70 Things to Do in Antalya

This is the ultimate list of things to do in Antalya, featuring the most beautiful beaches, architectural monuments, activities and natural sights in Antalya city, Antalya province and Turkish Riviera.

Table of Contents

1. Sights in Antalya city

The marina in Antalya’s old town Kaleici.

1.1 Kaleici: Sights in Antalya’s old town

Since Antalya’s founding 2,200 years ago, the city has seen a lot. Its rich history is reflected in the streets of the old town. 

The old town district of Kaleici, located above the cliffs, houses most of the sights in downtown Antalya. Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman buildings stand side by side. 

Of course there are also shopping streets, a bazaar, cafes, bars and restaurants in Antalya old town.

Saat Kulesi in Antalya’s old town Kaleici

1.2 Saat Kulesi (Clock Tower)

The Saat Kulesi is a perfect starting point for a stroll through Antalya’s old town. Together with a second tower, it belonged to the fortifications at the old main gate of the city walls of Antalya. 

At that time the tower had no clock. There are a few benches on the square in front of the Saat Kulesi. They are popular with locals and tourists to take a break. The young people of Antalya like to meet there for dates. 

You can find the clock tower fairly easily on the map. It is located on Cumhuriyet Cadessi at Kazim Özalp Cadessi above the port. 

Along with the adjacent Yivil Minare, Saat Kulesi is one of Antalya’s most popular attractions.

The grooved Yivli minaret and Antalya’s old town.

1.3 Yivli Minare (Minaret)

The minaret is part of the Yivli Minare Mosque. It was probably built by order of the Selschuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat I. Bricks were used as building materials. They were stacked on a stone base in the form of a column. Blue tiles are attached for decoration. 

Many locals see the 38 meter high structure as a symbol of Antalya. That is why the minaret is also one of the most popular sights in the city.

1.4 Mevlevihane (Monastery of Whirling Dervishes)

Members of the Mevlevi-Tariqa live in this monastery. You have probably heard of them by the name “dervishes”. 

They are known for their modesty, poetry, knowledge, medicine and dance. By dancing they try to put themselves in a kind of ecstatic trance. They believe that they can get in direct contact with Allah. 

The Mevlevi-Tariqa (Mevlevie Dervish Order) organizes exhibitions of contemporary artists in its monastery.

Marina in Antalya’s old town Kaleici

1.5 Old Town / Marina (Yat Limani)

The old port of Antalya is worth a visit. It has been in use since Roman times and has long been one of the most important ports in southern Turkey

From the old town, the harbor can be reached via a street lined with souvenir stalls. The old town quarter is about 40-50 meters above the port on a cliff. In the upper area of ​​the harbor there is a wonderful view of the sea from the outdoor dining areas of the cafes, bistros and bars.

Boat tours to various sights are offered from the port. The two most popular tours lead to the Düden waterfall or to Side. There are also party boats where you can celebrate at an all-inclusive price. Other ships sail the bays and beaches around Antalya.

Hadrian’s Gate in Antalya

1.6 Hadrian Kapisi (Hadrian’s Gate)

The gate was built in AD 130 to honor a visit by the Roman Emperor Hadrian. It is the only access to the old town of Antalya that has been preserved from antiquity. 

Hadrian’s Gate is richly decorated with ornaments and looks more like a Roman triumphal arch than a gate. It consists of three arches. Towers built in the 2nd century BC frame the archways on the left and right.

1.7 Karaalioglu Parki (City Park)

The Karaalioglu Park is located a few minutes outside of the old town in the south. Views of Antalya Gulf, City Hall, City Theater and Hidirlik Tower are among the most popular attractions in its vicinity.

With its fountains, tea gardens and beach promenade, the park exudes its own charm. The park is the perfect place to relax a little while sightseeing in Antalya.

1.8 Hidirlik Kulesi (Hidirlik Tower)

The Hidirlik Tower has watched over Antalya’s harbor since the 1800s.

1,800 years ago the Hidirlik Kulesi was built as a harbor fortification and lighthouse. It lies between the land and sea walls of Antalya. 

Overall, the rounded building is 14 meters high. On its northern side is the Old Town and on the south is Karaalioglu Park.

1.9 Bazaar in Antalya

The bazaar district in the north of the old town naturally belongs in this guide. It is partly based on the pattern of old oriental bazaars. A wide variety of goods and services are offered at the stands. 

