Tourist’s guide to Manavgat, Turkey: the most accurate information

Manavgat in Turkey is a small resort town located in the south-west of the country 75 km east of Antalya. The area covers 2,283 km², and its population is just over 226 thousand people. Manavgat is located just 5 km from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It includes, as a separate region, the famous tourist city of Side, as well as nearby resort villages such as Kyzylach, Sorgun, Kumkoy, Evrenseki, Cholakly, Gyndoudou, etc. It is on the territory of these objects that numerous hotels are located, where hundreds of thousands of tourists come every summer.

City Manavgat

In the center of the city flows the Manavgat River, along the banks of which there is a verdant park with arbors, fountains and children’s playgrounds. There are also various cafes and restaurants on the ground floors of the apartment buildings. In the summer season, numerous yachts and ships with tourists ply the turquoise river waters. The central city street called “Antalya”, extending 3,000 meters across the river, is dotted with shops, banks, offices and eateries. Most travelers come here to shop.

Manavgat River

In the city of hotels, with the exception of motels, you will find. They go to Manavgat primarily for sights and shopping. From here, transport to nearby resorts such as Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, etc. departs. What remarkable objects can Manavgat boast?

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If Side is a concentration of historical buildings in the face of ancient ruins, then Manavgat is the epicenter of picturesque natural landscapes. In addition, in the vicinity of the city there are many entertaining attractions for both children and adults. Among the most interesting sights of Manavgat it is worth noting:

Köprülü Canyon
Köprülü Canyon

42 km north of Manavgat, Köprülü Kanyon Milli Parkı National Park is hidden among the mountains. This place is famous for its deep canyon, along the foot of which rush icy mountain waters. Nature has created excellent conditions for kayaking, so the area has long gained popularity as a rafting center. Typically, the distance of a tourist rafting is 15 km, along the way there are several small and a couple of large rapids. The event is designed for beginners, it is completely safe, even children can take part in it. Köprülü Canyon is a mixture of fun and adrenaline, filled with pristine natural species. The park is considered one of the best attractions of the city of Manavgat in Turkey.

Köprülü Canyon, Manavgat
  • Address: Bozyaka Mahallesi, 07550 Manavgat / Antalya, Turkey.
  • Hours: river rafting is carried out in the summer season from May to October.
  • Cost of visiting: the prices depend on which company you will purchase the ticket for. So, in a street agency you can buy a tour for 90 TL (15 €). For hotel guides, the price tag can be twice as high.
Wakeboard Park Hip-Notics Cable Ski

Among the attractions of Manavgat, you can visit the Hip-Notics Cable Ski Park on your own, which will especially appeal to tourists who are fond of water sports, in particular wakeboarding. This is a completely young complex with three lakes. The first of them is intended for beginners with a minimum number of obstacles and a maximum speed of 22 km / h. The second channel is designed for advanced athletes: there are many figures, and the winch has a speed of up to 30 km / h. The third lake is intended for private training with an instructor for an additional fee.

Wakeboard Park Hip-Notics Cable Ski
Houses for living

The complex has equipped houses for living, there is a comfortable relaxation area with a jacuzzi, a children’s pool and a cafe. The park appeared only a couple of years ago, but is already very popular among tourists.

  • Address: Çakış Mahallesi, Serik Cd., 07550 Manavgat / Antalya, Turkey.
  • Opening hours: in the summer season, the attraction is open from 09:00 to 18:00, in the winter from 09:00 to 17:00.
  • The cost of visiting: a single visit (for the whole day) – 210 TL (35 €), a weekly subscription – 1200 TL (200 €). The price includes a standard set of equipment (helmet, board for beginners, life jacket). Board rental for advanced athletes, depending on the type, is 60 TL (10 €) and 180 TL (30 €) per day.
Manavgat Waterfall

If you do not know what to see among the attractions of Manavgat in Turkey, go to its famous waterfall. The rapid flow of a mountain river, falling from a two-meter threshold of 40 m wide is a truly bewitching sight. The area is equipped with a miniature park where you can safely walk in the shade of trees and have a bite to eat in a Turkish restaurant. You will find more detailed information about the object in our separate article .

Manavgat Waterfall
Green canyon

This is another charming place, spread out 22 km from the city – a must-see attraction of Manavgat in Turkey. Here, at an altitude of 185 m, the city reservoir is located, which is the fifth largest dam in the country. Having risen to the hydraulic construction, on the one hand you will see a mountain lake, on the other – the breathtaking landscapes of the Green Canyon. The water here is distinguished by an emerald hue, achieved due to the large number of minerals present in it. Travel agencies offer boat excursions along the mountain river of the canyon, and are usually included in the tour and fishing. You can drive to the dam yourself only by car.

Green Canyon, Manavgat
  • Address: Sevinçköy Mahallesi, Oymapinar Dam, 07600 Manavgat, Turkey.
  • Visit Cost: The average price for a boat trip is 210 TL (35 €) per person.


İz Flower Side Beach Hotel in Side
İz Flower Side Beach Hotel

Photos of the city of Manavgat in Turkey, juicy and picturesque, like a magnet attract travelers to the resort. If you decide to visit this area, then you should know that in the city itself there are no hotels. Here you can find only low-budget motels, where locals usually stay for the night. The closest tourist areas to Manavgat are Sorgun and Side, so it is best to rent housing in these villages. The transport connection with these objects functions perfectly: dolmushi run every 20 minutes to the city, and you can reach Manavgat in a matter of minutes.

