Tourist’s guide to Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis Hotel in Dubai

Aquaventur Atlantis is a grandiose water park in Dubai, on the island of The Palm Jumeirah in the Persian Gulf. This amusement park is one of the largest not only in the United Arab Emirates, but throughout the Middle East. It occupies an area of ​​17 hectares, and more than 18,000,000 liters of water are involved in creating attractions.

Aquaventure Waterpark

In general, the Palm Islands themselves can be considered a real miracle, because they were all created artificially. On the first of them, Palm Jumeirah , in 2008, one of the largest and most luxurious Atlantis Hotel in the world appeared. It is on the territory of this hotel that grandiose water activities for the whole family, known as Aquaventure Atlantis, are arranged.

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How are the activities organized in the water park

The Atlantis Waterpark in Dubai offers a wealth of entertainment for guests of all ages. Here you can go rafting down the river with waterfalls and rapids, go down from the water slides, swim with dolphins, take a diving training course. For the smallest visitors, a special play area is organized.

Diving at the Atlantis Water Park

A distinctive feature of Aquaventure is the sequence of water activities. This water park is planned in such a way that after passing one attraction it was convenient for visitors to move on to the next one, turning their vacation into a real fascinating adventure.

A lazy river flows throughout the water park, its total length is more than 1.5 km. This river passes both in the open air and through caves, and its flow, although smooth, forms rather stormy streams in some places. Taking inflatable single or double circles, you can safely swim along the Lazy River, relax and take sun baths.

Lazy river

There are several exits from the river: spacious open spaces with steps to the shore or directly to the hill. This makes it possible in order to move from one fascinating attraction to another. It turns out that it is quite possible to move only on water, without even going to land. But walking is also a pleasure, because the Atlantis area is very picturesque.

Along the entire river, every 10-15 m, lifeguards stand tirelessly watching the tourists.

Extreme vacation for adults

For lovers of extreme sensations, the Aquaventure water park in Dubai offers a lot of interesting things: the names alone will make your heart beat faster.

Poseidon Tower

This 30 m high tower is the newest in the Aquaventure entertainment complex. It includes slides of different heights and lengths. To visit the tower of Poseidon are allowed persons whose height exceeds 1.2 m.

Attraction "Revenge of Poseidon"

The attraction “Revenge of Poseidon” located here is simply called by many “Kamikaze.” At the very top of the building there are transparent capsules, inside of which people who wish to receive a dose of adrenaline come down from a vertical slide. A person goes inside the capsule, folds his arms over his chest (it is strictly forbidden to change their position during the descent), and then the door closes, the floor literally falls through, and a rapid fall into the dark abyss begins at a speed of 60 km / h. The descent, during which there will even be “dead loops,” ends in the foamy waters of the pool below the tower.

Attraction "Zumerango"

The Zumerango attraction is designed for 6 people – they will experience the laws of gravity, descending from a height of 14 m on one raft. It seems that the descent of 156 meters lasts only a moment, but much will happen in such a short period of time: rapid falls, steep climbs and flights in zero gravity.

“Aquaconda” is the longest water slide not only in Atlantis and Dubai, but also in the world: its length is 210 m, width – 9 m, height – 25 m. They descend from it on inflatable rafts, which accommodates 6 people. The maximum speed with which streams of water blow rafts down the winding, exciting and unpredictable tunnels of different types reaches 35 km / h.

Attraction "Aquaconda"

The Slytherin waterslide is considered to be unique – this is the first double descent in the world in the descent, which partially passes through the Aquaconda slide. Slytherin ”has a height of 31 m, a length of 182 m. There are special displays on the finish line on which the speed of movement of all participants of the attraction is displayed – this makes it possible not only to go down the steep bends of the hill, but also to arrange competitions with each other.

Neptune Tower
Shark Attack Hill

Not everyone is allowed to participate in extreme entertainment on the tower of Neptune – climbing is permitted only to those whose height exceeds 1.2 m.At the foot of the tower there is a pool with sharks and giant ramps, and here they offer entertainment that has a direct bearing on this pool.

The “Shark Attack” slide, the starting point of which is at a height of 30 m, extends into the depths of the tower, then goes along the bottom of the reservoir. The slide has a completely transparent tube, and visitors to Aquaventure descending along it see marine predators very close by. You can go down in pairs or alone.

Leap of Faith Slide

Here, guests of the Atlantis water park are offered another very vivid entertainment called “Leap of Faith”. This hill is considered the most extreme here: descent at a crazy speed along a transparent, almost vertical pipe 27 meters long, which passes through the same pool with many predators. You can go down here alone and without a raft.

