Alanya attractions – 9 best places to see in Alanya

Travelers have always been greatly interested in resorts which make it possible to combine a beach holiday with exciting sightseeing opportunities.

The sights of Alanya in Turkey are very diverse and allow you to get acquainted with the history of the city, enjoy its natural beauty, look at unique caves and arrange beautiful cruises on the sea.

Alanya is still developing quite rapidly, and every year more and more opportunities for tourists crop up.

What attractions of Alanya are worth seeing and what to expect from them – we describe next.

Alanya, Turkey

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Red Tower

One of the oldest attractions in Alanya is the Red Tower, which today has become a symbol and hallmark of the city. The stronghold was erected at the beginning of the 13th century by the Seljuk Sultan Aladdin Keykubat as a defensive object of the Alanya fortress. The name of the tower is associated with a shade of stones lining it. Next to the old building there is a small museum of shipbuilding, which exhibited models of ships and some items of construction items.

Red tower

The Red Tower is also a viewing platform, from where you can see the rich and vibrant landscapes of picturesque Alanya. The steps leading to the very top of the structure are rather steep and high (about half a meter), so you need to be extremely careful here. In general, this is one of those attractions in Alanya that you definitely need to see while relaxing at the resort. Make it easy on your own, without buying an excursion.

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On the red tower
  • Address: Çarşı Mahallesi, İskele Cd. No: 102, 07400 Alanya, Turkey.
  • Opening hours: daily from 09:00 to 19:00.
  • The cost of visiting: the price of a ticket to the tower is 6 TL, a single ticket “tower + museum” costs 8 TL.

Cableway (Alanya Teleferik)

What to see in Alanya besides the Red Tower? One of the most exciting events can be a trip by cable car uphill to the ancient castle of Alanya.

The lift leaves from the station located near Cleopatra beach. The trip takes no more than 5 minutes.

During this time you will have time to enjoy the sea views and unforgettable views of the city.


Upstairs you find yourself in the northern part of the fortress, connected to the main buildings by special paths.

You can get to the outer walls of the castle, which are of major tourist interest, in 15 minutes on your own (distance no more than 1 km).

There are seating areas on the mountain, there is a cafe selling drinks and ice cream.

Previously, this part of the castle was hidden from travelers, and almost no one visited it, but with the advent of the cable car, it became quite popular.

  • Address: Saray Mahallesi, Güzelyalı Cd. 8-12, 07400 Alanya, Turkey.
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday, the funicular runs from 09:30 to 18:00. On Saturday and Sunday – from 09:30 to 19:00.
  • The cost of the trip: the price of an adult ticket in both directions is 20 TL, children’s ticket – 10 TL.

Alanya Fortress (Alanya Kalesi)

If you decide what to see for yourself among the attractions of Alanya, then do not lose sight of the main city fortress. A large-scale construction was built in 1226 on a hill at an altitude of 250 m above sea level. The area of ​​the historical complex is almost 10 hectares, and its walls stretch over a distance of about 7 km. You can independently explore the free part of the fortress, where there are ancient stone cisterns and a functioning mosque.

Alanya Fortress

In the paid section of the sights you will find the ancient citadel and the fortress of Ehmedek. Here the church of St. George of the Byzantine era is located, but due to the dilapidated state it is too forbidden to approach it too close. However, the main advantages of this Alanya landmark are not so much in its ancient buildings, but in breathtaking views from the very top of the fortress.

Church ruins
  • Address: Hisariçi Mahallesi, 07400 Alanya, Turkey.
  • Opening hours: daily from 08:00 to 17:00.
  • Entrance fee: 20 TL.

Shipyard in Alanya (Alanya Shipyard)

Another attraction worth seeing in Alanya in Turkey is a shipyard located near the walls of the city fortress. This is the only shipyard in the country that has survived to this day in such good condition.

Once upon a time, small wooden ships were built here, which later went sailing throughout the Mediterranean Sea.


Today, there are five arched workshops left from the building, and part of the building props, which you can independently study in the museum operating here, has been preserved.

Among its exhibits are the skeletons of ships, anchors and ancient instruments that provide a clear picture of how the construction of ships was carried out in the Middle Ages.

A visit to the museum will interest both adults and children. The shipyard is surrounded by a beautiful bay where you can swim.

Museum exhibit
  • Address: Tophane Mahallesi, Tersane Sk. No: 9, 07400 Alanya, Turkey.
  • Opening hours: daily from 09:00 to 19:00.
  • The cost of visiting: 5 TL, but it will be more economical to purchase a single ticket, which includes entrance to other attractions (Red Tower + Shipyard = 8 TL, Red Tower + Shipyard + Damlatas Cave = 12 TL).


Spread close to the fortress, is a lively bay filled with pirate-style yachts and ships, making it is a great place to stroll.