Craftsmen have their stands in the narrow streets, as do sellers of modern industrial products. At the bazaar you can buy cheaper souvenirs than directly in the old town.

Except for food, you can generally reduce the price by 30-50%. Start bargaining for half the price offered by the dealer and then adjust your bids according to how the conversation goes. A cup of tea is often offered during or after the sales.

Exhibit in Antalya’s Archaeological Museum

1.10 Antalya Archaeological Museum

The Antalya Museum tells the history of the city and the southern coast of Turkey. There are exhibits from Yörüken nomads, Romans, Crusaders and Ottomans. 

It is ranked among the best archaeological and ethnographic museums in Turkey. Numerous finds from different epochs of Antalya and Perge are exhibited. 

The museum offers its visitors a good overview of Antalya’s sights and tells more about the history of the ancient buildings that you can see all over the province.

Ruins of the ancient city of Perge

1.11 Perge

Perge is a city founded by the Hittites 6,000 years ago. For a long time it was inhabited by Greeks and Romans. A devastating earthquake heralded their downfall. 

The magnificent theater still gives an idea of ​​the extent of the ancient city. 14,000 visitors could be seated in the theater of Perge. The ruins are 15 kilometers outside of Antalya.

If you are interested in history, we recommend “From Antalya: Perge, Side, Aspendos & Waterfall Guided Tour”. You will see three ancient cities in one day in this guided tour.

1.12 Beach Park in Antalya

Above the cliffs at Konyaalti Beach you will find Atatürk Park. It runs parallel to Konyaalti Caddesi. 

Nothing can be heard from the traffic noise of the busy main road. Paths lead down along the cliffs to coves. 

In the park are also a few small restaurants and picnic tables. At the adjacent Konyaalti Beach there are sun loungers and parasols to borrow. So that you can also spend a leisurely day at the beach.

1.13 Kazim Özalp street

The street is not one of the typical sights of Antalya, but is the busiest pedestrian zone in the city center. It begins at the Clock Tower and continues north to Muratpasa Camii (Muratpasa Mosque). There are many shops, restaurants and bars along the street. Compare the prices in the individual stores if you want to buy something. 

The differences can be quite large. Because of the tourists, some exchange offices have opened. They unfortunately offer a pretty poor exchange rate. You can get a better rate by withdrawing cash from a bank using a credit card.

Antalya Aquarium

1.14 Antalya Aquarium

The Antalya Aquarium in Konyaalti offers a change from the beach. The cleanly laid out pools are home to underwater animals from all over the world’s oceans. You can see sharks, octopuses and some reptiles.

Recommended tour: Antalya Aquarium Skip-the-Line Ticket and Transfer!

Lower Düden Waterfall in Antalya in April

1.15 Lower Düden Waterfall in Antalya Lara

On the cliffs of Antalya near Lara, the masses of water from the Düden Waterfall plunge down into the sea. The unique nature experience can be viewed from land and from the water. Excursion boats run regularly from the harbor to the more than 30 meter high waterfall.

Recommended: Excursion to the Düden waterfall by boat!

View of upper Duden waterfall from the platform

1.16 Upper Düden Waterfall and Park

The Düden river falls 10km north of the cliffs in a small forest area within Antalya down a 10m high waterfall. 

The park here includes a picnic area, some nice restaurants, tea gardens and, as a highlight, a cave directly behind the upper Düden waterfall. If you are looking for a good place to cool off on hot summer days, then make your way to the upper Düden waterfall!

1.17 Karain Cave & Museum

The Karain Cave is the largest ever inhabited cave in Turkey with over 40,000 year old traces of settlement. The finds are exhibited in the Prehistoric Department of the Archaeological Museum in Antalya and the Museum of Anatolian Cultures in Ankara. 

The cave is located in the Dösemealti district. The easiest way to reach them is via the D-350 expressway towards Burdur. After 25 kilometers there is a turnoff to Karain.

1.18 Mini City Antalya

Is it possible to see all the sights of Turkey in one day? In the mini-city of Antalya you will find at least the most famous sights in Turkey on a scale of 1:25. These include the Blue Mosque, Pamukkale, Mount Nemrut, the stone tombs in Myra, Troy and much more.

1.19 Antalya Zoo

Half an hour’s drive outside of Antalya is the city’s zoo. There are leopards, zebras, tigers, grizzly bears and many more animals to see. 