On the tower of Neptune, visitors will find yet another unusual, although not so extreme, attraction. We are talking about a system of slides, where water flows lift a person up, and then lower it at a high speed. At the same time, the path passes through dark tunnels with sharp turns, and ends in a calm river.

Ziggurat tower

On the territory of the Aquaventure water complex in Dubai there is a unique Ziggurat tower, the architecture of which is designed in the style of the ancient temples of Ancient Mesopotamia. In this building with a height of 30 m, 7 slides are equipped, which are located at 3 different levels, which allows visitors to descend from different heights. The most popular and extreme attraction on the Ziggurat tower is the Shamal spiral slide.

Slide Tower Ziggurat
Zipline Atlantean Pilots
Zipline Atlantean Pilots

Another surprise awaiting visitors to Aquaventure is the cable car, which rises 20 meters above the water park. This cable car is the first and longest not only in Dubai, but also in the United Arab Emirates. The speed that I can develop “Atlantean Pilots” during the flight reaches 15 km / h.

Tranquil relaxation: pools, beach

Adult Pool Zero Entry
Zero entry

Relaxing in the Atlantis, it is worth remembering about bathing as such. Moreover, there are many pools with gradually increasing depth – visitors of any height can swim there. There is also an adult-only Zero Entry pool where you can enjoy a relaxing swim. And in The Torrent tidal waves periodically rise, reaching a height of 1 m.

The Aquaventure water complex has one specific feature: it is located on the shores of the Persian Gulf and has its own beach stretching for 700 m. This private beach in Dubai is accessible only to guests of the water park, and its entrance is included in the price of admission to Aquaventure.

Private beach Hotel Atlantis The Palm

At the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, there is an exclusive Rest Area Neptune’s Chambers, completely surrounded by lush tropical greenery. Access to this zone can be reserved in advance on the website of the water park:, and an entrance ticket can simply be obtained at the ticket office for VIP clients.

Please note: a detailed overview with photos of the best beaches on the coast of Dubai can be found here .

Fun for kids

Little visitors to Aquaventure are also not left without attention – outside the system of water corridors, the Splashers game complex is equipped for them. Entrance to this zone is allowed for children up to 1.2 m tall, but only accompanied by adults. And although the complex is equipped specifically with a focus on children, it makes it possible for the whole family to have fun.

Game complex Splashers

What is a Splashers game pool? This is a mysterious fortress standing in the water, the walls of which are entangled in pipes with water constantly spraying from them. There are a lot of interesting things: water guns, tipping buckets with water, unexpectedly turning on jet fountains. And from the fortress there are 14 slides of various difficulty levels: from miniature hills for kids to high spiral slides that are of interest even to adults. There is also a wonderful playground with cable descents and climbs, with cobwebs – climbing them, children can “turn” into real climbers.

Playground "Island Splashers"

In the spring of 2018, a new playground called Splashers Island was opened in Atlantis in Dubai. Although it is aimed at the smallest visitors, it will be interesting for adults to relax here. While the kids will splash around in the shallow pool, and descend from the slides included in it (there are 7 in total), parents can sit on sun loungers under umbrellas and relax.

Show programs with animals

In Aquaventure, visitors are not only waiting for a variety of attractions – here you can get to know the inhabitants of the seas, look at them and even feed them.

Shark Safari
Shark Safari

The underwater show “Shark Safari” is very popular among visitors. The participants of the show plunge into the waters of the Shark lagoon, where sea inhabitants swim.

They give out a special helmet for immersion, creating an air pocket. Thanks to the air supply, a person can breathe freely during an unusual walk along the bottom of a reservoir.

Entertainment is safe, and children from 8 years old accompanied by parents are allowed to it.

“Shark safari” takes place every day, but it is better to buy tickets in advance. The program is not included in the general entrance ticket to the water park, it must be paid extra.

Feeding stingrays

This show is no less popular, especially since only the Aquaventure water park offers it in Dubai. Stingrays live in the same Shark lagoon, in shallow water. Program participants can not only watch these amazing creatures, but even feed them by hand.

Feeding stingrays

Children from 6 years old can take part in feeding stingrays, if they are accompanied by their parents. By the way, the photos taken during this program are the best to remember the incredible adventures in the water park in Dubai.

Entertainment is available daily, and you need to pay for it additionally.

Meeting dolphins

There is another attraction at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai – Dolphin Bay Dolphinarium. To visit it you need to buy a separate ticket, but it makes it possible to visit the Aquaventure water park and the beach.

Meeting dolphins

The most amazing adventure you can experience in the Dolphin Bay lagoon is swimming, hugs and kisses with incredibly sociable and kind dolphins. Such entertainments are allowed for adults and children over 8 years old, provided that they are able to stay well on the water and swim: actions take place at a depth of 3 m within 30 minutes.

