet Efendi Coffee
Mehmet efendi

What can I bring home from Turkey? Of course, tea and coffee are the country’s most popular drinks, presented in a huge assortment. If you are a lover of brewed coffee, then pay attention to the Mehmet Efendi brand: after all, it is its Turks that are revered the most. Mehmet Efendi coffee can be found both in small packages of 100 g at a price of $ 1.5-2, and in large cans of 500 g worth $ 7-8.

Black tea Turkish Çaykur

Black tea is a national drink that the Turks drink all day long from small glasses of tulips. Its leaves are collected from tea trees growing on the Black Sea coast and, as a rule, are ground, so do not try to find large-leaf Turkish tea, it simply does not exist. The most famous Turkish tea brand – «aykur offers a product in packages of different weights. On average, the price per 1 kg of tea is $ 8-10.

Important! Turks themselves do not like to drink green and fruit teas, but for tourists and lovers of such drinks they produce a variety of mixtures. Do not confuse natural fruit teas with the powdered drinks common here filled with chemistry.

Turkish home textiles

Turkish home textiles

Among our tips for tourists on what to bring from Turkey, there is one very reliable recommendation – buy Turkish textiles! The country is one of the largest cotton producers in the region, so you can buy high-quality home textiles here at very competitive prices. Bed linen, bath towels, rugs, bathrobes, bedspreads, tablecloths – the list can be endless.

TAC brand bedding
Bed sheets TAC

The best in the textile segment are Taç, Özdilek and Altınbaşak, but less well-known manufacturers are ready to offer you high-quality goods. In addition to cotton products, one can also bring decent bamboo textiles from here. Below we give approximate prices for the most popular textile products:

  • Bed linen – from 25 to 100 $
  • Bath towel 70 x 140 cm – from 10 to 20 $
  • Plaid – 20 – 30 $
  • Bathrobe – from $ 30 to $ 70
  • A set of kitchen towels – $ 5 – $ 15

Leather and clothing

Turkish leather jackets

In Turkey, the manufacture of leather products is highly developed, among which you can find jackets, raincoats, bags and belts. Usually, fur stores are also offered in leather stores: sable, rabbit, fox and chinchilla fur coats. It is noteworthy that in the country you can buy leather bags – exact replicas of famous brands are 3-5 times cheaper than the original (from $ 50). The price of a leather jacket starts at $ 200 and can amount to thousands of dollars.

Colins Clothing

Among the most famous firms in Turkey, Mavi, Koton, Collins, Waikiki, De Facto are distinguished. Prices for clothes in the country jump depending on the brand: for example, it is quite possible to buy a T-shirt for $ 2-3 or good jeans for $ 10-15. To get an idea of ​​what kind of clothes we’re talking about, you can find on the Internet photos and prices of branded goods that can serve as an excellent souvenir from Turkey.

Important! Some leather stores (especially bazaars) sell Chinese consumer goods under the guise of high-quality Turkish products. Therefore, be careful and carefully check the purchased goods.

Bath & Hamam Sets

Gift hamam set

Hammam – the famous Turkish bath, where procedures are carried out aimed at improving the body and cleansing the skin. In their work, hamam masters use a certain set of objects, which can also be brought to relatives as a souvenir. As a rule, a bathing kit includes a peeling glove, a bath towel, olive or argan soap, moisturizer and pumice.

Depending on the composition of the set, the price of such a gift can vary between $ 3-5.

Turkish carpets

Turkey is one of the few countries where to this day you can buy chic handmade rugs. A carpet with oriental motifs can become an original and at the same time a very valuable gift. It offers both woolen products and silk models. The cost of such a souvenir will vary depending on the number of knots per 1 sq. meter: the more such nodes, the higher the price of the carpet. For example, a 2×3 meter product can cost $ 80-100, but the price of large models reaches $ 1,000 or more.

Important! If you want to buy a large oriental rug as a gift, but you were puzzled by the transportation of such a large souvenir, we hasten to inform you that most stores in Turkey provide services for the delivery of their products to anywhere in the world.

