What you can bring from the UAE – 10 gift ideas

Traveling is usually the high season for new experiences, and the more exotic the trip itself is, the brighter it is. A vacation in the United Arab Emirates guarantees emotions in such quantities that they must be shared with family and friends. What to bring from the UAE? So that souvenirs were remembered, they introduced into the usual everyday life a piece of novelty, an unfamiliar culture, the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of distant countries, being at a distance. Emirates – this is the direction of tourism, which will always provide a selection of gifts for every taste and budget. So choose in advance!

What can be brought from the UAE

Jewelry – expensive and tasteful

Jewelry - expensive and tasteful

You can bring from the UAE an unchanging symbol of the wealth of this state – gold. Shine and luxury in the Emirates is not only not uncommon, but a constant companion in almost any field. Therefore, jewelry in the first place deserves to be an attribute of fullness of life and will add color when meeting a loved one upon returning home.

A variety of jewelry in the Emirates is a real feast for the eyes. Bizarre patterns, exquisite forms, skillful craftsmanship of jewelers delight the imagination and delight. Therefore, in order to bring jewelry from the UAE as a gift, one should pay attention to the wide opportunities for acquiring jewelry that the specialized Gold Souk gold market in Dubai opens up. More than three hundred jewelry stores and shops invite sophisticated audiences to shop.

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Dubai Gold Souk Gold Market
Gold souk

Here you can choose exclusive finishes massive products with large gemstone inserts. Rubies, sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, as well as garnet, agate, cubic zirconia, pearls. For a special gift, it is proposed to make a decoration according to your sketch.

The cost of jewelry varies depending on the high cost of the stones used and the sample of precious metals. Since the weight of large jewelry implies a tidy total amount, in terms of grams the price of gold in Dubai will be one of the most acceptable in the entire world gold market. For example, the price tag may be about $ 50 per 1 gram of 585 samples.

Cosmetics and perfumes – a unique charm and charm

Cosmetics in Dubai

An excellent answer to the question “what to bring from the Emirates” is high-quality cosmetics and perfumes of famous brands from world manufacturers. Fashion trendsetters have long chosen Arab markets and offer all kinds of assortments of their lines and the latest series. Of all the diversity, a purely eastern make-up item should be singled out – this is kayal. A special eyeliner pencil that draws an oriental black outline around the eye, similar to the fashionable European smokey-aise.

In addition, in order to bring something special and original from the United Arab Emirates, it is better to opt for products containing a natural coloring element – henna, which is almost sacred in eastern cosmetics. Essential cosmetic oils are also popular, high-quality, rich in subtle aromas, giving mood.

Perfumes from Arab manufacturers

Natural cosmetics in Dubai costs from $ 10 per bottle, branded – depending on the prestige of the merchant store. Perfumes from Arab manufacturers will cost from $ 20, the most popular brands – from 85, which is quite consistent with the representative packaging. Usually this is a chic type of bottle and vial, which in itself is already a coveted and beautiful thing on the dressing table.

Camel milk products

Camel milk

To please your loved ones, you can bring milk, cheese, cottage cheese, chocolate with camel milk from Dubai. No need to be afraid to transport dairy products across the border. What exactly, how much in total amount and weight it is allowed to take with you – you can learn about the latest requirements of customs transportation before the trip itself. Products from camel milk are also rare on the table of an ordinary European, like some draniki – in an ordinary Arab sheikh. Therefore, do not neglect the traditional identity of local dairy producers.

You can try cheeses, cottage cheese, milk, as well as confectionery based on camel milk in any UAE market. Saturation of taste, fat content, a variety of additives, cooking technologies, methods of serving and use in various dishes – this is the whole science of camel milk. Especially when you take into account the qualitative composition of this natural product – camel milk is rich in minerals, has an ideal balance of amino acids, sugars and fats.

Famous Al Nassma Chocolate
Al nassma

Of course, it is unrealistic to bring fresh milk to your home, which is why a variety of sour-milk products, as well as the world-famous chocolate Al Nassma from camel milk help out. These are thin tiles, produced in limited quantities, and sweets in the form of figures of camels. All this pleasure is inexpensive: cheese – from 1.5 to 4 dollars, chocolate in gift wrapping can be priced at several tens of dollars.

Oriental sweets – for connoisseurs and gourmets

What an east without Turkish delight and sorbet! The true taste of delicacies of eastern origin can be found only in their homeland. Traditionally in demand in the UAE are:

Eastern sweets
  • halva;
  • sherbet;
  • Nougat - oriental sweet
  • nougat;
  • Turkish Delight;
  • baklava;
  • dates.

And all this in assortment: with honey, in syrup, chocolate, with a variety of fillings and flavors. The aroma that comes from all this sweet feast makes you immediately pay attention and try at least a piece. It is offered to bring sweets from the Emirates as a gift at a price of $ 5 to $ 100 per package, depending on the composition and configuration.

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Spices reigning in every dish

Seasonings occupy the main place in oriental cuisine.

You will never lose if you decide to bring spices from Dubai. Seasonings dominate oriental cuisine, culture and even history. They carry a certain semantic load, endowed with natural strength, they trust their health, attribute miraculous properties, and are respected as carriers of the sacraments.