You can find out all the details about the dolphinarium and the conditions of its visit on the official website:

Restaurants in Atlantis

Where to eat at Aquaventure

Going to Aquaventure for the whole day, there is no need to worry about where to eat: on its territory there are 16 restaurants and cafes, a large number of food stalls.

If you pay for food right away, including it in the cost of the entrance ticket to the water park, it will be much cheaper than buying food yourself. For 45 dirhams, a visitor can eat once at any time of the day.

You cannot take food and drinks to the territory of the Aquaventure water park, the guards even check the bags at the entrance.

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Ticket prices at Aquaventure 2018

Entrance to the water park is free for guests of Atlantis Hotel

For guests of the Atlantis Hotel, admission to the water park is free and unlimited. It is only necessary to present the key to the room at the reception desk and receive an input bracelet.

For the rest of the guests of the Atlantis water park in Dubai, the entry prices are quite high, but many different options are included in the tickets. To be able to relax and have fun all day in the water park, it is enough to pay the following amount:

  • with growth above 1.2 m – 275 dirhams;
  • with growth to 1.2 m – 225 dirhams;
  • Admission is free for children under 2 years old.

A number of combined tickets are provided at a very competitive cost. So, to visit the largest aquarium of the Lost Chambers Aquarium of the Atlantis hotel and adults can visit the water park for 355, and children for 295 dirhams.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium
The lost chambers aquarium

In order not to waste time in the queues at the ticket offices of the water park, you can book your entry ticket on the official Aquaventure website. By the way, certain discounts apply to buying online. There is an online reservation desk in the cash room of the water park – this is where you can exchange a printed ticket for an entrance bracelet. At the same time, you need to be prepared for the fact that Aquaventure employees will be asked to present the bank card with which the payment was made.

Shark safari in the water park
Shark Safari

For participation in programs with animals in the water park additional rates are provided:

  • safari with sharks for residents of Atlantis 315 dirhams, for other guests – 335 dirhams;
  • feeding stingrays for residents of Atlantis 160 dirhams, for other guests – 185 dirhams.
Zipline at the water park

The price for a zip line in a water park in Dubai is 100 dirhams – it is the same for both Atlantis residents and incoming guests.

Separately, you need to pay for the rental of towels (35 dirhams) and a closet for things (large – 75 dirhams, small – 45).

Entertainment complex hours

Atlantis The Palm Hotel and Aquaventure Waterpark

Atlantis Hotel and Aquaventure Water Park are located at Crescent Road, Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, UAE.

Water rides open at 10:00, and by the close at 19:00 everyone is asked to leave the territory. Since the ticket is valid for only one day, it is advisable to come to the very opening, so as not to waste precious time and fully enjoy the rest.

The water park is open daily, but it is better to visit it on a weekday, as there are a lot of people on the weekend and there are huge queues before each attraction. Weekdays in the Emirates are days from Sunday to Thursday, Sunday is working.

If you did not know yet, in Dubai there is another popular water park – Wild Wadi Water Park – a detailed description of which with photos and videos can be found in this article .

How to get to Aquaventure in Dubai

To the Aquaventure Monorail Water Park

The most convenient and fastest way to get to the Aquaventure water park on a monorail. The monorail station is located on the shore, almost at the base of The Palm Jumeirah. Trains run from 9:00 to 21:45 with an interval of 15 minutes, a one-way ticket costs 20 dirhams, a return of 30 dirhams on both sides. You need to go to the final stop Atlantis, the entrance to the water park will be on the left side of the monorail terminal.

By car, drive along The Palm Jumeirah Central Highway towards Atlantis Resort, and at the roundabout, turn right at the first exit and go to the Atlantis Hotel. You can park your car in the free P17 parking lot at the entrance to the water park.

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Useful Tips
Cash desk at Aquaventure
  1. At the cash desk of the Aquaventure complex, you can put money into your entrance bracelet and pay for it with all the additional services (rent a cupboard and towels, buy food). All remaining funds at the end of the day you can return. You can also pay in cash or by credit card.
  2. Before you visit the next attraction, evaluate the possibilities – yours and your loved ones. Nobody but you can do this, and the Atlantis administration does not bear any responsibility for your actions.
  3. On the territory of the water complex in Dubai, it is forbidden to go to the rides without a queue or to take a queue and “leave”. If you violate this rule, you may be asked to leave the park.
  4. When going to the water park in Dubai, do not take food and any drinks with you – this is prohibited. Moreover, at the entrance to the territory of the entertainment complex your bags will be checked.

Video through the eyes of a visitor: roller coaster ride at a water park in Atlantis.

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