Tourist’s guide to Kemer – TOP 8 attractions

If you have planned a trip to Kemer, one of the most popular cities in Turkey, then, for sure you are interested in all the details about this resort. A large part of any trip is given to excursions, which sometimes I would like to organize on my own, and not to overpay the guide for the tour. Kemer, whose attractions are diverse in their subject matter, will definitely be interesting and informative to visit. And so that the resort leaves you with only positive impressions, it is worthwhile to study the list of its noteworthy corners in advance and choose the most interesting options for yourself.

Kemer, Turkey

General information about Kemer

Kemer is a beachside city in Turkey, located 42 km south-west of the province of Antalya. The area is 471 square meters. km, and its population does not exceed 17,300 people. The coast of the resort is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and the length of its coast is 52 km. The city is located at the foot of the western Taurus mountain range, the highest point of which is Mount Takhtaly (2365 meters).

Kemer Coast

Kemer translated from Turkish means “belt”. At the end of the 20th century, it was a small village, but today it is an important tourist center offering recreation at the highest level. Here, the traveler expects not only an abundance of hotels and pristine beaches, approved by the Blue Flag honorary certificate, but also a host of various attractions, excursions and attractions. And if you are puzzled by the question of what you can see in Kemer yourself, our selection of remarkable objects of the city is sure to come in handy.

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Attractions in and around the city

Before you start exploring interesting corners of the resort, we advise you to look at the map of Kemer with attractions in Russian, which is presented at the bottom of the page. It will help you better navigate the objects we describe.

Moonlight Park

Moonlight Park Beach

If you are in Turkey in Kemer and cannot decide where to go and what to see, then the Moonlight Park will be a worthy option. The territory of the facility covers 55,000 square meters. m, where there are numerous green areas, a children’s town and small squares and gardens, in the shade of which it is pleasant to hide from the heat of the scorching sun. In the park “Moonlight” is the sandy beach of the same name: its cleanliness and safety was marked with the Blue Flag. On the beach there is an opportunity to rent sun loungers with umbrellas.

Cafe in Moonlight Park

In the park you will find many cafes and restaurants with Turkish and European cuisine, where live music is played in the evenings. Small souvenir shops and boutiques were also located here. For all lovers of nightlife in the “Moonlight” there is an open-air club. Also on the territory of the object there are water slides and a dolphinarium, where you can watch shows with the participation of not only dolphins, but also a sea lion, so this is a great place for walking with children. Well, of course, being on the beach “Moonlight”, you can join the water sports and go on a tour on a yacht.

Dolphinarium in the park Moonlight

Entrance to the park is completely free , and the facility operates around the clock. A separate fee is charged for visiting the dolphinarium, water park, etc. The park is located in the central eastern part of Kemer, on the right side of the city’s yacht pier, and you can get here on foot yourself if your hotel is located in the resort itself. If you are accommodated in one of the resort villages, then use dolmush or taxi.

Going to this attraction, be sure to take a camera so as not to miss the opportunity to take unique photos in the city of Kemer.

Goynuk Canyon

The mountain river Goynuk, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea near the village of the same name, is famous for its unique canyon. Mountain landscapes, pine forests, emerald waters of lakes and, of course, the canyon itself can surprise even the most sophisticated guest in Turkey. This is exactly the attraction of Kemer, which you can visit yourself. The park has a well-equipped picnic area, where visitors have the opportunity to organize lunch on the background of an unforgettable panorama.

Goynuk Canyon
Crystal clear mountain river

Here you can rent a wetsuit and swim to conquer the icy mountain waters. To overcome the total distance of the canyon, you need 1.5-2 hours, during which you can enjoy the pristine natural beauty of Turkey. At the end of the path you will be met by a small waterfall, from where everyone can dive into the clear water.

Travelers who are here are advised to bring rubber-soled swimming sneakers (no slates) and a waterproof camera case.