Freshest cardamom

Spices are diverse, in their universe it is easy to get lost, so it is best to look into a specialized shop. Usually you don’t have to look for such shops for a long time – just follow the aroma-train, tickling the nostrils. The severity of oriental cuisine is combined with domestic dishes. Therefore, you can please your housewives with the freshest spices, such as: cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, barberry, saffron, cumin (zira). You can count on a cost of a couple of dollars.

However, you can buy spices in any supermarket, conveniently packaged in packages of 100 g. It is also possible to stock up with sauces for various types of dishes, they are also made on the basis of spices.

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Hookahs and pipes are an ideal present for men

Hookah from UAE

The culture of hookah smoking has long been leaked into our reality, and the domestic sphere of leisure has acquired its connoisseurs and craftsmen. Therefore, if your man knows almost everything about a hookah, then you can surprise him with the quality and quality of execution only if you bring him from Dubai as a gift.

Hookahs are not just a place of relaxation, leisurely communication and peaceful meditations. Here they will help to choose a suitable device in the original version, provide the necessary information on the use, supply components and aromatic varietal “raw materials” for refueling for the first time. If you are going to use the hookah for its intended purpose, and not just carry it as a souvenir, then it is advisable to check it in action. The integrity of the joints, tubes, glass vessel is a prerequisite.

UAE smoking pipes

Smoking pipes – a charismatic souvenir and gift from the United Arab Emirates. The pipes are effectively curved, made of clay, some wood, beautifully decorated and regularly serving tobacco lovers. Tobacco mixes for smoking are usually found in neighboring counters. Many of them, on the specificity, border on incense, so to smoke a pipe “miaduh” will quite mean – actually add smoking aromas to the surrounding atmosphere.

Hookahs and smoking pipes in souvenir design are much more expensive than existing products. The cost depends on the materials of manufacture and the complexity of the work. However, in the famous Fish Market you can find decent specimens at a price ranging from one to five dollars.

Bahur – enchanting incense

Bahur - enchanting incense

Incense directly migrated to our culture relatively recently. And their appearance is again associated with the penetration of aromatherapy into domestic everyday life and leisure. Bahur – a variety of persistent aromas, historically extracted from agar wood. The ethereal enzyme is produced according to an ancient and sophisticated technology, exudes a unique aroma, and due to its cleansing properties it is able to protect wood from the appearance of fungus.

Bahur is produced in the form of small, but by the effect produced, very capacious balls or figures that begin to “work” when heated. Thin aromatic smoke easily envelops, but at the same time it has a relaxing effect for the body and at the same time tonic for the brain.

Subtle aromatic smoke Bahur

Such a souvenir from the UAE will appeal to intelligent people, as well as keen on everything connected with the east. The best prices are on the spice market: packaging for a dozen applications (40-70 g) can cost from 5-6 dollars to hundreds or more.

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Carpets – music of the east in patterns

The most luxurious carpets are certainly woven and embroidered by oriental craftsmen. Fine workmanship, mesmerizing interweaving of threads, labyrinths of patterns, intricate and fantastic, incredible quality of materials and workmanship. The UAE has its own carpet markets, where carpet collapses of various shapes, sizes and colors reign.

Carpets - music of the east in patterns

A carpet is a very valuable gift. It is important to know that carpet products from the age of 100 years cannot be exported from the country. It is a historical and cultural value. In addition, a carpet of large size is more difficult to transport, but a small thematic rug that fits in a suitcase will delight your mother or girlfriend. Price – from several tens of dollars to disproportionately huge amounts.

Treat yourself and your family with a variety of Arabic fabrics and clothing

Arafatka scarf

Shopping in Dubai is a special pleasure. There are lots of shopping centers of dizzying heights, which have absorbed brands from around the world. Prices are several times lower than ours. However, pashmin, arafatka, and camel-wool products are genuine Arabian and so interesting. In addition, natural cashmere, silk, cotton. They can be bought in boutiques with national clothes, some elements of which are already found in the wardrobe of Europeans. For example, the famous “arafatka” shawl, beloved by carriers of both sexes, goes well with any affordable coat.

And also: warm cashmere shawls, light silk pareos, solid robes, soft shoes with curled noses, as if from a fairy tale, things made of sheep and camel hair and much more.

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Mandatory souvenirs and more
Magnet from Dubai

Souvenirs from Dubai carry exclusively local flavor. These are magnets with an Arab theme, glass vases with colorful petals, fantastically layered and skillfully depicting scenes from the desert. Figures in the form of local attractions and certainly camels from a wide variety of materials – glass, plush, wood, and other ornamental materials.

Beads from the UAE

Plates, trinkets, caskets, beads, “Aladdin’s magic lamps”, toys and just cute trinkets – these souvenirs from the UAE will delight your loved ones. The price of all this pretty little thing is really cheap, which is especially nice when it comes to a gift not necessarily status, but made with a soul.

Gifts and souvenirs from the UAE are not limited to those listed. Mobile phones, fur coats, furniture, digital electronics and even cars – any preferences, even the most demanding, will certainly coincide with the available capabilities. What to bring from the UAE is a question that has a myriad of answers. And let them bring only pleasure and positive emotions.

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