The zoo also includes a large park with typical Turkish picnic areas. The zoo is one of the best things to do in Antalya for children and showcases a wide range of wildlife from Turkey, Antalya and the rest of the world.

1.20 Shopping & malls in Antalya

In the old town there is the Özalp shopping street and of course the bazaar. A little outside is the Migros Shopping Center, the TerraCity, Mark Antalya, Ozdilek Park, Deepo Outlet Center and the Mall of Antalya.

In the shopping centers you will find international and national brand retailers. The prices are cheaper than in western Europe.

Larger than life sand sculptures in SANDLAND Antalya.

1.21 SANDLAND Festival Antalya

In the area of ​​the SANDLAND Festival at the western end of Lara Beach, new sculptures made of sand are created every year. 

The theme of the street art exhibition changes every year, so it pays to visit the festival again and again. The sand sculptures are usually created in April, during which time you can watch the artists at work. During the rest of the year you can see their amazingly durable sand sculptures.

Antalya Cable Car

1.22 Tunektepe Cable Car

A cable car goes up Tunektepe Hill at the western end of Konyaalti Beach. A great view of Antalya, the sea and the surrounding Taurus Mountains awaits you at the top. A restaurant at Tunaktepe also provides you with delicious Turkish food.

2. Day Trips from Antalya

Roman Theater in Aspendos

2.1 Trip to Aspendos

Aspendos has the best preserved Roman amphitheater in the world. Up to 15,000 visitors could sit in this 1,800-year-old magnificent building. As one of the popular destinations on the Turkish Riviera, Aspendos still draws the crowds today. 

Be sure to check out the ruins of the Aspendos Acropolis. Most guidebooks don’t even mention the magnificent structures on the hill behind the theater.

The easiest way to get there is with a trip to the ruins of Aspendos, all including food

2.2 Manavgat Bazaar

The largest market on the Turkish Riviera is popular both among locals and tourists. Not only souvenirs and odds and ends are offered. The stands here offer spices, fruit, vegetables, sweets, regional products and handicrafts.

At the bazaar you will also find the usual stalls with counterfeit branded clothing. 

Manavgat’s bazaar is busiest on Mondays, with fewer stalls on Thursdays which is due to markets taking place at the same time, for example in Alanya.

There are trips to the bazaar with an all-inclusive river cruise on the Manavgat River from most seaside resorts.

The landmark of Side: The Temple of Apollo.

2.3 Side

Excursions to Aspendos by the tour operators are usually combined with a visit to the old town of Side. The amphitheater in Side is not as well preserved as in Aspendos but is just as impressive. Many other buildings from the 3,000 year history of Side are waiting for you in the old town. 

There are countless jewelers, carpet dealers, souvenir shops and restaurants. Unfortunately, they are among the most expensive along the Turkish Riviera

The houses in the old town were built in the original Ottoman style. They date from the end of the 19th century. At that time, the place was resettled after many centuries. You can also take a tour of the Side Museum, the Temple of Apollo and the old city port.

Here is tour combining attractions in Side and Aspendos!

Observation deck on Manavgat river waterfalls

2.4 Manavgat river cruise

From Manavgat boats go to the waterfalls in the north and the estuary in the south at Titreyengol. Shows by musicians and belly dancers provide entertainment on the 3-4 hour boat trip. There is food and drinks on board. At the mouth into the sea, a break is made for swimming.

The limestone terraces of Pamukkale in March

2.5 Pamukkale and Hierapolis

Pamukkale, the UNESCO World Heritage and World Natural Heritage can be visited from Antalya in one or two-day excursions. You will see the natural limestone terraces created from thermal water and the ruins of the Roman city of Hierapolis, within which the snow-white limestone pools with the turquoise-blue thermal water are located.

Here is the link to the top rated tour to Pamukkale from Antalya province with lunch.

The 2m drop at Manavgat waterfalls

2.6 Manavgat Waterfalls (Buyuk Selale)

The waterfalls in the north of the city of Manavgat are worth seeing. You are about 4 kilometers outside of town. The water of the Manavgat River, coming from the Taurus Mountains, falls 2 meters down the large waterfall.

There are restaurants and barbecue areas at the tree-covered waterfall. At one point the water flows onto a viewing platform. There you can wade barefoot in the cool water. In summer, the area is an ideal place to cool off a bit.