Pointer to Goynuk Canyon

The canyon is located 15 km from the city of Kemer and 3 km from the village of Goynuk. If you want to get here on your own, you can use the dolmush ($ 2), which goes along the Kemer – Goynuk route every 30-40 minutes, and then walk or rent a bicycle to overcome 3 km to the park. For those who are not used to saving, a taxi ride is suitable.

  • The park is open daily from 8:00 to 19:00.
  • Entrance to the attraction is $ 2.5 + entrance to the canyon itself $ 12.
  • Also, everyone has the opportunity to ride a bungee for $ 12.


The ruins of the old city of Phaselis

The ancient city of Phaselis in Turkey appeared in the 7th century BC, and it was founded by colonists from the island of Rhodes. But today only ruins remain from it, a visit to which will allow you to plunge into the era of Roman and Byzantine times. And, if in doubt, what to see in Kemer, then be sure to pay attention to this historical attraction. Here, the traveler has the opportunity to explore the ruins of an ancient amphitheater, temple and crypt. And on the northern rocky slopes your eyes will see a view of the necropolis. It is worth looking at the old pier and the agora.

Bay view near Phaselis

The city is surrounded by several bays with a clear sea, where everyone can sunbathe and swim. Particularly picturesque is the farthest southern bay with a sandy beach and a gentle entry into the water, from where a breathtaking view of Mount Takhtaly opens. It is noteworthy that the ancient ruins are surrounded by verdant pine trees, so the air here is saturated with pleasant coniferous smells. And in order to really feel the atmosphere of this attraction in Kemer, a photo with a description is not enough – you need to go here personally.

Amphitheater of the old city

In the high season in Turkey Phaselis is filled with crowds of tourists, which can ruin the whole impression of the city, so if you plan to see this attraction, then come here in April or October.

  • The complex of the ancient city is open daily from 8:00 to 17:00.
  • Admission is paid and is about $ 3.
  • The facility is located 12.5 km south of Kemer, and you can get here on your own by dolmush ($ 2.5) or by taxi.

Beldibi Caves

In Beldibi Cave

Discovered in 1956, the cave is now of genuine interest to Turkish guests. It is located at an altitude of 25 meters above sea level in the village of Beldibi near the river of the same name. This place carries great historical value, since archaeologists have managed to discover here as many as six layers belonging to the Mesolithic, Neolithic and Paleolithic eras. And if you are in Kemer in Turkey, then add this attraction to your tour list.

Here, the oldest stone artifacts and products from animal bones were found. On the walls of rocky shelters you can distinguish ancient drawings of people, mountain goats and deer. And after visiting the cave, you should look at the picturesque waterfall, which you will find on the opposite bank of the Beldibi River.

  • The facility is located 15 km from Kemer, and you can get here on your own by traveling dolmushe ($ 3) or by taxi.
  • Entrance costs $ 1.5.

Tourists who have been here recommend taking comfortable waterproof shoes with them, as the cave is damp in places. Also, do not forget to capture warm clothes, because temperature changes are often inside the mountain.

Tahtali Mountain

View from Tahtali Mountain

If you do not know what to see in Kemer on your own, we recommend that you go to the highest mountain peak of the resort – Mount Takhtaly. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy the amazingly beautiful panorama at an altitude of 2365 meters. You can climb the mountain on the Olympos Telerifi funicular, which will take you to the top in 10-12 minutes. It is noteworthy that it is served not by the Turks, but by personnel from Switzerland.

The cost of lifting and lowering for an adult is $ 30, for children from 7 to 12 years old – $ 15, up to 6 years – for free.

Tahtali mountain funicular

At the top of Takhtala there is a souvenir shop and cafe, where in the evening you can have a delicious dinner with the sounds of live music. Olympos Telerifi offers a separate Sunrise program, in which travelers set off on a mountain early in the morning to catch the sunrise and look at the slowly awakening nature. Among the entertainments on Tahtali, paragliding is also provided ($ 200 per person).

The attraction is located 26 km south-west of Kemer, and you can get here on your own by special bus, but it is most convenient to rent a car.