Turkish teapot

As a souvenir from Turkey, you can bring coffee and tea sets, as well as a kettle. To brew black tea in the country, a special two-tiered teapot is used: several tablespoons of tea are poured into the upper bowl and poured with boiling water, and the lower bowl is placed under hot water. Next, the kettle is placed on a small fire, and the drink is brewed for 20-25 minutes.

Tea is served in miniature glasses – tulips on a saucer: in one sitting, the Turks drink 5-6 servings of tea. A set of six glasses with spoons and saucers costs $ 15-20. The price of a teapot will depend on its size and manufacturer: the cost of miniature models is $ 20-25, and larger teapots cost $ 40-50.

Gift Coffee Set

In Turkey, there is also the opportunity to buy unusual painted coffee sets made of porcelain and copper-clad iron. As a rule, such sets include 2 cups on a saucer, 2 spoons, a small sugar bowl and a tray. The price of a porcelain set starts at $ 10, copper-plated sets cost between $ 20-25.

Natural cosmetic

If you have not yet learned what to bring from Turkey as a gift at competitive prices, we recommend that you consider cosmetics as an option. The country has a well-developed cosmetic industry that manufactures products on a natural basis. Among the most popular brands it is worth highlighting:

Dalan d’olive

This is one of the most famous cosmetic brands that manufacture their products based on olive oil. His series includes moisturizers for face and body, shower gels, shampoos, hair conditioners, liquid and solid soaps. The products are of high quality and give an excellent moisturizing effect. At the same time, Dalan d’Olive cosmetics can not be called too expensive:

Dalan d'Olive cosmetics
  • Shampoo – $ 5
  • Hair conditioner – $ 5
  • Cream 250 g – $ 5
  • Solid soap – $ 2
  • Gift set of cosmetics – $ 10-15
Rosense Cosmetics

The brand represents a series of natural cosmetics, the main component of which is rose oil. Rosense products are designed to care for face and body skin, and the brand has a separate line for hair care. Rose water is especially appreciated here, which can slow down the aging process and increase the tone of aging skin. And the prices for products of this brand will only please:

  • Body Cream – $ 4
  • Gel for washing – 3 $
  • Shampoo – $ 4
  • Tonic – $ 5
  • Rose water – $ 5
Cosmetics Fonex

Fonex brand primarily specializes in the manufacture of oils and creams based on them. Among her products are body oils ($ 6-7), serums and moisturizing hair sprays ($ 10-14), as well as 100% olive and agran oil ($ 20). Also in the line you can find face and body creams, hair gels, shampoos, deodorants, etc. Such cosmetics can be a very useful gift from Turkey.

Important! We advise you to buy cosmetic products not in bazaars, but in pharmacies or specialty stores.

Turkish soap

Another popular product that tourists often buy as a gift is natural soap. Turkey has a huge selection of soaps of various colors and smells, factory and handmade, for hands, face and hair. Most in demand:

  • olive soap with excellent moisturizing effect
  • pink and pomegranate soap used to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin
  • snail soap for problem and oily skin
  • Pistachio soap for hair and body, which helps eliminate dandruff and cleanse pores from pollution

The price of soap, depending on the brand and weight, can vary between $ 1-4.

Pharmacy in Turkey

Few people know that in Turkey, medicines are of high quality and at the same time are much cheaper than in European countries. Counterfeiting medicines is severely punishable by law, so only genuine medicines are sold in pharmacies. Of course, tablets are unlikely to be an unusual souvenir from the East, but buying them in Turkey can save a lot of money. Therefore, if you are puzzled by the question of what to bring from Turkey, then the medicines must be included in your shopping list.