Alanya port in June

2.7 Alanya

Alanya is one of Turkey’s most diverse tourist spots with a history dating back more than 2,500 years. In the 13th century Alanya was the winter residence of the Seljuk sultans. Magnificent buildings from this period have been preserved on the castle on the hill. 

The whole night through is celebrated in the open-air discotheques. Of course there are also clubs, bars and pubs. 

A special feature are Alanya’s party boats. On the sailing ships you can party all night long at an all-inclusive price. Apart from that, there is the famous Cleopatra Beach and Damlatas Cave in Alanya to see. Here you will find the best beaches and more than 60 sights in Alanya!

You can see up to to Side from the top of Tahtali on a clear day

2.8 Tahtali Dagi “Olympos”

In ancient times, people believed that Tahtali was one of the mountains on which Gods reside. So they called it Olympos. Even today, the 2,365 meter high mountain in the Taurus Mountains inspires tourists from all over the world. 

In 2007 a cable car was built to the summit. Since then, Tahtali Dagi, located near Kemer, has been part of the permanent program of sights on the Turkish Riviera.

There is a viewing platform at the top. From there you have a wonderful view of the nearby mountains and the coast. For the brave there is the possibility to take a paraglider (tandem) back to the coast.

Recommended tour: Olympos Cable Car Ride up Mt. Tahtali with hotel pick up and ticket.

The ruins of Phaselis.

A trip to Phaselis is the perfect combination of culture and beach. After visiting the ruins of the old Lycian trading city, head to the city port. In the small bathing bay you can swim comfortably without a lot of hustle and bustle and lie on the water’s edge. 

2.9 Phaselis

You can reach Phaselis by rental car, dolmus or via a guided tour.

With the last option you will also find out what Alexander the Great had to do with Phaselis. Phaselis is right next to the tourist town of Kemer. A car ride from Antalya takes 45-90 minutes, depending on traffic.

Click here for the possible all-inclusive boat trip to Phaselis from Antalya.

Adventure Park Oymapinar

2.10 Adventure Park Oymapinar

In the certified high ropes course Adventure Park Oymapinar things really get down to business. This facility is 40,000m² in size. You can explore the forest around the Oymapinar reservoir on four different courses.

You work your way from tree to tree along the route on cable cars, climbing nets and wobbly bridges. At a height of 1 to 25 meters, the adrenaline rises significantly on this high ropes course. If you are looking for a little thrill, the park is a perfect destination.

2.11 Yoruk Park in Kemer

Yörük Park is literally an open-air museum you can see the life of Turkish nomads. They lived in this region before the permanent settlement of the south coast. 

Inexpensive excursions are offered from Antalya. The bus ride and a traditional Turkish meal in the park are included. 

The park is particularly popular with children because of the many animals. Away from mass tourism, these attractions offer fresh air in the mountains of the Taurus Mountains, wonderful views of the coast and relaxation.

The rock tombs of Myra are a highlight on the Lycian coast!

2.12 Myra & the island of Kekova

The most famous resident of Myra was Nicholas of Myra. That is what “St. Nicholas” or “Santa Claus” are based on. 

The historical figure behind Santa Claus lived in the 4th century Roman city of Myra. His Church of the Holy Sepulchre, among other things, can be seen there. Of course you can also admire many other buildings from ancient Rome. For example an ancient theater and 2,300 year old Lycian rock tombs. 

Excursions to Myra are mostly combined with a stop at the island of Kekova. It is on the way from Antalya to Myra on the Lycian coast. The island is known for a submerged city on its coast which be visited by boat.

Here is a list of offered trips to Myra, Nicholas Basilica and Kekova.

Altinbesik Cave

2.13 Ormana and Altinbesik Cave

300 year old Ottoman stone houses, wild horses in a national park and one of the largest cave lakes in the world awaits you in the small village of Ormana in the Taurus Mountains. Day trips to Ormana are possible from the seaside resorts between Belek and Avsallar, otherwise it takes about two hours with a rental car from Antalya.

Recommended tour: Ormana sightseeing tour with hotel pickup and meals.

Alara Caravanserai

2.14 Alara Caravanserai (Han)

Alara Caravanserai used to be a safe place for caravans, traders and travelers to stay overnight. It was commissioned after the conquest of the Turkish Riviera by the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Kekubat. The small trout restaurant next to the caravanserai is also recommended.

2.14 Dinosaur Park Goynuk

Goynuk is 30-45 minutes drive from the center of Antalya. If you drive over the Göynük bridge towards Kemer, you will see the Dinopark on the left. There are 30 models of dinosaurs and an additional amusement park in the 30-hectare area of ​​the park.