Here you always have the opportunity to go on a boat tour for an additional fee.

In the afternoons it will be a picturesque boat trip, and in the evening you will find a real party on the deck with a foam disco and free drinks.

An excursion steam train runs here as well, rolling tourists through the main streets of the resort.

Ships in the harbor

A chain of various restaurants and bars stretches parallel to the harbor, where you can spend a pleasant evening admiring the sunset and the monumental views of the fortress.

Nearby is a shopping street that sells souvenirs, textiles, gold and other popular Turkish goods.

The harbor is located right in the center of Alanya, you can visit it yourself at any time. It will be interesting both day and night.

Harbor in Alanya

Alanya Gardens

The authorities of Alanya seek to develop the resort, so every year something new appears in the city. Most recently, a culture and recreation park called Alanya Gardens was built here. The attraction lies high on a hill and pleases with a beautiful and comfortable arrangement. The territory of the park is decorated with gardens and fountains, here you will find a lot of amenities in the form of cafes, barbecue areas, children’s playgrounds and a concert amphitheater. On the territory there are several viewing platforms that unfold before the gaze all the beauty of Alanya: the sea, mountains, a busy city.

Gardens of Alanya

Many tourists still do not know about the new place, and when deciding what to see in Alanya on their own, they simply lose sight of it. The landmark of the park is the huge ALANYA inscription with a red heart, set high on a hill. You can get to the object by city bus number 8. Entrance to the Gardens of Alanya is open at any time, admission is free.

Dimcay River

Among the attractions of Alanya in Turkey there are also interesting natural sites. The Dimchay River is famous for its large reservoir, which was built here in 2008. Surrounded by pine forests, the dam looks especially picturesque during the rainy season, when its waters are painted in azure. It offers panoramic views of the mountains and the valley, along which swift river flows.

Dimchay Reservoir
Cafe on the Dimchay River

From the bottom at the foot of the reservoir are numerous restaurants serving national Turkish cuisine. The place is very popular among locals, but tourists know little about this corner of the resort. It is especially pleasant to relax in a cafe on the Dimchay River on a summer evening, when the mountain waters carry the long-awaited refreshing breeze and coolness. This attraction of Alanya in Turkey is not difficult to visit on your own. The dam is located only 15 km from the city center, and it is easy to get here by bus number 10.

  • Address: Kuzyaka Mahallesi, 07450 Alanya, Turkey.

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Dim Cave

What else can you see on your own in Alanya and the surrounding area? It is definitely worth going to one of the largest caves in Turkey called Dim. It is best to combine this trip with a visit to the Dimchay River, because the objects are located just 20 minutes from each other. Dim Cave is more than a million years old, but was found only in 1986. It is located at a depth of 350 m, and its length exceeds 400 m. The cave consists of large and small halls where you can look at stalactites, stalagmites and ancient ceramic fragments. The sounds of a Turkish pipe are heard inside, which creates a mysterious atmosphere.

Dim Cave
Entrance to the cave Dim

Despite the fact that the object is conveniently equipped with paths and railings, it is better to visit it in sports shoes. The humidity here is 90% and the temperature is 20 ° C, so a light jacket may come in handy. To independently explore the entire attraction, it will take no more than 30 minutes. You can get here by bus number 10.

  • Address: Kestel Mahallesi, 07450 Alanya, Turkey.
  • Opening hours: daily from 09:00 to 18:30.
  • Cost of visit: 8 TL.

Damlatas Caves

The last attraction worth seeing in Alanya is Damlatas Cave. It was discovered in 1948 during the construction of the pier: building materials were extracted from the mountain through explosions, as a result of one of which the grotto was opened. The cave is quite small and shallow, its length is not more than 45 m. Here you can look at stalactites and stalagmites, which are several millennia old. The walls are illuminated with beautiful lighting, but overall there is a twilight inside.

Damlatas cave

The cave is characterized by almost 100% humidity at a temperature of 24 ° C, and in its air the level of carbon dioxide is exceeded 10 times the norm. Therefore, breathing here is quite difficult, but the air in the grotto is considered healing. Damlatas is located in the very center of Alanya near the Cleopatra beach, so it is very easy to get here on your own (on foot or by bus number 4).

Entrance to Damlatas caves
  • Address: Çarşı Mahallesi, Damlataş Cd. No: 81, 07400 Alanya, Turkey.
  • Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 19:00.
  • Entrance fee: 6 TL.


Indeed, the sights of Alanya (Turkey) are so diverse and interesting that they can become the main reason for a trip to the resort. It is important that almost all objects can be reached in a few minutes by public transport. At the same time, the cost of entrance tickets is not very high, and some places do not require payment at all. Now you know what to see in Alanya on your own. It remains only to draw up a plan of excursions, using the information from our article, and you are guaranteed an unforgettable vacation in Turkey.

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