18 Best Beaches in Turkey

Turkey occupies a leading position in the market of travel services and is ready to provide its guests with the best conditions for recreation. In particular, this applies to numerous beaches, where local authorities are trying to create all conditions for a quality vacation. Some of them do not always correspond to the set level, others exceed the expectations of travelers.

The best beaches in Turkey can be found not only on the Mediterranean, but also on the Aegean coast. And in order to facilitate your task in finding the ideal vacation option, we decided to make our own rating of the most worthy beaches of this sunny country.

Sandy beach in Turkey

Sandy beaches

Cleopatra beach

Kleopatra Beach

The beach is located in Alanya, 2.2 km northwest of the city center. The coastline is about 2000 m. The local coast is well-groomed and clean. Sand cover with predominantly coarse sand. The waters here are open, but calm, occasionally small waves appear, the approach from the shore is comfortable and soft. The place is perfect for families with children. There are toilets and changing cabins on the beach, there is an opportunity to rent sun loungers with umbrellas for only $ 1.5. Nearby are many cafes and restaurants, as well as shops and supermarkets.

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The town of Iztuzu has among the best sandy beaches of Turkey. This is a unique place, washed on the one hand by the fresh water of the Dalyan River, and on the other, by the salty waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. Often it is called the turtle beach: after all, sea turtles (carreths) come here to lay their eggs. It is located 21 km west of the city of Dalaman.

Iztuzu Beach
Turtles on Iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu Beach, with a length of more than 5400 m, has preserved its pristine beauty, as evidenced by its clean coastline and crystal waters. The coating is sandy, the sand is fine, golden. The approach from the shore is smooth and comfortable, which provides a very safe vacation with children. The beach provides paid sun loungers with umbrellas, changing rooms, showers and toilets. There are several cafes and restaurants nearby.


The beach is located in the small resort town of Icmeler, which is located 8 km southwest of the famous Marmaris, and is considered one of the best in Turkey in the Aegean Sea. The coastline is sandy, in some places small stones are found. The entry into the water is long and smooth, the shallow water goes to a depth of only a few meters, so it is very comfortable to relax with children here. The coast is quite clean, the water is clear. The beach offers scenic mountain views with relict pines.

Icmeler Beach, Turkey

There are both hotel areas and free zones on the beach. However, the use of showers, changing rooms, toilets and sun loungers is subject to an additional charge. Near the beach there are many bars and cafes, where you can also rent sun loungers. In general, there is everything for organizing a decent vacation.


Kaputas beach

20 km north-west of the miniature city of Kas lies one of the best beaches in Turkey, Kaputash. And although its length is only 200 m and its width is 30 m, it amazes travelers with the purity of its azure waters and spectacular landscapes. The coast is sandy, the entrance from the coast is smooth and comfortable. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay: toilets, showers, changing rooms, sunbeds for rent. There is a restaurant on the beach with fast food and ice cream. However, there are often waves, so this place is not entirely successful for families with children. You can visit this sandy beach by paying $ 2.5.

Lara Beach

Lara, of course, can be attributed to be one of the best beaches in Turkey for families with children. It is located just 14 km south of Antalya Airport and is famous for its highly developed infrastructure. The coastline stretches for 3,500 m, although its width is small and is 20-30 meters. Lara has a sandy coating with predominantly coarse sand.

Lara Beach in Turkey

In high season during the daytime, water here is unclear due to the large flow of tourists, but early in the morning you can enjoy a clean, transparent sea. The entrance to the water is gentle without sharp cliffs, so the beach is perfect for a safe holiday with children. Lara Beach has all the amenities, including showers, latrines, changing rooms, restaurants and sun loungers with umbrellas ($ 3 rental). The beach has a Blue Flag certificate.


Altinkum Beach in Turkey

Located 2.6 km southeast of the city of Didim, Altinkum Beach is one of the best by the Aegean Sea. The coastline with a length of more than 1000 m is distinguished by landscaping and clear waters and is approved by the Blue Flag organization. The name Altinkum, which translates as “golden sand”, speaks for itself: here you will meet soft fine sand of bright yellow color. The entrance to the sea is even, the bottom is comfortable, and, in general, the area is characterized by shallow water, which ensures a comfortable stay with children.

