Cleopatra Beach – Most Beautiful Beach in Alanya

The Cleopatra beach along with Konyaalti is one of the best known and most beautiful beaches in Turkey.

It is located on the western side of Alanya peninsula, not far from Damlatas Cave. On the land side it is bordered by hotels, restaurants, cafes and Atatürk Park and Boulevard.

The beach in the heart of Alanya is famous for its crystal clear water and its relation with the Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

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Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach owes its name to an event from antiquity. The castle and city of Alanya were given to Cleopatra by the Roman general Marc Antony after the death of Julius Caesar.

According to legend, she came to the bay to swim during a voyage through the Mediterranean Sea. She is said to have particularly liked the fine coral sand of the beach.

It is said that she even brought her own desert sand from Egypt. But one can imagine there is little truth in that.

Two thousand years later, the kilometer long Cleopatra Beach attracts tourists from all over the world. The sandy beach is a perfect place for various water sports such as surfing, jet skiing, parasailing and kite surfing.

The advantages of the beach also include the restaurants and cafes that are located along the promenade. They often offer free WiFi.

Children’s entertainment is provided in the adjacent Ataturk Park, which features a mini golf course. At the western end of the beach is a small amusement park, the Lunapark.

Heads-up! Take care on your day out with small children at Cleopatra Beach. The shore of the beach drops relatively quickly into the water. After a few meters, the depth is no longer suitable for unsecured children. The waves are also a bit higher along Cleopatra Beach. As an adult this doesn’t bother you, but with small children its best to remain cautious.

1. Good hotels on Cleopatra Beach

Summer, sun and beach loungers

There are of course dozens of hotels in all parts of Alanya. We have put together a collection of the most recommended hotels that are right on Cleopatra Beach. 

We only looked for accommodations with good guest reviews and a short walk to the beach (max. 5 minutes).

These are our preferred hotels, guesthouses and apartments that are right on the beach promenade.


Asia Beach Resort & Spathe only 5 star hotel in the center of Alanya is only separated from Cleopatra Beach by the coastal boulevard.

Hotel Rivieraa good 4 star hotel in the middle area of ​​Cleopatra Beach with good reviews. It is separated from the beach only by Ataturk Park.

Grand Okanthe 4 star hotel is also only separated from Cleopatra Beach by Atatürk Park. It is a good place for a vacation with the whole family.

Alaiye Kleopatra Hotelthe 4 star hotel is only separated from Cleopatra Beach by the coastal boulevard. Alaiye Kleopatra, like all other hotels, is in an ideal location between the beach and all other interesting places in Alanya.

Guesthouses / Bed & Breakfast and Apartments

Kleopatra Suit – Families & Couples: The Suit is one of the best pensions in all of Alanya. You are only 200 meters from the sea and in the best city center location you can reach the harbor district and castle hill within a few minutes.

Miray Hotel – Couples, Certificate of Excellence: The Miray is a recommendation for those who do not want to spend an all-inclusive pool holiday in Turkey. There are many shops and restaurants in the area. Cleopatra Beach is 100 meters away.

Hatipoglu Beach Hotel – Families & Couples: The guesthouse is located on the middle section of the beach. The quality-price ratio in the 3 star accommodation is very good compared to the location and the services.

Tuna Apartments – Families & Couples: For self catering, Tuna is an excellent place to spend a holiday in Alanya. Shops, pubs and restaurants are in the immediate vicinity. The beach can be reached in a few minutes.

2. Sun beds, umbrellas and vendors

Harbor walls, on the opposite side of the castle, 10 minutes from Cleopatra Beach.

Admission to Cleopatra Beach is free, only for the rental of beach chairs and umbrellas a fee is charged on the entire beach.

Two sun loungers and a parasol currently cost €7.50 for one day. If you are staying at a hotel on Cleopatra Beach, you can pay the amount directly at the hotel. The rental fee is therefore slightly cheaper.

There are free showers on the beach, changing cabins are also available.

The vendors are not pushy compared to other countries and beaches. Loud music is not played on most stretches of beach. You just have to walk a few meters further to have peace of mind in case there is a cacophony going on.

A few snack bars spread across the beach provide you with small meals and drinks at moderate prices. Of course you can just walk 100 meters further to the beach promenade. There you will find a lot of restaurants, shops and cafes.