The ruins of the port city of Olympos hide in the forest on the coast.

2.15 Olympos Beach and the Ancient City

The ancient ruins of Olympos city in Cirali, overgrown by plants and trees is one of the most beautiful ancient archaeological sites in the province of Antalya. 

The ruins are just a 20-minute walk from Olympos Beach. Because of this, Olympos is a perfect combination of history and a lazy beach day. The entire area has been a nature reserve for decades because of the sea turtle species Caretta Caretta. 

Thousands of animals lay their eggs on the beach every year. This is also the reason why Cirali has developed differently from the surrounding tourist resorts. 

In cooperation with the WWF, the small village has been developed into one of the few eco-tourism locations in Turkey. That’s why no big hotels were ever built. Instead, there are small pensions, bungalow settlements and restaurants where vegetables are grown in their own gardens.

Uchisar Fortress

2.16 Cappadocia

The volcanic landscape of Cappadocia looks like it is from another world. Dwellings, fortifications and churches were carved into the stone. Cities were built underground hundreds of years ago.

The city of Derinkuyu goes 14 floors underground. If you take a trip to Cappadocia, you definitely need to book a hot air balloon ride. Every day dozens of balloons take off in the early morning near Uchisar.

You should not miss the view of the unique landscape shaped by a volcano. Two to three day trips to Cappadocia are offered from Antalya.

Here is a possible organized excursion for two days from Antalya to Cappadocia.

2.17 Selge / Sillyon / Seleucia

In ancient times, many trading cities developed on Turkey’s south coast. Side, Perge, Aspendos and Olympos ruins are more accessible for tourism. There are also many other towns in the area that are no less impressive. They are just a little off the typical tourist trail. Excursions can of course be organized with a private car, rental car or hiking guide.

Local tour operators offer guided tours to some ancient cities from time to time. It definitely pays to see the somewhat remote ruins of the cities during a trip to Antalya.

2.18 Jeep Safari

You drive a jeep through the wild nature of the Taurus Mountains on dusty paths. Of course there is also a lot to discover during the journey.

It depends on the tour operator where exactly the tour goes. For example, many go to the foothills of the mountains in Side. On the tour to Side you drive past old ruins, take a lunch break by a clear mountain lake and of course you can also drive a jeep yourself.

Recommended tour: Popular full day jeep safari from Side with lunch

Green Canyon in Manavgat

2.19 Green Canyon

You can book a trip to the canyon with local providers. In the morning they will pick you up from the hotel or you can drive there yourself with a rental car. The boat ride starts at the Oymapinar Dam. Food and drinks are included on board.

There are opportunities for bathing, swimming and photography. The dam wall is 185 meters high and 360 meters wide. The reservoir has an area of ​​470 hectares.

Recommended tour: Green canyon boat tour from Antalya

3. Beaches in and around Antalya

Konyaalti Beach

3.1 Konyaalti Beach

Konyaalti Beach is the most popular beach in Antalya. It can now be considered a sight in the city in its own right. 

The best entry point is the beach park. This is located at the terminus of the tram at the Antalya Museum. On the area there is an open-air amphitheater, an aquapark (Dolphinland with dolphin shows), beach bars, boutiques and restaurants. 

If you want a little more quiet, just head west. Not that many tourists come there. A few sections of the beach there are not marked. So there are no umbrellas and loungers, as compared to the areas close to the city.

Lara beach is a paradise for a beach holiday.

3.2 Lara Beach – the only sandy beach in Antalya

Lara Beach is located in the east of Antalya, just south of the airport. Hotel and club facilities stretch along the beach for several kilometers. There are a few picnic areas on the portion of the beach that borders directly on the town. 

Restaurants and beach bars cater to bathers during the day. Of course, sun loungers and parasols can also be hired. In the eastern part there are carousels, a bungee jumping tower, trampolines and beach volleyball courts. 

From the 60 meter high bungee tower you almost have a view like landing at Antalya Airport. You can also go up the tower just to enjoy the view.

Mermerli Beach is great with kids

3.3 ​​Mermerli Beach in Antalya’s Old Town

There is an 80 meter long beach at Antalya’s Old Town Harbor. A staircase leads down to the bathing bay in the south of the harbor at the Mermerli Restaurant. The water is crystal clear and calm. Small children can swim undisturbed.

