Best Beaches in Antalya and its Surroundings

Antalya is the most famous beach holiday city of Turkey. This popularity of this resort is not only because of its location on the Mediterranean coast, but also because of its modern infrastructure. Antalya has hotels for every taste and there is plenty to do, from visiting the historical sights to entertainment.

The beaches of Antalya and the surrounding area are very diverse and differ from each other in some respects. In some places you will find privacy with nature, others buzz round-the-clock.

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate and plenty of sunshine, swimming in Antalya is possible from May to October. With a bit of luck, tourists can enjoy a day or two on the beach as early as April or as late as November.

There are a number of beaches in and around Antalya that are popular with holidaymakers from all over Europe. Here is a list of the top 13.

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1. Konyaalti Beach – for families

Konyaalti Beach
Konyaalti Beach in Antalya

Konyaalti Beach has been one of the most popular beaches in Antalya for years. It is located in the western part of the city and is around 7 kilometers long.

Although it is a pebble beach, it is very popular with people of different ages. This is partly due to the unbeatable prices, which are really cheap compared to other beaches in Antalya. It is also a very picturesque beach with clear water, fantastic view of the cliffs in the north-east and the mountains in the south-west.

A road and a promenade run parallel to the beach. There is ample free parking on the street. On the promenade, tourists have a variety of shops, restaurants, bars and sports facilities. Along the promenade there is also the option to rent umbrellas and beach chairs. There are also public showers and toilets.

The first part of Konyaalti Beach is particularly popular with families. With its huge beach clubs, which often include restaurants, bars, dance floors, terraces and children’s playgrounds, there is a great atmosphere for both young and old.

Water sports also play a significant role at Konyaalti Beach. Several providers of water sports ensure that you can have a merry time at the sea. Jet ski, banana boat and parasailing are some typical examples of activities on this beach. There is also a diving school here.

Relax on the beach of Konyaalti
A cleaner on Konyaalti Beach in Antalya.

You can get to Konyaalti by city buses following routes No. 5, No. 36 and No. 61. From Lara there is a minibus KL 8.

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2. Lara Beach – Antalya’s Sandy Beach

Lara is a coarse sand beach located in the eastern part of Antalya. Its neighboring beaches are called Örnekköy Beach and Kundu Beach. It is popular with both older and younger visitors alike.

The offer at Lara beach could not be more varied. There is an interesting selection of seating and sunbathing options on the beach. Apart from the well-known beach loungers, tourists can also reserve hammocks, sofas, beach chairs, beach beds and small gazebos.

The restaurants serve Turkish cuisine as well as with international delicacies.

Sporting activities are very popular at Lara Beach. This does not only apply to water sports such as windsurfing and kite surfing, Jet ski and banana boat.

Children can look forward to bouncy castles and playgrounds on land and on the water. The beach promenade provides entertainment options. Karting and electric scooters are among the most popular attractions. In summer, beach-goers like to barbecue on the large campsite.

Another highlight on Lara Beach is known as Sandland where you will find various works of art are made from sand.

If you feel like partying after sunset, you can get the necessary information in advance from the operators of the beach clubs.

Sand Sculpture Museum
Sand figures in Sandland, Antalya

Many hotels in Antalya are located on the Lara Beach. It is divided into several zones, many of which belong to hotels, but there is also a free public area.

3. Örnekköy Beach – bathing bay in the beside Lara Beach

Örnekköy Beach is the name of the bathing bay neighboring Lara Beach. It can be reached easily by car, public bus or on foot if you have booked a hotel in the vicinity. The beach is a mixture of brown sand and small pebbles.

Swimmers and divers feel at home here because the water is clean and deep. The variety of beach clubs is one of the hallmarks of this bay. The clubs are characterized by very different appearances. Some have table tennis tables, volleyball nets, and others have playgrounds for children. Changing rooms, toilets and showers are available on the beach as well as sunshades and sunbeds.

Örnekköy Beach is ideal for families with children. Because there are hardly any motorized water sports in the bay, the youngsters can also move outside the demarcated areas without danger. However, it is important that young children wear inflatable armbands and only enter the water under supervision.

The variety of things to eat and the family atmosphere ensures that the beach is frequented by families year after year. And this is despite the approach path taken by aircrafts, which lies right above the beach.

4. Kargicak Plaji – beach in a quiet location

The Kargicak Plaji is an insider tip for travelers who want to relax from everyday stress on vacation away from the tourist strongholds. The cove with pebbles is located on the Antalya-Kemer expressway. The difference to most other stretches of coast on the Turkish Riviera is that this is a natural beach. There are no hotels at Kargicak Plaji.

This beach has an entrance fee, with the fees for cars being slightly higher than for pedestrians. However, the use of umbrellas and beach chairs, picnic tables and couch corners are included in the price.

Kargicak Bay is particularly popular with locals. So there is a lot going on at the weekends and public holidays. People like to take a refreshing dip in the sea, use the time to go fishing or have a leisurely picnic with the family.