Lifts at this facility in Turkey are open from 9:00 to 18:00.

Do not underestimate the temperature at the top of Takhtala, so when setting off on a mountain, do not forget to bring warm clothes with you.

Eco-park Tekirova

Eco-park Tekirova

The unique eco-park in the village of Tekirova in Turkey is a huge complex, divided into two zones. The first part of the reserve is reserved for botanical gardens where you can look at rare plant species (more than 10 thousand species), many of which are included in the Red Book. The second part of the park is a zoo, where all visitors have the opportunity to explore different types of reptiles. Here live not only poisonous snakes and huge lizards, but also turtles and crocodiles. At the zoo you can also look at parrots and peacocks.

A gift shop is located on site that sells a variety of oils, herbs and stones. There is a small cafe where you can eat after the tour.

To have time to admire all the beauties of the reserve, we recommend visiting it in the morning.

Entrance to Tekirova Ecopark
  • The park is open daily from 9:00 to 19:00.
  • The cost of admission for an adult is $ 30, for children from 6 years old – $ 15, up to 6 years – for free.
  • The attraction is located 16 km south of Kemer, and you can get here on your own by dolmush following the Kemer-Tekirova route ($ 3), or by taxi.

Mount Yanartash

Fiery Mountain Yanartash

Yanartash is a unique natural site of Turkey, which has no analogues in the whole world. If you look at the translation of the name of the mountain (and it translates as “burning stone”), it becomes clear that this is a very unusual attraction. And this is true: in some parts of Yanartash, flames constantly light up. Therefore, if you do not know what to see in Kemer in Turkey, be sure to visit the mountain, which is also often called the fire-breathing Chimera.

In the evening on Mount Yanartash

Of course, many would like to see mystical signs in a self-arising fire on a mountain peak, but such a phenomenon has a scientific explanation. Natural gas accumulates in the bowels of Yanartash, which, seeping through crevices and coming into contact with oxygen, spontaneously ignites and forms fire. The mountain looks especially romantic after sunset, when fiery tongues play in the wind under an evening cover.

Road sign to Mount Yanartash

The attraction is located 40 km from Kemer near the village of Cirali. You can get here on your own on the dolmush following the Kemer-Cirali route, and then walk 3 km from the village to the foot of the mountain. However, it will be more convenient to rent a car. There are no lifts here, so you will have to climb the mountainside yourself, and your path to the top will be approximately 900 meters. Therefore, we advise you to wear comfortable shoes and stock up on water.

The attraction is open for visits 24 hours a day, entrance for one person costs $ 2. Tickets can be purchased at night. If you are going to climb the mountain in the dark, be sure to prepare a flashlight or use a phone, but make sure that you have enough charge to go back and forth.

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Dinopark Goynuk
Dinopark in Kemer

What else can you see on your own in Kemer and its environs? If you went around all the possible attractions of the resort, then it’s time to look into the dinopark. It will be especially interesting for children, but adults will have a great time here. The park features large figures of dinosaurs, many of which are moving. There is also a small zoo, swimming pool, trampolines and a cafe. All visitors have the opportunity to ride a horse. And young tourists will be interested in going through an obstacle course and participating in improvised excavations.

Dinosaurs in the Dinopark
  • The park is open daily from 9:00 to 20:00.
  • Entrance ticket price is $ 25, for children under 6 years old – free of charge.
  • The attraction is located 9.5 km from the city of Kemer in the village of Goynuk, and you can get here yourself by dolmush following the route Kemer-Geynuk ($ 2).

Some of the attractions presented at the amusement park are subject to an additional charge, so we advise you to be pre-interested in the price of an event.

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Kemer, whose attractions are designed for a wide range of interests, will not make its guests bored. This city of Turkey gives vacationers a great opportunity to spend an eventful vacation at a high level. And every traveler here will definitely find something to their taste, which gives an additional plus to the resort.

Kemer attractions on the map.

Video about rest in Turkey in Kemer.

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