Antalya cliffs

3.4 Swimming under the cliffs

Small steps along the cliffs of Antalya lead down to the turquoise sea. If you are looking for a quiet place to swim in crystal clear water, such small bathing areas are just right for you!

Kaputas Beach

3.5 Beaches in Antalya province

You can find beautiful beaches throughout the province of Antalya. Our recommendation is definitely to look for Kaputas Beach, Olympos Beach, Phaselis City Port, Antiochia Ad Cragum Ruins and Patara Beach.

4. Activities & Water Sports in Antalya

Parasailing in Antalya

4.1 Parasailing

Along the beaches of the Turkish Riviera you can see parasailing speedboats constantly driving by. Hanging on a parachute, you’ll be pulled along by a speedboat. Y

You can reach a height of 100 to 300 meters. It’s all about the fun and a little thrill. The boats go up and down the beaches all day, weather permitting.

Hiking up the cliffs for gorgeous views

4.2 Taurus Mountains

The Taurus mountain range runs through the entire southern coast of Turkey. Their snow-capped peaks, over 3,000 meters high, ensure good weather on the coast.

In the untouched natural landscapes you will find wonderful hiking trails, rivers, national parks and lakes. For example, there is the Lycian long-distance hiking trail, which connects Antalya with Fethiye over a distance of 510 kilometers.

Rafting in Koprulu

4.3 Rafting in Koprulu Canyon National Park

A true paradise awaits whitewater seekers as they take a zodiac boat down several kilometers on the rapids in canyon to the calm waters at the mouth of the river. Of course, newcomers to rafting can also take part.

There is also a possibility to go down the Köprülü by canoe.

Recommended: Rafting in Köprülü Canyon from Side

Paragliding from Mount Tathali

4.4 Tandem Paragliding

Together with an experienced paraglider you can plunge down from the 2,365 meter high Tathali in Kemer. The flight takes you over the mountains of the Taurus Mountains down to the coast of Tekirova

Of course there are also other mountains from which tandem jumps are offered. A unique view and an experience that you can still talk about for many years to come!

4.5 Diving

Diving in Kemer

In Antalya itself there are not so nice diving areas. But there are even more beautiful places for diving in the seaside resort of Kemer, an hour’s drive away, and on the Lycian coast. 

For example, you can find Kemer on the list of the 100 most beautiful diving areas in the world. The wrecks of French WWI ships that sunk near the coast are particularly popular in Kemer. 

The coasts of the small islands in front of Cirali are also a popular place for scuba. There are courses for beginners and experienced divers in the seaside resorts around Antalya.

4.5 Jet ski, banana boating, surfboards, sailing, snorkeling

All kinds of water sports are offered on the beaches in and around Antalya. There is an opportunity for snorkeling on many boat trips. Most stop at small bays or beaches. 

You will also be provided with equipment. Sometimes the boat trips are combined with fishing. As a rule, you do not have to pay anything extra for the food on the ships as it is all included in the price of the trip.

Maxx Royal Golf Club

4.6 Golf in Belek

A few kilometers east of Antalya is the tourist resort of Belek. It is known for its excellent golf courses. In 2008, the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) recognized it as the best golf area in Europe. More than 10 different golf courses are available here.

Aqualand and Dolphinland in Antalya
Aqualand and Dolphinland in Antalya

4.7 Aqua parks

Antalya is a paradise for all slide lovers! There are three aqua parks in the city, Aqua Land on Konyaalti Beach, Troy Park in Rixos Premium Hotel and Aqua Park in Dedeman Hotel in Lara. A special recommendation is also the water park in Rixos The Land of Legends Hotel in Belek, with more than 50 water slides!

4.8 Rixos the Land of Legends

The Land of Legends in Belek is a theme park with a fairytale castle, a gigantic water park with an artificial beach, more than 50 water slides, shopping malls, cinemas and many other things that will make children and adults happy.

5. Nightlife in Antalya

Party at Summer Club Garden

5.1 Parties & Celebrations in Alanya

Antalya offers everything you can expect from a tourist city. For tourists, the port district is the most interesting. There are open-air discos, restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs. 

The larger establishments can come up with international DJs in the summer months. All genres of music that you can imagine are played. 

If you want to take it easy, head to Turkish nights, dance events or the restaurants along the harbor.