On weekdays, tourists have the opportunity to spend relaxing beach trips in a quiet environment. During the week you hardly find any locals on this beach. Then the vacationers can really “switch off”.

The majestic view of the mountains, forests and Antalya’s skyline is another plus at Kargicak Plaji. There is a beach restaurant for lunch and snacks. There are enough shaded areas to take refuge from the sun.

In stony places it is advisable to walk in bathing shoes. These can be bought in the shops there as well as arm bands, swimming boards or toys for kids.

5. Lara Beach Kundu – for water sports and comfort for hotel guests

Kundu Beach
Sandy Kundu Beach in Antalya

Lara Beach Kundu is one of the public beaches in Antalya. However, people who stay in one of the hotel complexes on the beach have certain advantages as compared to other tourists.

You have free access to Lara Beach Kundu at every point and can use the complete range of sporting activities and other leisure opportunities. Water sports such as scuba diving, jet skiing, windsurfing and banana boating are very popular. There is also a volleyball field and huge water parks, that are very popular, and not only with younger folk.

Sun umbrellas and beach chairs are available in sufficient numbers. There are beach bars for refreshing drinks. Visitors can enter the beach at either end and bring along food and drinks in a picnic basket.

The sun loungers are reserved for hotel guests, but non-residents are always welcome to sunbathe on their own towels. In addition, the lifeguards of the hotels also ensure the safety of visiting beach-goers.

Lara Beach Kundu is known by the locals as the beach of unlimited possibilities. This is primarily due to the wide range of activities in the vicinity. For example, there are a variety of restaurants with international cuisines and shops that offer branded goods for sale. The hotels here are quite special as they have been built with great attention to detail.

6. Lara Port Beach

This beach has Konyaalti on its right, Lara on its left, a crystal clear sea, a natural waterfall and food from one of Antalya’s best fish restaurants.

Lara Port Beach, which is accessed from Lara Fish House by a steep staircase, gives all those steps more than their due. It has a unique position on the cliffs. Thanks to the current, the water is both cold and warm. Surrender yourself to the murmur of the waterfall and the amazing food of Lara Fish House, you won’t regret it.

The entrance fee is 30 TL per person on weekdays and weekends.

7. Blanche Beach

Blanche Beach, a platform beach built on cliffs, differs from its counterparts with its magnificent view, sun loungers that make you feel in the sea despite being on the pier, VIP lodges and its own Tektekçi bar.

The sea here is cool and it is great for snorkeling. Blanche Beach also hosts concept parties.

The entrance fee is 35 TL on weekdays and 50 TL on weekends. There is no additional charge for sunbeds and umbrellas; Towels are also provided.

7. BLM Beach – terrace with a party atmosphere

The wooden platform in BLM beach

BLM Beach is not a typical beach in Turkey because instead of the sandy coast there is a wooden terrace with plenty of umbrellas and beach chairs. If you want to spend a day at BLM Beach, you have to pay a fee, which also includes the price for umbrellas and sunbeds.

The well-groomed appearance is one of the big plus points of this area. The sea is accessible via stairs and ladders and there is also a floating platform.

If you mainly want to swim around, BLM Beach is the place for you. Located at a point where the ice-cold natural spring water coming from the cliffs mixes with the sea, BLM Beach offers its guests the opportunity to meet the warmth of the sun with the coolness of the water.

There are no non-swimmer areas, the water is quite deep in all places and therefore ideal for swimmers. There is also a diving school that offers courses for beginners and advanced divers.

From the afternoon, a DJ ensures a good party atmosphere with hot rhythms and groovy sounds, which reaches its peak in the evening hours. Sometimes the terrace is also the location for boozy parties. Another special feature of BLM Beach is its outstanding service. Tourists have the option of having their food and drinks delivered to the beach bed by the restaurant and bar staff.

8. Topcam Beach – a traditional Turkish beach

Below the D400 expressway is Topcam Beach, which is made up of small stones. Its length is approximately 800 m and its distance to Antalya is around 15 minutes.

This secluded sandy and pebble beach is considered one of the most environmentally friendly and clean in Antalya. There is a barbecue area, as well as restrooms, showers and sun loungers. The beach is perfect for families with children.

There is an entrance fee because this beach is also a recreational park. Locals like to spend their weekends at Topcam Beach because it’s a place where they can indulge in one of their favorite past times – picnicking! And this beach has all the necessary facilities. For example, there are enough benches and tables and grills.

The atmosphere couldn’t be better when children and adults sing together, the little ones enjoy playing in the playground and people of all ages take a little break in the hammocks. This beach is the right choice for everyone who wants to get to know Turkey and locals on vacation.

The Turkish are known for their exceptional hospitality. They like to share their food with the tourists and integrate them into their cozy get-together.

In addition, Topcam Beach with its clear subsoil is ideal for diving and snorkeling.