Antihistamine Xizal

Many drugs known to us here have different names, so it is worthwhile to study the names of Turkish analogues on the Internet in advance. Different medicines have their prices, and to compare the cost, we give a few examples:

  • Xizal antihistamine – $ 2 (in Russia $ 6)
  • Betagistin 100 tablets – $ 12 (in Russia for 20 tablets $ 9)
  • Daflon 60 tablets – $ 10 (in Russia for 30 tablets $ 35)
Jewelry and bijouterie

Turkey has a great variety of jewelry stores, ranging from small shops to huge premium centers. Although Turkish gold with a characteristic yellow tint is not the highest quality in the world, it is readily bought as a souvenir to loved ones.

Turkish jewelry

The price per gram of gold in Turkey for March 2018 is $ 43. Specialized jewelry stores offer various items worth $ 50 per gram. At the bazaar you can find a lower price tag, but the quality of jewelry here is not guaranteed.

The most popular jewelry brands in Turkey have a huge assortment of accessories made of gold and silver, decorated with various stones, including diamonds. Among the proven brands, it is worth highlighting:

Jewelry store Altinbas
  • Altınbaş
  • Assos
  • Atasay
  • Cetaş
  • Ekol
  • Favori

For example, Altınbaş brand gold earrings can be bought for $ 120, a simple ring will cost $ 50, a chain – $ 55.

In Turkey, you can also buy interesting and inexpensive jewelry both in oriental style and in modern design. So, a women’s bracelet for gold will cost $ 5, earrings – $ 3-8, a chain with a pendant – $ 5-7.

Important! We advise you to buy precious jewelry only from trusted sellers. Do not agree to go to a jewelry or souvenir shop with a guide: in such shops, prices are 2-3 times higher than that, since each sale deducts a percentage of your travel agency.

Nazar Bondzhuk - a talisman from the evil eye
Nazar Bongjuk

In Turkey, you can purchase original gifts with a national touch. Such, for example, is Nazar Bondzhuk – a talisman from the evil eye, which is usually hung at the entrance. Nazar Bongjuk is available in various shapes and sizes: both miniature pendants for $ 1 and large models decorated with additional accessories for $ 20-30 are offered at your choice.

Turkish souvenirs

Another unusual gift may be a lamp made of colored mosaic glass. Such lamps can take the form of a table, ceiling or wall lamp, each of which gives its own unique glow of various shades. This product, depending on size, can cost from 10 to 50 $.

And, of course, you always have the opportunity to buy standard souvenirs in the form of magnets ($ 1), trinkets ($ 1-3), plates with sights ($ 5-10), cups with the flag of Turkey ($ 5) and etc.

General tips:
Souvenir shop in Turkey
  1. Going on vacation, we advise you to ask in advance how much souvenirs are in Turkey. Before shopping, go to several stores, compare prices.
  2. We do not recommend going for souvenirs with guides, because with them you will always overpay.
  3. Go to the gift shop at the hotel: many tourists have the impression that in the hotel area the shops are expensive, but often the prices are not higher than in the bazaar, and the quality of the goods is better.
  4. For clothes, you should go to the shopping center, and not to the bazaar. Do not buy goods in stores located near attractions, as the price tag is always overpriced there.

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What can not be exported from Turkey

Like other countries, Turkey imposes a number of restrictions on the export of certain items. Among them:

  • Carpets over 100 years old
  • Turkish antiques
  • Antiques: this includes items older than 50 years
  • Ancient coins
  • Medicines containing narcotic substances
  • Corals and shells without a receipt for their purchase
  • Exotic animals and plants
  • Jewelry worth more than $ 15,000
  • Alcohol more than 5 liters
  • Food products worth over $ 27 and a total weight of more than 5 kg
  • Souvenir products worth more than $ 1000

Today, Turkey offers its guests a lot of original and high-quality souvenirs, most of which are produced on its territory. The range of gifts is so great that many are simply lost in choosing a decent present. We hope that our article will help you decide what to bring from Turkey, and your relatives and friends will be satisfied.

In conclusion, watch the video that you can bring from a vacation in Turkey, where to buy souvenirs in Antalya and how much they cost.

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