5.2 Tekeli Konaklari Boutique Hotel

The Tekeli Konaklari used to be the residence of the Ottoman Pasha in Antalya. In recent years it has been extensively renovated and equipped with a restaurant and a nightclub.

Party boat

5.3 Party Boats

You can party all night long on the party boats at Antalya’s old town harbor. The excursions are available at an all-inclusive price including drinks.

5.4 Beach Park

The beach park in Konyaalti is busiest in the evening. There are beach bars, restaurants and open-air discos. Dj’s, foam parties and animation provide entertainment.

5.5 Turkish Nights

What is offered depends on the organizer. Dances, music and folklore from different parts of Turkey is definitely there. There is a gala buffet before the show. Traditional scenes from Turkey, such as weddings or engagement parties are re-enacted. 

Sometimes there are belly dancers. The big club complexes often organize Turkish nights. But they aren’t that big.

5.6 Fire of Anatolia dance show

Fire of Anatolia currently holds two world records, one for the largest audience at a dance show (400,000 people in Eregli) and the fastest dance performance (241 steps per minute). 

The Aspendos Arena Belek hosts regular performances during the summer months. In the show, elements from the history of Turkey and Anatolia are told through dance.

5.7 Beach bars

Along the beaches in the seaside resorts there are of course many bars and beach clubs. They offer music, food and parties during the day and at night they are one of the centers of nightlife. Konyaalti Beach is the busiest place for this in Antalya.

6. Secret Attractions in Antalya

Steps to Alara Castle

6.1 Hike up to Alara Castle

The Byzantines built the castle in the 11th century. From here the nearby trade routes were protected. From the 13th century, the Alara caravanserai offered traders and travelers an additional layer of protection. 

There is no indication of the route to Alara along the D-400. The best way to find out the route is to use Google Maps. Inside the castle there are no descriptions and information boards. Wear decent shoes. Only a steep path leads up to the top of the castle hill.

Kursunlu waterfalls

6.2 Visit the Kursunlu Waterfalls

In the nature reserve at the Kursunlu River you will find wonderful natural landscapes. Its waterfalls are less well known than Düden and Manavgat, but just as beautiful. 

Paths through an old pine forest lead you to a turquoise pool where the water plunges down 12 meters. The water flows over many other small waterfalls and rapids through the nature reserve. In the water you can see turtles and fish. 

The waterfalls are a great change from the everyday beach program.

6.3 Skiing at Saklikent

There is a small, developed ski area on the 2,000 meter high Saklikent. You can ski there from December to April. 

The valley station is at 1,800 meters. The highest point is a 2,500 meter high mountain peak. There are a total of 5 ski lifts. 

There are no large hotel complexes, but instead there are 500 small chalets.

6.4 Kocain Magarasi (cave)

The cave is about 38 kilometers from the center of Antalya. Its entrance, which is 70 meters wide and 20 meters high, is around 1,000 meters above sea level. 

The ceiling height of the 700 meter long cave is 80 meters in some sections. In some places, stalagmites up to 20 meters long can be found. With these dimensions, it is one of the largest caves in Turkey. 

It was already inhabited in prehistoric times. Over the millennia, traces of a wide variety of peoples have been added. Admission is free. A car is required to get there.

The Termessos Theater at 1,500 meters above sea level, with more than 5,000 seats.

6.5 Termessos

The ruins of Termessos are located on a mountain near Antalya. Highlights include the theater and the necropolis. For the ascent to Termessos you have to set aside 1-2 hours. The archaeological site is less crowded than Perge or Aspendos, the ruins are just as beautiful. From Antalya you can either rent a car or take a guided tour to the ruins.

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6.5 West Virginia City Ranch – horseback riding

At the ranch there are horse riding trips for beginners, children and professionals to the Taurus Mountains. You can also stay there overnight. 

There are barbecue evenings, American rodeo, a saloon and much more. Children can let off steam panning for gold, petting the animals or in the pool.

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6.6 Yanartas Chimera

The natural flames of the Chimera, burning since ancient times

Yanartas Chimera is a gas field in Cirali that has been burning for at least 2,700 years. According to legend, the mythical hero Bellerophon killed the mythical creature Chimera here. The Chimera was a hybrid of a dragon, goat, and lion. The corpse of the monster is said to be responsible for the flames escaping from the stones in the tales of the ancient Greeks. Even the fire at the first Olympic Games in ancient Greece is believed to have been caused by the Cirali gas field.

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