Tourist’s guide to beaches of Kemer – detailed overview

Kemer – a port city on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, has long won the status of one of the most visited resorts in the country. The traveler will find here not only warm waters on the equipped beaches, but also the breathtaking landscapes of the Taurus Mountains and numerous parks with relict pines. In addition, Kemer is rich in historical monuments, offers extensive sightseeing routes and is famous for its vibrant nightlife.

Cirali beach near Kemer
Cirali Beach

The resort has created the necessary conditions for a good vacation, so every year its hotels are filled with numerous tourists. Kemer’s beaches deserve special attention: some of them are among the best in Turkey.

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Kemer Central Beach

The central beach of Kemer in Turkey is distinguished by its well-groomed modern territory and occupies most of the coast of the resort. It is located in the very center of the city on the left side of the yacht pier Turkiz Marina. The beach area is shared by several hotels, the sun loungers of which can be used at an additional cost. In this part of the resort a zone is also provided for independent tourists, where it is also possible to rent sunbeds with umbrellas or relax on a towel absolutely free. In general, there are no fences here, so those who wish can freely walk along the coastline.

Central Beach in Kemer, Turkey

Coverage of the Central Beach is not sandy, but from pebbles, mainly from small stones. Sunset at sea is gentle and even, but the depth begins quite quickly. This facility is famous for its perfect cleanliness and grooming, for which he was even awarded the Blue Flag (beach quality certificate, issued upon successful completion of an audit on 27 points). The high level of the beach creates high demand for it: from the very beginning of the season until its completion, you can meet a large number of vacationers, both visitors and locals. And if you like to relax in comfort, we advise you to come here early in the morning to take the best places by the sea.

Pebble central beach in Kemer
Crystal clear water of the central beach in Kemer

Kemer’s beaches in Turkey are famous for their crystal clear waters, and the Central Coast was no exception. Due to the pebble coating, the sea here is so transparent that in some of its parts the bottom is visible to a depth of 8-10 meters. Therefore, this is a great place for lovers of snorkeling and diving, who can rent equipment for every taste on the beach itself. Here you can also fly over the sea by parachute, ride a ship, rush along the waves in a jet ski or on a banana. Well, fishing fans always have the opportunity to go on a special fishing trip.

The Central Beach has showers, changing rooms and toilets, which can also be praised for their perfect cleanliness. Along the coast stretch numerous cafes and bars, open from morning to late evening. Here you can buy refreshments and have a delicious lunch.

Moonlight Beach or Moonlight

Moonlight Beach

If you are concerned about the question whether there are sandy beaches in Kemer, then we are ready to give you an exact positive answer. And this beach has the beautiful name “Moonlight”. Located on the right side of the yacht pier Turkiz Marina, Moonlight has gained popularity among lovers of Turkey due to its clean territory and turquoise clear waters. “Moonlight”, like Central Beach, shares its coast between public and hotel areas. On the territory of Moonlight, both paid and free tourist territory are provided.

Sun loungers at Moonlight Beach

If you want to sunbathe and swim in comfort, you can always use the services of a paid zone at the bar. The price will include a sunbed, an umbrella, a mattress + a convenient location near the cafe, where, without getting up from a deck chair, you can order food and drinks. If you are quite comfortable with relaxing on a towel, then you have at your disposal almost the entire sandy coast of Moonlight. The beach has created conditions for a comfortable stay: it is equipped with toilets, changing rooms and showers. Here you can find many restaurants offering menus with Turkish and European cuisine.

Moonlight Beach, Kemer

Although the Moonlight beach in Kemer is itself sandy, the entry into the sea is pebble and has a flat surface. The cleanliness and ecology of the facility are top notch, which has been verified and confirmed by the Blue Flag. Of course, this area is incredibly popular among tourists, so in the high season there are a lot of people here, but there is enough space for everyone due to the wide coastal line. As elsewhere in tourist Turkey, here, vacationers have the opportunity to go water-skiing, go on a yacht trip, parachute, arrange fishing, etc.

Along the entire Moonlight line stretches the eponymous park complex with well-groomed gardens and squares, where it will be nice to walk after a beach holiday. The park offers a lot of entertainment, including a visit to the dolphinarium, water park and children’s town – during the day, concerts and night clubs – in the evening. In general, “Moonlight” is an excellent sandy beach in Kemer, providing conditions for organizing an interesting and high-quality vacation.

Tekirova Beach

If you prefer a relaxing holiday away from the bustle of the city, then Tekirova beach will be a real find for you. The facility is located 20 km south of the center of Kemer in the village of Tekirova and is famous for its luxury 5 * hotels. Part of the coastal strip is divided between hotels, but there is also a zone for public use. The territory of this beach in Kemer has a pebble and sand coating, the latter being brought here specifically to equip a sandy recreation area.

Tekirova Beach, Kemer
Relax on the beach of Tekirova

The facility is equipped with showers, toilets and changing rooms, and everyone can rent sunbeds with umbrellas for an additional fee. Tekirova beach also has a Blue Flag certificate, which means it is ideal for cleanliness and safety. You may be pleased with the fact that due to its remoteness from Kemer, this wonderful area is not so crowded, which means it is more comfortable for a relaxing holiday. Numerous eateries and cafes huddle along the coastline, offering a wide selection of drinks and snacks.

As elsewhere in Kemer, the sea in Tekirova is transparent and clean, providing excellent opportunities for diving and snorkeling. This is exactly the Kemer beach where you can make unforgettable photos against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes. To get from the city center to this cozy corner, you can take a regular bus every half hour.

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Other beaches in the vicinity of Kemer

In the region of Kemer in Turkey there are several villages, the photos of the beaches of which only confirm the fact that they are also worthy of the traveler’s attention. Therefore, we decided to consider the four objects closest to the city, which are an excellent alternative to a noisy and crowded resort.

Goynuk village not far from Kemer

The village of Goynuk is located 15 km north of Kemer and is famous for its rocky terrain and numerous gorges. The beaches of this area are half sandy, half pebble, with shallow shallow approach. The sea here is transparent and clean, which gives an excellent opportunity to admire its inhabitants.

The small village of Kirish

A small village in Turkey, located 8 km east of Kemer, is ready to offer tourists sandy and pebbled beaches with even entry into the water. This wide coast with well-groomed territory has all the necessary conditions for a decent vacation, which is why it is very popular among guests of Turkey.

Beach in Camyuva

The resort village, located 6 km southeast of Kemer, attracts travelers with its picturesque valley, natural landscapes and clean pebble beaches. The central beach of Camyuva is notable for its small size, but due to the small number of vacationers it is very comfortable. This place is not for fans of noisy entertainment, but for lovers of a relaxing and leisurely vacation.


The small town of Phaselis with a rich cultural history, located on a small peninsula, is located 12.5 km southeast of the resort. It is here that some of Kemer’s most picturesque beaches stretch, both sandy and pebbled. And if you are looking for a pristine natural corner, not trampled by the foot of a tourist, then Phaselis will be a real discovery for you.

Scenic Phaselis Beach

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The beaches of Kemer are not inferior to the beaches of other famous resorts in Turkey, and in some ways even surpass them. Cleanliness, safety, landscaping and excellent opportunities for entertainment of any kind are just a small part of what will pleasantly surprise you in this part of the Mediterranean coast.

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