Along the beach restaurants and eateries, shops and shops

For an additional fee on the beach there is the possibility of renting sunbeds, there are paid toilets, changing cabins and showers. Along the coastline are numerous restaurants and eateries, shops and shops. A big minus of the beach is its crowdedness. Even early in the morning you can meet tourists here, and during the day it is almost impossible to find a free place. However, it is one of the best sandy beaches in Turkey with real sand.

Billy’s beach

Billy's Beach South of Fethiye

A small beach with a length of not more than 500 meters lies 25 km south of the town of Fethiye. The sandy coast will delight you with its well-groomed appearance and cleanliness. The area is a small but picturesque bay with a uniform entry into the water. At Billy’s Beach it will be convenient to relax with children, since it is very shallow here. In addition, the territory has everything you need, including paid sun loungers, toilets, showers and changing rooms. Lunch is possible in numerous local restaurants. Water sports equipment is available for rent on the coast, in particular kayaks and catamarans.

Ilica Plaji (Cesme)

Ilica Plaji Beach

Ilica Plaji is located near the Cesme beach town, 83 km southwest of Izmir, the city where the best beaches in Turkey are located. The coastline is a little more than 2000 m. This area is distinguished by landscaping and highly developed infrastructure. The coverage here is sandy, the area is clean and well-groomed. The water in the sea is blue and transparent, the entrance to the water is even, and the depth begins only after 20 meters. Such shallow water will certainly appeal to families with young children.

Depth starts only after 20 meters

This sandy beach is free, but the use of its infrastructure is subject to payment. So, rent sunbeds with umbrellas will cost $ 6.5. Shower, changing rooms and toilets at Ilica Plaji are also paid. In this resort place you can find a whole series of cafes and restaurants, small shops and large shops.


If you are looking for the best white sand beaches in Turkey, then Patara is what you need. The facility is located 2.6 km south of the village of Gelemysh. This is the country’s unique beach with a length of about 20,000 m and a width reaching in some places almost 1,000 m. Here you will find soft snow-white sand, crystal clear sea waters, a flat and smooth bottom and breathtaking views. Such conditions are perfect for families with children.

Beach Patara Beach

Patara, in fact, is a wild coast, and civilized corners occupy only a small part of it. In the tourist area, you can find everything you need to relax: deckchairs with umbrellas ($ 3), showers, toilets and changing rooms. On the shore you can also dine in the cafe and try Turkish gozleme cakes. Entrance to the sandy beach is paid and is $ 2 per person.


Antalya is a resort where the best sand beaches in Turkey are located. It is here, near the walls of the old city, that a small strip of sandy shore is surrounded by stone blocks. This is a beach with a length of not more than 100 meters, which can be reached through the restaurant Mermerli. This territory has a clear sea, but the entry into the water is uneven, the depth begins literally after a couple of meters.

Mermerli Beach in Antalya

This is a very small sandy beach, where the beds lie close to each other, which creates a feeling of tightness and discomfort. But many tourists say that such inconvenience is offset by spectacular views and clear sea. Mermerli is paid, the entry price is $ 4. This price includes the rental of sun loungers with umbrellas, the use of toilets, showers and locker rooms. Since Mermerli is located next to the restaurant of the same name, vacationers have the opportunity to order food and drinks directly from the sunbeds.

Sand and pebble and pebble beaches

Blue Lagoon

The beach is located 4 km southwest of the resort town of Oludeniz and is famous for its serene and clear waters. Its length reaches 1000 m. The coastal cover is sand and pebble, it is a mixture of sand and small pebbles. The entrance to the sea is sandy and gentle. The beach is paid ($ 2), here you can rent sun loungers with umbrellas for $ 4. The territory is equipped with the necessary infrastructure, there are locker rooms, toilets, showers, as well as cafes and restaurants.

Beach Blue Lagoon

Many tourists say that this is not the best beach to relax in the Oludeniz area in Turkey. There is garbage on the coast, there is an unpleasant smell of sewage, sun loungers are old with dirty mattresses. However, the Blue Lagoon is calm, shallow and there are no waves, so this beach is often chosen by families with children.