Three-star hotels in these areas are few: most of the institutions are represented by 4 and 5 * hotels. But if you are looking for a budget option that does not work on the all-inclusive system, then pay attention to hotels without stars. The cost of renting a double room in such options starts from 66 TL (11 €) per night and on average varies between 120-180 TL (20-30 €). Many have pools, and the beach is within walking distance. Some offers include breakfast.

Hotel River Hotel
River hotel

If you want to stay in the city of Manavgat, then consider the Hotel River Hotel – the most suitable service option for tourists. The price for double room is 216 TL (36 €) per day, breakfast is included. It is noteworthy that paying only 6 TL (1 €) more, you can stay together in a cheap five-star hotel in Side with an all-inclusive concept.

Prices are for December 2018.

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Pide in the diner

The central streets of the city, walking along which do not forget to take a photo of Manavgat, are full of catering establishments where you can dine cheaply. It is noteworthy that in Turkey, many eateries specialize in cooking only one dish, for example, Denera, pide or Chi-köft. It is in such places that eating will be the cheapest. So:

  • a parcel of vegetables and chicken (durum) will cost 6 TL (1 €),
  • portion of pide with minced meat and cheese – at 12 TL (2 €),
  • Chi-kefte in pita bread – 6 TL (1 €).
Fast Food Pizza

In mid-level establishments, you can dine for two with soft drinks for 40-50 TL (6.5 – 7.5 €). In a fish restaurant prices are the highest, but quite acceptable:

  • a squid plate will cost 35 TL (6 €),
  • grilled salmon fillet – 40 TL (7 €),
  • portion of king prawns – 45 TL (8 €).

The city has many pizzerias where you can order pizza for 25 TL (4 €), and fast foods, the cost of the menu in which is 15-25 TL (3-4 €). The average prices for drinks in cafes and restaurants are as follows:

  • Beer EFES 0.5 – 15 TL (2.5 €)
  • Glass of wine – 15 TL (2.5 €)
  • Cappuccino – 9 TL (1,5 €)
  • Glass of Cola – 5 TL (1.8 €)
  • Water 0.5 – 2 TL (0.3 €)
  • A cup of black tea – 2 TL (0,3 €)

How to get from Antalya

Taxis in Antalya

When traveling to the city of Manavgat in Turkey, it is worth worrying in advance about the transport that will take you to the place. Most tourists who buy a ticket to the hotel on an all-inclusive basis, get to the hotel on a free shuttle. If you booked a hotel in which this service is not provided, then you will have to get to Manavgat either by taxi or by bus. You can book a transfer in advance via the Internet or catch a taxi on the spot. The cost of such a trip will be 240-300 TL (40-50 €).

Antalya Bus Station
Antalya otogarı

If you want to use public transport, then head to the main bus station of Antalya (Antalya Otogarı). From there, daily from 06:00 to 21:30, buses run to Manavgat every 20 minutes. Ticket price is 20 TL (3.3 €), travel time takes just over an hour. Before arriving at the main bus station of Manavgat, the bus passes through the city center, where it makes several stops.

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Useful Tips

Now you know how to get to the city and what to see in Manavgat on your own, and the reviews of tourists help you get good information. That is why we decided to study the opinions of travelers about the area and make a list of the most useful recommendations.

Nova Mall
Nova mall
    1. If you are primarily interested in not shopping, but shopping in Manavgat, we recommend that you immediately go to the Nova Mall. It is located on the highway at the entrance to the city, and in it you will find exactly the same products as in stores on the main streets, and even more. In this case, you do not have to walk in the heat, and in some places and overpay.
    2. Every Monday and Thursday in the center of Manavgat, a market with fruit, vegetables, clothes and souvenirs unfolds in the market square. Many tourists think that this place provides an opportunity to purchase goods cheaply. But it is not so. This bazaar has long been a tourist market, and prices are overpriced. Walking on it is uncomfortable, especially in the heat among crowds of local residents and other vacationers.
    3. Be vigilant on the roads, especially at pedestrian crossings without traffic lights. Zebra for local drivers does not mean anything, only a few stop to let passers-by.
    4. Be sure to stroll around local attractions – the park along the river, relax in the gazebos on its banks. To understand how beautiful it is here, just look at the photo of the city of Manavgat. If you like cycling, then in the park you have the opportunity to rent a bike for only 1 TL (0.15 €) per hour through a special device. To do this, you will need a credit card, which will hold a small amount returned after you hand over the bike. In the same park you can buy a river tour on a two-story ship for 10 TL (1.6 €), which lasts 30 minutes.
Manavgat Belediyesi Mesire Alanı Park
Manavgat Belediyesi Mesire Alanı
  1. If you want to have a barbecue in Turkish, go to Sorgun to Manavgat Belediyesi Mesire Alanı Park, where in the fresh air there is a vast picnic area, equipped with everything you need: tables, benches, water, a barbecue and electricity. There are toilets and a convenience store on site. And just 500 m from the place is the seashore, where you can swim or go fishing. Entrance to the barbecue area costs only 1 TL (0.15 €).

Be sure to use our tips and your trip to Manavgat (Turkey) will be full of events and unforgettable moments.

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