Tourist’s guide to Eskisehir in Turkey: main attractions

Eskisehir (Turkey) is a large city in the north-west of the country, located 235 km west of Ankara and 300 km southeast of Istanbul. Its area is almost 14 thousand km², and the population exceeds 860 thousand people. At the beginning of the 14th century, the city served as the third capital of the Ottoman Empire, and today it is the administrative center of the province of Eskisehir. Translated from Turkish, its name literally means “Old City”.

Eskisehir in Turkey

The appearance of Eskisehir combines both antiquity and modernity, which only complement each other and create a harmonious picture. Its ancient region of Odunpazara has become a true embodiment of centuries of history. Most of the houses in the quarter are two- or three-story wooden buildings with bay windows painted in colorful shades. Winding streets and miniature squares, fountains and tiny mosques – all this is inherent in the historical district of Odunpazara, which is definitely worth a visit when visiting Eskisehir.

There are many modern buildings in the city, but you will not find skyscrapers and skyscrapers here. Especially ennobled is the center of Eskisehir, through which the waters of its only river Porsuk run. Along the river banks stretching verdant alleys and flowering flower beds, and boats and even gondolas ply the river itself. The city center is decorated with numerous fountains, monuments and miniature bridges.

Eskisehir City Tour

In general, despite its rather large size, Eskisehir gives the impression of a cozy and neat town, in which its unique life boils. Absolutely any traveler who will certainly wish to go here when he learns about the curious sights of the city can become a part of this small world for a short time.

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Eskisehir Attractions

In the city of Eskisehir in Turkey you will definitely not be bored: after all, on its territory you can find many attractions, among which are presented both historical buildings and museums, as well as entertainment centers and natural sites.

Kent Park

One of the largest parks in Eskisehir is located in the heart of the city. The complex covers an area of ​​300 thousand m², which includes an outdoor pool, cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops, stables, playgrounds and a huge artificial pond. Snow-white swans swim in the reservoir, and under the water you can see vigorous fish, which, incidentally, are not prohibited to catch here. On the banks of the pond is a cozy restaurant where locals spend their days off with their families.

Kent Park
Kent Park Beach

The park is decorated with a variety of sculptures and fountains. Here you can ride a horse drawn carriage, stroll along the picturesque alleys and enjoy the local scenery. But Kent is most appreciated for its artificial beach. For its design, a huge pool was built here, one of the edges of which was strewn with real sea sand. For a city without access to the sea, such a building was a real salvation. It is noteworthy that this place is the first artificial beach in Turkey.

  • Address: Şeker Mahallesi, Sivrihisar-2 Cd., 26120 Tepebaşı / Eskişehir.
  • Opening hours: the beach is open from 10:00 to 19:00.
  • Admission: Beach admission costs 15 TL.

Wax Museum (Yilmaz Buyukersen Balmumu Heykeller Muzesi)

If you are relaxing in Eskisehir, be sure to check out the local Wax Museum. The gallery presents several collections that are distributed according to their subjects: military, sultans, Ataturk and his family, famous football players, Turkish and world leaders, theater stars and Hollywood actors. Most of the figures depict famous people of Turkey.

The Wax Museum
Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi

The products are made quite qualitatively and are exact copies of outstanding personalities. But some figures are not reliable enough and only remotely resemble the original. First of all, it will be interesting to those who are at least partially familiar with the history and culture of Turkey. Photographing is not prohibited on the territory of the museum. For an additional fee, you can also take photos in national Turkish costumes here. In addition, the museum has a souvenir shop.

  • Address: Şarkiye Mahallesi, Atatürk Blv. No: 43, 26010 Odunpazarı / Eskişehir.
  • Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 17:00. Monday is a day off.
  • Admission Cost: 12 TL.

Sazova Park

When viewing a photo of Eskisehir in Turkey, you can often see pictures with a Disney castle and a pirate ship. This is Sazova Park – a popular place of the city for recreation and entertainment, spread over an area of ​​almost 400 thousand m². The territory of the complex includes a picturesque pond, the decoration of which was black swans and goldfish. The park is clean and well maintained and is literally buried in verdant trees, fragrant lavender flower beds and compositional bushes with an original haircut. The complex has a cafe where you can relax after a walk and taste delicious national dishes or just enjoy ice cream.

Sazova Park
Tiered castle

In the center of the park is a multi-level castle with spiral staircases, made in the style of Disney. It is noteworthy that each tower of the palace is a copy of the top of one of the famous attractions of Turkey. For example, here you can see the peaks of the Maiden and Galata towers, Topkapi Palace and the Yali antalya minaret. Inside the castle, a guided tour of the fairy world is held. Also in Sazova it is worth visiting a pirate ship, a Japanese garden, a zoo and a museum of miniatures. Around the complex runs a small steam locomotive, on which you can take a panoramic tour of the park. In general, this is a great place where it will be interesting not only for children but also for adults.

  • Address: Sazova Mahallesi, Sazova Çiftlik Yolu, 26150 Tepebaşı / Eskişehir.
  • Opening hours: the castle is open from 10:00 to 17:00, the pirate ship from 09:30 to 21:30, the zoo and museum of miniatures from 10:00 to 18:00. Monday is a day off.
  • The cost of visiting: a castle – 10 TL, a pirate ship – 3 TL, a zoo – 10 TL, a miniature park – 3 TL.

Aquarium Dunyasi

Built in 2014, the aquarium managed to become a popular attraction of Eskisehir. It is located in the Sazova Park and is part of the local zoo. Here visitors have the opportunity to see 123 species of fish living in the waters of the Aegean and Red Seas, in the Atlantic Ocean, the Amazon River and South American lakes. In total, the aquarium has more than 2100 individuals, and among them there are huge stingrays and sharks. This is a small complex that will be interesting to visit for families with children.