The small village of Cirali is located 37 km south of the popular resort of Kemer in Turkey. It is here that there is a sand and pebble beach with a length of more than 3200 m. Its width in some areas reaches 100 meters. This is a very clean area with a clear sea, but the entrance from the coast is rocky, so it is better to bring special shoes with you. From the coast you can admire the majestic mountains and picturesque nature. There is practically no entertainment on the beach, so children can be bored here.

Beach Cirali Beach

There are free sun loungers in public areas, but there are no changing rooms or showers. You can rent sun loungers with umbrellas at nearby hotels: this will allow you to take advantage of the hotel’s beach infrastructure. Nearby Cirali Beach there are snack bars and restaurants where you can taste both Turkish and European cuisine.

Adrasan (Adrasan Sahili)

Adrasan Sahili Beach

The village of Adrasan is a popular resort among the inhabitants of Turkey, which is little known to mass tourism. But it is here that one of the best beaches in the country is located, stretching about 2700 meters with a crystal clear sea. The coastal cover is sand and pebble, mainly consists of sand and small pebbles. The entry into the water is shallow, deep water is far from the coast. This picturesque place, surrounded by mountains, is perfect for families with children. Numerous cafes and shops stretch along the coastline, and sun loungers with umbrellas can be rented on the beach itself. This calm and secluded place away from the bustle of the city is considered one of the most charming corners in Turkey.

Calis beach

2 km west of Fethiye there is a long pebble beach, the length of which exceeds 3,500 meters. The coast is quite deserted, you will not find large crowds of tourists here. The entrance from the shore is smooth and rocky, but the pebbles are small, so it does not cause discomfort, although in some places there are sharp blocks at the bottom.

Beach Calis Beach

The water is unclear, in some places there is dirt and garbage, so this object can hardly be called one of the best beaches in Turkey. But the lack of strong waves makes this place popular among families with children. The necessary infrastructure for recreation is organized on the territory: there are changing cabins, showers and toilets, you can rent sunbeds for $ 6.5 (2 pieces). Cafes and restaurants are plentiful, so it’s hard to stay hungry.

Akbuk Cove

Akbuk Cove Beach

Located 45 km southwest of the city of Mugla, Akbuk Cove, the best beach in the area, lurks among pine trees and mountains, stretching for 800 meters. Half-sandy, half-pebbled coast is washed by the purest Aegean waters. This cozy place, where locals mostly relax, managed to preserve the pristine beauty of nature. The entrance to the water is rocky, but gentle, the waves are practically absent, which will definitely appeal to families with children. On the territory you can rent sunbeds, there are restrooms and changing rooms. And if you get hungry, then you have a cafe with snacks and small markets.

Akvaryum Koyu

Akvaryum Koyu Beach

Akvaryum Koyu is not the best beach in Turkey. Small enough, only 100 meters long, it is located in the southeast of the island of Bozcaada in the Aegean Sea. The water here is so clean that you can safely explore the underwater world without even diving into the water. The coastal cover is sandy with an admixture of pebbles, the entry into the water is rocky, uneven, sharp stones come across at the bottom. There is no infrastructure at Akvaryum Koyu. You will not find either a cafe or deck chairs here. So the beach is not at all suitable for families with children. Most often, tourists come here to enjoy beautiful views and picturesque blue-green waters.


Konyaalti Beach is located 9 km west of the center of Antalya in Turkey. This is a relatively young, but successfully developing district of the city, which has already managed to obtain a Blue Flag certificate. The coastline is 8000 m long and 50 m wide is covered with small and medium pebbles. The bottom is quite flat, the entrance to the water is gentle. After 11:00, you can often see waves here, so families with children should come to the beach early.

Konyaalti Beach

On the coast, all the necessary conditions for relaxation are provided, there are sun loungers with umbrellas for hire for $ 1.5, there are showers, toilets and changing rooms. Here you can find many restaurants and cafes, as well as shops. This is a municipal beach, admission is free. And although city services try to clean the coast of dirt daily, in some parts of it you can find garbage. But this is perhaps the only minus of Konyaalti Beach, and, in general, it deserves to be included in our rating.

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