The sunny bathing weather at Cleopatra Beach in Alanya.

3. Cleanliness, water and beach

The Cleopatra carries the “Blue Flag” eco-label, which is awarded every year in the area of ​​sustainable tourism to coasts, inland waterways and marinas that have complied with standards in the areas of environmental management, service quality and water quality in the previous season. In the bay there are no jellyfish and the water is free of pollution.

Basically the entire beach section is clean and is cleaned regularly. Cigarette butts and other small things can still be found in the sand. Which is simply because it is regularly used by thousands of holidaymakers and unfortunately not everyone cares enough to leave behind no trash.

4. The water temperature at the beach and the weather

Damlatas Beach- this is the eastern section of Cleopatra Beach beneath the Castle Hill

The water temperatures at Cleopatra Beach vary depending on the season. The main bathing season starts in June and lasts until September. The water temperatures during these months range between 25°C and 28°C. 

The highest temperatures are reached in August. Even in the off-season, Cleopatra Beach already offers pleasant bathing temperatures. 

From mid-April, the sea water off the Turkish Riviera warms up to over 21-22°C. Water temperatures of around 24°C can still be expected well into October.

In the summer months, less than one rainy day per month can be expected. Average temperatures are above 30°C. There can also be isolated hot days with up to 40°C.

5. Water sports and other activities

The bay where Cleopatra Beach is located is perfect for running and swimming. Many other sports and water sports are also offered, some of which are subject to a fee.

Parasailing at Cleopatra Beach in Alanya

These include parasailing, surfing, kite surfing, jet skiing, banana boating and beach volleyball. Sailing boats can also be hired at the nearby marina of Alanya. Various diving stations also offer their offers along Cleopatra Beach.

When diving with diving goggles, the fish and the natural beauty under the water can be admired. If you are looking for a longer swim, you can swim from the beach to Damlats Cave. This is located slightly above sea level under the Alanya peninsula.

Ataturk Park

6. Other Sights of Alanya away from the Beach

A day at the beach can be perfectly combined with a visit to the Castle Hill, the Damlatas Cave or a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Alanya. All listed sights in Alanya are located at the eastern end of Cleopatra Beach. 

On a hot day, the Damlatas stalactite cave is an ideal place to cool off with its constant temperature of 23° all year round. Admission currently costs 5 Turkish lira. 

It is advisable to always have the amounts at hand in the local currency. The Alanya Museum is also a popular place to find shelter from the sun or a break from the beach at lunchtime.

How about paragliding?

If you are looking for an adventure, then walk to the western end of Cleopatra Beach. There are a few paragliding schools that offer tandem jumps from the Taurus Mountains back to Cleopatra Beach almost every hour.

A tandem jump from the Taurus Mountains is something very special, as the mountains are almost 2,000m high and the flight back to Cleopatra Beach takes a long time.

Landmark of Alanya, the Red Tower

The castle hill is a particularly popular destination in the late afternoon. On it was once the winter palace of the Seljuk sultan. In the 2nd century BC the fortress was a base for Cilician pirates. The excursion ships in the port of Alanya carry the pirate-ship looks for this reason. The top of Castle Hill can be reached either on foot from Cleopatra Beach or by bus.

At the end of a day at Cleopatra Beach, you will be rewarded once again by the setting sun with a uniquely beautiful view of Alanya Castle Hill. 

The restaurants along the beach promenade invite you to linger a little longer. Preparations for Alanya’s wild nightlife are already beginning in the harbor district on the eastern side of the peninsula.

7. Other beautiful beaches in Alanya

Beach at the harbor walls

Beach at the harbor walls: an insider tip is that locals and expatriates in Alanya like to visit is the beach beneath the Red Tower harbor walls.

Orange or Keykubat Beach: is the long sandy beach in the east of Alanya. There are many beach bars and restaurants on the beach.

Ulas Beach: a small sandy beach below the cliffs between Alanya and Konakli. Many excursion boats stop at the hidden beach and you can reach it by bus from the center of Alanya.

Gazipasa: the coast of Alanya’s eastern neighboring town is an absolute insider tip. The kilometer-long beach is almost deserted and the water is crystal clear.

Antiochia ad Cragnum: probably the most beautiful bathing bay is hidden in the ancient ruins of Antiochia ad Cragnum near Gazipasa. The bay is separated from the sea by a natural rock gate.

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