Topcham Beach

Getting to this place is most convenient by car. By public transport it is easiest to leave Konyaalti by KL 08 bus with a change at the Sarisu Depolama stop to the minibus AF04, KC33 or MF40.

9. Beach Park

In addition to the popular Lara beach in Antalya, there is another very interesting place called the Beach Park. Active vacationers will definitely like it as it offers a lot of water sport possibilities and disco clubs work through the night.

The coast here stretches for 1.5 km and has a sandy surface. The beach park is divided into several paid zones, equipped with showers, toilets and changing rooms, and everyone can rent sun loungers.

Beach Park
View from Beach Park

On one side of the beach is a Sheraton hotel, on the other a water park where you can have a great time with children. Bars and cafes line the coast, many of which transform into clubs at night.

The Beach Park is always noisy and crowded, and mostly young people relax here. The place is 3.5 km from the central Antalya, and it is easy to get here by the old tram, reaching its terminal station Muze, or by bus No. 5 and No. 61. Minibuses number 8 go from Lara to Beach Park.

10. Mermerli Beach – small but excellent for swimming

Mermerli Beach
The Mermerli beach lies in the historical part of Antalya

Mermerli Beach is one of the smallest beach sections in Antalya. It is located next to the old port below the old town and can be reached via the stairs of a restaurant. The coast here stretches no more than 100 m, and the entry into the sea is quite steep just a couple of meters from the coast.

For a low entrance fee, vacationers are not only allowed to use the beach, but also get a sun umbrella and a lounger. The area of ​​the beach is quite small, which is why it is usually crowded and it is often difficult to find a place. So this place is not suitable for families with children.

But there is all the more space in the sea, which is very calm here. For swimmers, the conditions could hardly be better. There is also a phenomenal view of the rock face, the neighboring beach Konyaalti and, with the appropriate weather conditions, of the imposing mountains.

Non-swimmers should prefer to spend their time at another beach because the water at Mermerli Beach is deep and there are no lifeguards.

At this beach, tourists can rent everything from diving goggles and floating air mattresses to bath towels and toys for the little ones. Mermerli beach is especially recommended for guests who have booked their accommodation in the old town.

A bonus is the ability to order food and drinks without leaving the sunbed. Despite some disadvantages, tourists love this area for its picturesque rocky landscape and the transparent waters. You can get to the Old Town by city bus number 5 and number 8, and from the gate of Adrian you will reach the place in 5-7 minutes (about 600 m).

11. Marmara Beach – insider tip in Antalya

Marmara Beach is a specialty among the beaches in Antalya. After all, it doesn’t happen too often that a beach can only be reached by elevator, which is not that easy to find. If you want to use it, you have to pay a small fee at the neighboring hotel and in return you get directions and access to Marmara Beach.

This beach is a rocky plateau covered with stone slabs. Sunbathers love to relax on the terraces. The beach bar takes care of your refreshments. Sanitary facilities are also available.

In contrast to various other beaches on the Turkish Riviera, day guests can use Marmara Beach under the same conditions as guests of the hotel of the same name. The 5-star facility is very well maintained.

Visitors primarily appreciate the quiet atmosphere on this beach, which is never really overcrowded as tourists prefer the more accessible beaches in Antalya. Music is also rarely heard on Marmara Beach and there are no roads in the vicinity.

This beach is not ideal for families with children because the water is deep everywhere and there are no lifeguards.

12. Adalar – platforms on rocks

Adalar Beach

Adalar is a special place, away from the sandy shore, on platforms installed on the rocks. It is just over 2 km from the city center. This paid area has everything you need – toilets and showers, changing rooms and sunbeds. Steep stone stairs lead into the sea, so families with small children are unlikely to be comfortable here.

But then Adalar is appreciated by the seekers of peace and quiet surrounded by pristine natural landscapes.

Karaalioglu Park

Above Adalar lies the park Karaalioğlu where you can walk along and enjoy breathtaking sea views. Near Adalar there are several cafes serving snacks and drinks.

You can get to Adalar by city bus number 6 and number 64 or on the old tram, landed at the station Belediye. If your starting point is Lara, then catch bus number 8 to get here.

13. Beldibi Beach – luxury on the Turkish Riviera

City beach in Beldibi

The tourist stronghold Beldibi Beach is one of the popular bathing opportunities on the Lycian coast. It is located about 20 kilometers from Antalya and consists mainly of huge hotel complexes.

The Beldibi beaches are owned by the 4 and 5 star establishments in this place. The beaches are surrounded by fences to keep unwanted onlookers at bay. Security officers ensure that no unauthorized persons enter the areas of the luxury hotels.

Most beach holidaymakers in Beldibi come from Eastern European countries and have booked their accommodation in these hotels. The beach here is a sight to behold with its crystal clear turquoise waters. The first few meters run steeply into the sea, which makes it particularly popular with swimmers.

Those looking for relaxation will find the desired calm atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle in the tourist centers with the beautiful view of the Antalya skyline and the Olympos.

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