Aquarium Dunyasi
  • Address: Sazova Mahallesi, Sazova Çiftlik Yolu, 26150 Tepebaşı / Eskişehir.
  • Opening hours: from 10:00 to 18:00. Monday is closed.
  • Cost: 10 TL. The price includes a visit to the aquarium and the zoo.

Kursunlu Eskisehir Mosque (Kursunlu Camisi Ve Kulliyesi)

This Islamic temple was built by order of the vizier Mustafa Pasha in 1525 and bears great historical value. The attraction is located in the old district of Exishehir Odunpazara. Some sources claim that Mimar Sinan himself, a famous Ottoman architect, participated in the design of the mosque. Translated from Turkish, the name of the shrine is interpreted as “lead”. The structure received this name due to its main dome made of lead. In addition to the temple, the Kursunlu complex includes madrasahs, kitchens and a caravanserai.

Kursunlu Eskisehir Mosque
  • Address: Paşa Mahallesi, Mücellit Sk., 26030 Odunpazarı / Eskişehir.
  • Opening hours: You can go inside the mosque in between prayers in the morning and afternoon.
  • Cost of visit: free.

Museum of Glass (Cagdas Cam Sanatlari Muzesi)

The Museum of Glass was born in 2007 in the historical district of Odunpazara and is dedicated to contemporary glass art. The gallery presents the work of 58 Turkish and 10 foreign masters. This is not just a museum of glass figures, but a unique workshop where glass and art are transformed into original products. Here you will see surreal works, and glass paintings, and intricate installations. The museum will be interesting for both art lovers and connoisseurs of unusual ideas.

Museum of Glass
  • Address: Akarbaşı Mahallesi, T. Türkmen Sk. No: 45, 26010 Odunpazarı / Eskişehir.
  • Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 17:00. Monday is a day off.
  • Cost of visit: 5 TL.

Hotels in Eskisehir

Ibis Eskisehir Hotel
Ibis eskisehir

Among the accommodation options in the city are hostels, hotels of category 3 and 4 stars. There are several 5 * hotels. Since most of Eskisehir’s iconic objects are located in the center, it’s most logical to find a number in this area. The average cost of renting a double room per day in a 3 * hotel is 150-200 TL. The lowest price among hotels of this type is 131 TL. Many establishments include free breakfast.

If you are looking for the best budget offers, you can stay at a local hostel: the price for a double for a night will be 80-90 TL. Well, those who prefer 5 * hotels will pay 200-300 TL per night. Sometimes you can find very advantageous offers when the price of a room in a 3 * hotel coincides with the cost of a room in a five-star establishment. For example, we managed to find an elite version for only 189 TL per day.

At a budgetary institution Yusufeli Coruh Doner
Yusufeli Coruh Doner

In Eskisehir in Turkey there are many cafes and restaurants, canteens and inexpensive eateries, so there will definitely not be any problems with food. A meal together in a budgetary institution will cost 30-40 TL. In a mid-range restaurant, you will dine at 75 TL for two. And, of course, you always have at your disposal street oriental food, the check for which does not exceed 25 TL. Average price for drinks:

  • Cappuccino Cup – 9 TL
  • Pepsi 0.33 – 3 TL
  • Bottle of Water – 1 TL
  • Local beer 0.5 – 11 TL
  • Imported beer 0.33 – 15 TL

Weather and climate in Eskisehir

Looking at the photo of the city of Eskisehir in Turkey, it can be mistakenly assumed that summer is here all year round. However, warm weather is inherent in this region only between April and October. The summer months are quite hot here: the air temperature can warm up to 30 ° C and on average varies between 25-29 ° C. In September and October, the city is warm enough (about 20 ° C), but already in November the temperature drops to 13 ° C, and long rains begin.

Winter in Eskisehir is pretty cool: often the thermometer drops to minus points (- 3 ° C maximum) and snow falls. The spring months are characterized by frequent rains, but gradually the air warms up and by April already reaches 17 ° C, and by May – 22 ° C. Thus, the best time to visit the city is from May to October.

How to get to Eskisehir

Airport Eskisehir Anadolu Havaalani
Eskisehir Anadolu Havaalani

Eskisehir has its own airport Eskisehir Anadolu Havaalani, located 7.5 km from the city center and serving both local and some international flights. However, at present his work has been suspended, and it will not work to get here by plane from other Turkish cities.

If you look at Eskisehir on a map of Turkey, you will understand that it is located near Ankara (235 km), so it is easiest to get to the city from the capital. This can be done by bus or train.

By bus

City Station Eskişehir Otogarı
Eskişehir Otogarı

You need to find the intercity bus to Eskisehir at the metropolitan bus station Aşti Otogarı. Buses in this direction leave around the clock at intervals of 30-60 minutes. The fare depending on the company varies within 27-40 TL. Travel time is an average of 3 hours. Transport arrives at the main city station Eskişehir Otogarı, which is 3.5 km east of the center of Eskisehir.

By train

Train to Eskisehir

High-speed trains depart from Ankara Railway Station Ankara Yüksek Hızlı Tren Garı daily to Eskisehir: in total 5 flights are carried out per day (at 06:20, 10:55, 15:45, 17:40 and 20:55). The cost of a ticket in an economy-class carriage is 30 TL, in a business-class carriage – 43.5 TL. Travel time takes 1.5 hours. These are the ways to get to Eskisehir, Turkey.

Prices and timetables on the page are for December 2018.

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